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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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people pose the question have you still got it? who has more to prove? he younger guy, doesn't have the career you have. and i think i still have more to prove. people still don't believe in me and don't ge my respect like they're supposed . but after this fight i'll get thatr respect fom everybody. >> who do you feel has mor to prove? > i feel we both have a lot to prov he wants to prove to himself. i want to prove to myself and my people we're the best o hype ar david as the future star of thet satisfying of your career? t yhiou move on from therehe to t next. i't bunom g win. >> i think it's just a fantasy because he's not going to get a >> do you visualize? >> all the time, every day. i'm going to knock him out.
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easyoc i've got to k him out. >> you're going tonock him out? >> i might break hisrsibs in the fi two rounds. we'll see.ow. >> do you respect anthony? >> i respect every it's jus i've got to push myself to the next level. mentally, physically. that's why i say i'm going to knock anthony dirrell out. knock anthony dirrell out. i want to prove something to he, so you pay for the plan you want.we et to see what we're actually using. y i don't want to spend on things that i don't need. 4


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