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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 23, 2019 6:00am-6:32am EDT

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>> ♪ >> good morning and thank you so much for join, us. it is monday morning. >> monday fall. not going wink erin como are here with us withui ack ouok at weathernd a traffic said. k me be to fall here. tosummertime not done with us yet in d.c. we'll showou the seven-day .ghou inxpar
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end the much. developing off the top we' abouk thatilledanints us from frederih cou before that the sheriff's de the states ar oey the grere wat kid'sound, sch dools wer 1y lltm vid aocause d theid out of respect for everyone
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h,blp). epte tye 5 h9-isar-o h>>aneads h deieda his looked over and my edchildren start sming scrming d it was justy ver. cha pernally e th man dd saturday
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te eensot shepoke off unprovoked, that his b inwas th vbaler on thringe teen for today5 and 16 and we'll fin 1 id cul. >> homicide investigation is under way this morning in the district after a soting in utheast washington. this happened just before 10:30 last night in the 11,000 block of morris road. investigators discovered close 40 shell casings in thep ar the .corn hospital.
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they areer expected to be all right. police are searchingor suspects and if you have any information, you're asked to call's aeaeyt in fou hav. ma>> flood waters slowly starting to rece this morning in southeastai in afeeforct sng up theri dammel di b some areas saw as ch tru is in 20ho auston where he thancoastut
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tn is the admin he adfy texas io cleanup gets under edbiotest hae lost but you would eeve to 20 or,0 liv would have been lost. >> the president was in houstoeryey hdaminister. theew t ohio to tourma a cardboard nufacturing alongside australia's prime minister. he's in new york this us. >> good morning. >> happy -- so officialall fall. it. >> no, rr b 'r g tnyway. welcome to fall any abody in r mattelly bseectheylw aea
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want. this afternoon she'll continue to bring us summer. uratmpe r annapolis,natown. ig time ofyca a w ohen you're wr 5 wm d.c. satellite aouds to ndkind of ste egl siodulus sunrise t 6:56 he sun gets in the sky. tsorast.eraorth leavy t affnreo aterin omaf cfioc. ,lht r rigoadsorning.
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we frdngonmes shndow youhais what else you'rep ve.ri to make it closi the flyover ramp on the northbound side at thespur. caution you'll have to detourg from thousand bow 7 from th aatmi t0e icc look good. we're not seeing any major problemsn ot rof the way southbound near east capitol street on 295.big delays
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minute trip 66op e pastbound gainsville to the beltway. backu. to >> ♪ 6:. us seak per newancyos investigan could happen. this as the president claims he did nhing wrong. the president did duringion but edressre the "no quid prorets tg looknto's actions toward ukraine while he was ino, you don't get to approve a prosecutor in a foreign country something fishy is going >> secretaryomo sangyi tprriat >> boris johnson saysce officers acil t u military co
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becomedveoln saudis against fute attacks. today s accused ofon trial bomurdertham jean in his apartment last apartment thinking it was her ow a a investigators say jean wasot n armed. guyger has admitted to thelas in accident. way in the murder. around hisrtom cplme ant a bipon
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rats agastciinteered with his po run for office is being needs to help takebon o care of mcmann >> a familiar voice to many listeneritsne.form time fox5 cit pontribicutalor markdvoc petklo te merta hashongtone acollectios plotkin was 72. >>'asedoomeshe com
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airlines were immediately grounded. 21,000 employeesill lose re than 600,000 travelers are now stuckbroad. repate use caution efforts are now in the wks to try to get tthoos p get some of t home from tir travels. ea> spngki of 95 to new york about to get faster. amtrak the hot jstri pns aat fou to a h
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ou do it then? dinitely. >> absolutely. it's if a it's comparable to cigonher fares, for ater vanishing >> ♪ a newerasy som the couldn't be proud
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>> ♪ >> 6:14. welcome back. monday mor fng toox5 morning and happening today in montgomery county, lawmakers will hold a hearing to consider making it mandaditorytg units in all rental units. new proposal would require p landlo conditioning evenirrodevi within a fix cer tine imfrthe e ambill was snspr uncocilembe our weekendhoteonato
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ior itro l t yater justet bechiau we still have 90se's o w te don't hav at fl. sool 88 forec 9o t4. 95 degreee d.c.n iaycoere d ff at 73 hereinkl but furasect o in d.c. 70 westminster. 75lles manassas 67.tle
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aga tter you wtsnprinet li t few raind'raif i thatro ort . w aarst tat the nonex hn.e.say
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byghhat's your gsri forecast. off toor erin now in t a mnticit inters fhere'sonorthun craovshes
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29n. map carlandle parkway normal volume. nu through 28 in centrevill back to you. my mom and my sister its every morning they wake upoldirt missing at a new jersey park. ngeiinutes bef sehong she was wearing a yellow shirt and gettin ireamceil cyam does hav e to whomever took that little .giourl we ant dulce to
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come back becauselyre we rerea lo his mer. >> the reward for information leading to d to about $35,000. >> police in vis busy this morning investigating a mass drug overdose. ead fopeople areurtherinstig type ofatatnu drug that was that led to >> grn eris vapinthg aconc crisissowha ttg are now going so far as to begin a criminal investigation into the issue. this comes as officials in the state of missouri announced a new death believed to be tied missouri case brings the total number of vaping related deaths nationwide to 8a congressional subcommittee will hold hearings on the
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public health threats from e-cigarettes torrow. the first polls since ni jn udea wearing brown face surfaced shows thatlectn bid is in serious jeopardyth poll fe totally flipped where p trudeau'sty was in the lead thehas taken a slight edgea trud apologized for these photos and dark makeup.this canada holds a national el >> a new presidential poll shows senator elizabeth warren in the lead right now in iowfirh party p the desoines register poll shows oe biden slipping to second with 20 percent bernie js sanders thirdrcith 11 pet. mearanile auto workers rally in detroit over the weekend. where the ueinsttrotorente weeas and job security.
