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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 23, 2019 4:30am-4:42am EDT

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cross from west to east lik. that doesn't in isery kind a evening hours tonight if you hit tailgate y see a couple o sprinkles coming down loan let it scare you not expecting anything too enin, 11:00 o'clockou trsonight. that would be our best chance all night of squeezing some short term.hough again w oe're e active tropicsje y will go out to see on us re. south which may affect some areas in the southeast mayee have to an eye on late this week and then tropical depression 13 is expected to strengthen into the xturnecane the weather departmes karen much win miles per hour.
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weaker trocal storm affect the island of puerto rico w as wek our way into the middle of the trodctpi quickly glance at your seven day forecast. 94 today. little better tomorrow the run 90s beginset >> looking on the way to dulles and r open. traffic flowing southbound frome frederick all way down into rockville t pleasant suitland parkway pennsylvania avenug 50 lookin good. not righ now.okin good. outside the beltway in fort sh 395 looks good. we're flowing past the pentagon
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andale city to the beltway even south at that pent in spotsylvania looking very niceow shut down d.c. planned for later this morheng district. keep updated as weet more information. back to you. ♪ time right now 4:49. leats get a loo the top stories we're covering for you on this monday morning. are a ra bcklo eonded net ya poo oenppon. it will be up to israel's president to decide which candidate should serve as prime minister aer last week's dead look primary particle la men towe elections. homicide investigation on going in the district this morning hat shooting in southeast it l morris road. investigators diss covered close to 40 shell casings in the area of the the metro bus stop at the corner of mount view and morris. juveniles were among the victi victims. right now police are searching for the suspectshe v ivedol ac y
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sundayam. league mvp della don t led mystics with 22 points. midway throu s theecond quarter washington fell short with aces bringing totenum in the second many half. final score 92-75. >> president trump working on as aseaum with he willad or. those on the way to the united states could be held in the central america country it remains unclear whenhe agreement will go effect but at a rally in texas sunday president trump told the crowd the federal government is working hard to secure thede southern br. united states. legal immigrants who work hard,n pair their taxes, follow our rules and obey our laws. >> some critics are speaking out against the deal citing safety ncerns over el salvador's high
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homicide rates. trump made efforts withar s deals wither guatemala howev it's yet to go into effect. >> three people dead, four otherothersd hospitalize what pittsburgh police areoseli cal. police believe the gkup too drugs at the same venue prior to arriving at that apartment. three of the survived are fehor w. the fourth person is in critical condition.g growin concern about vaping this morning. looking toicials begin a criminal investigation into the issue. new death in my sore brings the total number oelvapingated deaths nationwide t. eight congressional sub committee will ho hearings on public health threats from e-cigarette tuesday. this as the trump adminisation worko formalize proposed ban and non tobacco flavors of e-cigarett. >> antonio brown says he's done with the nfl. big screen edition avenue popular bri tv show taking the top spot at the box office. >> ♪ >> we're take top spot in the morning.
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4:52 is the time. 73 is the temp. fo morning after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ 4:54 is the time right now developing this morning a miliar voice to many listeners in our region is gone. former wtop pol aicallyst unone time fox5 mark plotkin
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died. he was a passionate advocate for d.c. stat statehood and voting rights. he was 72 years old.>> > celebrity chef carl ruiz has also passed way ruiz was theow rf la cabana restaurant he appeared on the food network several times. cause of death not known. cag uihe teted yesterday he wilt be plang in the nfl any more. calling out team owners. announcement comes days after the new england patriots released him. he's facing allegations of sexual misconduct from two we'll women brown is expected to file a guillen aga for $10 million. >> jonathan van ness releasing his memoir. the book will reveal details ofe hisselem problems, drug abuse and diagnosed with hiv at theng b ageei ofti tv shn
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abby is mos the popular film now playing. inicket sales.with $31 million downton bey gave a royal thumping to brad pitt's add as tra which debuted with $19.2 million. ad out sylvester stallone last blood. it chapter 24th place and rounding out the top five hustlers j.l io didn't know ram- >> you didn't know? what? >> did i miss commercials for that. >>ou had to miss this. you knew about rambo lastnd stao rambo is. >> he knows. >> never -- you know what, how is the weather, mike? >> how is the weather. you tried. >> it's okay. >> how is the weather. revel in your youth. okay? >> say hello m toy little friend guy. >> no. i'm >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ]es >> gs, gracious. ibo know who ram is.
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[ laughter ] e' uh-huh. >> hs a staple. come on. >> satellite and radar not o muh goinn right n high thin clouds but it's warm ittodal wil future cast shows cold front on approach will it bring some rain future cast says maybe. maybe not. as it tries to work its way into d.c. later on tonight. don't be shocked if you see raindropsoue heading to the redskins game. nothing that should cancel the game later on this evening y. heour planner for the mix of clouds and sunshine temperatures tho more summer than fall. back to the 90s we in has your traffic. >> right now we're k eyes on the roads and i can tell you things are picking up unfortunately. wese do have expected road closures planned for the shut down d.c. cmate change protests. now we broken for you unfortunately we don't have any exact information on what intersections will be impacted but w do know the website it's letting us know it may be portions of roads around
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l'efant metro, farrag square, northeast and columbus circle olanger park. i'll let you know as that develops this also coming up on fox5 morning, recap of television's biggest the 74th annual emmy awards we head to breck 4:58.s it. fox5 morningig back rht after this. ♪ . ♪ >> tes >> ♪
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>> today on fox5 morning, deadly attack. a man is assaulted a a local county fair and later dies from his injuries. two teens stand accus of the crime. traffic alert. your tri c into workld get a little complicatedoday t to ce change. details about several protests which could slow down your monday morni commute. and the first dayf fall. yeah, right. intoday's go to feel more like mid summer with temperatures expected to reach the low to mid 90's.
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fox5 morni at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it is the first day of fall. en it's like --appreciwhe it >> i'm telling you. >> subfreezing. >> kind of like how it is right now. >> erin and mike are both here with us to kick off the work week. good to see you both. >> yes, good morning. >> right now metro is on time. majors in thendistrict, maryla virginia looking goe. you know we hav these big protestslanned for later today, shutdown d.c. climate


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