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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 23, 2019 9:00am-10:19am EDT

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not. only the attack itself but the fact that after the man was down they spit on him repeate repeatedly. takes a tragic turn after man is allegedly attacked and killed by two. t disturbing new details this morning about the ce. lywoam oea wood's vavwe
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biggest night awards and1st o winners t theis htory >> man's best friend you wy filr . yh,s i t' the first day of fall feeling more like summer. listen, we always bring theeat on good day. it doesn't matter. you always g thing among. glad you're with us today. let'sring in our co hosts. steve chenevey, wis tom martin sayingood morning t all of ya'll. >> h. >> we couldn't do it without our other friend holly m riansd bot at cox tasks. holly looking a mazing on the farm. deaevilrning to you. having so e
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oy.1f, wso at do you g?hink. c needs a littl ius fsh police pod stvaaytit dress of hers.
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wis? disict. making this morning'smuteom com ated. >> the goal of the activistoacrn otrng heyeamutekart ta there, g has dooittlde blend wiitsailghri that' who havboe cd piped themsat ty're using this w this erilectcesth
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o unharmed for most part it's been prettygoraim cha. seveutral other intersector tt morninger tonnerweon by sur te pba i r finouetou t needd >>.ayesha kahn.
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we tr hopeacfuwengkineany t wrv a k h s where tin ick yk tenue diverted to exit marye'nd w9d on as 395enndepedenc14weorthst anh street. seeing closures toughout the massachusetts blo as well.and we're dealing withlosure 16t16th street north we have ati street and westbou new also blot florida avenue.
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some some'd pie avoid the cit now. back to you. steve. >> post developin thi ms nithe attack that ended up killg a man at the great frederick fair. melanieeelnwick has b out there allveith more on the investigation, where things g sndtass wll get more details even later l,mey. a vic ttime m 5bu ay,ld-oye less. dyot
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n can s show youearhe tri tng vh friendsndrothndersurpri punch nkinun the teens to face theai wand mosterudusinio . >> this is t senselesshati tshi. because upper te we-edhan h misi
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for itepr:owhe attack happened night had0.ed m sda theyanatet al, kus,id aithmit tonens answer as far as the state's attorneyff oic te
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public information officer sang that meeting wit the sheriff and state's attory office istill goingours o we'lln this fol as the boys face a jude ter >> mel, keep us posted live in frederick thisng at ne el's t lethe lt'sring ine m siko give u tod mheorning,ik you're right. this is welcome tolal t fhe wl c ome again 3:51 this mor year we. tempereur rise snito day. they're alreseadyt being repd by 60s andcela 70s. te oo it som ali s west. nextt s no e 7cl0 o' iock
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redskins park. you should be fine rand kick ofe game there could be sprinkles or light showers that come across maybe nine,s 10:00 o'clock eveningo so d in mindugk thoth i like t will beerinnythg. summ like start s to in studt with special needs was included during recess. take a look. sketballhntit s had includape.on ofom.rt hctuay,
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♪ig. it isime fe to at 9:00. we're starringith this. nearly 100 world leaders are heading to new york city today for the opening of the un general assembl underway.
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theillkl. dozens ofeaders w thle climate change. president trump will attend his own session about religious freedom. today marks day eight of against gm. the workers are danngdi and job. fight also catches the attention of some former vice-president ginob deir the murder trial of a amber geiger is accused of shooo shng to death her neighbor jean after mistakely going into his apartment -- his apartment for her own. burglar. >> geiger says that she returned home after working 1hour shift pardke h orlo f apartment. her unit directly beneath
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jehe steps ntioghat heeive a will not be playing in thehefl g li vpegas.sf miscoucor f rilepes good game trash talk. mystics will try again to punch reiics.he mixle ticks can grsrossed for e m indeed. >>is t,hank womans best friend what woman did to make wardingitm
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d day,i n't kn.ngow o to feeleiv
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yoionersstranded. toaving the property on saturday whless theyaiedts hadpa their dn ta okethat's tough.
