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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 23, 2019 5:00am-5:38am EDT

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a little complicatedoday t to ce change. details about several protests which could slow down your monday morni commute. and the first dayf fall. yeah, right. intoday's go to feel more like mid summer with temperatures expected to reach the low to mid 90's. fox5 morni at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it is the first day of fall. en it's like --appreciwhe it >> i'm telling you. >> subfreezing. >> kind of like how it is right now. >> erin and mike are both here with us to kick off the work week. good to see you both. >> yes, good morning. >> right now metro is on time. majors in thendistrict, maryla virginia looking goe. you know we hav these big protestslanned for later today, shutdown d.c. climate control protests.
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as long as we know where tlo rosures will be at 7:00 a.m. i'll have you covered. that could be a big story this >> all right, fall. hello. >> almost one full hour into it. yeah. >> you're right, it definitely doesn't feel like it and i'm sorry to say it, notf most o this week it will. take look.maybe we get a little tomorrow at 83 degrees but we run back up to 90's. by theerecol 'lcoming up. ladies. >> thank you 5:00 this morning, we are learning more about an apparent attack that ended up killing a man atgr >> fox5's melanie alnwick has the ofate o tshhee joinths us livem frederick withrehe tl, good morning. >> reporter: goo morning guys. o heit was 15 and ic16-year-olds are in pol custody until their court appearance. it happed on tt
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hes midway he posted on snapcha. we've edited it her because it is disturbing toatll wch. shots and audio oh, oh. >> reporter: the 5year-old man had his hands down while the teen in thehite jacket fists up and his brother runs in and surprise punches the man to the face. the man fls to the ground ki hthringe teisens run off a ms rush in. a witness tellss it u wasne s ne identified andoi we've altered hice. >> we looked over a my screamind there were kids screaming and it was just very chaotic. keeps running back through my head of the image of him lying on the grod and all those children that had to see sit
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and kt's absolutilled me. like i wish that like somebody should have covered it. >> reporter: so that that was friday night -- friday around 5:30 and the man died saturday afternoon and that's when the sheriff's department notified the teen. the tather of theens did speak with fox5 and says the tack was not unprovoked as the sheriff's department. his boys told us they were joking around with the man asking him for money and then things got heated, there was an argument he claims the man spit on one of the boys and then that's when the fighting began. again, court appearance for those boys today.t now they'reri na relsedsll stigh juveniles. charges could be upgraded now hasou in this attack se speaker nancy pelosi
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warns that a whole new stageon of inves could be brought against president trump this all coming as president trump is defending phone call he made in july with ukraine's president a call that led to a whistle-blower complaint. on sunday the president admitt tt hajo be conversation but "quid pro quo."sapu'sre towardsto ukraiigate. >> when biden got the prosecutor fired prosecutor who biden approved you don' get to approve a prosecutoror in a feign country unless something fis is going on. >> secr mary of statee the. >> formal speeches get unde way thechge
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esident trump will attend his sessioned aombo.heid ve o a summitnt in new york. ouim t thomas is talng abo our first dave fall feeling i like the 5degrng the 70-degre. >> it wasn'tad. >> it was comfortable. >> be' w g pumpkinay. sp >> got to do what you got to let's start wit current numbers. they're much more like july. day. thesite are near daytime highs
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for this afternoon. roll thingsg i get it, some people like it, some g people wantet summer around for as long as possible. you are week t ghat's for sure. satellite and radar not showing too much out there. have highn clos sunrises. other than that it's pretty quiet. this cold front will be on approach into the evening tonight to give us the chancewe for scattered srs around the d.c. region though it will shs say mngn su 66 a.e expect and nsidaal 7: it while it last justthsie nsot
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temperatures. 94 degrees seratllig aa bit. erin how is >> 5:07. metro rail lines on time. expected road closures for shutdown d.c. climate change they plan to have some roads blocd as early asics: a.m., even 7:00 a.m. this morning, northeast section of the city,s col circle southeast around soldier park. southwest around l'enfant metro. we'll keep you posted. give yourself extra time if you're headed into the district. 95 wide opened from spotsylvania through fredericksrg city into dale city. 66 looks good out bygainsville. no problems intoev centrle or frfax this morning. quiet on the way to tond
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et new this morning the stage the uniteee sis esidentetga wh world leaders. the u.s. blames iran f the attack>>. > arab bloc endorsing benny gantz for prime minister. this marks the first timen 30 years the arab parties backed a candate for prime minister. could take up to 10 weeks before a prime minister could be named. >> happening today in texas, the trial begins for a former s whoho neighbor.tce amber geiger is a murdering botham jean in his apartment last year.
