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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:26pm EDT

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d here e wtryadney paran ntumber one c iesutur
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trt'ly t awe athasgesh-het aut miles per hour, starting to see a lhitlbie inft o the winds helping pump now,in seeg 80s cros 79 in rears we got upper
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the due points because we have a fewg 4really,s, not dealingt's d rynow, and thenre it's ant that wi pwnon t aoune inch closerowdsarforecast, with fhe happeulning now, montgo coune l'sak at th bcontrict in jus t sroll thekilled.t aas
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used. one p erpa serine toork place.n. c wwebu fury tith heirer t bout s whaing unt il y
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create -- thisslo basically, cre eoil hjo jdan obsothkn i dwnoth kus c b thef next, daughter, c m sham in ilrs with then.e.rifl turned s
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iesix viimre havecove p ndot charged withatioe rtt. according tced, i apofliheno i m
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northwest. back to you guys in the studio. a. police need your hp to identify a man who into a ke b home. ten days ago ontoe,ing around t room no one was hurt he did not take items police want to hear s sexual assaulting a foreign canm forward with the claim ist cha. se o f nndent iestndauou outside incideolngnvviexus inte.acke
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a smaller dog hen dogfrederick.hphe cseigns ll described as black pit with a man in his 70's, the ot a sheherpherd with a co 80'upsle. and woman in 60' 'r cthha nute botes >> everyone was having a great wagging and aroundl andy and all thealnd geh
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so i just dro to kneesed andpp llin the dogs t t tur attack show had a f bloody scenc bre this he wa wor bisetten three times in his arm. t dogputdo w
5:10 pm are healthy asefteren tr eorward, mike will h undergo that treatment anyway.ur get the vacne.ur su h p tsse ke heav review not iwnsldhe
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health department. omit t t rd thi trafficoaaboxle a artb ke 10:00..m pce. iur5
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ayfredericksburg. dc l nd.
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said thiwa ws >>iceaialsbo r o t remnants of theow tintorm a re >>rt ande
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ds o day .ll teahe waterfront and ride ar so>> i p will be nice get out t. wind ne whermenarea. aforig tone go t area,
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m t due point some ofre che the 40's, it isfo ourtt there. notice a little bit of a cng haesouth. giving us a lbie tlt of a breeze. that will surely help to pump up up as we enter the saturday and en ao flsor it isdry, not just across the midatlantic and thet northeas all the way down to carolinas. really dry weather wyl be the for us, maybe west rf the nueidge and alsaybe m onf a shower t a chanceo see ao need the rain bu give us pleasant weather for this weekend if you likehe warmer temperatures. 0'portunity, 60, wind cin'rer
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wpt thwhite ll w dnehogrrome,eriinteis and n
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bee 5onmory,1100t tthey thehe l
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this is v the sea rsma
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critically hurt. dc police havehwse r woun. igowered rifle .ea a h was used in therive by appears to be tardte frederi ie in a coffin 30 hours. th year only cr os ese prohibit inside the ffinutre will be designator breaks as there has ,rithy and saturday.
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it's interesting to see people see,ae to lie there. j. ewwaorhat tanf>> t00.different. ure yourou back here.ia a home, even if your home relaxing sttsole.e tonight. >> repjianm,versary. all of thiste going down on rji m,be neighborhood t police are investigating, atsha you couple
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enjoying a beautifuleeun seopldl up in a pickup truck. they hopped out. here they are. they were caught on t couple's home survelance video. two men and a woman jumping out of this pull-up trk. saying that they were there to fix the fil nc t nso belackyard nshe hereen was targeted because eld.
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wee told earrin l,ts an an engagement ring stolen. t neck harold nelson telling u they plan to interview every tyou.and ker or contract t tens of .f osands o growrn♪.
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yorky. cit d for people. >> after calling ooiut it of th democratic race.le
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or aff n let's fix the system the right way. n
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theonph sngattle way plla fyda,to fac
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's. cinwee plan for this season.