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ng-yo>>n theuy go out of busin. notbusi bnesse more money much that's a big mess. all right. he's the deal. >> we've been talking about this for hi wstorm area 51 a appenso. b >> i hear the >> yes. >> they are amongst us festivals . earthl arousergsunsthd glctua i a byla rachel.ity of two people were arrested for indecent exposure and alcoholute visitors we was h one of those . >> yeah. >> it'sng to see what interesting alle hfe and everybody do this and then the town said no, don't come here thuse we can't support all ofavt is we don't have any food. llig.t end, itas a bus >> well listen, no buststyn thes
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with kevin mccarthy. >> big show here on fox. did you seet the emmys night? let us know what you thought. we do know ourrp mancaet a dan l ta. i have questions, kavs,yo aur ts morning locking very sharp. give you points for that. question number one, how did the >> good morning to you,is was wt rothughout the show i was watc watching thehi wi was w nneotins tyntif owa tshe pro inggrlling thehe i was -- s ihteour a lotf people tolien i und
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get thasttd jokes are going to e made but be sav butles aoment madet. o funhe prent shows. just this one to me ihtne t ofhi last ghoo around i guess for t b yeah.buly eh eth fine it strange it won. i guess this isws how award go. you give it to whatever is um sn't won before and i thinkeha o game of thrones obviously has n inwo theo t an end evenas thoh
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celebration of kindhe t of the cinematic achievement tha show di for tv. >> what did you think aerut some of the oth winners last nut b o. beyif wen talking about flea bag show andst i i've seen bits and pieces it's very very funny i interviewed her last year actuly for the solo film she was pai talented show based in london and deals with herar chter called flea bag and essentially it's a veryy hory veryv r. s so big win for amazon for comeda be fsheal nightre a. place as one o odlegadin r nig
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will s pple who ended u stopthein werene win bip carpet i love i got a chance to meet him and talk to him before the big win last night. this was a big big deal. outstanding, you know, this is -- amazing thing to have billy porter win last night. ally the big question as tv mere production changes asewinhabitse >> imore emmys?hi
9:26 am
ecf conte.e ount'r yhe bese b . hu oluios well well heieanln b oeing produceerthh r ratingbo and netfl aixnt thamast welhel. >> right. kev, great to y kee ior before you come back hereit and ta k k hng --
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>> 4-foot 11.hi hhi>>ng i here >> we'll talk about it in a fashion, i was teasing it up. >> get your flannel ready the first day of autumn ouof t c wrt cox family far ams. we'ln>>sh i 10a,lhe jck.lo's dr. he jvua .r c weend to bridesmaids be a thing of the past? hat's a question that a lot ofre people asking and millennials you c lesalak t aut -bo
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>> back at 9:30. what's ahead in theal ptexrwtarn inn speares ogltr to believe in seemth. cesomlves to your skin e and makp noteason. and holly is livnia a for their fall fties just a bit with it downstairs to podcast studio with a
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forward. al, good morning. >> good morning, maureen be. boh my new friends. all know the teenaged years can be filled ath that perhaps makes teenagers stand out a little bit that can also be complicat but i want to introduce to you jared glickma ritgh winning podcast. k itec.erin. i'm jarrod glick field and i yery guest current speech therapist h a lot of >> dr. robinson cc -- >>nde. stuttersders
9:32 am
always p have, too. turn that and ito i stuttering since '02.s thoisim. shestt p will giveodsttherca kids the c tombrace theonfince stuttering,d students see there's somethingoe ce.sometimes i speed through my t talking. i but it's justh. and taking outll of jad t t
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ddcasthistod p h jared.h >> wt's good about jared is he rely doesn't care what you esnsibf oityk hs.he t tuttering. >> and it's thatseentyto sha orp other kids who stutter. >> my entireexpeencehi other kids have tryg to -- ooh give on the kidst e txpear o stters -- time. b and neal, good mor
9:34 am
everodoo>> g lovey. thisngo ide >> thank you. >> i love it. you're taking, umpl,om shiight . but youhean w podcast stu >> yeah. all ms cls. jt actually talko h so icanst the spring we're hing like do like secd onon o actuals
9:35 am
frell aing colleges. and i like sakec b i uch put night a spotlight as aopureh you are doi other people who ah gh>>ry woaou y. >> he already knows that. sharonyo are heavily involved wh the podcast as together, jhas stec there secret yo?gun >> we goter vy it'ucky and
9:36 am
appreciating how lucky we are. >> right. >> but, you know, as soon as we found out that he stuttered, we learned what we could about y io create an environments and de alop let him be exactly who he is. >> is that the secret t? hat support? so manyon our kids d have support. you know what i mean? from parents, from their piers. you know the bullying and the. whole t is that the secret? >> i think everybody h got issues. whether you see them -- >> absolutely. eernal. we treat our kid you go the to deal with them. for jaredh them on his own pace and doing a great job with it. we'r hime. >> we l fact that you go out andhe take tov frid joel bae with easterns automotive gro spt ut of your podcast with fun
9:37 am
