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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 22, 2019 8:00am-8:17am EDT

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sxwlv today on "fox5" morning a major traffic alert. global wave of protests to bring awareness tomate change couldrupt your monday morning commute. what you need to kn abo shut down d.c. the plan ahead. a three yearenovation including elevator update to stuckeoe m after pgot k years aago and tv's
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isst p emmy awardsrime willre best it htele. a pr of ouvi'll see t 8 no"fox5"ng at ts ornilcngu.weyou in agood sun gl to have awe long i'mld >> i'm cori coffinom. et'seginh 81 this rocial fal, as tom astutely sais not going to feel li >> this isne of kethose weird months five sundays in a month. >> that's incredible i'll take it. >> this may be one of the warmer ones righty gar. >> oh, m gosh yes, it s you know what i'll say this too. our long range model hiptsgin at that maybe next sunday will be unusually warm two sundaysould have back-to-back at the end ofseptey
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going to be 90 degrees or more.anderal days al. ndemnus in sep omber like8 dayse righr. last90f summer wethe page to fa. tomobv oowiously won't be first full and won'tda fike it 72 itownow. annapolis is 74 and is stay toater todaycl 0sd anlow 90sndr wilbe. uer 8 by th bay. cdulles is ise up to 6 of5 nod5 n later into the evening rain. that mok about coming up in a few the full forecast. >> and desk major traffic alerts you need to know
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monday mommute. officials warpingor drivers c to ystr and disruptione . >> climate activists plan to shn some d.c. streets morrow mo briutngou you awareness toor y climate 5"us live thngis morning and wht n n?ere >>ow well, guys, it's t monday morningur could de bimpacted r ifthese e protesn thehole plan hereseyidy. create blos t stop busi as usual in several areas of d.cne. obviously one of them would be here on capitale potionssuelitithando ta several major roadways to get into the city. this is video from friy climate protests that drewnd thousato d.c. as well as sevendl other city the world and many attendees are younger and they're inspired
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to be here i fear of the fuallingtu this a.buildi off frg organizer rallied in an efforts to con pre oteststh on monday morning. this tim, they he to gete the numbers possibly st down that could ideckingnc bro entrah profil in the city and the ar iact ople fromis city and right now no thean o cop ns but theretr are rep ports that ould be at thets white house along theational ma at the capital n. they plalln to possibly disrupt traffic on 295 twn eebenningbe roareas of navy even route 50 t here's more now from friday'spr >> i want everygleerso clim want ate ineit wgh ffight.
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ld i sho>>uld a not trrwoy n opardyjeuture is co por s n ftif therotests go dow tomorrow they could starsetn early as a 7:0 tom morng tao ro iteadib avoidome intthe s possib d tay,uys. >>ng to be interesting monks anjali. actigatheredeterday y viitsed nations in new york .n last story they want f ndecoi youth climate summit i first of its kind for the united nations and young speakers vid to address the unand general assbly tomorrow. well, delaysemew
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atlde ide the need the firstwaen d race ds in tesre cnn poll shows otersndred by 2 it 2en to seconden place p three t at1%.otebernndie 1anwhile, with wa caucuses justht fourths away mocandidates arecric campaigning there thkend and polknty steak fry, madeline rivera has>> the iowa.y vote.rsen also servess aes eht i campaign strength. a vice-preside emaitic prime aarry race d front run are and pushing back after reports is surfacent pressur pukraine tonvestigate biden
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trump deserve to beountry. instigated he's viol every baseat uk norm of a frez mion why is heas on the the phone with a foreign leader trying to up tim date a foreign leader. >> former el paso congres man o'rock and housing secretary were also at thevent pushing for president o peachment. >> there'sway to defend the la of progress on y afterment especia what we just learned abo this president pressuring the country of ukraine to investigate one of its potential >> sevandidates held rallies. hou minimum wage.>> a of thelmr in mcdonal areked' raising family and heads of hous.old let's set record straight and let's not buy into the you .hatsing from the like-up >> mayor billo i'mkiddgepla he t
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day. ye>> the event deposit move some ry lst they .t s undlebefond i tocerollyta eventseves iower idteaka fry anyone wonderingnecas fows. days until iowa caucuses .sse. ocodecomingpck u snver lee ze ydops tlv ream hal snipern db. judge snensd hi t g year feheossilityn pr of paro le. even though malvo was a teenagert the ti ur tt is it more tenni t leenntsz eyjueive especially whens you it comes to life as much as and decide to lower c his sentence. malvo is 34 years old and his
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accomplice was executed in 2009.>> and it was a fond farewl d.c.oplerespecery to pts washin journalism legend. funeral for cookie roberts taking place a cathedral hest. mattw of the apostle rhodisland avenue northwest u.c. and servias open toe publio know passed away last week after complicationrom breast cancer she was 75 years i can tell you every now and therapy had a oortunity to see cookie roberts and s wasgent pleasant, classest people you everad the ability to meet. she was just so nice. >> she was one of those people who journalism rap in her blood and he continued to e.throughout her lif >> legendary family she came from. and she's not -- she's not going to be replaced. but fond memory. coming up emmy apardz wardshered we'ltell about you that coming up tonight. >> yeah, so amazingly the show
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sbichd thingspr up and thus, it'ens nothapped eve fall yet and there'sn already what snow out are you kidding me. >> not even halloween yet. >> t yes we'llell you exactly >> not even halloween yet. >> t yes we'llell you exactly g upe this is com oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. . thanks to you, we will this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement.n cayou help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. heg you to
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dseit>>'s a h omber,pte don't month do down as dto al that rain e
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ely yearf 'rhingrt kin n inchtenth of we will not be tied for driest ptember ever. 're at 11 one hundredths at reaganational. no matr whateeaiterports, bwi, n wnso balnotire. and 6 n and cckt.his mrorng city coming int 6ll.
