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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  September 22, 2019 8:30am-8:42am EDT

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thep m shall poll democrat elizabeth into th ile. arren hahe remingster, of slotey
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pelosi is criticizing president trumpnea ngrecktasro atestn redsoueteroupcohat
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allegationsoz initpocal pan they wi morning with whopnd t a c vestnig's son. the prent idiaiclmse th>> it'sts ls u whaverountry wh we can but at the of the day de'remieterdvalidater ng doing pt. was e ep a tmp scandal ceill this havewrong unquotescy
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traction that thssruon iot wathonenpresoue and io heud enough t fhaory a what twahe preensinydentttnn dih higaitn of democracy. er gap on the sndocn aare the tm
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doing impeachment it's asl
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because joebi error de secnond place here and bernie sanders ishe on that seems to be ly backeicsiif ouetiz sabayrrh ingwa h i have a plan fhior tan thasht ooe.o dth. n ouuc fit'sr think that is a key word here. oanizan
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th.yogo is and i would say thin ainua illayrenndauesday you w l democratic party. >> story out last nightublin ope ch is the fee whi
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hed think ngpineamkiatanot w yew wtoonnto
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n thethe democratic party. >> wellonn' dted-'t -d nd a hase tiyea r pe. michael williamse d nd ree' ira wn d .otategi .thwh e
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've seen a th.
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even- (ernie) again, cookie?(grover) oh what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just com with experience ♪ we are farmers.
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this come after united states accul saudi oi responsibility for au.s. secretaryff s per say.
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cy aed fm yemen sp avo warble fo with eye.cyap founder of firembnsastdoeir to an >> gerald you were here a lkedab weeks ago and we ta out of hype theyould do apand ntpare iran goes and with iranian nosident reeptsly e
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executeng going on one you cannot possibility there's internal anireen the united states an would be a good day.en discussr part the ianrani fz washiton.
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and and if we cannot explore that stragy. we're comi uf the e had alway some point the unitd states could repair that relationship and go back to what was. this seems to be another universe that iran entered into right now where we're ivelp h conict som elsing ed theedtates militarily if it goes in of l, 2015reaking. anfrce,se, k,ir usi rusedpod toe stt
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si and apoin shift tt on wou be able to achieved ind long term you cannot magically bymp wngin out of that deal wowe' sabti region. >> t wtehi course of ee timending it with th owae rliject reality. >> there's no evidence it was viol service it'sselferimes in congress saying ns were notiair violating it andbri thl could not bta.unti i seeck the evidence i find init t
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find mull of the intobased on evidenceraise the t risk unless 0% sure. came tax dolstthie on this earth? >> i think the united states is the guarantor of security and stability in the regionand t depends on saudi oil.treha our economy dependsn makessensee requirements. >> so we know that this meeting at the un is is now
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not going to happen. we know any hopesf restartal ofks are not going to happtidohien path idog proactive violent actions. and this justets to the point where the united states has? no choice >> as long as the unid states violates the nuclear deal and pulls sanks on iran. nitest sau>>di oil u sgleeldz holds o hold on. united sn,tates sent sureing nol any of its saiil o. attack on l field would be attack of war. 0% of oil cannot be solded s.tet calling is economic warfare as long as we are pursuing economic warfare up e rtunately we're risking mitalibothryar w of you but wetie flat out of . we have more for you coming this morning as we continue. we' cllapol
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hill this week for the first wod d.c. become 51stte sta become tt state. we'll conx5nue with "" on state. we'll conx5nue with "" on the hill continues after this as e pr ogress, the medicine has progressed right alongside it.ismp i we might leave innovation behi. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, anand the last thing you wto lose in life is hope.
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dimitri all he age hithin ks es and heart disease, [sfx: glasses clanki.] maybe not. heart disease. siec me l. a rare, but life-threatening bacterrineum could occur. maybe not. do nor have severe kidney probls.
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lower a1and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? out jard >> back to "fox 5 news" on the hill this morning it's been d.c. 5s week a hearie of tny to
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speak for us. oim.t'no t it's not bs spoif'sad working on thehim td increased
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passionvoh witlv jac e ableo wugne like the lines lo t adeserve
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representation. specifically tnt r lel wi o e rdsis virginiao was impaee dary
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made the point in his view the opposition to this was based in n only polic a rs w l in surprise rinthe course of onhistoryen x thawnd ties t frau were able toet g not. >> again it is not>> t you have5 uehi secs.ll l b unll
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speak of is the highest his unitecod states


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