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heden and warren app ttinhr bowt rike u are here to say no more. they want a fair ge. they want benefits. they want whattrt of america's e class. >> i know it's easy for me to r con up her a andurea tract between the in>> tke worrapors workers. it's 6:21 on a monday morning. >> ♪ tha y t.
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require those on the way to el unclear when thate h b agreement will go into effecter but at a rally yestys present te drd thexa f iar te to secure the southern border. ♪ weeks afteric hurre dorian wiped out entire neighns obooods i i tsltd chain still look like a war zone. auorities say they have recovered soies rertoding the te
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tahe. >> 6:25. mike thos how are w loog lookin>>ffg wa rm. teyester la 91 ttea y. 72 for besutside r tiff's a toner
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xatro areas allon ect givev 6:26. >> ♪ >> ♪
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ca >> ♪ >> 6:29. taking a look thefoanother 20 . settget is fall officiaey llas hours ago. welcom b istoda mory acwas on warm eeankehendre goosod t morning. thanks for. joining us this moing. y inggive me com until later this week. >> i want to bring where is fall? it's o notn tod. okay, a brief taste tomorrow at 83. in the still above normal but we go back tohe 90's by the end of the week. ken fact by the wee we could be
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talking recordl a fewe mor .'rsewe aloa shutdown dake youray on'rer cl. back to you. >> homicide investigation under y in the district after an southeast d.c. late last night in the 11,000 blo of morris the scene. investigators found close to 40 shell casings there. also told that the number of victim. if you know anything about what happed inn thi asre fredero teens charged for ang a unprovoked attack. bo related charges.
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now weouth eexpec crgtehaesens e brown tweeted yesterday he .lowwors be playing in the n days after the hat. p n loosening requirements r its substitute teachers to keep up with vacancies in the district. the district will atcollege cres lorwiouslynlapplicantsac aye area follo uitd ersu w thefoth ue attnend the climate summit but the president willt. instead he h about
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religious freedom he'sangeould e your commute into work a litrts to bnsngr: h u there, god no t.eov .carnitco the m ieeel lathousands of pteroerstsol,apiy
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lend their voices to this glob t ahe won't havendseaual ahange seriously. no today most groups arestart id that it just depenut ofn the oro as meeting restt doing this around 6:45 of d.c. that you can expect delays in. wo or wherever you nrk backo yoeeto >>be rskins> >> theesson s
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favorite concussion in the preseason. game witcoheekhat not playing streakea d.snime vegas tomorrow with ais ckrnc p. >> ♪ >> all right. time for weather and traffic onhe 5s and mike thomas is in today. isng hookie. >> tucker is playingki anted to celebrate the .crst day of fall with
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reafternoon is the right way to pu. high thin clouds cominr way. that shouldrgus sunrise here. probably doing itea alr sun risingoflycial 6:56 a.mnd cold front north aest coming through ohio this morning. it's got some showers with it. we need those. we'r running very dry here in d.c. unfortunately as it crosses the mouains, it's going to lose a lot of its steam. so it's likely toscatter outd gs evening. if you're going to the redskins game tonight, yeah, there could be one or two raindrops around but it shouldn't be anythingd serious an it shouldn't beth anyg game,t anywhere close to that. odds are a little better wee don' them versus do see them. 94, notike fall at all today. at right, a little bit morekelr haa ore tesre sll. degs ll whr t
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ing upy. we active as well i tn just o gn yet time f tirraffic look. >> trying to doer by sudley roa. heaviest volume is fmdley tn nda .hast etheenta bgon. ewaye's about a 25 minutelo sw e melaysoundestb w we alsoav some eastbound delays over ho t4the 1st normal. earlieio rbyyhrouar goo l problem free on our as withubo dunownd d tarelowighu protts for climate change.
