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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:53pm EDT

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. it's been throw years since the wasngton monument has been closed. now it's buopen. earlier today, a group of visitors had troub getting down. tell you exactly what happened plus, could the sentence for these boys now both be reduced. new development in the case ta bterrorized our regionack in 2002 >> and. >> a vacation turns into a one m proposing to his girlfriend. your news starts right now. off t top tonight, the reopening of the washington mon nationwide.his week today, some trouble. >> a group of tourists got stuck at the top of the viewi area. >> the structures newly
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renovated elevator malfunctioned. >> fox5's ike ejiochi joins us live from the national mall with the very latest on this. ike. >> let me tellyou, quite the weekend, very long weekend f individuals waiting to get to p the to of the washington nt mo. let me tell you something, it'sl seen longines as thousands waited to getonhere after ag three year wait. now the national park service says the beautiful weather has set thecene for a perfect time to check out the top of the monumentr ea today, around 1 p.m. group of tourists at the top had to wt near ree an hour just to malfunctioned causinge levato slight worry. sbut the national parkervice told me there's nothing to w about. elevators are completely safe. >> probably just a little bit ot the kinks. with you we are happy got it backonline. it seems like this wasn't too much of an interruption of service. so all is well. >> now, if you want to cht
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the views for youecrself be pre. buy tickets at the bottomf the ingtont oot a lon kiosk and that sittarts 8:30 in the morning. first first serve. told ind cividuals have been ou here waitings early as 3:30 in the morning just to get some so if yt to get in there, beri prepared to bng yourself a >> dange flooding still to. affectinparts of southwest texas after tropical stm firstesponders working around the clock to rescue people trapped in high water. goan sams worked alongside the multiple agencies responding in harris t countyo reste at leas 50 people trapped by nearby creek and b you. the flooding brought back memories of hurricane harvey in 2017. >> everybody devastated. all the homes recently or in the process of being finished. i>> it done this before harvey. it was bauter than thatse it wasn't up as high. you wknow, ween't expecting
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it to getp as muc as it did. but it's like six inches so it's not rrible. we wereok. >> that's a good out look. >> five people died in t texas he flooding with hundreds of others displaced. more than 4 inches of rain fell in southwest texas over four days. and tning to california now where someesidents got their first snow of the season. take a look. these are images from ma'am mot mountain rort not far fromes yosemite starts bial f start on monday. >> fall creeping in, but 't feel like it. i wouldn't call it a hot summer nigh but it is a warm summer nigh>>out there. ertainly is. t there.mmer day for manyou of check in with michele rotello to see if warm weather willreast st of theweekend. hey there. >> evening, ladies temperatures today well above average for this time of year. usually our average temperature could be8 degrees. maybe what your a he seeing now.
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yeah we shotvep around o 90s and upper s. now 77 degrees. however, notice it feels like 79.ot starting tice muggy conditions increasing across the area. that will continue for our sunday and even so for our monday. temperatures now across the board seeing 60s there. 68 martinsburg. they did see a few showers pass acss the area, so a little bit of rain ing on there. 77 manass. 78 quantico. seeing 73 in fredericksburg and culpeper at t75. notice winds coming in there om the south a the east. so kind of helping toern a humid bit more of that air, that warmer air down in th. sout that's why we'll continue to also see some warmer conditions as we roll on into our e sunday. sohad a few pop-up showers out in areas west of i-81. that has diminished. still have a little bit of showers ouere just to theth of i-66 and across washington there to the south of frontro l. other than that, wider everything staying o the dryn
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side and this will continue on through our sunday even more so we'll see even more sunshine and lesser rain here. so 74 tonight. will not be as cool tomorrow as it was this morning. noticeably increasing in temperatures not only in the afternoons but ao mning w. that'sls how we drop down,7 partly cloudy skies. what's ahead last finish to summ. all details and how warm it's going to g coming up in just a few, ladies. >> u.s. supreme court will hear the case of convicted sniper l m boydalvo this fall. you'll remember malvo terrorized dc region as one half of that sniper team back in 2002. judge sentencedalvo the following year to life in prison without the possibility of parole even though malvo was a teenager at the time t since that rulingugh the high court has become more
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lenient toward juvenile defendants and could decide to lower his seoence. is 34 years old now. his accomplis john allen mohammed was executed in 200 12k3w4r9 woman convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to commit scide will be released from jail early. a massachusetts parole board denied parole for michele carter, but she hasarned time for good behavior and will bef let out jail in march instead ofmay. in 2017, carter fasound guilty of involuntary manslaughter in death of conrad roy. roy kille himself in 2014. and when he expressed doubts about doing it, investigators say carter encouraged him. >> a grand jury in prince george's county charged a man with threatening to harm others. after he stopped at a church in upper marlboro. investigators say robinson had u shotgun anrt documents show robinson threatened to do harm.
