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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 23, 2019 7:00am-7:55am EDT

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chey >> aonmo. if you are just waking up this ullet's get a quick check oneirl weathe and traffic from mike and erin. good morning, mike. >> good mning. this afternoon. is there any at all on benning smeev lane at district. roa speaking offf districtic morning.thlatest. clos todayis lock seeing any roads
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al'm a h part ofhe coge han thoaic ap climate
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acorld.ave one to ignore the crisiry day es mae , cisionsve ayoundoneymro think abt owh serve. and that's the people of theig utpoofhece t org rl those ofnses in d.c. or trying to getash.wh l ln de streets.
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>> 7:02maurne.dowst b dipnow, they arrived to find a man had beene scene. geecr iisecourtuss e>>ereorer hg
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flingsb a cumbeis ayate
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ea hvyfeon anyhe i d.c. h we' in totend f a aylo. one wwiner ll by ntu have from now until 9:00 e apozelogiike tfe
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district kha.ay lli mint m yrasil lines on
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assual usual fethe.imfterpl od tngcoun v mactt aund crashe.i elee
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puncd rs h 5cu9-imst >> fox5 does have video of deade >> yeah (bleep). yeah, (bleep),eah, (bleep).on >> the big crn will the teens face more serious assault. lanie alnwicjo mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeahes t jenkins just rolling up right now so def of questions this morning. inthanotelk ayou so ly much fog >> sure.eet with >> reporter: so, one of the suestions that the anor tieegrsecond
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pr ned oy tde mhe attackov but afterun theanimit e upset for theretts a reportes. f ghatanreporters lasto atheyigtg mtal spit on them. any -- what is thell familying i ounow there's certain things y say atwh you can't >> this is re sgardwhat w wasled, understas un,prthiss -ttac ypuouhng -- it even cal a you h man, laun himhlfse af l
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listen, hpene in t i was therthe pretty quickly i say with my depeeouts, w >>ep e died from tr:o he punchir
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do t -- wha dame, s e.apxp
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cos veal, opinion you think t c public nfl in ad i .aleel thomas.
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whah,r gyoouurre loofshlyow
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mountains later one eto rhe lesedt run ofl we're not ghtoing to gtin just e
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mi tha first.etowterails. t bllue t27 sbod lle lpa t fal t utbo yourky beeot umtactions to andwekeaste>>
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hito n a laterew y his afrnten.nonsp e ilservice we otr time ewa ifbo roulywoo tou bnrkwo aelgicl.ndg fos wn who a ryunder water p we is vhen vetanzn ark andlippers de wrerr kifng girlfrid to marr caeeuly outm. uthori bti areutributeovr le the
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soouis i don't know. we'll see whates com the uanfl n calling it quits. he's been on a tweet storm. yesterday he tweeted he's not playing any more. he was cut by the p now he's taking shots at the used of sewner and oer misconduct including currentlyen legaonacsginrom two women. espnepng hortie's p to $10 million. president trump in new tyork city preparing forhis e' i vice idenerestyat ael vbo b
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ukicprsk >>inmo wal-g thisrnalreedging co
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ispers] babe. h theth tlopur desgoidting n'ul
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still ahead this monda touristsic
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still ahead this monda touristsic ele's a cybeac us ds iont. . still ahead this monda touristsic ele's a cybeac
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ba malware.ock o. d sericue last protectk bo a
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15 de melanied other related u hour
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l, m w s wo sff t ukes wit morne dohwn they spit on him repeat repeatedly. i'mi' pene quicklyt tnre with my men, my depth just unprovoked brutaense a sbossutle this investigation as both teenagers who are brothres a a t tpearance later. ayod steve? 7:31 right now. tould be a long p rpleinid te rc from virginiana.d dueo d.c that means drivers coming in from northern virginia and parts ctivts blonst
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ckound district. sev will they have sut. d.c. oingff for this joining uso talk about chrisomeland security. good to see you this mff, what o >> well, steve, we've been preparing for the last few days wiic dt partners inc the metropolitannglu police ems department, mayor bussert couple days ago instructed to un informatio center. so we have district a the district's eoc in anacostia monitoring the situation and making sure we're gettinginformy transportation disruptions. e >> t w ptseeol are there this morning and you see police officersa in thesome of the protesters. i saw in the n middle of theht coming to work d.c. police at
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some of the entrance points to the city were already. what specifically were you? ep sprmall pockets of tctiviespread activ wty city? ia wasid >>e'rered for n ? and, certainly we have the best police force in the world metropolitan police department and they are out there making sure tha not only do theseo protesters g exercise their first amend the rights in the safest and most secure way possible, bute district every day to work, ridents who e can also d ando secure >> you always have thatay f.ine line when it comteesso between g hiof t those first amendment ris and also theth rights of ermmut w to w'sork in the morni. er pceful balance between the two sides? that's right.rtately we o fw also our regional partneres heit
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makeo sure that theyra time for their commute into the distri, and be aware ofany trann disruptions. so we've been out ahead of thi and w been communicating very pactively to our residents visitors and those who come here to w work. >>re taking a look at video we see some of the law enforcement officers therebi on s and vehicles on on foot this morning. ha you heard as your monitoring the situation so far this morning i know it's stiy as far as when we might expect to see those disruptions. have you heard of any disrtions yet? >> yes, weave. we have heard of some pockets of disruption, but as i said the metropolit police department is out there again makingure that our commuters are safe and that the protesters are safe as well. chris rodriguez with d.c. homeland security. thanks for joining us this keep us up to date if anything happens this morning as far as any of those pockets of acity activity. appreciate you joining us.