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e.sw m on tim back to you allison. it 6:37 on a monday. romises fame and other perks in exchange for your ok, wse're really happening and most of all how to avoid it. that's coming up.
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likely t to p escapettu.
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he k t t weenot doing that yet andt fs foarowerrws oshe c tol ront that's ul bimsi though. a t of whole o s lotoue at
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oth gis a or tw falling steady. the g should get offame without a hitch tropics are tighton. jerry and d storms a intos either wherevening oromrowopeneon o qs could ittho from there into e weekendcamousl e soguidmean o, he iy,t journey oveow t ab touake it overee as towchrend
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onyeah, 6:47 right now.s t roar alds seetri b bridge hbi1tg, bighun 34. er wasnrahat aerli66 other
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arounde anutwthboundal normal d. specheific intersections do start to close. back to you. >> ♪ s. erin tha tv'mes fth ar.e ig'sig b surprstises upsets. more for us from l.a. >> ♪ >> hey everybody it's kevin mccarthy here for the fox entertainment all stars and mys red carpet on the purple carpet tonight for the 71stme annual time emmys and i caught up wit nominees to talk about the awards sniw this eveng. check it out. theorldig purple carpet including kim kardashian, kendall jenner and even the stars of the fox hit masked singer." "game of thrones" made emmy w 3hiory nominations
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this year. the world was shopped athe finale when brand stark was nametekinging id brand himself when he learned ao the news. >>bsolutely no idea. when i read that i rember the way that scene plays out on paper it was like oh, what aboutpehis paper or this on as king or queen. i was like ionder who they're going for next. and they were like what about brand. oh, my good lord. what i think the rning is i went and got cough feet othecoffee theother day and thes thereouo, gour grace. >> your grace. >> he gohe memo. >> this show created a family friends. is it something where you guys euniles get together once a r on oncare a year just to hang out with each other. >> we're on aay yet happen. >> one of th biggestfe the emmys this year is the
6:50 am
marvelous mrs. maze sell. and i caught up with tony shalhoub who was photo bombed. >> we're lookingrd forwa to work we've seen all year,se people thatre we admi old friends we haven't seen for a longime. this was for me it's -- withss all the pre it's all great but it's really a gathering place of colleagues and friends. >> ♪ >> and we're here and the story that we get to tell impose and all my lgbtq queer peoptr andans people, you know, it's like the kinds of stories that areineing told he world are necessary and it's theeful to be aar pout e ei ou of takidnng an actor b also doing it tos make a statent, an importantss >> we they see us,rrativef these e fk
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ci'm born andhered aintsein new and walking around when this was living at the time at begn new a york city it could have easily been my name attached to this so i had a very pernsnal relhip with these five men's story 'cause i remember it very vividly. >> here at the 71st annual prime time emmy awards i we have beenmk tinelling you about it all murning. commute to be a little slower today probably because ofro severaltests. we're going to tell you what you can expect as you head out the door this morning. but still live your best life. we'll be right back. >> ♪ we are her discussje 'sssie onl m
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need with xfinity xfi. now, we're expected to learn morehe c aodut ahas ahey're i de >> welley speaking of climateten
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meke the is fall but it feels mike. >> yeah, that itokmioes. s ud-rewe gotem n tottuperas s go yet. sometimes some sli as we'reoin t running.c d.
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en potlytialon cture t o. rnd make thennlos edr te tmpheeraturw to park. f i don't believe you'll need the jacket. could beshows heredndhe tre i ck like illa ly be rosecord highs. that's your forecast. erin has got your traffic. >> 6:56 right n look oura
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trblemmes on the roads.295 sunb. penn anand 295 backing u backs up lin road toward a t wpheayth beltwa. freeway crash westbound after the case bdge wit delays againthheg tet columbu pt metro. 66selay up. skyf cckheing by prince william >> suneronofesse stbound sid
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lited ti.
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s. tgfri ed aig adehttly for a man in fredek ds l weowsh s aorthisern iy erveiobout t vhe cheye-ftler mning, w i'm steve
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>> aonmo. if you are just waking up this ullet's get a quick check oneirl weathe and traffic from mike and erin. good morning, mike. >> good mning. this afternoon. is there any at all on benning smeev lane at district. roa speaking offf districtic morning...croadsu clos todayis


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