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grand jury indicted him yesterday. >> state's attorney says she takes all threats o mass violen seriously. >> two teenagers i custody charged with attacking a man at greatir frederick . happened last night. deputies found the 59-year-old victim, hs lying unconsous on ground. flown to shock traumaeaor trent. tonight we are told that the man was diedf his injuries. but they could face t.rged the additional charges. family and friendsma of the n stabbed to death while jogging in logcl cir honored her dur today's clarendon day run. wendy martinez avid runner herself killed in a random attack last september. earlier this month fiancé spoke when man was sentence. >> no satisfaction i think in ce any se because it's not going to bring her back. i think there's sense of relief
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that at leastre the a sense justice and the person will be out of the streets many many decades no longer being a threat to otheromen out there. butos our is just -- it's not >> 23-year-old anthony crawford pled guilty in the murder of wendy martiz was sentenced to 30 years in prison. >> people paid their respects today to a celebrated journalist the funeral for cok roberts taking place at cathedral of saint matthew the apostle on rhode island avee in northwe dc. service was open to thec. publi roberts died earlier this week of comions from breast cancer. she plwas 75 years house speaker nancy pelosi decision to send troops to saudi arabia and speed up arms sales to the countrype si released a stateme says president's actions circumvent
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of congress. he aounced troop deployment in response to last week he is an atta on saudi arabia oil refinery. united states says iran to blame for attack. will move united states closer to war with you rain. >> united states needs to be rightly weary military, clearly this is saudi arabia's this is their fight. >> my concern here is that they become a trip wire. that they may be deployed in a very dangerous part of saudi arabia and uae, and become a trip wireand, therefore, draw us into ain fg war with iran. >> ira is threatening all out war it is attack. >> new controversy for president trump defendi himself against ahahistleblower complaint t he may have acted th inappropriately wi foreign leader. present tweeted earlier today itn appears americapy in one of our intelligence agencies may have been spying on our own president. the complaint suggests that the
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agent was listening in on the ve president's crsation with a foreign leaderment democrats demanding that complaint be right now the wte house is blocking its ase. >> the prime minister of australia scott morrison and his wife, are continuing their visit to the united states. th morng met with local businessni leaders in alexandri and these b ainess leare unique. they're members of the groupra vete entrepreneurs. organization helps train vets to become successful business leaders. morrison is on week long trip to u.s. ste dinner held in his honor last night and next week make stops inork city chicago and ohio. >> manove under water to propose to his girlfriend but never got the chance to hear her never. >> that story coming up. first new video in newsroom showing two women pushing car through flood waters iasn. details strayed ahea ♪ ead. ♪ . >>steekend conction alert if
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you're travelinga in vir this weekend. rappahannock bridge project star sat 4 p.m. lasting 10 a.m. sunday morning. route 17. several lane osures. detour signs will be igi place ng motorists to avoid 95 northbound during the time of that project. keep it to route one if you cant fa in extra time to get around. anticipate delays as you make way throh fredericksburg. any questions at erin "fox5" dc on twitter.♪ ♪ z3g2yz z1jnz
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. one of the districts most poplar street fest tens of thousands ofiv people convergedr h streettheast for their annual event to today. plenty of food and entertainment top had. h street festival started as block party more than a decade ago. si blossomed into major attraction. could not ask for more pictre pe weather for today's event. >> that i pictures nuts. >> smoke in the background, ybe they're grilling something. >> oh, there's so food when you there.round
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look at how maneople backed in therey on the street. >> i know, the whole area really come up. a t of development happening there. t streetcar now they have. lots of good stuff happeng there. >> 8th street festival good time. music food, evything, kids out there. >> guys get me excited i want to go. nextyear. >> the's>> always next year. >> aerll right, we let's talk weather wise. o anybodut and about for today had absolutely gorgeous day and really nice evening too. so if they had a chae toet ncoutside, g pretty pleasant wer out there. taking a live look the monument, hey partlyudy and also guess what c? less than 2 days now until really d not that especialidly if you were outsid you felt those temperatures average this time, of year 78 degrees. we were about ten degrees above average across reagan. 88. 09 dulles. 91 bwi expecting all of uselo the 90s tomorrow. heat will continue across the ar. also m for pretty warm evenings ahead.