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geiger says he enter the wrong apartment thinking it was own and shot jean because she thought he was a burglar. co otyffer a arerai rponding hle critmtot a calplex neighborhill rorteyuffedrohom . ptsd and bipolar disorder. son>>ol co rap ofmi a u lewe talkinge'r about the 71st annual emmy ards. >> new look cleveland browns the old browne and getdeyou're, ol
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>> ♪ >> time now is 5:14. let's te a look at the stories making helines on monday morning. house speaker nancy warning a whole new stage of investigation uld be brought against the president. >> president trump is defending a phone call that he had in july with ukraine's etlbl didwo tns a ausered onofthg attackg a a man frederick fairast dec otho leaer more aut thrge chapg leader a scheruled to speak
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atacti climate in new york. he t waynhe tland brownheles. mar highlightve the rams stopped baker may elstradight plays from the 4-yad line in the falin score here 20-13. >> weather a trandffic 5's. those pools still need to be opened, mike. >> rit. come on, maybe we closed them too early here. hard to believe we're not far from starting theonth of october. by the way, if we l want toook way ahead as we start october, we could potentially still be dealing with 90-degree fall eve. fall in d.c. where the n change but the seasons don't matter 'cause temperatures going up later thisft anoon. ewe nea'rrlr or not too far off of where your average average highhould be 77.
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kicking things offert 7 that tells you it's going to beli a wil one in d.c. 75uantico, 73 baltimore 75 annapolis. a few 60' checking in in the 60's as isar cumberland myland. that's about ithi tarngs e unusually warm forhisim see a lf the mountains if you loo real tight here. there will be a little bit of th thisorning. expect more sunshine by the mid morning hours. will heat things up really quickly f us through ftrlea that's going to approach. that it is. big picture showing it coming thro morning.and here this it will be a weakening systema . the 80's.wind bringing back most see 90's later cold front will pass late thisng evening, may a sprinkle or a shower b will clear us out for tomorrow. good n we get a northeasterly wind tomorrow
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and that will cool thingt down to the upper 70's to low to mid 80's across thek. redskins hosting monday night football. very warfor the tailgate. 80's for teme ratures and theruld be a spotty sprinkle or. two sprinkles through the game just 'cause there could be a couple of raindrops comingn d lowet it sc. we're not worried about anything canceling game. this cou be a few incoenient raindrops i guess you could say otherwise it will be a war toni. quick look at the tropics. eye'r and 13 which is likely to be lomenzo toower ater today othe only one we're y watching is karen. we'll talk more about where she could potentially go here over the course of the next week and half i a few minutes but we'll, er sen-ndday. how about 94 this afternoon as your first day of fall. welcome to theesda more sunshing
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elittle bit more 8tomorrow. we can do aineekend 92 d beul a a check of the forecast. erin como has got your traffic. >> 5:18. metro rail lines on time. things starting to pick up 30 ma from frederick to the bel had an .he by 109. thatckly cleared out of the way. so good newsre the traffic moving just fine. r29ight now. normal morning volume starting tobridge. a ttle yellow on the map woodbre congestion. telays. llifto you have any questions iner cking what's hot on the web.
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>> wisdom knows w ihats >> all rt', les t the 2019 emmy award because as expectedthrones" they try oug eact dbe shewon.ers sprised the is over for veep. okay. >> so, yeah. >> this was it. >> have to look up flee bag. never heard of it. nc interestinreepco veep had won every year they've been on the year except for the year tt -- >> they're going off the air. >> right. >> they're gog off the air and the year she was dealing with cancer and t yheouy first afrno tolom became e an emmy for win acting. hee aome tywa f t his.