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>> thank you. >> let's get over n to erin she has little more details on some ocethes where we really need to keep closer eye this morning. erin. >> that's right, steve. right now at 7:34, asou mentioned, pocketsf o an issue with these protests. shut downha de.c. protests. they've kind of centralized aroundou f any of those smaller small areap ing metro road closures in the t pg yellow line bi ogfdsby ltle rerea. now soslnd trafficovg prince geoinrgow county side of
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an prieck l henry you can see right lanivngheave.o ns erin fox5in d.c. on twr. we that protes activity back to you. fae in d.c. which officially started at 3:51am but in name aloney. it's mild to start the day as we're already in the 70s. 73 degrees d as well as quantico and annapolis. better 68 for dulles. in the 50s but they're now a 60 degreest this hour. satellite/radar, not seeing too much in theghmmediate vicinity t now. a couple of high thin to sunny start temperatures will b fast to rise and then you see ohihe e is a cold front on the wayould bring us some showers today but really the b chances won't be until after dark tonight. goinsog to t jhe redskins game n
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drop or two hitting your head later this it shouldn't be anything that uses any maj issues for the game tonight. 94 degrees toray. littlee fall like tomorrow at 83. eve and allison. >> 7:. coming up nex impact on the markets on news that the overnight. >> plus hollyki kicng off falay. go morning. absolutely. steve, it may not feel like fall weather wise but it certain lik. we'rllle t ve weather wise but it certain lik. we'rllle t ve wutxcond
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♪ back at 7:39 this is d at storm in australia new south wales creein creg an erie scene. it looks like something out of bizarre morning, doesn it. >> the mountains shrouded in orange haze. nearby highway had to shut down 15% of the region is experiencing intent drought. >> wow! >> something wely fortuna don't see here. today marks day eight of the ounited workersikeing better deatrent0 202sh ttr ce, job the warren botht for bidenme and ms
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ck its firstonee ukenind car seat recycling event nine days earlierhan i t corandy ther sh uc wentereeponsembteer emmys coming up. lly joinsse
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t:43 now.llou da after thedendant trave agency shuts do overnight. joining uswnik thousands of travelers we understand. >> yes, hundreds of thousands of bleal funding so if you go to tt
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600,000 impacted byge brithsh p passengers stranded in othercosr couldun take anywhere from today until october 6thwh e ome.en hge'trs an travele peopleia tak c aomplt >> right.e lking abo
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we said agency it is company. like, man, have you ever as re in business seen somethpoing sinog abruptly happn you know, i see anything that has impacted this many travelers as far as, and a company this established and this old. i think that's really what sets this apart but the company is year not tough onlinead a rough coetition thety citing thoses rf crumbled gthveonr .ste thatea's pretty significant. >> right.ha eyka>> wil ol stop selling e-cigarettes we're just seeing thoselerneseventh ps loa numbersadinlyg to flimb with s the numbers o and vaping related illnesses but walmart says they areeloi g to r
7:46 am
current supply to run outgend then no lr sell any of them. so nation' largest retailer to make h this decision soave to wonder if other retailers are going to follow suit. but walmart saying this decision comes after federal, state and local regulatory action combined wi uthncertainty regarding e this year ias led t the elier believe it was walmart raised the age of buying cigarettes toa 21. so really re on the forefront in a lot oftr ways ying to make sure they're keeping these products out ofan. >> all right. tetracee l leave it there. have a fantastic mnt.. s'l ten seconds until mike now and i guess i think he's going to tell us it's really hot tod today. although it's fall. >> like summertimxactly going tl
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you that it's gng to feel like l ause aay tt yestday. ex pesoct again that's headline nu. h a couple ofav torro it wl feel little like fall with temperatures in the low tt's t e en doesn't really look very fl no strong rain for us either. we have the tonighaht if you're heading to the redskins game be tropliive.tey whole lot of to ssrm potential be dealingly there wiin thetlti watching. satell aite/radar nothing to wa.