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. fox 5 news at 6:00 the
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and shawn standing by. there's somewhat of a debate. should you lower standards to er substitute teachers? coho has decided toun lower the requirements for the tute teachers, becausesu have substitute teacherser our standards when >> es to ting.t.n't ow wre thats going at first late breaking news in thrl sports wo antonio brown dropped from the patriots, tmz is working behind why the decision was mad talkithhemeto cominy.g up 11. days in a patriots uniform, one game, were twitter said one scaramucci. good coon. > queue the music of time for mp the fox 5 top five. weay it's the best caught on cameraideos fm this week. >> counting them wdown, ater fitens is rescurom e flooding in ththank
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lohor watasgrodoss,l oful ia bu those. >> amindne he pbuum peis ep wasus pvio ta h t a wk sy, dog ju for mp>>tes. balloons,ch theyfrly ble him kapmi not o so sca halloween e memberfull suc baylloons. >> were heyrying ct tscese up.. >> f somebod what i'm o tal tking about. two, a fan g eveubryone
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the crowd went wild, when they isattrick. wn he wasn how to balance in .nally on a day like oden sith
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sodevin'v e uloviferinnight. maybe notrnhisg, c m allanyy mae the beltway started in the 40's. some of you the low 40's, i think we're at least 5 and around 60 overnight tonight. but then the warmup begins intol ytart to be pretty likel eor humidity. mht i think most of the weekend at least we're o the dry side but t or wchwiat will be hot, i9s washetaed at 45
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tdegrees, so heand one of thosek smear hal se eper, fdayes and w down to texas, where's pillli din this iomeecomuin strp urs papss, humbertosystemncern.f
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ec tn north throula the atic. one place vulnerable is bermuda reeling fromet gtie fng effects. this lks l it comes close. someweek, heaupot rwise, the east coast looks like we'll get as o nhing rated to jerry. back to the end, high as the begupwa sprotecting us ,
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guys.>> s mber isas child hood cancer awareness month. every wednesday, a couple t who lostir own son to cancer this is children had that national medical center with carts full of toys for childrene battlingr. gary mcgrady was at children's national to see toys and treats delivered first hand. y i don't k know orno ouif not, but sent is childhood cancer awareness se c tono, c foundation, i want to give you a littleed befe what their story is gat thingshe a t here they have the treats cart and they have the treasures cart and i have aeard t keeping my hand out of the treats cart but
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i want to introduce to you wendy. the eva foundation, let's talk about that. what's that all about. >> the evan foundation was rmed after we lost only n evan to pediatric cancer in 2010. an in 2012, we started the treats and treasures carts here ats child national. >> reporter: treats and treasures. why treats and treasures? i'm assuming evan loved treats and retreasures. was something special. >> absolutely. he loved treat and evan led to . >> w try. houowt? a job, you push this around every week. it got to be so great.
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like your wife was leave this smiles all over this floor here. it's pretty rough why some kids are m so many of the milies, whn impact this program has had. of i have to give credit to do every wednesday, when you add it up,he's these carts, and thele that it unuras tlreells uthe difference we're making. in reporter: i could c tart.ak g care of as well. thank you, thank you, thank you pth you're moving up to philly as well. and we'll hang out with you guy.
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bs.eaov.ndts a r days away fro♪m g 71hetht'shere just ha wilerforml another knew wans, they'rer fop certain nominees. >> we've layered a things, we le edayt tope6: rninin 5.mccarthy is west,
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utnd owner in georgia is takingdirtup'spoid the gam by to sell irish springsoap.ut them out of wne o with erme we'll puo and i didn't we playing notre dame this we weekend and the fighting irish, sohef. sh>> call you know, f a iavor one this >> if the win it would be a slight upset. georgia is the third rankmet ase >> just go with care. star nfl receiver dropped from .
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the patriots ami d rape allegations after two weeks with heam>ficarhtea in the middle o♪ ♪ . ♪
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us was ueets infla power for severnone o al a ce on t ofagish,e'ou out
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mored onrb ok thasy g. spital aated for m tor. more news now. nt a mall multiple people hurt. rtnav rabies fromwut me th two
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this maryland dog rkpa t o owners. >> the news at 6:00 startsnow.a > >> a mall near chicago ts t,f driver,brea wking e werghr asints when it crashe at least 15 peoplne meapped itad change. i>>er h thousands


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