bands that give away. easy way to tell people where to find you. >> awesome. >> these are for you. >> th >> he also has a podcast. indo you have ag with that. >> wanted to support what you're doing with the 500 gift card i know youat like sweeer for your audio stuff this is apport. >> thank you very much. >> you're very welcome. thank you very much,oel. . >> v neric well. >> youishi needs to get to woro go back t school. senior in hight' school. s fine. >> he says it's steve and f you that p mayik ie.t forward. >> thanks mr. bass sum for out as w so wme air-conditioning today. ma l aybome ertemptl circulationnarhemoving. welcome to falet to thers right
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now.beerum approaching ere nn shoapuldol be putti'lnglo he tdecent number of useing inns later on this afternoon.on summer note with us yet even though we m officiallyade the change over to fall now here in d.c. cold front off to the w west. thill bring us ama sll taste into your day hea on thursday. but it could bring us some showers as well later on this evening. so watch out if you heading to theul redskins gamd be a fewf sprinkles second halof the game. nothing toosajor wrap t uenp day forecast. ret a whole lot of falreesn o ie weekcord highs maybe by saturday. >> all right. 9:38. notlyct eti fes is outlal f thes morning. but i guess we'll make do holly the farming never stops in themm sutime. absolutely. theyet are sng and ready for the next 45 days to have nothing
9:39 am
but fall time funut here at cox. farms there are several reason why people make this a destination spot in the fl. kettle corn is definitely one of them. ppleher one hams to be a de them that the market upyo purple shack in the middle because that's where you get the asgagic thi rnmoing and we a with none otheher c than jenny craig. jenny, tellamheeame. ennycrre talking with apple cider doughnuts. >> i don't meet themhe time. >> tell them m who you'reried >> i'm married to daniel craig. >> i'm really f lookingward to the next bond movie. we're having a lot of fun. watching the process o the apple cider doughnuts. how popar are these really. >> extremely popular onelhel t n tens of thousandst honesly we
9:40 am
make. >> tens of thousands of doughnuts. >> i think yesterday we probably made about at least 10,00>>inhek yofr'th evuery day. as you can see the cooks over therur we've got o little spinning thing that, um, you know, before they go in the cinnamon sugar that's cinnamon doakhe part doughnuts with apple cider. >> i love it. opwove it. wnd akuper marketetnd t aoe is open seven days a week. p soeopleedo cugomuts are popular. >> this is is h. on hour in order to get a doughnut. you've,pped the process right? now you don't have to wait as lo when you come out. >> right. >> how man doughnut robots do
9:41 am
you have. s we actually if i can just sheow and got threee mor there. onus of adreanivn time. gotf e' woackca who> tha>>t' 12. >> we all help e oher.t >> par of cox farms fall usperience. >> it't first of all it'she yeam , so it's our owns h just delic. >> also forhose that love going to the eastern shore and getting boardwalk fries, don't worry about that. because they have the best
9:42 am
boardwalk fries inland you can get. or so i hear.ea h, definitely. >> go to the kitchen and they're delicious. >> here just take this pan right boo i here. right by here this pan can c go. look at fresh hot. >> he's telling me t h o get wfo being nice. get out of way! >> move along. >>ome to cox farms through november 5th. we'll have more it actually op'c o n he'en see i 1f we can jump on one of e first hay rides of mor jng.p 'l on the hayride how you going to bring all those doughnuts back? >> reporter:'l eh,l tell you how they are, wis. >> right. >> of course go away s oo h,i m cyan gosh. >> i love it. all right. stillfind ar. >>ttyone thing o that should changeh it can't forgeoorot makeup
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♪ all right. it mig not feel lickety outside today but fall is fina finally here. o changef seasons means it's time to change more than just your wardrobe. as air becomes crisper and temperatures threely sta w to e should also adjust our skin care routine from summer to fall. what's the best way to transition your skin from warm
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esquti.on with tips mindy green etcosm of mg setup you brought in. beautiful. z w youithrs f h right .th this is good addch msive it a w. gest i puttingex your skir actus e witeto yh port. sbnd ofe>> i lkihetsam dry in t. they have thisfaceou mk sasimplv pumpkin, you can just whip this- >>gg ortus e w tlehe
9:47 am
>> actually the whole egg. ow>> h l about 20 minutes. >> i feel like fee l tike it wou fall infused face mas also iet g suggest seau sueeggest i>>ea especially for n t mal>> graypdee. t razor blade and fe. yo t ay good to der. onu d it. >> gotcha. fthat que'sst mioha t i.
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ouob y preserving yourn eeciay wh yoi that drier crackedin the sn wis going to help kphat moisture barrier in yourn ski. your skin ooqu>> sorryd d ao yo comnatiil o but minschks ge oily. >> th yhaouo.t at's w >> wherete in w g canki.
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.k thit c th >> thank youakin. and now going. .k thit c th >> thank youakin. and now going. incredibleir length on misng t m cof taphe ivory billed wood. no, no no no no.
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go any pet loverw.od out e. how far would you go tod ferin u briove ng himome. hndryer t mebody he d>> ng hrome,. yay! >> aww. >> d!
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shotgun to ride in the front sat. andarvaon. evshe is expected to recover she it t t wre in a washington statp happens to be carol king like the singer. >> imagine. >> her husband 57 days online sr gave hope ve later reunite. >> look at had face. oh, my gosh. >> it's funny i heard from another pet owner who tolde she was recenytlet magic it hade . s i can only was relieved. >>image through. sd. them.