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ssu got t the mountains and getch back to ohio where we have a cold fnt on approach. that's what's going to bring us maybe anotherittle sneak p of fall i guess you could call itho tomorrow even th temperatures in the 80s still more like summer than fall for thise y teaim 73 outside rht m nilowd start. 71 for baltimore, 73 annapolis. we have some 60s dotted in out to the west. af to the norths well gaithersburg 66 degrees. 68 aor dulles. 68t winchester this hour. degrees for our friends in hirtinsburg. w lereomes the 90s89 b fkorac leos 93 msas later on this afternoon very very warm summer like day. two storms that have names right now. jerry tropical storm. or have karen also a tropical that isteps lorenzo and lorenzo willhe probably b strongest of the bunch. it could be our next major hurricane later this wee good new this one should curve
7:49 am
out t.o sea jerry should curve out to sea it'stoee kp an eye on real quick watch the trackpuay affect erto rico and then it wants to take this turn. if it takes the turn rdero areai coming up just a bit. first, though, we got to get to work on time.l erin. we'let you l dk.orotes . f tv ceral isintersengctions t efct oersection dens ostngverflo secoarsie 16th andmore protest h ndwrthwest that. intersection you can see it through the sun glare in the camera police are there completely blocking off new yorn avenue. in add to that, westbound new york avenue is blocked at florida avenue northea.
7:50 am
that is preventing people also as you make your way out at fourth and new yk to getting to the northbound third streett. you're being diverted 9 at exitd street watch out for those delays on d street as folks divert. protctt aity right now 12th and independence avenue. that is impacted as well so several key intersections in prlw pty right now blocked by aygs aza disabled train cleared. backorrsetting to work on tim ag g w for you at y
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at last night's. emmy award the best comedys series went to flea bag. the series creator bee waller bridge walked awaybee the lead ting in a comed award. now fire and ice added to their legacy g with final seaso. amae of thnning forrooutstandinr ca be peter ding latchtook his g actoourh award. congrats to all the gettin mor later on good d iay. >> i'm sure. >>it is:51 now.> in fact let's give yo ru a lookt the good day guest list. the fall season is officially here now. ti your skin caretine. >> steve was r just asking me ts about it. how do i know? am a cosmetologist? i but one ll j us li n in thelofto ofbu purut best face >> am i a m artist, butp
7:52 am
you still get this every day. >> it's flawles >> itss. pri chef no restaurantva wrima cf sseou, gout.>> noesta. he fhat's rbringight cystudentso regions' bes expect. >> and on theems dssbest a stas eout t show lasts night. right now 7:52. slide into fall cox farm. mily fun alrelal.ling she' ch cornucomapia of sing if you
7:53 am
om me bigha to gt'ber reswhen youee w>> to college, wenhen you graduatedma, morninwe're starting at the mg.t s ere hb,appen. >> this is where the pumpkins happen. >> tell me about p t at th>>e r ig'sht dry right at the end. >> you got that. >> no, don't worry,e lucas, i'v got worries i. no worries. how many different pump opinions will you have throughout course of this 30
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different varieties here. we've got your os stuffck f>> hso dyou e' so mh the family did do while so as ahere. setting up setngti up wve en a sting wetorking allummer, d the place. >> s peohenomo howna mesain l te hi t tns k ae tzoneidlide 144-foot
7:55 am
hesi tx neolder kids.we ai us want to you co tatenkitrnge abohe ts my hadfolk school to do as field tripa tht fall festival. the next year ty mall pell classes, mull pell tractor built every year. >> this festival is like t same age a you, right? >> yeah. gg i'm not eating. >> you got it. >> not that you're a old man. but it's been around for awhile. >> in fact i love this whole term of agrit lot of people don't have connections to aminyes so we give people a chance to see cows and goats and pumpkins and different frym mac. we have old tractor museum people0 different c tractos eynd work.