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get ready. mmer is not done with us justal yet even thoughl is knocking on our doorstep. 77 district. 78 quanco. y manassas, dulles're at le76. martinsburgr spot on the veard for this eng because a few showers across the area, good soaking nice downpour as well. checkout the dew points, the humidity, definitely a factor, starting to feel a little bit more muggy out across the area with those dew points in the mid to upper 60s. of course, windselping to pump up a lot of that warmth and humidity across the area since ming from theouth. so i mentioned that there werew showers out toward virrnia earliehis evening. a lot of that activitydas down. just there across washington to the south, that's pretty much the remainder osolated shhat itioned we owcould get this afternoon. th all that'sat reft. ally lost a lot.lo dissipated sincest the daytime heatingdry weather cont the overnight hoursro and well throughout the second half
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weekend. ghssure clockwisen of a pir and winds pull r itot m the uth. feeling 90s. don't see it break maybe it will tuesday. get ready. keep ac on a few more days. 90s forecast next 2cloudy skies. promise in the ven-day, a ool down cseoming up inli just a few. la. >> take a look atdi video fron wi texas. oh, my gosh. this is a man driving through flood waters from tropical es depron imelda. in a facebook both eduardo martinez says driving on thers tate it wasn't flooded. th chaed so quickly. flashng started to rise. appears to nearly reach his passenger side window. he turned around and he was ablt to get of the flood water with help of an 18 wheeler that opened up in front of him, opened up some of the, little spac blocking some of that water. that is incredible. >> allight. this video shows two women stuckr after it got
10:18 pm
trying to navigate through a woman who filmed this said tried to warn about high twater. >> houston area experienc wets calendar day after recorded in the month of stember. gosh, incredible there. >> unbelievable. >> always say turn around, don't drown. i know kind of roll their eyes p tired of hearing it, you don't know how fast that water can come. dangers.>> frankly,se women sh gotten out and pushed it. efey should havet the car, come back later. you know. >> yeah. >> all right. details o a an under ust what i forhe newye ar.>> ts k in bacol theents of youngest sandy hkthct ene cos.ackoo. ♪ > ♪ in a country hungry for unity,
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bestbe one louisiana couple's life, tragically turned into their worst. steven weber was o vacation in keneshaantoine.en girlfriend he started to propose todu her ring under water dive. holds up a a notesking her to marry him. weber tragica ty drowned onhis dive. happened just days ago. both weber and antoine families say they are devastated over whathappened. >> yo, this is not happening right now. what the --. >> new informaon tonight aboutt area mall. officers now say theisriver of suv may have been suffering from a medical condition at the time. ll phone video shows that suv crashing into kiosks after smashing through a sears setting shop pers running for thlives. people inside the mall say everything happened so fast. >> all of a sudden car starting
10:23 pm
careening down throu the middle of the mall, bouncing off osk slams into hollister glass shatters everywhere on tr floor. ments after the no andication this wan a of terroris her. school.♪>sethe perfect bagot fo orzed.>> these headphones a regs t what i need forstudying. >> this news just hai needed snet for the new year. this jacket is a real mt have.>> us parents got me the skateboard i wanted. it'stty cool. >> these scissors really comei pencils too. class. colored >> socks, they can be a r life saver.
