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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 20, 2019 11:30pm-11:53pm EDT

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get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. . it's 11:30 on we're on the air on time. who blewhi the wle and why? c surprise divided. more u.s.roops on the way tab saud an anerft carsonia afraid men or something like that. wh c it trip to but no thanks american farms and we take a ba ok on bill di blas stat in island chuck that's "the final 5." let's do this. .♪ welcomhow thism jim lokay. a whistleblower complaint theen a fight between the white house
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and congress, the intelligence watch dog cling it urgen and even as the chief isn't releasing it's information, democrats say they have to theowerleagnsst w preset ent trump dismisses itbl partisan psiticnd media's fault. reports are aeging he was inappropriate during a a forein leader iran. >> just another political hack b. the media ofur country is laughed at all over the world now, you're a joke. what else? >>em r ar wall strreeptde rnt h torrutsmp urged ukraine's president t pera of course, that's rudy giulianin
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pitol hill, expected to be grilled on why comheplnt is being kept private. tohe saudi arabia which sent the world pri of oil ocketing. this is video. the a mpisandmin for the attack carri you byaid lawm aksidenteeded to consult smilitary action against iran. . >> the president has approved the deployment of u.s. forces nature, andnsen i primarily fon air and missiledefense. we will alsoork to accelerate the delivery of military
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equipment to the kingdom of saudi arabia to enhance their ability to defendlv themse. the purpose of the additiona defense of support we will prov ae iss follows: rsanfidy clet,ar message is tha partners.d states suppo second, to shirt freelow of resources necessary to suppo the global economynd a demonstrate our commitment to upholding thenternational rules based we've long called iran to obey. the united stateoes not seek hay attack and the prime minister is planningheo attend t next meeting in new york. breaking details here on "the final > a>>bout bene house and urban se e-mail. the "washington post" reporter
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secretary carson can expressed concern about qu big haiotry men trying toomen i the safrancisco office carson between men and women.r lo sources toldhe and upset man mad those comments based off safety concerns from women'sgr he said, quote, my point was that we have to permit policy that is take into consideration the rights of everybodho including t women. many of whom h suffered at the hands of male domestic abusers who believe there are men that might hurt them. so democrats are calling for his resignation. inup mnataonoff.end early, negotiators heading back to
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china. news spooked investigators big time, the dow lost 160 points but the president told reporters he wasn't under pressure to complete a trade deal with china before the 2020 election. >> we're ttking a little this week talking a lot next but i'm not looking for a .ll partial thdeal, lissing for a complete deal. >> do you feel you need that before the election. >> no, i don't think i need it before the election. i think people know we're doing a great job. rong.oing well, our economy isst and china i bng affected badly. we're not being billions of dollars andhina c the tariffs because on the deevaluation. china is china and they know what they're doing as well as anybody. so it's been really amazing whan we've able to do, i think the voters uthat.
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ifnddst an something happened it probably be positive for the election,ut that's ok. >> before the meetinged preside ease texts by lifting tariff onc more than 400hinese products, the largest enomies in the china rips off american consumers a businesses throughra unfairde practices. time for so you t can be potus.yo new york city ma bill di oeasio apparentlys not believe he can be potus he dropped out of the race. seven and democratic candidate to split. di blasio didn't qualify for last week's debate or one next month. ed again, was polling at a zero percentnd his campaign failed to gain traction, he cidn't have support in hisome this tioio
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campaign. continue my work as mar of new york city. keep a speaking up for working e peop >> do you like how she soundedo shd? presidenp wasted no time trolling di blasio saying this, oh, no, real bill political news, perhaps the biggest in yepart-time mayor pulling in a solid zero. nyc isg devastated he's c home, that particular the president of the united states. di blasio said if he had more time the outcome would be different.>> 20 something candi know, it's hard to understandac exy what happened in the course of the campaigns, y kow, it's a long t wayo go to see what will happen. ultima >> i feel very good about the message. i feel phateople want progressive change, they want to people.n the needs of working message resonatedll . i wish i had more time and
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resources. >> di blasio said he'll support thetandidate wins the democratic primary. he's leave 19 democratic id ates. by the way, that's still about, i believe, three more than the pique of the republican field in 2016 when you had then candidate trum surging to the top. di blasio kind ofsad. we will car on. of.he after treak paying tribute to australia as a steak dinner happens, our own tribute here after the break. ♪ . ♪. ♪ from the 5am wakers, s. to the 6am sleeper everyone uses their phone differentlyfes, and in difrent places. that's why xfinity mobile a crd ea
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. >> is the night i finally a -- we don't have., please have how wouldou define the smell, by thway. >> salty ket. li you wear your same underwear. >> actually i don't know that f. >> that's whatt smells like. >> so, my understanding is what you do is take a layer of marjerreoint out what we need to do, as bought these befs
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and realizedit cckld you bring been talking about second. >> this will be. >> isaround if the need be. if the need arises. >> do you want tor butter you bread with gimight. >> how are you feeling. >> this is awful. >> thiss like, i don't even know, what is it >> now, let's do thhi house at's trash.
