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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 22, 2019 7:00am-7:18am EDT

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lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attk? on it...with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. on it...with jardiance. >> today on "f5 morning" elevor fr three-year d.c clipl and biggestigetimemmy awardsua honor the best in television. preview of whatou'll see
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here o"fox5". "fox 5 news morning" sun starts right now. >>d morning> welcome to "fox5" morning i'm cori coffi coffin >> hi, stranger. >> good to see you again >> good to be back. good to see you sunday morning let's kickoff our week today, sunday, december 22. there's the capital wheelt the national harbor. a >> stunner. i love that we can seat light lights. we go on closer to winter, it gets darker and darker >> work days start in darkness and end in darkness before we know it not today, gary mcgrady standing by in the weather center today. a little unfl like for this what are you kidding me it's d.n right hot especially today andw tom. that tower shot from ha wlast sunday sum
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we're talk0s low wid. tractor-trdulles. in towns n ll. there's a lot midwest. showers, too. we don't worry about that. aigh cloud may comma coxts r todaykys , 92 tomorrow, sligh eveninr showers possible. a f>> tothueork that's
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don't wantanother group ofk te viewing aands raising big questions about all that money that was spent on the rebuild. renovatedel vairt malfunctionedt days after reopening, anjali hemphill joining us live from the national mall withli all this anja, weou had fan fait it reon eping. what happened here. >> reporter: >> we're having techn difficulties with anjali. we'll get back to her in a little while. let's get back to news. units supreme court will hr vo they terroriz d.c.r leemall andirginia in october of
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12002. next year a judge will hear this case in the united states eme co that is because malvo was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole even though malvo was a teenager at the time. si that sentence highnc court has begun to evaluate sentences handed down to juveniendants.'shesterm.o. boydn mohamad was executed in 09. eopleaid respect celebrated journ list funeral ie o cance bas5t. y
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thewell thisors to the middleea. to the oil facilities. rethis morning the growing concern this deployment could possibly lead the united states to war with iran. something president t saysru g to avoidhe's. fox news garrett tenney hase latest. >> pentagon says this deploy tos ir ta isme and made officials are t ye tailst are deployedu. soldiers to thge roddhl 70,000ca ameri troops already in the region. presidt trump wants to avoid war with iran and atnt a
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press conference friday he said he hopes iran will do its part in steps to change behavior. s go aheadest i while set to not lookto move byagaint movi a potential rainian regime and law makers in both parties are uming psident to be forwardau. >> i think unistd ryat nesee odt involved in militarilycl this is earlybi saudi ara's fight. in is an issue we can support em in. >> my concern is they become a trip wire. that they may be deployed in a dangerous part of saudi arabia and uae and become a trip wire and therefore, draw us into a
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ghting war w iran. >> all this,se of cour taking place days ahead of un general assembly in new york next week where no meet rz are expected to take place between u.s. and iran. garrett ten yes, i fox news. >> 7:06 this morning prime minister of us veilia scott more i season and his wife are continuing their u.s. visits. hey met wit business leaders in alexandria. ths e busleaders are unique group of veteran prep prens. organization helping train vets to become suck business leaders. more i sop is on a week-long trip to the u.s. state dinner was held in his honor this fri night and this week sgoyly, new york and ohio. >> young activistsat the utsedn. this comes one dayio of these re
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and we showed that a we unit.eou yng p unstoppable. >> youth climate summit service first of its kind. ung speakers are able to talk and greta will address the un assembly tomorrow. >> climate change protests here in the dissdroykt have an impact on the morning commute. this wexctheas climate litersaka
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>> wll fe looking like a nt . it's too soon o
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take aisatoosk s thi not ms here on -- no it's not mars it's good pnetol earth dust storm rolling oves mountaf south whale os in australia createse an eary scene there. >> seeack there. >> it looks likes mars. >> there are mountains back scere and all this was schrou hrouded in this orange haze created by dust. an8 t houo r.t up >>hat ll dit. . >> you know what causes that orange tint by the way. >> orangepness of the sd. >> okay, okay. >> could
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e kind of innmouthstinreort ngot far from yosemite it comes days ahead ofof the official start fall which. >> little oraannge d like -- a f folks. >> pumpkinpice latte. >> you didn't you s psl. s >> i tthfaatr. >> yeah. >> ahat' not the case. >> that's what i thoug. >> autumnal equinox little delayed this year. temperatures are reflecting and that's true. >> rea ly fike it. >> waits until todayaf late this rnoon. t omorrow afternoon. 90s you know? and snow out west monday mouth not super early for them butt ee
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on this ridge of high pressure here. t west and above normalillyou here. 60s in suburbs. mannasas 62, culpeper 65 of 1 il say this it to happen. just say. that ca so, y maybehere w little thunder and lightning out is there four. didn't expect it it actually held together as c ite all the way from go he nre or anythg like that. letting ynoss kw thundeupinto. hereway down e' a which is fuopr icsstill pretty muchk.
