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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:10pm EDT

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this maryland dog rkpa t o owners. >> the news at 6:00 startsnow.a > >> a mall near chicago ts t,f driver,brea wking e werghr asints when it crashe at least 15 peoplne meapped itad change. i>>er h alhousandsdced
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many t she protest cteayer s> here toalk about the climate sod support. sweho ia sarimil of wlies peoplli
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melbourne, australitr studenm do wnatherettssd a today wnwill not be an a ristke b ama stupinenndten thehn a fts, vote on the dc or fo.c58% sayno. etails tonig nishivhootings in thejor
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ee .g and? reporterer: chief sceneewaramerlisht of cdnd 10: thatpedar a c fire inhe t courtyard behmee, os five who herpietalized at ths we talked with community members here earlier getion to ctis incredible stretch oe, ti ea rviolence take l aniste had . >> this isrit noan afghcommunit? so it's just getting worse, so i'm just saying that until we can create more -- this i my business is doing, i'm also a
6:04 pm so basically to cre more jobs and job opportunities training , ath. >>one't i h d kenow just got to the guns off the streets. please. your child could be next, your husband,hter. your i t shods xsanotpeter m ane open oedju fire with the high powered rifle. on n,ca ofeaousethea w e hialr, wly andch turned right
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irving stet. chief newsham said a gun used in the not shooting was recovedscene. the chief also confirmed four of the six victims havearrested. and charged with firearms violations. one of the has faced charges multiple times. the motive is unknown, 30 minutes later in the of brentwood road northeast, a masked man entered an establishment and opened fire, striking t menn woman. a man killed, 20-year-old shawn coldman bay of northeast police say he was targeted person in that shooting. thether two were bysnders and they were wounded. that's latest here from hw nortes bact,to you in the studio. also developing tonight, new england patriots released embattled wide receiver antonio brown he spend 11 days with the team. much clouded with scandal after
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a lawsuit eusxcedf h sexual assaulting and raping his et t opportunity. appreciate the patriots. tmz will hav moreuce rkv forgn theodore smart is accused of -ysalting aear-old boy fromar ng anxc eha heig school back in 2012. swins iow n came forward f o now.propriate behavior byne su e
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but one teacher is currently employed in loudoun county public schools. dc police need your help to identify aan who broke into had a house in northwest. it happened ten days ago on an shows the man p tietoeing ything,t if you rec police. frederick county hea ofcials ltareahi smallerrcng dog and its d jog department putwoth up ese dogs owners. thinmix, they that ul everyone was having a great time. a beautiful day, all the tails wereasing each other wging roun
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round mike nev brutally attacle ander almost killed. afterun day at the dog park. it was tuesday causina g ahe e >> reporter: pictures after the
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rehead. and even worse whe t mhiikse bitten three times in his arm. which puts him contracting rabies if ethf o trrying her ta we're jus t g mtoaksue after t days. omso sod to rabies. >> reporte if no onever:n ho getsorrwamiil wke clo soies rvaccine. ve dog fine with getting the toe
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ouus c kldnow the records they sparee the m iin ic suprt ocacy group andwiol vetet ree-thf prisoners of war u.s. sg in action. amts said the rides will focus on the sam group b also suicide prevention a shortageontgsu oerf y countity publi schoore r toel ax to be a dasub. a substitute up until ny, tow,
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sub needed to schstrion we'll tell you the rule proposedstruion. we'll tell you the rule proposedstruion. sua oine time.
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welcome now to la follow breaking of chicago. suv plowing through had a shpierngal mall people. we'll tell you what we know at this hour plus, a bad dayluright with the homeowners home.ed how it happen and the warning r the res of us. an antonio brownomropped frhe patriots late this ith two weeks. we'll get all the late breakrog details tmz.'s shawn, start with the headlines. >> we'll start with first up an suv barrelled through a mall near chicago. at video fromnside the mall in illinois. the suv slammed throuen the ance of a sears store, drove throh
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