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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 20, 2019 4:00pm-4:41pm EDT

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air. >> beautiful heday. >> it felt good. >> i'm all about it,s going tou feel like sr this last weekend of su what can youdo. . >> 98, just want t o end. outside right d now as we begin the weekend, what a beautiful friday. 78 degrees,ocomfortable, we stard off in the 40s and the 50s area wide this morn we made a nice rebound sunshine with mixed withew just a a included on a light south wind, comfortable out veere. beautifulning to spend outside dinner on the deck, friday night.please, a gorgeous 80 in baltimore, 76 in annapolis, 75 in leonardtown, many places failed to hit 80 so far including heren dc, 76 in bu gaithers, we did hit 81 in frederick,ice jump them, 81 in cumberland, 77 in winchester and 81 in culpeper. so nice and warm after that very start. satellite and radar couldn't be quiet just a few fair wouther cl and through the evening temperatures willall back quickly, 74 befoe sunset, nic
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and mild, after sunset under mostly clear skies back t intohe 60s, 69 by 9o'clock, 67 by 11 maybe not as chilly tonight meaning i don't think we'll see widespread 40s,oo comfortablyl open up the windows, feels great. 60 degrees back to in dc, widespread 50s elsewhere. that's it for thels morningbeca feel mucme more liker as well as monday first official day of, fall. are stil, i'll have ak at the forecast coming up in just aoo bit. blake. >> the hunt is on today to find the owners of two dogs who attacked a smaller dog and its owner at a maryland dog parktuek dog park in frederick and now it is a race against time for the man bit. >> 'sfox5 anjali hemphill joins re live 20derick where you spoke to the victim. hi, anjali. >> reportewell, hey, guys,r: yeah, this is both scary a eriousnd to the pointre that the health departmen put up
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theste signs all over the dog park here looking for the owners two different owners of. two different dogs a black lab pit bull mixus and aalian shepherd mix that e werearlier this week. the owners ainn't fg any charges but they have information that could be lifesaving. i want to show you pictures now that some may find delaware counties tabing. i want to warn you, these were the inries that a four year old bee sean named day saiuate sustd after being attacked by two different large dogs at the ballenger creek dog park. she ended with around 20 u puncture wounds and bites all over her body, mainly on her neck and head this after her owner says theacttk came out s two dogs t ha had been play sing witht the others for time suddeent in for thenl hel o daisy, l at life that he jumped in to break up the fi um the owner, his name ismi got bit in the proces now the health department is s.
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noterned,re hopg totrack those to face punishment but they needoake sure those dogs have not been exposed toabies and could have possibly passed it on to mike. which is pre he-can be fatttal guys. >>njali hemphill for us in fredericnks so much. k, >> dozens of student led r acro the globe i teth the in the district many studts skipped class to attend theed capitolhill then worldwide protests comes thre before the global leaders t tunited n york city for the start ofatns a i much pated climate summit. >> and it wasn't just students getting involved, the fairfax based group mothers out front are showing their support. they rallied at john marshal this morning. the group says it will continue to support student's actions during the up week ofco deations. many who took partmo in the protests here in dc were students 20 montgomery county. bethesda red at the
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and silver spring metro stops before heading downtown. today we'reold willot be an excused absence despite a request 20 county executive elrich. he asked the superintendent to let students go on this climate strike without penalty but the school board said no, writing students who want t engage should do so at school. that is the topic at today's fox5 instapoll, should participating at a climate forke be an excused absence students.looks like 70 percent y no, you can vote on5d foxcom or our app. live look at the white house right where president trump and first lady melania will host their second ever whiteouse state dinner tonight. the guests of honor are the costralian prime ministett morrison and his wife. ed golfer greg in norman and foxt news owner r murdoch. looks like motorcycles will be a part of veteran's day
