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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:10pm EDT

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i' e txpalking ab teamsd. news at 11:00ng starts now.k place from the m 70 through 2008, ikeli ejiochive with more o a local teacher ally is still teaching. >> reporter: that's right. now, the investigation hienghr f ten outs ooking to get comment curre ly about the allegations. stuntsks smuo atcu richk rn te
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loudepteoun county public schoo about hisaschls s saytudents an st ollegationshedendentn e it's still open. pentagon.m wantee tab
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the trump adminiaistration mplains the involves air bsagav teams, the weapons use weren. jim loyat tta majed to youit.
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guns off of the street, you involved in therive i dnvestigatorshoofe vehicles on he if you have information or l izpo egn t ♪. ♪ nsets.drsu at the time were killecae in r oth life-threatening injuriesn i mo
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coaches everybody is one before in virginia history. trying to make his tonight. >> i think it's so excitingit by
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> he today, teleadedattl federae rtoppo appreciate the patriots. ray debt parents stillem ni k. bfectingbe rht
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eaand d thebr nutritionist you need to be ashamed. onlyhilehat of. >> he needs a garbage ♪ . .
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. in "f♪."al. 5 next with the
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. it's 11:30 on we're on the air on time. who blewhi the wle and why? c surprise divided. more u.s.roops on the way tab saud an anerft carsonia afraid men or something like that. wh c it trip to but no thanks american farms and we take a ba ok on bill di blas stat in island chuck that's "the final 5." let's do this. .♪ welcomhow thism jim lokay. a whistleblower complaint theen


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