9:54 am
>> boston found that a a g >> big event last night. big show. i w to call eight fashion show but it really wasn't a fashion show but it was aif fashion show ou know what i'm saying. >> red carpet,ed baby. carpet. >> that's what we're doing today. >> that's what we're doing today. that's why you gs are here. >> guy and lady are her a fail? >> i'll let the'llweet me if a fail. >> he's a fab right here. look at him. >> you guys, stop. continue. >> carry on. carry o tell me more. >> no, look seriously we'll talk about the big event last'l nigh. we talk abo who nailed it. ndo rocked it. >> aho failed it. >> who failed it. we were j talking about the
9:55 am
guys.h. >> yea i kind of think the guys brought it a littl bit. >> okay. >> we gng to talk later. >> w talk. i know some of the ladies brought it as well. i'm not going to tellk, who i j.lo, was real strong. i'm just saying. any way, we'll talk all aasuthie fashion police. >> yes. ae a arectll a ready to go. >> come back. ♪ ♪
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1850 coffee. ♪ inspired by the year the with a bold yet smooth taste. ♪ ♪ 1850 coffee, begin boldly.
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♪ the must see moments only on good day at 10a. >>ivwe actate the good day fashion police ter last night's eys. so fab or fail? epic panel has their take live at 10:30. also 10aed hot topics. j.lo does it again.
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wendy is not laughing about her comedy a tour plus tweet by lizzo has a driver fearing for and 25 years of friends new tell all book spills all the secrets abo t the cast andhe the author joins us live at 10:40. let's do this in three, two, o one. good day at 10a starts right now. ♪ i'tw ,t on good days get tshi . ctrature talking about. >> hi everybody. calm down him. we'll bring in steve aolly. let's bring in holly first she's our on core on the go today. eating doughnuts having a greatd 'mnuts because i
10:00 am
iit comesox cagoes shen it. ts hefevestival now 40mom years. tlisevbe iet morning. in fact, i did this one slide but they have a dozen slides and ey have them for all ages. out n you come out here. kettl apple d they can have the place where you can pick yr own pumpkins. but they alsoe hay rides. in fact they just opene their doors at 10am this. mor shis festivaun all the thrgh sur hay iee ridwef es ifat we's you're thinking -- if you're aso we'll f aboutindt tha. it'se good day end orst day fall, doesn't flf
10:01 am
like itut we're doing our best to get y in the mood for it guys. >>.ission accomplish looks amazing. holly can wait to what you've got in store in just a bit. thank you for that. it's 10:01. we want t get rigopht five talkers. steve. >> let's start witness emmy awards last note right here on fox break down the fashion winners and losers coming in a few minutes at 10:15. everybody wantsonohe kedw carpe. let's bring in --s in the mix. mike thomas joinings u. kev wearing his tucks from last night.did you sleep in it or gey edge it up and putn it back this morning. >> i unfortunately -- i didn't sleep in it i did put it on the ght.f i didav to go to t emmys red carpenter. absolutelynterews i i got >> bigge stars in the ward walked t purple including kim kardashian, kendall jenner and the stars of the fox hit show ♪he masked singer. game of thrones made emmy hih ory w32 nominations this year.
10:02 am
and the world was shocked game of tones any finale brand stark was named king. so i wanted to ask brand himse isaac hempstead wright when he learn the news. >> absolutely not dea. inwhen i read that i can reading it and the way that scene plays oboutut thi os pers, what about this person king oeer qun, i wonder who they're wi only go through to the next s next. oh, my good lord. >> i reason i went and got cough feet guy gave it to d your grace. [ laughter ] >> your grace. i appreciate it. >> he's getting used it to. >> the show created a family of something you say let's get together everybody o a year. year to hang out with each oth other. >> i was gunning for everybody to meet up so that may yet happen. >> one of the bst shows of the emmys this year the
10:03 am
irvelous mrs. mace sell ug tonhty shalub unknowingly photo bombed by one of hisast members. >> we're just all looking forward t seeing peoplehat 've, you know, who's work we've seen all year. people wieadami meyer. frs we haven't seen for a long time. th is for me, you know, with all the press, it's all great but a gathering place of eagues and friends. we're here and pose is here and the story that we get to p tell inose and all mygbtq queer people and trance people. you know it's like the kinds of stories that are being told in e w are necessary and it's the only way, um, that change ippens and so'm just grateful to be a part of it. >> would pray tell say about the emmys tonight. glamo category i >> i don't think we should admit to somethi >> what is the balance of takinr aole because you want to trite out as an actor but doing it to ssage about the story you'rent telling? >> well, um, when they see us theve narrati of these five of
10:04 am
the exonerated five it struck a closmcord with me. i' born and raised in new york city. i was very coherent in walking aroundne when this happed and the lifestyle i was living at the time and aeingt at risk youth on the streets of new york city it could have been my name attached to this. so, um, i relationship with these five men'sry sto because i remember it very that was beg aebl winner that ended up going to win. rones.o shalub the cast ofth gaf cool thing to be on that carpet last night. >> what was the coolest thing yoked who you wish youw, who would have aad a chance to talk to as far as theed carpet carpet. >> for me walkinghe on tarp was pretty surreal. it's single media outlet yo couldhink when you're watching the show at home. my section was right next to julianne in a rancic doll doing
10:05 am