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>> my own phone to stay in touch with my mom. >> back to sool taking on a new darkg. meanin a new public serviannouncement promise, the advocacy group created inhe aftermath of the de tadly newtowny ele school shooting sparkinmeg reaction nationwide. fox's joyce evans has ymore. >> m mom got me the perfect b for back to school. >> it starts out like a typical back to school preparednes message. and you see that on the faces of people viewing it for the first time. the sandy hook promisese public ice announcement. then the message and the faces a concerned turn. this jackets a real must have. >> concerning turns>> scary. wow.
10:25 pm
>> o.h, n colored pencils too. no. scary quickly turns terrifying. >> link my own phone to stay in touch with my mom. >> too mh. it was. >> and you hear the footsteps coming that was kind of eery. that was scaiz. >> very traumating what i just view. >> was it jarring. >> yes, it was very jarring. >> you have it to watch is pretty much the reaction across the board. then the conversation turns to. >> would you show this to your children. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> but tn at t same time we would have conveesations. >> il like they do need to be prepared. but i feel like that video was a lot. >> it's meant to offer tips of actions kids might take in case an active shooter is in the building using every day school. supplies >> well, you have to know what's going on out here with the current events, . you can't just keep them sheltered. >> but can a strong graphic message like this do more harm
10:26 pm
than >> um too much, i guessin deg on their age group. but unfortunately it is our ality now. >> kimberly brown works on a local college campus. the psa sent chillsp her spine. >> knowing that that can happen at any time too. god forbid unfortunately doesn't happen. it hit ho. it's really sad. >> wow, such a hard sry there. >> well, switchingears environmental activist taking over united nations today for first of its kind youth climate summit. more on tha story straight ahead. >> michele, how is weather looking. >> hey ladies t all right. we hhe last day of summer and it will feel that you way. temperaturesng s to the 90 tomorrow. talk about how long it's sticking around. coming up in just a few. ♪ ♪ who's dog is this?
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. back now withoo a lat some top stories tonight. the u.s. supreme court will take up thease of convicted sniper lee ydmalvo. he is serving life sentenc t withouthe possibility of parole even thoughs a teenager when a judge sentenced him in 2003.t since ruling the high cou b hase m lenientomor juvenile defendants a tnd could decide to his se l new presidential pollold now. out tonight shows democrat elizabeth warren in the lead right nown iowa. first time warren has led the des mo register pcnnoll warren favored 22 percent of voters.e former vpresident joe biden slipped to second with 20 percentvo of te. rcent according to the poll. caucuses two months away. >> elevator at washington monumepp stoed working together. elevat malfunctioned around 1o this afternoon leaving tourists
10:31 pm
stranded at the top until the elevator startedorking again about an hour w ter. monument justk reopened this w after being closed severalears to undergo repairs. national park service is looking into what happened. everody got out ok. that's good. such up unfortunate thing to ay happen on the d it reopened. closed f that reason. >> sounds like still working out kinks. i knowthat's not what they wanted to happen. >> factor in the heat top trapp heat. >> incredibly hot in late in september. >> that's not fun. >> nope. >> not fun at all. ok. let's talk about it. summertime feend hanging arou ll last all the way through, it the feel of it will, until mondea atst maybe a break after that. live look capital wheel. beautiful out there. really was a really beautiful evening across the area. i mean, i know it was warm today and let us into a nice warmin g as well, which will be the case once again tomorrow.