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weekend, thedv aacy group vets announced details about a three-day common strakes next memo weekend a says it plans torind pick up the massive motorcycle really tradnio established by rolling thunder for more than three ildecades motorcycles fd the streets in dc in support of prisoners of war and us service members missing inti on. am vet says their ride will focus on the same groups but also focus on suicide prevention. >> we have always admired the rollingthunder's tradition of bringing thousands upon thousands of riderssh into ington, dc to remember our pows and mi, and we feel that since they're not able to continue thetradition, that it's important that someone up the banner and run and am vets has taken on that challenge. e his year's ride wouldgid thunr its last because of inancial reasons. now to some top caught on camera moments a litter of kit ins is safe 20 the flooding in
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texas thanks to a man who jumped into the flood waters tocue them. they were stuck underneath a flooded home. the water was pretty gross as you can imagine full of bacteria bugs and debris due to tropical depression imeldaut it looks like he was able to get hopefully all them out. ere was an unusual prowler lurking around roof tops in a frneighborhood in northerance. turns out it was t a black panther. >> i was going to say, that's what it looks like. >> keep theos windowsed, a veterinarian went to therea when they were told a a big cat had been spotted just sng on residential ers. they sedatedt put it in a cage and took it to an animal refuge. they believe t panther is a black market animal brought i france illntegally. strongau windssed this bounce house to go up in flam a worker ines utah was apparent owing up the bounce house for a pumpkin patch when winds swept causing it g so p up ilin flames.etusho l thankfully, though, no one was and power was rhuestored to
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all whoefect. thankfully no kids were i n tha. i know.>> you've got to steak down in the ground. okay, alien fever in full swinga it started outs a facebook jo then it took on ake lif own.e ufo fans are gathering in a small town in nevada for the alien themed festival called alien stock. it came about after airal facebook post asking people who look for and aliens. earlier today our fend sarah frazier gave us an update 20 rachel nevada. >> the stage does not look safe. there are thousands of people nt here. the ieresting part is, we initially h heard that we needed a parki pass at the little alien. not true. you have campers, people in their cars camping out all along i for those of you haven't been re he, it's the main road 20 r vegas toachel nevada, the only road. so you have a lot of people in campers, in tents, in the
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desert. it'sin g. >> wow. authorities say one person actually did get arrested thosih for ung the bathroom in t public. lookhis video. another was detained near the gate to area 51's military base which long been the focus of the ufo conspiracy theories. >> we had herive yesterday and her costume was amazing, dmriter all over her face, you would have loved it angie. >> did she have tin foil hat? >> she drs not. othe di a lot of characters. d. you have to dress part. the richard montgomery rocket showed us a lot of school spirit on the morning show. home comin week and they'lle gridiron. clarksburg coyotesn they can 't wait to play under the friday nightts. >> we knowhate had a good start to the season, but we know rfection and they a really good wee all ourst excitin
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ing festivit gameonighthe ard a monyie big e r takestg on theoc clarksburg coyotes, 25 richard montgomery drive in rockville at 7:00 o'clock. still to come we are going tontroduce you to a couple who's made it their mission to spread joy at children's international every week in hono of their son's memory. >> historic flooding in texas has left sevmual comties under water for somee residents to drastic measures, that is a canoe you see th e.we'll have an update on thatad situation down in texas coming could up. >> and we d want to continue following breaking news 20 the chicago area. stay with us. >> coming up. ♪
