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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  September 21, 2019 7:00am-7:14am EDT

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♪ >> today on fox5 morning, disturbi>>ng allegations. decades old sexual abuse at a found one teach accnd fox5 still teaching kids in our area. plus deploying the tros. after an attack on the ill oil industry. what's next at president trumpus flexes military me. running for wendy. how family and friends o a woman stabbed to dth while jogging in logan circle are today a in -- with run today in arlgton. fox5 atto y. up 7:00llweht, sthinor nyorthen
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virginianside. the t.c. williams titans and west head at saint james in springfield. fox5's josh rosenthal was ther guy te hi trhe right here brings new meaning to the term friy night players, the fans, the coaches, everybody is pt'ped. >> inever been done before in virginia histo. so just trying to make history tonight. [cheers and applau] >> i think it' so exciting 'cause it bris the commuty together. >> ♪ >> kii' fwajurdst to al.geing the team on andinepr:ee the t.c. williams titans are going to play all five of their regular season homs called the saintts james. it's huge and it includes this 110,000 sqre foot field house. the reason they're playing there ishe normal t.c. williams field which is about d in the process of l beinge
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redone but me tell you in the meantime nobo including the school's athletic director seems all that upset about it.'e playof fs this year, we're a stateeto be really goode championship this year. >> reporter: i also talked de the co-r of the saint james tonight. he told me they hope to have many more high school games here just like this. guys, back to you. >> i mean within the r that space and how just doubt at all they'll havel more high s games up there. traffic alert. we'll let younow yhereou out --y gridlock in my brain. tensousas across united states and in our region protest together in order for an effort to protect the planet. we'll have l aook at thema ssive climate strike that happened yesterday. that's coming up next. plus, it is the last weekend of summer. it's going to feel like it. gary's got another look as todaweather when we return. >> ♪ morning back man who kilded.
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her,ler-old any crawford uiltto herr, was sentenced thispleek. m soll a of this comingo a tnd friends and even complete strangers that have been following this case. this is one that touchedenany wh they about what happened.
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here's some reaction from wendy's mother. >> i just want to say that for ars that we forgave him,ehe that we hope he finds peace in the middle of this storm that he created himself for his life and w know wendy's in a daniel said, so that gives usas relief and we hope he finds the gift of salvation. >> reporter: crawford is likely going to spend at least 30 years behind bars as part of a plea agreement in his sentencing. in the meantime, again, the wendy legacy project out here running with teamendy. it was a hundred bucks to buy in. you get a team wendy shirt and you also get to know that your fundsre going toward programs that were important to wendy martinez, pgrams thatwo help empower men. y
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backou. >> an important event and just happened last year. that still so fresh in everyone's mind. upext antonio brown is a free agent after being cut by the patriots. what's next for the embattled wide receiver. and fashion for charity. nual fashion show whereskinsan players and their wives were the runway models. >> ♪ honey, this gig-speed internet
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>> let's talk sports. nelang end released e ambmuch of it was clh scandal after a federal lawsuit accused brown of rapinhifo ain yesteayay ogorppg fashion show that tysons corner. redskins playersr wlues w aere . they were fabulous. all of the proceedth went to redskins charitable foundation.. fo ohe r a
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grease. >> ♪e se around, how aboutrst ting esitfh his o beautifule wife. weliz smith, the wife of alexmi sth ownedhe familiar facn the catwalk i and tonya snyder y dert ced
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dulles nobody lives at dulles but if you live aroundles, 87 degrees for a high you kind of get the idea, right, upper 80's. culpeper 89 degrees. we are perfectly clear this morning. not a cloudn the sky out there. we'll have a couple ofloud possible today, maybe a fair weather cloud here or there. all of a sudden the tropic got active very active.
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at one point we had six sto atgolanticnd a usually when the pacific isti ac the atlantic is not and vice versa but this week was not that way. imelda that was intit texas, was a tropical storm at landfall has basically dissipated and thankdn gess for them they're starting to dry out now. humberto still a very strong storm, 100 miles per hour sustained winds heading off into the north atlantic. it is now an extra tropical it's lost its tropical characteristics which basically meons it's ge from a warm core system over t cooler core system, okay. and now we're all eyes on jerry because tropical storm jerry right now wind is at 65 miles per hour. the movement is northwest at 15 miles per hour. it is 755 milesouth of bermuda. bermuda has to be wary of jerrys again. there' really close pass with humberto. he forecou watch track on jerry, stays away from the bahamas, that's good
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news. bermuda is right there. so, there is potenti th strong tropical storm or a wy k hurricane, could go right across bermuda or very, very close to bermuda. hopefully it won't have a direct hit on bermuda but again,orecast to become a hurricane by the middle par of the week. day ahead looks like this for us. loads of sunshine, teeratures will move up into the uer 80's. we'll cool off late thishi afternoon as evening back down into the middle 80's. high 88. high tomorrow 92. first day of fall. remember thi. words will like bulletsre and our mout the guns and and you can kill someoneong wito will be there as well. >> incredible.or here's all the inftion on your screen nain gentlemen. it h such a pleasure you fget aboutnk this free eventha tnghis thursday and
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dot go come when we return. >> ♪ a bringing thousands un little bit off to the east tomorrow and that wil ylittle be humidity, a little bit hotter. e very t,er v extends into (burke) at farmers insurance,
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