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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:13pm EDT

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giveou a all bleep.d. airig ohtfenin evshows that
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ended long runs ontelevision. fox5's kevin mccarthy is in los angeles. he was the a forhes kevin mccartll en ttertainmt al he stars. rpstcaetemmys.rst ever et ony t caught up with a bunch of nominees to talk about the
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awards show this evening. utcheck it. >> biggest stars in the wor lk carhepe tt tonight including kim kardashian, ken dell jenner and stars of fox hit show massng sier. >> 32 nominations this year and world shocked when bran stark named indtnt asknrd bra the aisnd i scene plays out on papers oh, what about this person or what about this pern is king or queen. i was like i wonder who they're going to go for next. what about bran. ok. this will only go through and onto the next. w oh, my god lord. hat i've been getting i recently went and got coffee the guy gave to me, your grace. >> your grace, i appreciate it. >> yeah. >> he is getting used to it. >> you got the. memo >> the show created a mily, of friends for you. is it something that yous guy say let's get-togetherbo edy
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once a year. will you have a reunion o arnc ahangout. >> i was gunning with everybody to meetup. that may yet happen. >> one of the biggest shows emmys this year a marvelous mrs. maisel,ith tony unknowingly photo bombed from one of castembers. >> all lookingorward to seeing people whose work we've se all year, people we admire old friends hen't seen for a long time. for me call the press all great, gathering place of eacofrll and we're here and pose is here and thery that we get to s posey lgtbq queer people and trans knpeople. yoow, the kinds of stories that are being told in the world are necessary and the it's the only way change happens so i'm ateful to be a part of it. emmys today.d be said about the >> the glamour.
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>> i don't think we should admiw to something didn't know. >> balance of taking role to try ut as actor and also doing it ssage about the story you're telling. >> well, when they see us, the narrative of these fiveminute, exonerated five, it struck a very close cord with me, born and raised in new york scity. very coherent, walking aroundhen this happened. and the lifestyle that i was living at the time being at risk youth ontreets of new york city, it could have easily been my name attached to this i had a very personalh relationship wit these five nvhetitigang peo plwhe weenntonio i t eted this morning he will not be any more teamce owners. anment comes 2 days aer
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him. allegations of eleased woxuseal misco women. espn reported expected to file a grievancnslltai for parents, wy doctorsingmichgeein schecko how eslong is t steamy we. around? i'll w.ll ♪
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. there arearnings tonight for n parents in places where marijuana has been legalized. poison control centers saying seeing a huge spike in number ol smaldren getting sick from weed infused. edibles cases in states like
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massachusetts, maine and mich gone up tenfold since marijuana legalized in pces. living in colorado first to, a . want to see cannabis products improve child proofing and lower potency. >> we agree rulesio regulat and protocols should r beobust enough to remove thepportunity for minors to -- to unintentionally ingest these products. >> health expe s say paren should keep edibles locked up and definitely do not store where children could gette confuse. >> drinking teaould give your brain a big boost. acrding to a new study from the nationality university of singapore. re researchers analyzed brain functions of dozens of adults 60 or older. those drank four cups of green, oreck, auto lon tea a work organize and connected brain regions.
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>> turns out many of us doing morning routines all wrong. apparently sposed to beputting go to b coincidentallyox of deodorant instructions say this, put it on before g youo to sleep. sandra lee, better known as pimp popper said using in d the morning isn'ts effective. skin care expert says apply at night, when sweat glands mo dormant, making the deodorant more effective. >> tt is breaking news. >> mind >> yes. >> more and more people want to get in shape and stay healthy, o od thing. fitness industry is crashingin. making nearly 0 billionar dolls10 globally. today there are more optns than ever before to keep fit thanitting the eadmill. >> everything from aerial yoga, toength training to pilat and mixes up esroutine. people seem to like the mix-up boutique fitness world enjoying
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a nice hboom. >> healt and fitness clubs continuing t. expand some clubs opening in places you might not expe, suchsct sh do you remembop studyma thder smart areat young peopleph gro horns on m t talked it are. yes. >> now the study authors say they made mistakes in rearch. said the report quote contained uage that was speculative andse relea a correction that says actually no evie of causal link between spur b horn formation andvise of screen deces. some scien in field sayiting t the authors should completely retrack the study. original study wenthe virn it was released back in n. >> crazy scary, nobody wants kid ha hng an growing out of the back of the head. for a armfter that. it no cause >> i do get text neck i think. >> scammers targeting instagram
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>> how they are trying to dupe people with the promise of freee stuff. >> e body inside the sond drawernd his head was outside of it. >> plus a mothe left to deal with the unthinkable after a dresser fell on her son and killed him. the tougher standards she saysn ed to keep kids safe. ♪ s safe. ♪
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. mom in florida on a mission to save children from furniture accidents after a dresser tipped over on her two-year-old son killing himack in 2017. fox5's elizabeth fry has herst y and how her efforts to bring change areinally paying off. >> meghan delo was excited tong celebrate mother's day 2017 with her two boys. having no ideald her was
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about to be turned upside down. >> iefinitely never pictured that to be what mother's day was for me. and will be for r me for theest of my life. >> instead ofle ceating, ushing to the emergency room after finding her two-year-old s connor caught under the dresser in his room. >> entire body was inside the second drawer d his head was outside of thet of the dresser caught off his oxygen. >> that day quickly became meghan's worst nightmare. just 36 hours later she would be forced toay good-bye. >>


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