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of storms next 8 today 90ser in northerney'll e we'll go for 92 today. first day fall tomorrow ll d but fir nst dayot of fall tomorrow 92. really, really hot. atences for a late-day emaen dry. o rain out of this you saw there how quickly it came onroug through. at for obermudaer will be what is likely to be hurricane jerry over the next couple tos will do that. you can s u homir 90srnn. f high todaynd
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of fall. d next weekend w blle hot ag you have it winner thannualne 50 as it's feat to the e, l 0in proceeds g. i tre >> they cit0 g. >> gheyat treats ntial.ftn
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has broken out from the rest bers.tion lernd>>log. utger than.ting oa n owaysh i w.
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the race and cnn conducte b 2 iit 2% of voters. former v r months away. rounds out thethu >> i can't believe we're already here four months away. >> before you know it.
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>> thishere this is probably in the hill. i n mor significant. far andy wire upr ta . some tofrouble that joe biden hasel had lat and so. other peoplen the field w have all been centering their focus izeth warren has notut that she. an elizaberemaybe a >> sheroh watersen
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democr f who they fs democratic nominee. so much aheadnd normal we i we getnto other international stuff. e>> we hav iran.c. d.things 8 8 i think thengul bdoactual bunl look ae t coming up
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>> welcome bac 3 with 1st emmy awards tom oox .
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the show's producer switchingit up. for the first time since maybe will not be a host and d traditional banwill not play winner walk up music. instead aa especially curepusoka is covering the emmys for us. we'll have aive report tonight and tomorrow morning on "fox5". --it's such an exciting >> f>>l of celebrities. hat's fantastic. in>>us jleague history professional bull riders unleash the beast competition is taking place over fair favrm eagle bk arena this very weekend. >> touch a fun timeto tndl us at exciting 8 seconds in sports veteran bull rider and veteran shawn.>> tom was asking you howe action was last nights. there was alonady one night of . >> it's a two night ent. somehrre tayee d in fairfax we'e here in two days. first around of competition
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was las 11 or 12 qualified out y and we'll have 35 more tguys andhen we'll have top 15 get bull for the championship. >> i've about to to be fast feet. running for myn the bull do or against the bull.ainst the >> against the bull. >> against the bull. you kause i have to eight seconds that's required time and wre eet econd ride. fy don't make eight there's no score and i get zero go home empty handed out-of-pocket all the travel money for the weekend. >> when you go up for a ride do y - know the bullthis sounds like weird questiokndo ow the bulls ahead of time. do you haveop a rapt with these animalonor you'reho hopping iterally getting out in the ripping
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>> we of learn them through the year. >> okay. >> wee see some of the there's region,t etasco sbullfairhofa thex.arye em ythuy g redi whan t 'ltt even ifdo bronehat'isy feel my weight .an feel the stands for you, as somebody w i, what you have seen in the a giences as youaround the country. this is not jopt lere frogam dt. >> right iers -- we're ywhere.
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i thinkheigger crowds in in area of the country because they don't see our riding as much especiallyng our level we brihe best of the best and lastight the crowd was outstanding it was eaud in at r aand it's compact arena n one of the bigger develop us we got to like madison square gard th a big arena. this one he everyone is on top of you it's excite when they get involved. we feed off the crowd the more th ys weth ball weekend.coming inenghe , get ticketsoo "redskins ga" ktucky theyntky
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haveou things "redskins ga" ktucky theyntky haveou things football.
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we are sisnd aleah cho . we stream uc oner laptop also i-taskinga ttle. intern


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