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ofpowerfulull show stoppingil fxpted trend of the tighthehated a pin th tfure yseoudo. c or ofks, whiz. >> coming u generalen >> anond mone local county so wrs teheteacpiube x5
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developing thirnintheunwo eds itstrike aiagnst week.50ughlro,0 demand ptureding aenti bon of presiden. >> the wokers of tayheaw u a no. they want benefits. they want what it takes to amere class. >> i know it's easy f meop stanup keep three government shutdown
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over thers taxpayersand 57 oos yrs $4 bi ened federal. lost revenue and late fees on terest p oldest travel firm is closing its leaving hundreds ofrs thousooans ationersofac v travel firm officialltog.pp soud airlines will be grounded. its 212000 employees willos le . repate use caution efforts are in the two, get those vacationers home. it's expected to take morni angh maryland leaders debating overhauling the state's education system a new poll for publicere's overwlmginax
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education bu a o in pts say xes to t increase schooseven ine a eds too little on >>re monemts for its substitute teachers in an effort to k up with vacancies. montgomery couscy public llowpplicantss with at leastll0 coege apply ass with a minimum ofther public scl systems within the region frederick, howard,esud it prince george's and fairfax county public schoo. >> ♪ >> all right. weather and traffic on the 5s i we're hittingt just a t lateut d't tl abody. ke secre
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la lik dsue o bwi 91 as well. normhs shoigul inbe ohene, t two -- zero daysr at obelow normal here. inthgs tell you that keepn' fa by daf th t3 em 7deragr bwi 73 degrees not too much going on. c d fron wt on approach later today. that should -- thacoult d us he 83 bys fox5 morning news a we'll be righ back. >> ♪ ♪>> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:29 is ourime right that'sr
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swirling around the redskinsthi. ed sufred s senth concussion durin a a report on espn o sunday ggested team officials are worried abo reeend's report a team rep told the "othington post" i was rs symptoms. he'll miss tonight's home versus the bearsk washington mystics.. the las vegas aces, that's tho played in game three of the wnba semifinals. delle donne led the lea 22 points. washington fell short. aces win. >> let's take a live look is the first full daf fall. it's not going to feel like ite though. we'r actually expecting mperatures in the low to mid 90's. imagine the outside, if you. >> a live look inside. were we have the air on. you probably will, too, as well because it's going to be hahot. that's w we're trying tood mnin. so glad you're with us. monday. a move it forward
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>> we're going to move it forward now. >> september 23rd is the day, erin como watching roads and mike thomas talking>> y'all hite head today. chance for a couple showers headingif you're the redskins game. we'll show you futurecast in just a few moments.>> erin. late clearing construction. road work impacting 295 in both directions of pennsylvania avenue causing some delays. hey, metro is on time if you want to take thatig instead. >> allht. we'll take that. thank you, erin. 5:31. right off the tophis half hour wtll b of frederick county. rewe a an apparent attack that epreedat u >> fox5's melanie alnwick has the latest on the aack. she joins us now for more on this story. mel. >> hey, good morning, guys.5 d n custody right now. they are expected to appear before a judge lat tay. the frederick countysheriff's department the attack was unprovoked and video of it was
5:32 am
ptuallyosted on snapchat. now, we got some of tha video. it's too objectionable to s a couple of stills from thaten video ande lso put som the sound in there. we did have to editut some of the foul language as well. here it is. >> (bleep). >> yeah (bleep). >> yeah (bleep). >> oh. >> reporr: the 59-year-oldman he the teen in the j whiacket his fists up squaring to throw a punch. then his brother runs in and surprise punches the man in the face. the man falls to t ground striking hisme head on the pant. the teens and their friends run off and medics rush in. a witness tells us it was an absolutely horrible scene that he's had nightmares aut it. now, that was friday night. the d manied saturday afternoon. the father of the teens actually spoke on camera late yesterday -- off camera late yesterday to fox5 and told us that he does not believe it
5:33 am
was an unprovoked attac he said his boys told us they got caught up with a group of kids, ty were jokin around money, there was a verbal altercation and then he claims that the man tctually spit on onhe boys before the fighting began. now, again, those boys right now charged with first degree and second degree assault but because this victim did die, it i possible that those charg could be upgraded. we know that the sheriff's t office is go be meeting with the state's attorney's office this morning to decide what ty want to do in this case. and th thoseoys will go beforehe a victim's family his e released just yet but the sheriff's department says perhaps later today they will go ahead and release the man's name. back to you guys. >> tragic on so many police seaf spects after a triple
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shootingpo lice found man suffering from an gunshot und. he later died. two juvile males were among the victims. >> nearly 100 world leaders will be in new york city tod un before tormal speeches begin the unl wil tackle climate change. dozens of will skip it. religious'll attend his own sensss freedoms. climate change protests in thld cou frie ing ri the samye time youth climate leaders are scheduled to speakt the un climate action summit in new york. shorts and t-shirt weather,nd ummer with 90-degree temperatures here in d.c. i would rather not but i don't make the decisions here. 73 degrees outside right now as you start your day.