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>> here's one thing you do neewh hehawhemen you come out teno y pay by the weight so we were tryin to kind of assess what was our budget the station sent us out. d you find one, doug? let's see. >> oh, right. here's the one we'll be able to home. >> that one will be on the hou house. [ laughter ] >> sorry, i can accept those gifts. i signed something that said in' t. lot of fall fun throughoutin the g e we've only begun wpihd you o come out and celebrate this back toou g >> hollydy sove it. >> did you get the tiny little tools to carve that too. >> i >> thanks tnk. good morningrr dea eng with trac nightmare, guys. be.c.v allhe shut down cause of that,eeing several r we' areare aesn thedsn thent dens upon dozens j of
7:57 am
key andor capital st.tree fox5 s ou wehe ♪ent.
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>> straight up 8:00 o'clock. we take a look at nice scenes we'll start with the good todla
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soth90d s adro >>s.d e nw riabout 94 degrees. atth 'sot nlot v oerf fall on the se. give us a couple much minutes wevese as wedat je thust completelgey'lts st metid o oert in thedle of
8:01 am
e protest locationsor ykutioa lot of p estrians are ou polit. alstctki t your commute into th wadistrict be f possible traffic delays and disruptionses kahn jm northwest right inhe mid of it all good mning goo were a change the last hour or so. bigger crowd here at 16th and k streets. we'rotnoticing that some yoeu actsee rillght in the midf lead awaym hi by polic joined by>>ali.
8:02 am
>> i saw you were wacaing happr ttin washa happenitng at that moment>> why were you doin? feel so strongly about my on's f the glace schers. it likks le'e w ofse the climate is going to be killing all the fish and growing seasons r . ootoe,to b use u already happening. f you're planning to cttalk wis here on k and independence, definiom drive through'ton h dee because i don't know how long these protesters are going to be blocking this particular intersection atndstreet this san
8:03 am
the middle of the street. i'm notin seeg just police ordei ju keep people in check here. as this woman mentioned people are su omt n thiilpeinatgl, ueyoug kp tryingread the message from their point of view tha the heading loteolsf people justerh kind of blocking the traffic
8:04 am
mot . i . now.4ight let's take a look at our top osories on thi s mpeonakery nanp iencroaching in the impeachnt an ave.ehomin defending his actions a phone call that hadwithe i ukt prompted an complaint. now yesterday the president admitted that joe bidenat dforo, hoid'sfius ndsti ueekraine ten f
8:05 am
ou prosecuto in aountbinlsois wb nearly 100 world leaders are head to go new york city today for the opening of the u socl sy simply before the formal speeches get underway the un will tackle one of the world's greatestroblems which is climate change what we're seeing the protests abo in d.c. today. dozens of leaders wil tend thhe c will not. he will skip fedt mom hhuc mike, is iikeyou werep h .verery two minutes tod >> dr aming >> whatever it wlik eenice ftl l rit heree. ve it was that.
8:06 am
i lve thatsen not. n. satellite/radar there is a cold kmaem ty. b.bungt it shouldn't ? >> they playing the bears. . erin.>> tvery bushe dowut tnhe.heav
8:07 am
wexit rtas itrast bl including ayeshan larg.yived ohd aprent attk tha kild a
8:08 am
man at f aailnwick hasr.ttac a thithe s morning in f therirede investig. >>. ror e vdetimified as a 59-year-old manis the fair with his sister, his niece and her boyfriend, and when this assaultap and 1ye6-arldth broer. they'rert a waapitpearance this morning. and there'sideonaowoue whole the disturbing we wt to be respectful of of one involved.hs choppy because we als is t. >>eah.s what we can show you.
8:09 am
bleeepleep. hear cheering and engineering the 59-yearane whits st sf ro ihe hringkiis h off.medics and o see if thnkin sdan teens tori cheorace cha 'mkac.ryattack. only att it happened. wnproasvo ibrutal. >> reporter:haowen,ed t fridayt.
8:10 am
fr was kids day here at theon f it. then they gotane o a verbal altercation andt'has thi t sortd ate'an ttor oice thi ght still upgraded ltnsidered juveniles.ssau ar. they could be charged as adults with second degree murder. >> mel, thanks.