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no. no. no. this is why i hate australians. you ard it first or second and we'll get more tcomplaint. >>t is -- that is, i'vew heard like you this is o of those things that's -- oh, no.ou not lik awre -- how d, we're talking about this and this is -- like an australian staple. this was mentioned in the song down under by men at >> that's thema so song. roshe gave meve gm tt'she onlyy produced f ofgutsre feasting on ul crisps. zucchini sqe incredible. they're nelousse a roya.o ask.
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you know i'm notassy. but are they having fosters or diet coke. >> we tweeter about this and somebody pointed out that fosters is canadian now apparently. but i mean, it's brewe in t usa, we're drinking an american> we're a segment here. >>hat's right. second year in a row, milania trump chose to use china from the first family the president despises the clintons. for the dinner service. >> it's not blue with a little bit crust on it. tim. >> by the way, when you mentioned eaustralia, last we talke about australia on the show, youor some reason, you do not have aor fondness f the australian people. th aere can hutrgh jackman is
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probably cool. i am australiaphobic and i aln't, i never met anus a i liked. >> hnjah nckma w the first "final 5." he had a wishing me luck on the first "final 5." >> could he pick you out of a lineup, jim. >> absolutely not. we'll get our bearings here and back after this. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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. ♪ .l alght. welcome backing young peoplewi wode joining the fight ainst climb change, student led protests happened today. young people demanding leaders take action, they rallied to th. ca a lot of people skip school and protesters say they ben't eve they will have a future if governments don't take ae climat changeseously. >> i want here to talk about the climate a crisis. nt this to be the number one issue of 2020 debate. we have to fight. >> we have to fight. >> we have to fight. >> we have to fight!. >> to save our earth!. >> i should not have to worry about my future but it's in opdyarur jeopardy. a lot of students took place
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were from montgomery count gathered aetro stops heading into town, we've talked about this on the show on newsct all the count executive. they think -- the school boardtr deate in the con fines of school.>> why are they protestg? we're down to 11 years. meeraimbd doing now? go o andparty, give up on everything, why are we going to school? why are they doing anything. >> i'm fascinated by the dee te. is something to be said about real world experience buti thenn, i don't believe -- there shld be an educational component. if you'll let these kids out. they need to p together a research document. saying it'sr a cause nea and dear. >> there suld be something about using children for protest
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inhaeneral and i don't caret side, my people will get angry the march for life or this, you put stage, they don't have real world experience parents are them whangely? i don't like nkit. >> t i r there's something ho be geeni eogaple down for thechfter p yearr and young children but i think there's something to be said abou -- it's a tough position. >> i'll qualify it, because think that kids like -- so, my gosh i forget theting >>douglas. >> most were 16 nearly ,17 adulthood. a picture of andrew yang should beext to the word forge ness in the dictionary. to forgive shane gill list who
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was hired and fired by about racist statements he made about asian. >> i sat there and watch some of shane's comedy to figure out whethei thought that he was truly malignant or evil or a ma dis n evil person an for racist ideasr i cate dealiologies. if someone makes a misstatement and in this case, a comedic coext, that's one category, anotheregat cy would be willful advocacy of hateful racist ideas. people should face consequences >> listalod oleutt a he chinese
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accent. this was a quick in and out for shane gill list. surprised it was that fast. >> snl ihehink signal, they're woke funny o hi and that your ove r >> peopleik le that parallel. whatbout eddie murp ridhi it was was re rt tpo ttoha broaden the outrndch a a t try ercoheva ansi thk is hwas jokinat's edgyn i asssination tbout trump, whichd
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point. guy. >> you do not hold your 2020 ucnocaw? y can butf y itou w li deedo help people like is shift workerabled re acalled the pli woe ul mwait wearit doesn'tt.
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>> kimanye ane v. and it appeth. n: n the wiaalive. brands and women do ma


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