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as we continue to follow tha brng news 20 the c area, wa to show you hithis. nta person we know, they drove suv into this sg mall. here ihos another vantage point. video comes to us 20 inside the woodfield mall in schaumburg illinois. you can see the suv at one point justnd tthrougwih that t mall. it appears that fraie reiches d e aeriws we saw ier,that the e the tra e to sears drovehrough tha star and made their way into nowhat happened afterwards. likehe tre a ton people inside, bu ot we did learnhat two people ey do aha the .t custody. in
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we will continue to bri y kn details asou then. turniyng now c to that>> itoding 20 imelda. people. thelror t pi yesterday utrnrve for 13 coun latiessoundrllf flooded few more ir homes two careersa inches of rain today. of coe goes lhereifur toes like this. one houston dad thoughthesa tst it wasn't up enohat use t therriceok h aveno >> and a dep tression
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it didn't g wasn'iv a sgdion t ame years later d the sthere. we'll show you in aapprmeul stanrt i to metro, ng chouthe ints o leesburg and fau leesburg, 78 in lovettsville, beautiful out there. expanding our view takin a look at some of our farther reaching suburbs, 77 intevensville on the eastern shore and a gorges
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day along the chesapeake, 76 in annapolis, 77 winchester, 83 in cumberland. we hadhe real tastef fall in the air this morning and yesterday. it's a t little warmhis weekend, it's going to feeleod r he a t aturdaydeh thasgh, no way arondund our weekend of summer going out just like season. hot. we have had so man days of 90 plus. well over 50t this point. i don't know we might be approaching 60. 92 on sunday. tomorrow, 88, saturday. maybe a little less f heelingo on sunday, mix of sun and clouds both da. back to radar. nothing going on here, let's look at texas. so the t bulk ohe widespread rain has lifted off to the north texas oklahoma border pushing
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into arkansas, leftover house flowing off the gulf bringing showers and thunderstorms to the houstonrea although wideically scattered and ending through tonight. so imelda and remnants of imelda t pherove to veryestructive but we'rechothou hurricane ijerrn the atlantic, s sustained at 80 miles an hour, jerry will continue to watch, m staying just north and the caribbean islasands and sea. the onerninothat seems to be lookg al impacts next week would be bermuda, still g impacts of hurricane humberto, up next jerry, no threat to the u.s. tline. that's the tropic back over to> > thank you caitlin. ayr wedne atti children's onal medical center wendy and gavin lynned berg arrive battling cancer.ys for children ey lost their own son to cancer ack in2010. this month is childhood cancer awareness month and fox5's gary
4:17 pm
mcgradwas at children's this week to see the toys and treats delivered firsthand. >> reporter: i don't know if you know or it, but septes child cancer awareness month so and there is a great program called the evan dation gavi. wendyned berstarted the f. t to give you ag n idea what storys and thereatth things, they have the treats cart and the treasures cart and i have a hard time keeping my hand out of the treats cart but i want to introduce you to wendy, the evan foundation, what that all about? >> the eva fo a w lost ourrm onlfty eson he have ando pediatric cancer in 2010. and in 2012 we started the chil hdren's national.rtsere >> reporter: treats and treasures, why treats and treasures? i'm ainumg that he have and lovedss treats and treasures. wasutomething special it? >> absolutely he loved treats and tr >> reporter: we allea love trea.
4:18 pm
>> he have and loved to d as ass pirate as ofis characters a take on the and treasures.'s why we call butt e vantr wasea pure joy and we feelike every we walked into a room t have 's joins with other kids wo have to be in treatment. >> repow chi eastufter:f. here, push talk to gavin real q this aroundek every we >> yep. >> reporter: it's got to be so great like your wife wsas all o floor here, it's pretty rough why some of the kids are here. >> we hear 20 so many of tmi lies what an impact this program has had on their childr, and i have to give credit to wendy, sh been doing this every wednesdayn for seveears and when you add it all upsh, e's made 10,000 visits to fam ties ons floor with these carts. >> oh, my isgo these kids' journey here. we hear 20 families about how they don't want to b taedwednes.
