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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 23, 2019 12:00am-12:11am EDT

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you're going to see signs like this. they have actually attracted so much attention and so many donations that organizers now have an even ro. sndtop has lost one of itsulars. >> ♪. for the last fivehi years t ishere 65-year-old hasan has handed out copies of the express every weekday morning. that is, until last thursday when got the news, hekn owanyth. it was really hard. >> but unbeknownst to him, erin dematt toead his back posting signs urging people to donate to gofundme pageethe sp on his behalf looking find him work. >> cls me when sister beats meet to mro and high fives me when i beat her.
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>> not only m geyeton alone of the comments. rain or shine hot or cold hasan there to greet up. past mornings big smile andhasa. thank you for being first smile every morning. made my day every day. person after person keeps sending them in. >> means a lot to y,comm very obvious. >> fundraiser so successful, dematt toe started another one, grand or roughly 1,000 dollars lfor each of the hawkerse hasan used to handout express. american people are the best people in therl wo they have the kind heart. they reach out to the whole world eld hvep e world. i wish everybody in the world was like them. >> if you want to tak a look at gofundme campaigns we posted th. >> guys back to you. in try to help.ingd. for peoplo
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>> late news starts right now. coming up. two teenagers have been charged for allegedly attacking a man at great frederick fair and killing him. >> keep running back through my heyilang gro those children tha to see it. >> we have the latest details plus. veini' ukraine pderu uk dinraefs call with the president of the ukraine. call that promptedhistleblower admission about what was discussed. andpr desett atlsai major impact on your monday morning commute. your news starts right the top hearing from a witness t the ki the fair.te frederick fair. at
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>> ager's single punch knocked a 5year-old man to the ground and officials announced h thatdied on saturday. >>ewox5's evan lambert h video from thettack that circulating on snapchat andhe t account from a erwitness. >>re: two teens are under arst tonight for the attack that claimedhe life o a 59-year-old man from frederick county. there is video ofun thech that led to his death. we will not show you the whole thing because it is h to watch but we will show you some freeze frames from tt video just to give you a sense ofow this all folded. >> bleep.blp. >> bleep. >>h. >> frederick county sheriff deputies callinghis unprovokedtw attack. teen boys 15 and 16 are charged with assault and other relatedcharges. video shows one of the boys and a man facing each other. then the other teen runs into the fra and throws a single punch to theman's face. he is knocked to the ground.
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tonight we spoke to a witness. heed ask us not to identify him d we've also changed the pitch of hisvoe. >> we o lookedver and my three we kids screaming and it was just very chaoc. >> keep running back through my head the image of him laying there on the ground. alnof those chi that had to see it. >> and it's absolutely killing me, like i wish that likeav somebody shoule covered it and i just keep like i've had pl nightmares the laste nights. >> just within the last few moments i talked with the father of theeen brothers accused in this attack. he says the video does not show the entire story. he says there was some kin of argument between his sons a that man. and that the man act we're expected tomorn lea in co alsoos it is pble that charges
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against thel teens be upgraded. >> bk to you. >> continue to follow it. >> meantime seeing some incredible images from flood ravaged texas. senator ted cruz flew over southeast part of the state and capturedur es. trying to recover after tropical storm imel dumped ove0 inches of rain in some places in a tter of days. imelda blamed for five days. >> president trump spoke after coast guard in houston thanking coast guard for efforts following deangy fl. >> what would have been biggest catastrophe really o k itsind ended up being not that. tremendous damage. some life lost. you would have been talking out anywhere from 10 to 20 or lost.0 lives would have been trump is in houston to host joint alley with indian prime minister. >> well, differe story her in our area.
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we want to take a look from rlay dles crossed y beginning. it f doesn't reallyl that way outside though. >> michele, it is past midnight. nearly 80 degrees here at st tion and i meano say summer is honng on is understatement. >> yeah, not just for tomorrow but for the next couple of days he. it's gonna take a while until we start to see maybe some around even average temperatures finitely no below avera temperatures in the forecast. check it out right now. 78 degrees in ridistct. feels l there. so the humidity is pying a role this time. not so much yesterday but definite really feel that for today. winds coming out of south 11mi . everyone pretty warm across the area. take a while to cool down ify w time yake up tomorrow morning. quantico 79 degrees. just at 80. fredericksburg at 78.