her life show for e.ot i might have gotten every single person she got because kim kardashduled walk by, kendall jenner, julie louis dreyfuss you're sitting there gettingse b t a i. but the feeble we got were incredible. billy porter ended up being one o the bgest parts of the night so oddly enough a o lot eg some of the biggest winners of evening which was kind of cool. >> very cool. >> kevin you sound like you need to sleep. like you'ren runningfume. you've done a tremendous jf . i don't know i have you again in the show. if not gosh get some rest. >> i'll try. i'll see t you guysorrow morning, all right. >> all right. >> take care. kevin, don't be i late. >>on't be late. [ laughter ] >> by elf, buddy. >> good job. >> mike, thanks for helping out. that was great. [ ughter ] 10:05 is the time right now. hey, we'll talk about new rules for companies promoting weight loss products on instagram undek
10:06 am
to,r good see the content. um, rede the pressure for people feel from social media. site alsoin rg any content that makes unrealistic claims about diet or weight l products if you see violates the new policies, you will t be ableo report it. so it's an interesting concept to be able to report when you see something on social media. >> i thinkoo it'sd let's not target the kids give them time to develop before you staff goingown this path. igwe now let me help thing the latest thing facing extinction due to mille.ials wh amtrak's dining cars what we're referring to. hetyor passengers wlsean in new york. the company toldhe order tt'soks
10:07 am
customers prefer more personal no more onw new york to new orleans, and new york to miami. amtrak will now serve pre-pack packaged meals on those routes. e change takes effect october 1st and expected to safe am pack track abouton $2 milli each year so. d>> ie lik long trip. t >> don't blahe millennials. first of all the food is terrible. if you've he have had the food on a train it's awful to begin if youant to get rid of the hot rood getid of the hot fee feed. millennials want more space. when is last tim mor space, met >> is the boxood going to be any better. >> no. >> ya'll are missi the big headline. york.e of tn thoin fserom new >> all r, wisdom. witht new york amtrak would not exist.
10:08 am
>> they need thaou wout rt foodt some of that nasty -- i never yo sty. >> it's not good. n m inoot t's sest. i>> it's edible. >> if you're hungry on that train you'll eat i'mt. >> if iungry but also be owinr whateve non-hot food i s >>th that's ver you, steve. >>. you can bring youwnnials >>you w n. >> as amylenely?, i'm sorry. >> don't be. >> thanks for the extra space, mike. >> speak for yourself. i take that apolo>> n fow aorutd of braidmaids that's the new thing. recent artle in cosmopolitan magazine raised that question should you get rid of omidesmaids e eninbrxpailads maids in h it. one reason serdiedhe say ws wase pense. she s $1,0 tayo celebraexte thee and groom pogs big day any of he
10:09 am
sacrifice the womher iends the . when we think about this bridesmaids, yeah, get riffed noem t only do you get r of get riffed them all. youry do veneto wbout inhurtg man. >> you and your mate. >> come to the wedding. i don't he to be mad because i didn't get picked much this is great. i love this idea. m >> before you getarried you go the to findomebody and tinder changing the waype that it helps le find each other launching a choose your adventure style tv show on the platform called swipe night. it follows a group much friends played by actors but led by the tinder u who helps svivehose t n yourat i dintg works is eachl week you wil make key decisions utinrodeugho will match you basedn those decisions. you'll face moral dilemmas practical decisions withon only again, i you're this into
10:10 am
playing the games perhaps you should focus on the gamesnd b au follow throu by the end of your adventure the decisio you make will be visible on your screen and then everybody else can see how much time you spent playing the game and you canta with the matches about em. it s of ice breaker. >> my head hurts listen ting to alk about that story. gos t please, you got bigger issues. s coulde he w brides man andll a e mene moving on, good mak ding r return. still ahead the emmys. we'lbring youy're coming in to weigh t in all the fashion ya and and nays. ing fromri wendy williams c
10:11 am
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10:13 am
how about a little. celebriy >> probably better than my >> we do want to talut abe ezs. closed out very
10:14 am
cacci fashion show in milan rocking updated version of green dresslmos a >>20 oh. >> 50-year-old triple threat completely slade the rssuny ande bar once again. i was telling allison i've been on a fness regimen. what dyou think about it. >> why are youin ask ag ask lot. and admire fitness. are you impressed what she's got rocking at 50. >> is it the same. >> slightly different. the style isov good. ie the grele sty accentuates hee >> yeah. >> and the -lo- is her eye >> she hasros. i think it's beautiful don't th the w hs flowing. the way the wind islowing the dress and matches the tan shoes with t hoptr sape my boobs looke that at 5 s bh>>e i actually like the firt
10:15 am
etteesr. her body looks the same. she loo off rails. i'm doing styling -- youeent somewh else. chest'm to look when i'm 50 syld in that dres she loo >> i'm back to the style. i like it better withhe side pants. em. looks beautiful ishth >> not onl. y thaer face skin lookt, hs perfect but her body . when you see tha lite off the r. sorry about that. a oka thompson time toor co kardashian? >> what do you think. >> some fans suspect that might be t c aftheer this. khloe recently recreated photoas icole smith's, you k iconicuess ad
10:16 am
campaign posteto instagr gheamde pictur. sotee wro, hash tag perfection. exclamatn point. >> wow. t. with the heart emoanji my mments giving all the dramahe surrounding his alleged cheating that drama eventually led to the couple parng ways however they do continue to raise their daughter true together. ol tceg an evident to be in good place that witoe including complementing her on her instagram page. >> he obvious wanted of one to see that. otherwise he would have texted her and said you lzikng. >> ifham bac ut up a little jive comment on instagram. >> y know what -- >> jive comment. >> case closed ynou. >> i don't need to asouk y again. >> if there's a child involved opmy persoinion changes. >> they'im bo re ck.