8:11 am
weaning get updates from you. throughout the morni 8:11 right now. more violence in the district. dc police are investigate a jtnd southeast. one man two juveniles injured in the shooting. investigatorl s dsiisng a a mort the shooter continues thismorni. if you have any information d.c. policefr want to hear om you. still ahead thi morning -- oi t>>ex gas hotel worker w l storm looded liil silde
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welcome back. weere showing you this scene location for us.tre then this is 16th and. ill k part oft down d.c. protestge on climate chan some people have taken to extreme measures here. super glueing themselves we hardy fm one woman ttbo it'ssing thisauhe16 and. new york has disru. fnsroio erip ju work arounds and trouble spots to keep an eye out for this morning
8:15 am
when it comes to therotests. hot for them today, mike, for everybody else out there this morning i hope thedi airtion air-conditioning in those all atose cars is working. ot>>n n fall but... utou>> bt' tha tohave o tro not if you're already there well into the 90s day. much more like tn first day of fall here in d.c. i'm readyto say it for fall to get here.o welcome fallic tecally it arrived1 3:5hi ts fall -- summer itchedvees, o trw hours. llte fe/orradar kn notow forecast.e need that her ae in.
8:16 am
erin como has your busy roads thorning. t, >> 8:16 m tracking a lot of news around t down climate change protest. demonstrators completely t aockinghe 16th k seetnd northwest intersection. you can see in wthis tshehere al out and find a different se get yow s tndingsh d in dictio. over knonowing on to the 14th n bound. jistkeshi we cou n floridald n avenue. we told you about 16ththeped16ed
8:17 am
asnort impactedra ticff ffnorthboundheesin95 on hourut fredericker to thend asheltwut3ay by 121295e super d on l tay vacolk toume thelyough r e agu.ny >> erin thanks for the update. breaking aedve ornhtig least se.
8:18 am
that clash raul in the precious talent naibi top collapsed early this morning. students taken to the some stie rubble. hundreds of people came together to clear tha debris. still unclear,t though, wha horrie.he wal. police in pittsburgh are busy this morning investigating what m others hospitalized. fi wveearingen police are sti happening today, the city of dallas bracing for a murder trial of a formericr. pole amber geiger accused s ofhooting to death her neighbor aftermi staken his apartment for her own. then opening fire because she
8:19 am
thought that he was a b. geiger says she returned home afterur parked her car in the wg floor andt tha yalk into the wrong apartment dl beneath john's. xphn's family is eected tohe sts of the courthouse in dallas this another story making headlines this morning a florida andm she claimserld granddaughtr arrested by aicer a tantrum at schoolkld said the ald cinhif lack o officer. turdene handcufherugshd tfehe . she's expected to reporto t n a. football starnt
8:20 am
playon nfl aiony more called out team owners the patriots. wisdom down in the newsroom with the lates ltest chapter of this saga which doesn't seem to be ending any. >> it's movingtt cdes byot . the third nfl teaolatiloe t p ement comesyeasthis effective rr after a him of rapendflatccus patriots released bronswn on friday after he playedt jus one me w team.h in tweets on sunday brown notui glticita pleaded brown cited berger hisoeorth fsberger
8:21 am
was accused ofniled in crgha thr theyhe a themsad they can just d guarantees any time going o if peaiexnst thede patriots to colt tosagaestoday on ou hearodom s . >>t di gentleman view over the
8:22 am
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edinskinam northwesttrlong f police presee h ng aesence keepine saf ows you tc toond marydorywn t gvee clos yedkbound teet divohitut n >> fo gta iimxiss ohe on lt m ♪ gu♪ag,
8:27 am
throd churr mobene wilng the prt emmy awardastht. we've got a a l >> one infeonio advice from thens'lee in g a m. ♪ thnuis is to thems bs oapeomyoag
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c morni anay mbeorowe n to 2gs1els cong,
8:32 am
hiera,er, fev onreatnt asy v ams athat gf wont oyt betterasat ftteorew what it-
8:33 am
ak n p forymptom reldrief >>et iugstbut balolt
8:34 am
tdrsreseecauroer in u gener doe. te youaleerut. b pourdo
8:35 am
iefly here in:5.c.