10:32 pm
pretty pleasant outhere. dry. surely use the only received over tenth of inch oof rain s far for september. really dry pattern is going to stick with us and so is summertime feel. especially for he second half of the weekend a workweek. only chance that we have to maybe see a little bit of a shower will possibly be on a monday when front pushes t monday is also the start of fall. yes, it's not going to be feeling that way may by tuesday we can start to kick things in gear just a little bit. checkout the numbers across the gaithersburg good eveno you you're at 72. 77 in district. 78 for quantico. du at 76 and 77anassas. a few 60s across the brd in areas across virgania. also closer to western marynd had a little bit of spotty shower activity earlier. so some rain-cooled airinn sburg. about 68 along with winchester as well. but noticing the dew points, they're up as well as the temperatures are. so yes that moiure, that e feel of things especially asth
10:33 pm
we lien closer to sunday and monday. you might notice uptick inashat well. look at direction of the winds coming in from south and also the east. helping tn ushera little bit of that muggy conditions in the so more so portions of virginia had the chance to see the spotty showers for today. see isolated showers out there elsewhere, it is justry all across the area.ut not just for us b really across portions of the northst and all the way down toward the carolinas as well. want to show you futurecast just to show awe throughout nday, plans outdoor, stay hydrated take all the precautions. going to be dealing wit pretty warm temperatures in the 90s. won'it be dealingh any of that rain to help cl us off at all. thiss a president tern we're high pressure just the south of us tohat will push on into te atlantic. get the clockwise rotation ofr. tici winds that's why they continue to ship and straightrom the south more s for tomorrow. 0 degree be feeling 9
10:34 pm
heat across the, area maybe even warmerightly temperatures especially humidity. oncee head into monday, out ahead of this cold front, that'o see some shower activity, maybe we'll get isolated thunderorm across the area. that's chance for rain. her than that back behind it, dry conditions more in for tuesday. get a littlea bit dip in temperatures there, 70s, 80s across the board. k for tonight, mayeep the ac on. people here,70 degrees.r some it's going to be on the dry side of this. tomorrow, as well, mentioned 90 at leasfeel a little warmer tha and cou see around 91, 92om degrees for s places. it is the final day of summer and it's going to feel thatay d lead into the beginning of fall f us on monday with 92 degrees. there's chance for tho showers by tuesday, drier air will work its way in across the area, feeling cooler and 80s look at that, another above laverage trend bate week.
10:35 pm
ladies. >> they are demanding change and wanto protect the et. one day after studentsed ide protests demand to action on climate change, young activists gathered at united nati fsn new yorkor youth i summit. 16-year-old greta thunberg from sweden is one of leaders of the> movement. yesterday, millions of people across the globe march andma nded real climate action, especially young people we showed that we are united. and that we young people are unstpable. >> the youth climate summit is the first of its kind for the united nations. young speakers were invited to talk and thunbergdd will ass the u. n. general assem'sy monday where s expected to bring her message to global leaders. [cheers and appuse].
10:36 pm
thousands turned out for the annual weiner dog race on the dc waterfront today. weiner 500 asno it is k featured dozens of pups racing to thewners at finish line, 20 yardsaway. event for good cause as well, all proceeds go into humane rescue alliance. look at the guys ipo the great day for it, oltoo. >> 500 may be bit of e-n. >> so love it >> parents before you back up snacks for kids listen up. new guidelines about what they should be drinkingrly development. illnessg lung continue to rise the fda is stepping in. new rule proposing to e-cigarette makers. >> ♪ kers. >> ♪
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fda proposing a rule that would require e-cigarette makers to maintain records relat to the legal marketing status of their products. the rule would also h to ensure that e-cigarette applications by manufacturers containmation onhe i t products potential public health benefits, and arms. the cdc is investiga 530 probtiable or confirmed severe illness csed in part by vaping. there areew guidelines for parents when it comes to what your kids are drinking. nation's leading health organizations say from as two to five, children should mostly be drinkg water and skimin or one percent juichould be limi mted. healthe s experts say this sets for healthy growth and develo went. organizesarn parented to stay away from plant-based milk oducts which lack essential nutrients for kids. >> interesting with everybody into the grass fed stuff and soy. ok. >> getting a sneak peek at what coulbe part of the future of
10:41 pm
surgical roomslsn hospita across the country. medical center in denver using a high tech combination of tools. doctors call it a smart .erating >> this big scanner that you see here, the big i ideas that when we're doing surgery, we can confirm right here in theoom to make sure that everything that we've done is exactly the way we wan it. >> thet screens all aroundak ar >> medical professionals are able to see things in 3-d instead of the. 2d. the scan system can be in the middle of u a surgery and t steel walls help prevent infections. >> major retailer isting into the drone business. ming to get you your medicatis much faster. >> that story coming up. facial recognition could be the norm a u.s. airports people not thrilled abouthis new technology. >> josh. >> one couy got rid of curbside glass recyclin this.ced it with coming up. i'm going to tell you howt's
10:42 pm
workin ♪ >> now to a "fox5" upd.