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it is, it'seelinglm aost july-like out there because therid is someity to come alonr fog retheid quantico, 70t leonardtown, 60's in some of des.yblnsethntou mn d head for t least the u are goingo seat 90's here in d. afternoon. there'satellite and approach. we'rengetti of southern wart tayo a showeror two lat the redskins game time pgly i would be too concerned with. we don't e atxpny or anything tt now tomorrow the first fulll-lir day of fl may a little bit better that's still 6 degrees abo normal for this time of year though so warmth kind of of the aek temperatures going backn- u
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check on t very active tropics coming up in just a little bit. all right, that's weather. erin com take it away on traffic. >> 5:36. metro rail lines on time. prle crash. ans one impacting 270n o overturned vehicle right at the 270 spur so when youoxit the spur tryin get north on 270 toward rockville you'll hit that scene. southbound side ead anarlier crash by 109. that cleared quickly and we just have normal volume picking up. 70 through urbana on 270 southbound. 295 late clearing road work in bothcotiiruteceons atbod delay back to eastern avenue and a northbound delays you approach that .nnsylvania avenue p as you move things over 66 oostbound still lng very clear and wide openedil gale manassas centreville no issues there into fairfax. quiet on the way to reagan national, gwi and dulles. 395 looking good past the pentagon. we have those closures land somewhere around the district forse tho climate change
5:37 am
rallies shutdown d.c. soon as we get any concrete road closures in place we' keep you in the know. fast o gosite is about a t public. >> an british tv show a n the top movie at the weekend box office. >> as we head t break right now, 5:37 is the time. 73 the temperare.
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no longer air e-cigarette commercials. cbs warner media and viacom made separate annrencements. there a 16 cases of vapingla ted lung illnesses in virginia and they're investigating another four probable cases. in aaryland, healthnd officials are investigating atas let 20 cases. new york and michigan havead albanned sale of flavored e-cigarettes and the strump administrati itnipl all starts october 1l. the offer be available for over $75. orders must be placed before noon monday through saturday esre l00 1belerd fo0: tto test a wtl b the big screenf the popular british t ivs the mo
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1 sales. "downton abbey" gave aoyal thumping to brad pitt's "ad astra" which debuted with oy $19.2 million. 5: u541 is t morning antonio brown sayoo t the nf >> and the trump w,
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>> good morning, good mning. speak can'til my intro. it's like the most important part of my day. so, thank you. >> sir mike thomas. >> there you go. teaugh her r]e, fall coming in today. seasonseady here.. wewitched but fall ine nuresam going to bt temperatures peak in the 70's on our sevenay forecast. sorry to report itut fall not quiteta ready tort just yet. no strong rain risks either. we could get apr fewinkles tonight later in towards the weekend time frame we could have a pop-up storm o hoetw wchs point we're starting to need running the driest september of all timree he f lek as records go so we could really t uhe and the tropicscta. ti s ewe're about have three named systems out there. we don't yet but i think either by the end o today or by tomorrow we will.
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urg, westminster, 73 forr gsbthr ba 70 fo leonardtown.orltuld e,. 80's before theheun arsgh t aya tropical-- nothen nhieedyt f
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s ars.hi asth anythingnt toon e o forec. thhesongidr, d.stetrakthro tug a
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sevelcktoa eaineal w sitgeakotrs hospitalie
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ne t frare stable. the fourth person inll
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launching a criminal d fox5ut haso thnwbem ces w ndmmndho withnnectrss ninc otpoliti cians hene tookto overhe t >>muri> ser isa statementinn pat markie d.c. politics cared deeply about thi city ands an wor veigsisur
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tahood. cel was never oneo miwords andf ve.ruiz oestaur aro theanorea hiss will leeklems w brow hwi not b i talli o team ym englandle twoaiepxpte
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media. >> we're emmys. c production appently dragged mlnginghich
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ouell owi faln
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5ngix aretimeudter ogotou y:3 y keep youox t
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c. 6 o'clock hour of fox5ft mor ning
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at you need toor know to getou
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arheirst f gst you coujup dri p >> ♪ >> good morning and thank you so much for join, us. it is monday morning. >> monday fall. not going wink erin como are here with us withui ack ouok at weathernd a traffic said. k me be to fall here. tosummertime not done with us yet in d.c. we'll showou the seven-day .ghou th


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