10:17 am
>> no. becausani ci don't trust. >> if the trusn't there there's n io rstelationship. >> that's me. >> what about forgive and forg rget? laughter ]y[ ou. >> forgive and then forget you. >> thank you. you be my spokesperson next time iav hp. e. all right. how you doi? >> okay. wendli wil >> the diva throwing in the toanl d nafill a bust. >> oh h. >> she canceled last remaining show date forer the h record tour supposed to take the stage at a theater in st. petersburg florida and t a sourced page six the cancellations were the result of low ticket sales. 'm surprised. >> wendy has a full plate wendy williams shore mood for twoor seasons. >> so comedy, it was suppose -do be- was it supposed to be comedy or just like >> allegedly comedy. >> here's thehing. everybody that says a joke every now and then it's not funny enough to be onea stage. wedy know that. >> carrying a standup a is way different than having a scriptew . >> absolutely.
10:18 am
ievenf comes out introducedod intred, you know, if it's atten i'm surprised by that because she is a major star. >> she's a big draw. >> once people figure out youe in this day and ageia of socl media, okay that was a waist or whatever they say. it just kills the whole thing. >> right. >> now it's dead. >> you're right. she needs to move on that was a venue weird thing any way. >> she's got her show and that's doing great. that all that matter glass renewed tworsore. jonas brothers pa ''s sitcom friend b putting their twist on the opening segment in honors ot friendh anniversary. they took to instagramoe toe share a hilarioustlip. ♪ eck i out, guys. ♪ >> this don't look f likeriends intro. >> no. >> looks like mardi gras. >> thisooks like my nightmare from last nig.
10:19 am
>> i'm in allison h wonderland robertole right now. >> okay. >> all righty. well, hilarious -- >> it was unique them doing the song. >> the opening montage. >> do love the joe bros. what time is the friends thi qu. th weekpost -- this ise updat driverelery publicly acc lused of food theft says h day since then have been the worst her life. errifiedmiliated and and she fears for geraldo rive rivera. theriver'same is tiffany w at's l but tiffany w. td tmz her world was turned upside down when lizzo went in on her on twitter saying quote this girl tiffany w stole my food. she's luck company i don't fight no more. lizzo included a screen shot of di tiffany w right there and i
10:20 am
think that's where she rlly went wrong. >> she put o >> put her on total blast as she't so many fans.d they deter that tiffany did wait the five minutes at least thateq she'suired to wait before she moves on. she able to reach the singer fully cliff her fd she again went to her next stop. >> what she had to do to keep it moving. >> lizzo made a publicer poll engiing "i apologize for putting thatirl on blast. i understand i have a large variables that could have put her in danger. i'm going to real be more m responsible withy use of social media ". >> let me just also say, though, it's like growing pains. she doesn't realize the power happens sheas with a of those followers and people willh do anying, you know what i mean. >> she's mad she putso it on cial mediash. e's hungry and didn't get her food. her a real lesson.cussions >> real people.