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back in may arlington county askedts resideno stop putting glass ine currecycling bins and instead take i tto designated glass dp-off center. josh rosenthal has the story from one of thos location. >>reporter: get this,e guys, s far arlington county residents likehis gentleman, have put200 g purple dumpstershat is 200 tons that otherwise wouldn't have beencycled at all. >> curbside is obviously much more convenient, so i miss it. but i -- i want to be able to recycle my glass, so i'll do whatever it takes. arlington county stoppedde gla curb largely because it wasosting the
10:46 pm
county money and, fact, the glass residents thought we were putting into those bins to be recycled actua landfi that is why thehe county mad change. the glass in the purple dumpsters is recycling. used all over virginia, purple drop-off locations in arn,ngto county and tons would say 200ty, i collected or the last several month indicative people heard it understand it and acted accordingly. d three drop-off locations cy.o thugro announcement and specific caontis shoul soon. grng.ysorrdgu fw that its inally reached separationts agreement with i formerleader,lwhen. r philosopcal dfeepadnc wteithdly the group that included abortion.some political strateg
10:47 pm
they believe planned parenthood will move from the publicn o infighting, especiall20 as the election approaches. country that understands the s fight forward is planned parenthood they're going to end the next 12 to 13 months organizing. talking to voters, registering voters andak ming svo in our region.familiar name before that she xhis ner in baltimore. >> check your foods rngalli >>50 0 customee's nor reports of anyonengettisick. if you bought the ccken and gluten intolerant you're urged to throw it out or go get a refund. >> facebook can beacing new ns of -- n issues over spending
10:48 pm
thousands of apps that mayaveom security investigation. facebook is not saying the olations are or which apphat coan thempies apps were associated with about 400 developers. ceo mark zuckerberg faced tough grilling this week onpeionap announce. >> get ready t b gy drone. next monthti medication using a drone. it could reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour. hundred items availablerve. newd with amazon. it's a oewards itl t
10:49 pm
walmarts existingditre mind. comes withy introdu offer,es 5 e at a.pp for first >> tinder launching web series popular dating app asking who would you wan to spend the laste ghniwith,pe ftse u or right to move the mro forward. ssts. aom sctes cusigtomehorsne
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lng. i canakru tteen sem we ahi s tee and this is why yo struts. >> car sho say t bolt on app helps save time since mechanics fill odiaty oherut al 25th. g i ooepng holiday and busiest day to fly for christmas is december 21st. >> new facial recognition technology could be coming to all airlines. speed upss boarding pro onights. uijacq on
10:51 pm
ou y.our smile may be flights.came a it rlaces the traditional method ofassport and ticket s awit the gate. >> simply pose for a picture and customs and border ptection match it to a photo of you it, typically from your it'sptional and only available at 19 airport r nig. all all flights even dtind 'ssi privacy luac f weras like fbi. cbp says 1et
10:52 pm
d afteren acio passengersw crend a fundam enta i bi >> aclu p in slow lane for wanting proif see. border customs and protections d.fest wayo kee people >> camera,udclou matching service and bms. >> cbicers using faciacbl recognition at u.s. border. so far 3 cimposters on land and 7 peopleosing assomeon. in new york, jacqui heinrich fox news. >> let me know what youhink of this. >> ♪ . take a little break there to
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listen to sie muc. >> sorry. >> what are you ing? she was dancing people. just good.stracted you guys. concert once again.ou canutactu iconic musician memorialized with a tourin late sr will be a featured hologram. now the first tour date for evening with wtney late february i u. u. k. but it is expected to expand europe, mexico and n americ whitney xraes m fixedan emotions about seeing hologram perf t do you think. ove whitney. i n>>ever went to a concert i would love to seeer s in concert. i d klogr aamjust w a p ive.r hereouvearn >> ah.see p it. >> ton true whitney houston o ere, you ow ,ns at. >> thsour >> ier
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>> wellfa i to dan tak ree clea i'm farln. >> all right. 71st emmywards airs tomorrow night here on r "fox5>> yeah aod are recapping some of the biggest moments of past shows. dogo anywhere. > ♪ where. n'> ♪t >>♪ >> z3g2zz z1jnz
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