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manassas 76. dulles 77. a few upp 60s across the board. i mentioned maybe west american parts o virginia see that. 68 in martinsburg. also cumberland as well. dryy a that's going to be the case throughout overnight hours and evenng into tomorrow m so still dealing with the warm temperatures and kind of uncomfortable cditions as well throughout the overnight and into tomorrow. fall arrives tomorrow.l it will not that way, in fact, check out the breakdown of tomorrow's fore sst. wetart off warm. start off dry. you might notice a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon hours. cold frontill try to push in across the area. we really doeed the rain and it looks like maybe in the afternoon hours especially rt yes, that will inconvenience many people and that becausiness as usual around climate change has been going on for several decades now and it has to end. >> organizers say political and business leaders need to take
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action now to try to reverse the damage already caused by global warming. >> we're gon be keeping a close eye on that tomorrowe morning hern "fox5." kind of ely w uleartersections pebeop slehu attreing gonna be. ally could on people's commute to dwork. >>on't know how it will go, but we will b on top of it. live look outside this evening. quite toasty out there. midnight, 12:30 going on. >> srelltty warm out. one thing won't b impacting morning commute would b we any rahich we need. still going to be drycross the area. we've had fairly d weekend aside from p fewlaces out into western maryland and parts oyf virginia r on area, dry into the ornight hours. and also it will bem pretty re.tempre. tthor chatecurk iter out. we'll stay with mostly ear skiesor tonight. it will be ateamy start to fall for us that's for sure. if we get chance to see showers western portion o
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western maryland, hagerst that also in v sirowginia. maybe squeeze shower outcross dc area, but really that's s.afternoon once again, the dry and warmins in fact, show you highs across th area we had for sunday. 91 bwi as well asul ds. 93 reagan. looks like pretty hot start to fall as well. checkout numbers. 78 in 79istric 76. dulles good evening, good morning tuo yo 68 martinsburg along with . cumberla everyone still on mild to warm side across the area hopefully dn't turn off ac. you'll need it here not just tomorrow but also continuing warmth to t is goingbe upon us here. dew points as wellup r 60s lower 7 across the area. so it a touch muggy out there. feel pretty uncomfortable air you can wear, with you for tomorrow morning. lightly won't need
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jacket when you step outside that's for sure. winds coming straight from the south provides nice light breeze in dc. about 12 miles per hour for wdd spee there. 7 at quanticoht and eig in dulles and six in manassas. dry, that will be the overnight continues the way out to the west of isus, this the next weathermaker that could give us a chance to maybe see showers out there. cold front that will benching closer to our area. could see clouds across western maryland for tomor w afternoon and see mix of sun and clouds around here in the afternoon as well. see a shower and isolated hanc storm. other than that ony,tuesda it will feel a little more fall likes a the area. dry conditions back behind that front once and then we'll be seeing maybe some t places in upper 70s and lower 80s but thatg r long. check it out. tonight at 72. not cooling too much more than what you already saw for temperatures acreas the . we'll shoot right up to 92 tomorrow when you factor in mi huty, could feel a little warmer than that.
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llhopefuy a little bit of shower to cool us off. o not seeing mf that. >> heading out doing tailgating, o'clock, 70s byck kif. postgame 70s. still partly cloudy skies. should be niche evening for game. >> seven-day forecast, cool off a little bit by tuesday evel though begins tomorrow, it tuesday tha cooler. by midweek sll lower 80s. uppe 80s once again in the forecast. dry continues continuext throug ne weekend, temperatures above ladies. in upper 80s. >> last n summertime to fill up ice cream. sunday national ice cream cone day which lands last day of .asse ice cream


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