10:21 am
>> 10:20 is the time right now., all rht. allison >> yeah. not for me. i just said -- >> all right. how about we just go to break. how about that? >> did you good, w.h >> yea. i aine got to play tag. ♪ i'm ládeia, ans more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one rt of it. prescription dovato istaor adults who are sing hi't1 treatment and who aren r h medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2 medicines 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medines ta while king dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day
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looking life out first oay on. what's that about, motherur t na little faster and be a giant f fan. it. >> needs to. it wil b heot ended summer finel y.>t. my law no awfuln lo. by nature, i i>> that'st truer.e. nature. but i am ready fors fall. welcome to fall the dc way. d.c. w we complore egneaetsoy i and just keeping going with whatever we had lasse on. seeing 80s start to pop up on our man here. dulles started off in the 60s they've now risenin7 degrees alreadce they started off this insburg f fredericksburg 80 degrees. d.c. hanging on to 77 won't be hong before tse 80s take over eventually 9 later this afternoon. have some relfolie o
10:25 am
ofrffh o it. tmotreon clouds than anything e at this hour. as it comeshe across t mountains later on today watch future cast it could kick up some isolandd showers here a there. some sprinkl, something light around the d.c. region later on this evening. maybe if you're luc a couple of us could get something a little steadier or heavier later on this evening. bestt c be until after 8:00 o'clockmm aroud the iiate. dehe redskins in town taking on the bears thiseang down to the stadium will be fine. probablyake the showerut of that. but kick offn to the half time hours watch outtl for maybe lit bit of rain coming down but shouldn't be too long nor should it be anythi that affects the gameng play orny athgin that. seven day forecast, 94 degrees to idat back to closer tot by b op kyinnd 90s look likely foreeke t wl if we doheoo tkie mng w ag
10:26 am
bring on the snow mike.rsonallye the wait is almost over. the return of the good d d.c. fashion police is just minutes away. the yeas and the nays fro the red carpet on last night's emmys com up next. ♪
10:27 am
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10:29 am
>> fashion police activated. yes. it is the morning after the emmy awards so of course the good day d.c. fashion police back in action. so did you have your favorites brought in some help to break it onouista angiein. f goff h this fabulous tuck seed dough. definite tab fabiola bittar de kroon fab and kenny andn lau. looking amazing. blue and black memo, yes, ma'am. >> t didn't get memo. >> i know. just before we get to thell individuals, overa you're saying you were not pleased with wthis. asn't. i justike there was no innovation if they did have stylist or designer they didn't connect. >> lauren? >> ladies forgot to wear lipstick. come on it is the red carpet. you've got to bring itlt just fe like it was a little .bo >> angie? >> yeah, um, it didn't takeuch to impress me. and iplould likee who take a lot of risks.ny so i think aing that makes
10:30 am
me go,oh, wow, oh, wow. it's good it gets you's talking. >> l talk about it. our first tar taraji p. henson. you comment.r pictureof each oe we hea --e w this pink and red happening angie you start for us. what do you think of this? >> think it's fab and i think that it obviously u block look e saw last night on of good cleavage. i will say the cleavage was go y good. >> whaou say lauren. >> i'll go with fab. sonise i s.ingnd washingtonian. >> okay. >> exactt to give her >> fab aleund.y moore.s show hea k red. fab. >> yes. eis g poleav leon dynamite vibes.
10:31 am
like your sleeves and i tsnk s- mr ateetf that.k i like the softened well. >>e looked gorgeous. 'm w>>right real the in the middle. i think the dress is fab but the hair is fail. >>enny i like the draping off the shoders. which really gave her that elegant time less look and the nice split on the side i loved the shoes i'm kind of with the hair, i'm a little -- >> getting bomb sheould. lipstick out. >> i womtop piece. zendaya. night. w even need to oe votn. >> this is sexiest lumber made i've ever seen in my life. she was poison ivy and like you said t, catwalk.
10:32 am
she can put anything on her bodi she getst done. >> she probably was one of few the catwalk tshi dressed y d yellow red a red and carpet. >> look at that zendaya killing it. >> she killed it. >> we got goet to gwyneth physical tow. who -- she's parentally gets mixed reviews[ ht fer h ] >> angie got that. >> angie got the walk dow oo>> t i didn't know t. >> she had shackles on her>>et't >> she looks great in theha wee picture her sleeves we the volume was great. as soon as she tried to >> she lookeds a was at pay less her shoes were strung together. ..laring aoo board. >> i agree with them. i loved the dress. love the drama in the dress. i lov she did
10:33 am
three elements of it like but i'm with i them. the walkly j off. >> got t kno>> wowayk be. we have got a lot to get throh. biggeret in e your dress i lovet ca ipe that also went with this dress that she shore when she was that m that elevates this lookak d00% 1as it's a fail wite itas.he mothe. of >> laurenu ve a low midriff it the dress. it's too pieces to d that wrap ndarouhas t sonin reay
10:34 am
and her b was inspiotredm. >> thank you her. >> that'shat i thought. >> th>>eeah. >> elegant. >> i like her i don't like thiso look. >> it'kay. had she put the silver sneakers on stage it didn't laverne cox. drabrought emmy drama. >> yes, she did. she brought what we le to see on the red carpet. >> i think it's part of her shoulder volume. >> to me this is what i wasg. h yea wow. something dreiffent.. >> i like it. to >> let's do jenny mccarthy. let's see what she h. >> what in the hell? >> we'll up front with that. >> call it how it is and that's that is a fail. >> cinderella yangi'rerr.
