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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:07pm EDT

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leader to look into the business dealings of son of v forice president hunter biden. he worked for ukrainian gas >> white house rejected calls to release transcripts of conversation withukraine. >> dgerous flooding affecting parts ofwe s texas after tropical storm imea moved through the region and death toll reached 5. responrs working around the clock to rescue people trapped gathering at area 51 i mn rurale neff this weekend for alien stock. unfortunately no p enoughple. started setting up campsites in rachael nevada yesterday following a facebook post tt encouraged people to storm area 51. that didn't pan out. sos organizer planned a music festival with an alien theme instead. but aftern drawing just 500 people fday they had to pull the plug on that, too, cancelling the second night of t festivs. despite that people seemed to enjoy the oppor lnity toisten
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to some music. act a little weird and you kn, believe in space alien stuff. >> it's exciting just to get seen how many people out here were driven enough to belie that aliens are held in area 51 to actuall show up here. that's crazy in and of itself. >> he's got a point there., you know 150ufo enthusiasts and curiosity seekers did gidher e of the heavily guarded entrance to area 51. did not actually storm it. two people were arrested for, exposure. itted, indecen >> i did not guess that but ok. >> [laughter].>> there's also an alcohol related incident, i could have guessed that one - but apparently most visitors well behaved. >> looks like hing fun at least. >> certainly. >> i'm not going to lie. i lived in nevada. always been curious. brief moment thought about going to tht. >> when didn't really pan out
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decided to have a festival that's what y do. >> look at aliens. >> walmartg respo to vaping epidemic iny.ig wa how people are reactg to >> story coming up plu facial recognition soon could be the norm at u.s. airports. not thrilled about the technology. more on the group trying to b federal agencies from usingnyit. don'where. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get a date through the app. >> into the world. >> o meet. >> i'm to roll my eyes enough tha you can see it on tv. eye roll. >> i'm glad i'm not sing he willing he will right now.
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>> this is the singleugorhld ut there. >> after a few weeks atuiet box office much anticipated movies makes debuts including . >> sat dn with mr. pit himself. >> day away from emmy awards, watch it right here on "fox5." find out who's performing at this year's event. hi michele. >> 2 days away from fall beginning fought feeling like at. 90s across the day day. warmer temperatures tomorrow. tell you how t warm it's goio get stay tuned. coming up in just few. ♪ honey, this gig-speed intern
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gearted for $44.99 a month with no term contract required. click,daall or visit a story. awarenesmonth. every. visits children's national own weather center, cartsd fille with toys for chil battling cancer. >> gary mcgrady at children's national this ek, toys an treats delivered firsthand. >> came over to children's national and great program, found daths, called evan , foundation gavin and went deerg lih they are, well they started foundaon, i want to
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give you limb idea what theis story great things here. have the treats cart nd treasures cart. i have a hard time keeping want to introduce you to t. wendy, evan foundation, tk abou about. >> evan foundation formed after we lost our only son evan. >> to p


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