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d piftferencee >> absolutely it does.i guys forever. you also have the outpatient cart, too,id so thoses are taken care of as well. thank yo t thank you,nk you. biggergram is getting you're moving up to philly as well and we're going to hang out with you for a little bit to see how happy can make the kids he th, tee akyou, t too. 20 children's national the evan foundation doing a great job, treats and treasuresaking kids smile all over. > yeatah. still to come at airbnb nightmare. a homeowner returns to sdin fut >> before you hit the roads this yofoend, there is a traffic 's eri you're travengheje start
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gain for a look at what is trending on this friday. >> guys. of work experience but they sure are familiar with another problem. debt. a new stuws sdyhobe g blamed o debt is credit card debt. experts sayanem ttes self-taught gr hite sa hav expense. a t go ou att havene to pay $2,000 a month in rent. my first tv job when i was in iowa, i still remember chargin myfrur cly charging my fries at howoor i wa the creditar cds ea
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o doeo k,atfore than mi thm,ee let j'ses es ny a millennials without abt for a machine who rented a in n e senaidwh ited are the ss. meo tus rented his home turned it into a brothel for two weeks. the man spent hundreds ofg inci extremely rare and said tthey offered the man their fullam about this, i am shocked that thisoes not happen more. >> i'm also shockedew
4:26 pm
up. >> right, brothel f two weeks? yikes. i agree i thi it is risk, or yo to -- i don't k ewven ntthereo. >> absolutely. >> tha liitcayo a wildlifenk official showed ut kimka andan law kye afterg vidtheois. re teyy' >> tare. tmz joins us next. ♪y ext. ♪
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ie 63 we continue toreakgol news
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right now.rst in il
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rofi a searsisheiray iidefrehela sre. a we know that two people were hurthe and suspected drivers are custody. and in utah, four peoe were killed and 30 more hurt in a tou bus crash. this was awful. it happened near bryce canon national park. we know at least a dozen of those hurt are critically also breaking right now, in the sports world, thetr new england paiots have rseelembattd just about two weeks, mosted with scandal after cloud a federal lawsuit w filed accusingwn of sexual assar broin tvohanklv you for t opportunitt y and hetifynto an. thpe hap tned on wi man just tiptoeing around the living room of the hoeepy. debo wdy,as tbu dideave l
4:31 pm
ol pt who may kuyhe ime ago, dc mayor's a wrapped ew aeol n about the mass shooting in columbia heights. police are searchingor fwo shooterse r lhtearniniggt, blak, and thicoerned tonighret,as. ere ve columbia o th oeri'eh h street over ulleisd into an as they came up alongside of m volley ofots that
4:32 pm
e areth thi w point. vincent carter. his name is he's v beecentn les vid s nig 20hiw scene. there was quitels ire and ems. peoplengham, one 2 ithiv ho alsedo lizearning blake -- of the five i should say of the vif veourad previously eopl cimharged f ws,it oheshargp
4:33 pm
e cr an s tntelli. there is no motive at this point. blake. >> what areyinghaken them up. >> reporter: i talkedith the anc commissioner here and another lady neighborhood. theye es dpecially wit the fact thaht high-powered rifle was used in. one lady says clear what's needed here is there's more portunities for jobs hereis ii something to do with they'ry worried about the fact that a w rifle used in be no regard whatsoever for whoo hese bullets.y of t so lots of neighborhood concer there imagine. paul wagner livemb fiaoreights. thanks paul. >> still to come, remember that
4:34 pm
story about smart phones causing humans to grow horns. eir next? ht out of the back oh >> yeah. itecame a viral headline but now the study's author areac baking. >> we want to remind you of our fox5 instapoll rightno an excud you can vote now. looks like tas to makehe v n it excused absence. >> near 80 apercent. andre get that weekend started? well, sorry t report, not a complete friday light as we take live look along ios 495 a tca le be virginia a.meri we're back after this. ♪
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z3g2zz z1jnz
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y3g2zy y1jny mbermeha tlike, is this for ? ayal they did make a mistake in theirnd report quo says there's no evidence of a causal link between horns and re en devices. some say thesh author ld retract itit rely. the original study went viral back this june considering what it was claiming.
