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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 20, 2019 6:30pm-6:42pm EDT

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welcome now to la follow breaking of chicago. suv plowing through had a shpierngal mall people. we'll tell you what we know at this hour plus, a bad dayluright with the homeowners home.ed how it happen and the warning r the res of us. an antonio brownomropped frhe patriots late this ith two weeks. we'll get all the late breakrog details tmz.'s shawn, start with the headlines. >> we'll start with first up an suv barrelled through a mall near chicago. at video fromnside the mall in illinois. the suv slammed throuen the ance of a sears store, drove
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through the sto into the mall, you can see people running to get out of the way. fox news reorts two p hurt. . four arrested the driver. people killed, 30 in a tour bus crash, it was transporting at g crashed. at least 15 people are critically hurt. dc police released details abouty the dea drive-by x people were shot. one died,nv itigators say is the shooters used a high powered rifle's it appears the attack was targeted ande some o victims are known gang members. pphaen aed world today s to demand action to change, many students including kids skipped class to attend the matches and llraies,hrea to e only on a couple after thieves go into home through
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garage, stole jewelry lewis hasa >> reporter: this heist apparently happening one day after the couple's 58thng ansotniy. ersxaarctly just happened beyond that. it's how wt went down in thist lorton neighborhood down this roadway, t we'red the couple were apparently sitting outde enjoying the weather on a sunday when a white pickup truck pulled take a look.who jumped out. outcomes two guys and a girl, here surveillance system. managing t convince the nelson family the backyard fence needs fixing. while tct ss pretending to fix the fence, another goes in sthe house,aling several items even dropping some of the olen items out from a pocket on the w out. >> policaye initial'r y aeal uk?
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have to.that's just something'y could s to get your tention. >> we' told rrings, neck lists an an engagemen ring were stolen. th w ishathe box pty.camo bedroom. we're told investigators are explorings the possibility this could be far from a ranm fact us tt they are interviewing contractors who may have done r even outside theecze theol saw on the sveillance video, call the fairf count>>y aic pol. what a beautiful fridayoo aftern after we've had nice fall-like weather. caitlin roth is tracking your f
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24/7 afterox 5 breakthrough. . 24/7 fo jcast. caitlin oining us and another beautiful day, a mini stretch of.ll amazing. >> and the weekend will benice, just will be hot. >> the returnf 90's is it? >> i know. it's -- you know, it's hard at this time of year, who wants to be 9 plus, but we're going to be,o s l's forecast, weekend more like summer. it is still summer. i get that officially this is the last weekend of summer with fall beginning e monday morning. but usually by late september, u're more fall than summer, nationwide thing, dry warm is a across t east coast. and today, was kinof the
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exception with the very cool morning started in 40's and so many spots, 45 at dulles, 42 in manassas, and jumped u into the low 80's, now, currently temperatures, 78 manassas, 78 in washington, 76 in napolis, eastern shore, 7 in cambridge, 73 in stevenville, low 80's northernmaryland.60 inl mid 50's under clear skies, for tomorrow, we should ris wlel 80 . there's no way around it that's a hot day any timef o year. it's defitely going to feel toasty. by monday, cold front approaching another day in the 90's, probably humid. by tuesday, it ge s a littltcoo. but then we watch thetemperatur back look at your aftehe 90's beyver and
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monday, hopefully we're done after that but i don't think thursdayomes awf close. we are back to the dry weather, back to the warm weather, we see lows in the 60's, highs in the 80's and we'll be running five to ten degrees aboveal . that's a look at your seven-day. blake over to you. new york city mayor bill di blasio dropped out of the020 presidential race. makingn announcement today. he said he felt good about his message, but admitted it was not the rig time for him to run for president. di blasio was polling at zero percent and said he would support whoever win. trade talks between u.s. and china ended early. ogotiates were supposed visit u.s. fardars in my tan and nebraska next week, but cancelled those plans, instead,a negotiators are hding back to china after two days of talks here in dc. president trump tried to e - tensions byifting tariffs on more than 400 chineseodprts.
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>> the friday night lightsl be shining inside high school fortch- virginia. it's the first indoorno high school game in our region's history, happening at the st. james complex inspringfield. facing off is against west springfield. josh rosenthal is live there tonight with the ieevw, josh this, is kind of cool to see ths game inside. >> reporter:his is very cool. i don'bout but i'mt wrgin here on t explainel take a look bhiuin this is called the jame t. it's an absolute monster, got an olympic size policy, basketballh courts, they alsoe this 110,000 squareld foot house that will bee h the first evoor high school football game. played in virginia. now, let me explain to u y apthe h home team here tonight, theirool is autch s seven miles away, but their field is not in good shape,
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they're working on it to try to get it back and running for how this ar, they will play at least their five regular sean home games here, now, granted,t they're no home. enta dtobout, this t developmen and the chance to mak a little bit o history, have a listen to what the athletic director told me earliertonight. . >> it will be an historic night. this is the first indoon game i thevirginia. our alumni excited, kids excited. students are excited. we're expecti a good game tonight. >> reporter: and guys, just in case you didn't believe me when i told you how excit they were, just a little minute ago, let's ask professional, are you excited for the game here tonight? >> yes. [cheers and applause] . >> reporter: shawn, they are etty ciex ited. hettar,yood te.
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so we'll be here throughout the night. o fstart? so thank you, josh. t richard montgomery rockets showings a lot of school spirit. it's home comingweek, they will be facing the clarksberg coyotes on the grid ir as the richard montgomery rocket take on the coyotes, happening2:50trichard roville, kickoff at 7:00. speakin ed while theyus discuss the mb,
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aps. we'll be right back. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ith le ss. ♪ . ♪ . to gro ted w. so cvr ndenwh mei ca hth hdimee s ma de
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the bus lanes on h and iet s northwest will become permanent.e it will t effec 12th, authorities say bus lane helped improve buslong a city t. the redinsin ag reto look gskood off the field behi
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believe is fox 5 angie goff at tyson's angie. >> blakree' andpsotsure,ks
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tyson's angie. >> blakree' andpsotsure,ks .nd oo ♪ erng u,
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