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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:17pm EDT

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overd hat all see this newat infoion tonightce about the wild sne at chicagoafi cers now suv may have b aee medical condition. cell pho it is crashing into kiosk >> all of aa sudden evcaytr stahrghrts careening downhrouncg o ooflr.u kiosk, slams into evere custody moments after the crash. officers say there's no tdication thaoris >>s womanhi convicted of enayiccoagg in carheterr
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proceeds go to humane rescue o. >> you want>> michele. >> i haeyou >> i d need to gee a dog. >> i have a dog too. >> you know if you're are hopef above average. hard to believe fall islm literallyost here. temperatures aren'teeing with that at all. agr ki ang liv hey, it was a pretty nice day as far as the sunshine. but yes, temperatures dr soa and also the the area, leaves a dry and mild to wevm ing. the case in rest of overnight ho when you wmo usummererniketi-lt.
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e ybma to fa see, res oe lik 91.saturdayce t m ip warmer temperature expected di down now tri..sod though. dew points up from yesterday in the mid to upper 60s. starting to feel the muggy
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condions increase across t area. and look at the winds coming in from the south, that sely lps out as well. i mention that we had a few spotty showerseally all that's left if there's anything out there, across parts of virginia just to the northep of culp, you could see a few pound dours doesn't look mick any lightning is associated with this. really when i zoo out, kind of tell how isolated this is. loan dowerour out e. everywhere else, it's dry across the area. thatl trend continue well throughout the overnight hours and well throughout your sunday. so we'll see lots of sunshine for tomorrow andtp wednesday ag the lower 90s and feel evenrm in a little this is set up here. this why we are seeing such warm conditions high pressure out in atlantic. get the clockwise rotation there. winds coming in from the south helpo kick up 90 degree temperatures by monday. 90s staying with us out ahead of cold front. th's next weathermaker. out ahead of it that's best
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chance to see any rain showe and that doesn't happen until monday afternoon. we received maybe just over a tenth of an inch of rain so far for theth of september and we're also nearing the end of that month s we are well behind. look early next weekl like pat he were shall early conditions see that tuesday. dry weather sta withs as high pressure builds in once again. hopefully we geted much-need rain around here, but doesn'tok loike it anytime soon.ew 74 f clouds die and mild. 90 itmorrow. won' fall starts monday, 92 degrees. however once the front passes through and may a shower or two we'll feel much cooler on tuesday with temperatures in the lower 80s and that trendnt inues through midweek. late wee here we go again, right up roller coaster nearingo 2309e again for thursday. lauren. >> take ak at video from winnie texas of a man driving through flood waters from
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tropical depression imelda. incredible. st soscary. in a facebook eduardo martinez says drivinghe on interstate when it wasn't flooding. changed so quickly, flash ooding came in. waters nearly reaching his passenger side window. he turned around and he was able with the help o 18 wheeler ers opening up the way in front of him. his video, shows two women pushing a car after it got stuck trying to navigate through flooded street in houston texas. the woman who filmed this said she tried to wn them about high water. national weather service said hoh ton area experienced wit theest calendar day ever recorded in mth of september. >> vaping lung illnesses ntinue to rise, f stepping in. new rule proposed to e-cigarette makers coming up. >> >> ♪ g up. ♪ the ross fall fashion event
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dibsn atth bndrice? at the ross fall fashion event. ds s 2to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. their products. that rule would also help to nsure that e-cigarettesufture
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product's potential pubc health benefits and haths. e cdc is investigating 530 probabler confirmed cases of severe illness caused in part by vaping. >> check your freezer. perdue foodea recallingrly ecau it was misbraed. the chicken is labeled as gluten free simply smart o t gluten in ou are urged t throw it o or get a refund.ut >> new guidelines tonight for parents when it comes to what your kids are drinking. the nation's leading health ornizations say from ages two to five,re cn should mtly wate. health experts say this sets p f cami products which lack rent-b
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ee sprt the pools open longer. comen. >> you should. >> i'll sign that petition. >>ewba ockn
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