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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 20, 2019 9:00am-9:24am EDT

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likeha t tt sept were also some neighbors blogs t matching ttha comssioner in the neighborhoodad susorct infarayb. atlievehenq t oten on mel, thanks for that update. meanwhile, down in texas, a state of disaster declared by tv package with the fios tv test drive. pltheow they' delone m has.ha ralsyavweoe i dumped roughly 3 feet of
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landfall outside int continental airport in houston or i u crazy. >> you rht.nt ug 5 sein m2 honorry yes pay.s hrouthe once ay snds awesome.ertuly ung.vtest drive. bue adulate ect coming rightlor a. i don't want to spend money on things that i t'n'ed
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heren'i s a plan f. yng fanatic, t up. there's your friday eneea what tipped them off totao and the fios tv test drive will unlockhe pfeerct tv only y foru including fios gigabit connecata ye price guarane heyy a bhehi t lgehe cat'sritims all fojust $79.9tia moon, yandi cis is pretty good oneld him aft aerllfminister we the m.
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il york mayor bill to thisolasi clearl not tim enumpi of n them in n ineorthben missourith reported yeter dehatan so farhe ou fmt. at 9:00.ecd e heselel sunday 7ayhied a on etso
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nd a. tall,>> i snheiras osonlyd
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supp rm.or s truune. takeut.ooof fi oshington monument, and she captured group of students waing to the monument. just check this out. it will warm your. >> you guys want to fac that ama.really . southwesthe dyerer t o s a grec . o commercial trackslarlmelorc fr the le 5ascertn
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ies r scenndddut, ch eraldikore o haast to support. ge flly, d over ticem. m towta k pote garensto chig ior o
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to severe rheumatoid arthritis. n i' to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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p te la to sevees rheumatoid arthritis. languages.
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well nowt' 3errfro thems tseca,o e fantast ce out the communityom ca ♪t. ♪ s,in cs i fading is lot support from the communityf o? >> yeah. we've had a the will of build us for game last week for our home opener. we had ourst communityer night with all the elementary schools and m thedle school am so really leading up tootball
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tonight to get that rocket pride build up and have of one out this morning. we'reitxch ed ly il my>>own d third period a>>y.
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oo l while w k,ho ld right >> i know, i'm eurgig.a ♪ touchay d or wait wait
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elutioniet catchingoubuit . everybody knows aeef you've neveryo can not co, congratulations. >> it is. >> how has it been?
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rte. os beently wayecteet akes ir tne o tnepingp som aro. ut wse he trestho'slyneen k dy leak for us? >> okay. so the a lotec y waurassesp r wvend gra'sn
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♪>> s ytom gptum r >>aiu're who khave
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y detectable. so your v caayn ctrbee s ng d y detectable. so your v caayn ctrbee s coovngar datyoleg urin ng d y detectable. udetyour v caayn ctrbee s mto become pregnanthen
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lpts r may harm your unborn babg dov. ts ldare headache, rte diarrhea, nausea, trouble sleeping, and tiredness. ts ldare headache, so much goes into who i am gptum >>aiu're who khave it.tou . ught ] d anhope to be. and i youeintay w frally see upepop- o b ytww. higinrgng
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and i youeintay w frally see
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. canlove thato t get you to your weekend. g foro
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quick y hluf was gblac r-- ti redon' ateut liqd.oo hft
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e oaty,ellsat, pext yale for 49
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as in break. that washeolla la ors waf y tploookus appy and thi willhisw
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in>> o k
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when it's celebrity dish time. we're ar ts morng w have so much. bad, there's the spilt tea all of it. soe're going an >>he mwhe thattr pwawoanderin some loveme. >> intro >> okay. let's dive right in. we lebrite'vy dish. eendy williams versus the ladies goip thing.on't.o darkrey ar rf
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di thinki ree a for is whandt kno w. it's sort of -- fork me it's t
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.he it sayeou tn hes ayel s er time. that t t hypocritical about o. it. > ok. tnkss,ha story.
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couldn't dated for two monthhes madonnas ovulating. nnmadoino toly who the table and he hopvaped prite jet madonna sent for him. d thel was madonna had the baby rodma would g$20 million. after totti ansaction dennis hoppehedack b o aps table. he addss crucky t haatt the casino
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rht>> wouldet madonpeha pgnrellt mo>> me areak. i f out. >> can you imaginetf doeousnha . eahyou definitely couldd -->> go . y. let's just call reality abi case. earese a housewives obe and of mea of theotulonsider
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th miswise we the afterhoey sean borin ohe either so eileen who's theg.i'erast mate called hut on this week's bravo wat what happens aste for not f her cgac talking about what happened eileen was playing aimi doreenet. you guys doreen gave the calling back and didn't tell her..
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es tnog le' the aeit t t as sho. bting t.hs
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taretenidns p fass.yinheartfeltr sinoryo i m tean this not the moneys maker over hf rihna
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ice cream b face. is crazy.ce h re exou, yveoo ve yhauldhi i is f wrong. >> maybe h ga fyigure along withis b face. >> maybe h ga fyigure along withis b face. >>orydtember
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and i love that fresh smell i'm definitely feelingonfident and i love that fresh smell woulmod you switch? geanalwibestouthw u d e once my kids go to bed, tv is my way to unwind. you'lletver o42ch5 oncefect tvs go to bed, tv is my wapack unwind. so en'ag e.chneafth, we'll recrfec p oha for ssel at'ag sports a enter fanatic, there's a plan for youd
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ngton. nlit jacrnhear degettes. >> it wasba p down to
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manassas. l wile b a yeitsttlereday but sn the pleasantweti a ofternoon. reng gtaoit to it uptorrow, and what'shat mean ur s morenot. a a dosngueinea>>eah.oo.
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atin for hehi loft. film fat lineomhe lee jones placesadhe father of br pitt. bradather 30 happeomm jto tgobjecwhattsarlyaps dnspeth ofhy jon
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tasoov wor aiokdp bht tayatn the thiyouranhoon i ing pits.enth dt a ou he's eninggo ahe d't s, geeoth o and gents, just it
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until you see this guy. he's known as the charismatic character on trading space in te his expertne oe om remodeling. renovation at this year'ap he c ss hit northernith five i>> haves we need doing. how. l.ove wwea re ir l otls one i
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,e dt og g. are c a>>
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oisd it' awesay.
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a weas>>is s>>eo andhee thnogy srms reallyhanged eah. l lln ight ef t df.>> y aysel pro. such a a >> no, i'm mer adyavoeourse bt
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ng tshe project. >>m imporessed. m fro to 5:00 gig. >> okay. almost a real l almostegowea
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defenses ♪ ♪> ♪ justve fli lng has a theoingheameoueyo du'erch abouto
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of>>.mn cuavnyeated people wng you. you've dy a m
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the door. yo you're going to havorhtar pem real b k baucr ta o.k hing.aitand bfo
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♪h's c ap. omin
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>> all r dht. adeeravin s.uperit
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ivlieth or lines
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ndghn aednde weou t after t seaix. fac wso came willing s a es.wh l wk>>al qenht rig, come to visis
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o,d,tm she's, you kno to as a auact guest,nd ainaperon
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ounoik to ereamp iadheor bowl y noterra co
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scitt.ehe t up any f ofso
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tohoin lac s,toee why signifis a s ig oim iimimef
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pes. w i >> okay.yriead out on this can j mkele. a trip toin one wr
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sports and entertainmentd thetrr fanatic, there's a planor you. d the fios tv test drive will unlock the perfect tv package,ys
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♪ iy,
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[cheers and applause] ♪ hi! he[c
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