8:36 am
h at 9:10 o'c h raindrops hittinglor. oon. fall tomorrow0sxteehnd ahe sa r.it5tethe northboundabndlute m
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we guys. l> sleltth [heartbeat thumps]he moments
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to children's national hospital, an d we will always be by their desi. p an d we
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this is will finepositing eal d atxpen for their annual camping trip.y m>> the sings froivfartyftger
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in the a nevada desert of 2 mil. interested in going. but in thend only a few aolsand made theity arrested f. related incident. butt visitors m nots toshi behaved. and did we see fraser in there?. we'll see if we can do a little post chat with ike the runn yele national park for three months much this morning he's recoveri from major tooth surgery. >> oh, no. >> the be a saysed tooth was half the reason he made that big escape months ago. vets fixed up in four to five
8:42 am
hour p toduroce yellowstone parn e cyoow on fox5'vt',nilsmand in♪og. ♪
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it's been reported that there's a cyberattkon b iness every 39 seconds. ouch.
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i don'nkeven want ate st pn. ut ictroiotemae.
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welcome back. get you straight to fure 70s today. 90's this afternoon wav he that one-day wonderyou tndrops d ately becartununfo 90'usse busip angearstcmate traffic a over the p city.sixte. into 1 virginia over the4t 1h to
8:47 am
ake againtloayda thave hforll f m wittossidaresrs a,erecitoth tns
8:48 am
rom x fastal ls ysr t aum any oh,et mutebotoy elliot you dra tic on fox5 morning newsack in the mid 90's. >> yup. >> now look at you. >> now i'm a far ber. my retirementith as well. last week when i interviewed >> when t she was having a baby. that baby is now 20 years old. >> we never look so g janet.
8:49 am
>> exactly.m >> farife must be serving you well. i' going ti n work with this gut here. this is farmer rick. >> yes. >> and you know when everybody comes o somarey the te guy this as t this falldd thfestival. so rick, tell me about- thisld. >> wow o. >> and she just --oing 's g mom. st>> got pregnant. brown swissd she's just pretty>>l gir girl. >> she is. >> and so when chey peoow geet c up u andom cow i'vep. farm .stg i>> te mlt my f
8:50 am
>> s iee that ll >> really 300 ir squ gaon squirti you with. milk. >> that's allight>> t ae l'ss te loo bimow ts.
8:51 am
clnearlory got t c getver g.llino milk themselves. when it's time to reallyilk em we'll do, we put them on the milking machine. ledf like a milk breasthp pum . an c here and go back in timeas aut you like d mean >> abseeolel..kinghe
8:52 am
heecap of t the me. ♪> le d seventy-first em tree awards
8:53 am
noring the best in u.s. prime time television. m the night's biggest ndnners to surprises updates. he has more now --ps angs eles. > hey evebody it's kevin mcrthy for the fox entertainment'me r s alltars my fitrs tonight forhe prime time emmys and ihe cautgho talk about the award show this eving. check itutor.ld t kim kardashiaigndl jnernd evn maars of the fox h show the sked. worlds s thho gckame aofed rones finale branded t sotask imselfig saacwhen he learn the news. >> absolute follow idea.when i t scene plays outn oer pap oh, whn
8:54 am
or this person king or i wonder. ihat about brand thisohmyill wnt day and c >> go gave it to it each seetinougra gce you onef tet biggest shows of members. with tony >> we're just all looking forward to seein that we -- who's work we've seen alld friends we haven't seen for a long time. for me this witre a, tll but ita
8:55 am
anri fdends we'rey lgq qur ppley trance people, you it's like the kinds of stories that wldar is b are the only way, um, that change happens s bo a it. >> would pray tell say about the emmys tonight. >> the category is >> what is the balance of taking a rfol cbeorcad wiee th me. i'm born adnd ataise waspe vcoesy tyapertne rn g the stsdave easily been myam n
8:56 am
attached to this. so i had very special relationship with these five men's story i remember it very vividly. >> here at the 71st t pmmme timey awards i'm kevin mccahyrt. f >> kev didn't mention the winners. we'll tbo dk ahaut tc. billy porter did win. wm justis thrones won. >> weather andraffic. ow i>> t hhes. 94 degrees this ep it cool if you can. aoner .nomaybe a late dayho swe foo of the city mess.on 8:57. shut down chae 16 fc
8:57 am
self other apwel kp uothweyost at gridlock that.'s how big storyhi few o t ♪nt mo♪ not. only the attack itself but
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
the fact that after the man was down they spit on him repeate repeatedly. takes a tragic turn after man is allegedly attacked and killed by two. t disturbing new details this morning about the ce. haoute crime ch


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