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arected by high surface but ridgesurface but as asri welinl andg that no doubt that's a dry pattern september can ty.pically be one y side. if you lk b the last fiveooacber ever the lasts fivembers haveeen unusually dry, drier rely oop we have jey stay offsh. there'storm ow that rangsgrend f aowivthere. coming off africa that could name eventually. rtuburbs will be in speaking a'lcrra t9 the 0s.
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84 byy. 11 a.m.nd 9 0 degrees1. sodttle like it's f hidity out what i'm watchingevening and tt late evening hourser.hopefully f bermuda a hopefullyay he'll go right around tt tiny island out.there fairays this morng and continueh . dayllan be the e cow, ae 9 warping warm too.s thank you. >> 8:1 elevator at yeerday. the ee afternoon.
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stop us if y hre. some tourition were ft tarted working agaian hour later. now the monument had just reopened days agoafter it had been closed for several years to undergo repairs. national park service tells us they are still looking into ex wtlyhat happened. >> not what yo wanted tou hear. odness. >>ahd o,th m morning we' r>> and n eardsll menu. toll told you abo this? tcon "fox5" tonigh ie.t. butor y we've got spec behrip butor y we've got spec behrip wned caror i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there'my career... s my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm work in . a so much goes into who i am.
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vatoaneg si ncyour docr fota svato. use while e rong much goes inm and ho. to ao isigr yo geds fe>>nt ltle
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r .d be more entertaining om its owned give our wiers ofws a we'll s t thin agbye to moreay timend mor on the sta s >> n song f performance will play a
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trib pianoor and another nuanc e show winner walkup el oddmusic gone are dayays ofoe ch becific cure ratedy list of poplars songs.>> all commercial tracks m the last 50 or 60 years and specific cues for certain tainnersmi a and we feel liket will really help and really add gy to the show. >> and of course, before a hardware is hannyded out, celebrities wil the l siretes o cemff dia cdsng fox's redt preshow. >> w a lot moreichll coikloene emal' iv mt nlahynd h po on our 11:00rt erback h'lfox morning
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tomorrow to tells a night. >> kevin mccarthy the hdest womap in theiness. he has rk ight ino thenfs likesneynd yo whatay it he band was honored yesterday in whipd and fire a te ptem 21co as eaippedand ay.cirt .ony l tming gwhyim was this n alrdydiea the. ntheat date is mentioned in fit line of classicign s se >>llrons tbe w bause it'st 1stec i>>ar wd andh enr itnd day cf septemr keep fe aw esome. up out with the summer fd and inh the fall fooood. >>h.ightwe're jo t aine kitchen next. >>riti afi h
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a new hous yes it is. y glp twith . yeco p,th'vey a new hous
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le bsgokrvr p. u o aran hp im there we'llre >> p arugula andicsglit iomakin. >> and pears rrbngte >> gd waoosweetness th ae chees.
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>> be gene that looksooks goor good. >> you got it. >> sounds like you opened upe fridge this morning. and. >> w this is balcet damicbaealthy andue you f waompn wt itit youh r guests serve that as opposed to chips and queso.
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>> very true i'll pop this ttle bit earlier a >> magic of tv.>>nde' top iied >> i feelr ouit ce more bleu ch. ea. erar dlly chick ber rht
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