4:39 pm
time. for this tori "sho-nuff"ha nelson. >> wt can't angie do? >> whatot can i n g? do profess. at age 4hi3 ts boxer 20rn ashbu virginiaih kst w w aorld p hitimpions tlcareer you saw what happened here, tori nelson retired byki kn out her opponent in her fit.l figh in an oh my goff show exclusive, we find out her story is now going 20 the ring to the big scre. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to the most though as you enter this new o r? t what it's bringing, what it's going to bring mg gh for that, i don't know if i should spe of , but it's in the making. sowill come out >> reporter: it should come out
4:40 pm
no>> t only for you.w. >> rorter: oh, yeah? >> a bigho s out o octavia expense we j signed for a movie. >> reporter: i hgoth ouav eotchilt fi torey? tiffany haddish's name has been throwing around. o her storyne of fighting passionosinninging love all the goodpaking and watching that interview by subscribeingo n podcast. so we knowon dollars baby but i feelo ch more than that and with a loc tie and everything that she's t beenlyth >> that's a big p. that's huge. >> spencer, started her own so teprnt theysignedt j t>> whehis s io
4:41 pm
about pefle or cpefleah o. >> i knowne of her big initiatives. e. >>ing to be a good west versus wildlife. kim a scolded after video surfaces of them on the chase in wyoming, we talk to tmz about that. >> btelevision'siggest night happening on fox this weekend. we are giving you a previewf the emmys. y caitlin. >> hey angie it's friday and feels amazing outside this is s erw we shouldtart every uleath ek tonight and last weekend of summyic boerooks v very summer like. that weekend forecast and your first day of fall compin u ♪
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>> hello to youim afivebo an as nt cdc okn, ceo. tmaod zayrk and he says tens of thousands of apps have been suspended. we'll explain why all next at >> t>ha singenk yr bobou dylane. about you if you ask the virtual assistant siri earlier this week she say he died 11 yago. f'she wrehatedhe s how old he was, he died at april 24, 2006, at 66rs ears oldd. and very much y alive. siri's made similar
4:46 pm
travolta. >> emmy awards s utch thingsp this y surprises for fi since 2003 we talked before ng stere's not to be ass ho pasavhotr y a show, the winner walkup music, gone are the days t oraditifonal band and orchestra, you know how it's pways the samethalhela too stead there bein te ad playng list of sos. our there covering the emmys for us, he will have a live report sunday night as well as mdaonyrd to th. and i fowarg fot i'm going to b good day monday morning as the fashion police. >>ce a 1-woman fashion po? >> no, no, no. i'm part of a panel. >> okay. >> we'll see how -- i'm going to wear a police costume and everything. >> i need a gavel and all of it.
4:47 pm
okay, kim k and kanye get a lecture 20 law enforcement after video of of them chasing ant low at their home i wyoming. tomorrow mornings joins us 20 >> they recently purchased a massive rancht was priced at4 l. it was called -- tt iheir famil be p as out there, monster lake shat it's inrdashian had posted on her seem to be you watch it, it looe they are kind of chasing them.ts i vsery
4:48 pm
rminhnd con fi g that types t is ty d not to d future. >> wt are kim and notan spoken scing the toanye who's behind the wheel. so it seemed like -- and then they too the so it seems there may have been zareali mthroayugh beaboung thishehope. thank you sean mendell 20mz we appreciateit. tmz airs atn 7:30 o fox5 after like it or not. we want to go ahead and take a live look right nowt what's going onhe
4:49 pm
fall-like weather? >> yes. >> caitlin says -- >> it's over. >> don't get too used to it, right caitlin? >> yeah, ght. that was fall. it wasly really , and we'll see makes a return. i i don't kn ,au becse backd el hogiugnsh on monday,nyth inand t really thend here, but f w,notra manaasth'tto behiesssghng nanet
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as2 chilly tonight sundaysnt talng w 90s. so 88 for i thaiteally feelere , s be a a places like hagerstown could see 7 o,ngradng o bef. ci>>ho
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atus a v ger dlyogsoo lk.
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>> they know e lyxa>>ct> rodeo. french bull viral ford as chuck keyrom th e thrillertl even h tashe n covered in blood. that is soy. i can't w to dedeaihaos w i bng school, post this photo on empty chap stick eati,eserves .
4:58 pm
>> candyghau css,he s candy inar i his o to vy be landscapers. mlst br.mportant thing to
4:59 pm
into the mall. fox news is reporting two people are injured atha tpectstodg iut, d here e wtry 2 lbe,,, adney pn
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ntumber one c i


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