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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 20, 2019 10:00pm-10:21pm EDT

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confusion at a shopping mall in illinois after someone drove a store front at a about an hour. the allyrrested thehimotive tonigdr. let get an update o tnoc instorma1
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.y clhe>> tter. y'diving. >> the two milesair,in u twop . racing against clock to make the formations w plummeting towards the earth. >> would you do this. >> hell, no. >> ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!. >> come on. just in time for halloween rome know theul french bvira for aum >> a homeowner posted the costume. you can see what this is, he's rril child's play. when you, see what? how is his paw up like that? it's kind of freaky weird. >> let's tk football. fansmeilmbl overthe buffalo bil initiated his newborn daughter by doing this.>> i had to se th tegoing wha on. he put her into wha as small
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fake table to mimic apparently slam happens during tail gates buffalo home games you can see b littley girl is decked out in the buffalo bills gear. the ritual toof place on t a buffalo bls blanket. >> i'v been to games it's a f that changed the nas, i saw that, tse are guy whose lit liquoreebodups van a careen into a folding table and break the table. >> get it now, so the baby is on top of what like a broken lksootable. >> yes. >> well, the baby baks the table. although the table is broken already. so. >> ok. >> she has no idea what's going on. >> i'm sorry for that little girl. the news at 10:00, thousands across the united states and our region protesting protect the planet a look at the massive climate strike when we come back. ♪. ♪.
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t'former ftyacul .inappravoprie ate con id in one of thomer faculty members is currentlyigh a l uno now, t obid iheain the investigation ai rllemnnpe o jirward.m? ighohtgin in shot, oneictim u s according to police, ashooting,
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northeast attack. the > university of maryland, three student el. . uso of thehr d tteineeg a mp faci button >> cros furd a campus at l. tal. heinudincl get themro to
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we dan afuture. >>ys bore world leaders natio a nsny i lndersil w president trump plans to skip it and hold histh ita a should participating in chetemaliyes, dc ap and atna ld georgetown road was vandalized. the memorial isng m the cross with the crchuhill taken from the location. police aren't looking to prosecute anyone. the are asking any who has taken those items return them to
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the site. motorcyesfil wlti s memoria thepita details desiodes.n adtrstemononratimemot motorcycles filled the str eets to recognize and prisoners of war and.s.members. ams vides willoc tradition of bringing thousands upon thousands of riders into tn on the challenge. last lidecember, rng nsar idt i it startedsotra lan
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st will become permanent. change will take effect novemr city i lkingt a bus travel. a pregameon celebrati that flamed was a penalty for the entire aguele.disappointed. major work on the bay bridge about to getnd uyerwaff angec >> we had ae nic fall, woke up with the scenario for tomorrow, waking up mild mid 60's getting to 80's, but be feeling the 90's by the ends l the weekend,ul ca♪st ♪. l the weekend,ul ca♪st ♪. .w h thlessis. is
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doers need energy. and demand for it is expected to gro so chevron's finding more homegrown energy, more precisely. digitizing the way we work with advancedata analytics helping us develop more productive wells. and we're exploring ways to use renewable energy in our operations. doin' more... ...with more data and precisleion.... to help meet growi demand. th gat's innovating to meet the energy demands of today and tomorrow.
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the officertas onev k aged an inpat after a crash.
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tmz said bad, three spinal fracture that is required fusion n hart back there's a serious warning about doctors sayt honow. especially if pregnant, e have . to pdireou r couold be but experts s hema was more severe thanus ual. itimometes upcong season. alavez d sse weistu may researchers f ndde rgeegulnerationar of the pf f skeaje roadse okha it.
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ousee, part oy on you at imagine. ousee, part oy on you at imagine. >> idisease progss,i've seen my
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(honk) i hear you sister. anbe open with your doou or cigna. together, all the way. ey
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ght, taking a little bit to get some of thanit warmer feela. bellyoreee flyngatlantic as fs ea k stown as well, western w diste thbaronchthat pennsylvani across the area the time you thectity diminishing and shaping up to have a nice sunday. essure move into the atlantic i getting back to the southerly flow, 90's returning for sunday, carries on over into monday. xt chance for rain we do need the rain will be on monday,
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when fall o be wnslgi. move t s o. ebe 7ck sentet. d tl r a litse atrchit , looking ath 0' w ieoay on the board,co we
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guys? ♪ . week.e momentegn ctexas, thanks to the they were apparently stuck deunh bacteria bsug fnd aisde aave st kose oufds kittens. >> h nluck juss hem oue t>> w dogs a
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id .oowha chett d holding oo wdawa kind of remindseed me.>> wasus e >> had not seen up. i just eg1 it of the cast. she does it.
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>> co a good trick. this guy ri toed t spotlight. >> what am i missing. >> watch thehat. >> ok. >> look at that. there it heis. >> hat trick i seeit. tt'st rok. >> yoga he waeas in a shi gayot >> jim is not your ooksrankunfaw
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officedropped the s r. evkena no, if we on here.ite top five. >> l et's by aalk do you remember this, the nporyb no one was hurt but nfl is day n ll hosthalsey will perform wia
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acoustic performance on a piano. instead of havinhe thestra or wn the le and it wl really add an enep use colge pf 2019, gownding peoi
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in a hungrri is here. so let come
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. theredskins hol. ngredskins players. there.ds going to the charitable >> gf wre here at the fifth annu washington redskins whayru players. their wives, the coaches, their
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a lot of familiar ces. haskins aofnd tania snyder and her the wife of d ethingun iontiin s asou ce tell from the crowd,ade ca toughup o ove
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atvethe me. were all on rnwhtla adaa chosee my kids are doing homework or they're streaming videos. upstairs, downstairs. how's homework going? you need help?m i' so that, you know, mama can make some money.r be
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