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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  September 22, 2019 9:00am-9:12am EDT

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war. in n f ou.mani a attack. just sanctions the the reg'sion tf
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clear, the united states does not seek conflict with saenudis attack teven in limit form. >> a limited invasion will not anniy of m tart ofheve sawar as i that a dl a ine tited genal aor naede
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wi a gf sein w re h .swe tera.ld a te weilg t.handenceee a thro t dt foro u >> the presidenanrnn event witht morrison, the prime minister of australia as well. w wel see you soon yoi l falitsit tth. youare sund" n n actar" and you efwa d it. when you say something is an act that demand reta hasly a military response? for ver yrsowaskhat
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or, dver en put in plst e isra ppinr, poohface ownt e s attht so t o t theve sre tlintmen have both s a ts au sry bewa t bo ainndec isnnacsa t? woenwhat w but
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ctiwa aoaonsih urehe joa they a t evil f tke rey are g e thi week thv ionteo ceptable. if >> john: that may be a tough hill to climb t es secretaryes i thinke's a p that aup a hativly on scts oespsp fh basinut eid i olaisdl afch a,tate oer
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ut tvonge ar erldt i alresta w ameca's secure ais t makes afe phat we have al eceo .th >> mor.ry, many jmilitary an s c exped member of y evepresids t'own su ippth retaliatke in resp sst minute, tsidentthe gnhesira tereo areno consequenca tiestio you thateshrim?>> secretaryst by between5% ithar i ifare lnki tnggrthc
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.modendma.. ickly, is that there's a lot to learn. ning ideas into action. putting ur busyoiness oolsesal business rources are now available at re
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with tuition-free classes in your year. without my medicion, my smemlal tror e ireti r ct af td to isac ashiestottn,ee, welcome
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sordickba to " werto b thank y. >> john: t.s u. si defensive frsiauwes toraon eeoutero sobnee
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008: jn: becid dd.e fae , onniorgaak years to me sure kids have a place to go after school and stay out of trouble. at one of ose kids became an t e f p op'p>>hiin canheerof lftcag
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