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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 20, 2019 6:00am-6:11am EDT

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pilo d alleged drint kingreely flight? we'reeio jsfed s stning a.m. now >> giday thioroos morngo steve chey. outdend tne a lookroakowerveamnument that jeod abit coolehe lastye couple we're in sto foror t wmup s keeeke. nma m,lso ith o drfeooks gooof dert f morning, likelyth wer
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suerti las f de wm itixa creaowar vdset d wutr r lk tsongt. bha ridaing. violent in they hospitmual this mfter hteagor in columbia s ce s they g reports.r apo sho it t30 block of cbia road tfter 10 occlk siplela wer shot. of tm hon nerearbyserthrhode isnue th just mut ate nowestigaor. se twoti shootincould begs ced. > policeols tgodin f ingltlenarory
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omorst.c lts hap his mliningsitrart ofhick cek pr tails. mel. >> rep hey, guys,estisrn herh, tuut pgo policear eeginning ofhihe pineynug h ehheused to reptha it wer ht. atlut swuret y iomafhe man o so. possible we pthne inheots sneveh penavear paultona
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thy areoy s t much. le are ppt ofoweci theat op than aoday t southeastt.sles 1,000 rescuesstwo ae killed. efo simplyma herrifying. >>te side of the street, it looked st she m out. >> gen bescu. ltms tlyomnust fa tat ladder f a ttoro back of a flatd
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trai o t psolen who saf relhigh did e let's go tnother,f this t rh bermuda underlood not makehi l i ti really adheer.h, og andme makdaxt anins
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alallll hig youhadi idtis ltr f .ho h yng up5 t like aeven hff.
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rnfo mtty s27-- psoetrida eanthithec ucrman lla d,ndto t raanvebo nd14breratov39nohbou eal ohe en tort.ornolonsitccid you yheth stree tlfnthnti-95orbe toe oua btas ywhom dive owo the butens yoremake way s u t owvi sidhelt thiy ngs. youprapoachou iypical jamvolu s toouowand vsm wthorenk y wayt you. at'rne back to nks mike. aecearle rdi sng
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therves a 7 ata dupoircle.nt ve peove beencace ecate commute. vehicles in the pase ye ars in that neighborhood. >> a new jerset y man whoedlykef here ina.delgh ogeraayaabror tai took thesehogrtoap linhs bac,ight? landnclude m investig manew y soyo citve ayat bn. osoude rmation to ter p leadeinro inofficials sayason no t imminent terit'sro p notlohat td th but dftgintervieisws with tho . 11 times the l few nthsve andhe courfasur thosesent drre of theer me and ll thebout a
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chalt isding p tebeited ogerasp ed a at aerel tlnirert
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way etgingoube. ajss kp,st y byor w akezike. forcenracttie pihiurin w which s ogio planet. >> eldayrbo basye y0 ing y wseto
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roounan 5nt0-50hether here with tffic. >> ge oood morning,ould happe isth mornin oigg that non aaion
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toksion.anc. sdstt bitem ta tniksfther oureraturesnthille r mos orng. steve anlin,al w bho tried to jump off of a bridge into
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oncoming. traffic this john. that's morase th 50 feet off thease n't do this. ry need h yiou meanve otve the m gissingro ak j m oyppedulledo tee new ff.eo
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ner tawvewhihe colle0thtt 4nee toueveaargrd inl olay.ouhtighi>>ng relpoce belies
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nt. kte tm on video chaheientoe e
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reviewhirait film adstr" d t othwieasriha t y prs fhor'an
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draenevheju girl was abducod tk with a man y think was in t disappeared. theheeat
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i amdrgivg a schll pitol the ba t new ari 0' tlalemped.asic♪ i p 1 ♪d 1 byec
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inst cougiryrida is here.nsth
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of course full details coming up spectshnc dusc
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out saea contpouttiulng immediately. overwell parts of thatnde o houm
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>> rht now at 7:00 breaking erni an? rthenllis gre o theer lilol st b
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if yying, o >> >>go mmogoor, wonrful tker kern .biet fyois
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