10:35 am
oh, my gosh. i w >> fail. >> i was district distracted k. im kardashian. >> w very classy. >> classic. you cannot go wrong with this. >> i justey wis would she would have put a little more squirrel or body in her hair. >> front of seconds. can w get through angela basket billy porer and the c other people. >> angelat baske best dressed of the night. >> wow. >> really. >> amazing. this jumpsuit incredible. with the cape. >>ryhe pursething. >> she knew how to own it.ab >> f fab. angie, i love.he p reay?>> borde0dsecona wring >> i think the hat out shinethe. >> id hat and the shoes were pretty fab. >> you're matching his nails >> the outfit what's not to >> i'm glad iidn't have to sit >> meal lower classic.
10:36 am
waiter. e outfit l >> i didn't like his shoes.nt >> any pa ross ski. >> he look great. >> c we go back to billy porter. >> he looks- >> that's a kenny katz right the w?ism >> listen, they are totally wrappi me. so overall we're giving the show a or fail? >> i'm giving it a 50/50. 's amazi fngl.. fune see y at fun. >> listen. of cikhaouble gentlemen on the shh couces wwiith yourks sheoc blue theme g. over ong. in theoi redie>> the bl fue y wmithou your reo lame. [ ugerht
10:37 am
i like theoc sks,. t.omensextheard of y've about t with a bold yet smooth taste. an ♪♪ 1850 coffee,inegdl by.olma a. ♪ rachel deposing a ch
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10:39 am
ith is your right here,. r bahtnow fthisal ♪m. ...and earn a free night., cabusiness is
10:40 am
>> ♪ hello. ethithy'r ngsnagate t live in tinhe big c. >> show define entiren generatio and gained a whole n audience recent years since reairing on netflix. but no matter how big of a fan you are o the central perk reoneew,thia lin
10:41 am
it c monica and joey were gob e main romantic couple and it wasn'y eheilha trasnt unt jen a exceptistonal chem tree between themselves that the began to rethink it and come up with the idea of rachel and ro ross >> so how long did it take for them to figure thatut? did they do that before the showal actu -- thehe show started to think that was the pointorrit . rachel and ross became a w ml. wic were muadlichbbed because it seem lia lot of it was so natural. >> the whole idea was tooake everyone's lines feel natural
10:42 am
but all written in the rm. one of the shows creatorids crane was very intense about making sur that everyone worked as hard as they tould untilhey got every line exactly as they wanted it to be. the performance played a big role i austed the t to have them feel more >>aul, t ss asttear wl. the salarythisteepu wass, goingl the c ahasng contracts there were points at backe wethre, a kauffman asked was to be givenou eld ght abouthat the tmihee la asicr
10:43 am
later a.ndqut are peo that areeopl jeoreid j. get it. so what do you think is the parcr iett wulon cties continur f theuofce iri thin ak pndart of thate a kd of road map to the future that forhe teenagersy might look at the show and say, oy,ka adulthood is going to look like.
10:44 am
my o alswnoema things but i'm g ngaveakrywee ss andghn they -- tthy w were going to uansior steylreaeyn' kno ectlyowe was going to play out i or what the resolution would be, butthea fojor part of the show moving rwwe aarppreciate you joining us but>> thanks so t myouc to rers
10:45 am
ri fhi wn ti>> was thatil wl but it was a lot of fun isn't we need to find that one much it's 10:45. cebrat tha to takely h ari t outdsho here a and we'n try bee allve u's to impossible fors ytever bhi ssoti c 'sn.ebeur
10:46 am
ayhewe get a spot in i want goo hf one e're rea to roldyl, >> yeah. lecoup1949 tra thehemor allnth wor m miqe fun w those antique tractors are full heim e mechanic. >> a ostlws reaaydy to o g
10:47 am
inhe thumb the losed ccuiris r. up and wnde a areit s about of s that have happen to be one.he hayride with oun youell>>ne p o, t live in ttalk area. >>neiv it' te i ahe farthesfe or
10:48 am
newh yeik got lenten mhe hofsast i ft a this hayride? >> i don' i've just begun. bu o'm gyoing to continue to ride with my popcornn hand. so listen, hefully we have inedspir you enjo does it like cox farms does doiy
10:49 am
fo families smiling eeoying the summer weather eventhou ghhe t say it's t out e and,nj thatak sureunh y takeo >> oh, myen ty gosh, holly toot i lks have gii think will love that place. so i'm allt. after youick that pum p apkt .ox farms why not cook it in a celebrity chef damien brown he hhi'llng a a tkns >> wt'ntshat,lso t nos restaural
10:50 am
we are here to djessie's o. we will let you make ss the first isoffer. wait what? shh. one hour. out of the question. uritswee wn the deal by doing the dishes. onhoe it one hoh the tablet, the dog will do the dishes, and we gs. a deal. congratulation only x cnity xfi lets you ontrol of your family's online time. now let's talk about getting our ears pierced!as no way. why?e? that's simple, easy, awesome.
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it is private chef no restaurant week and uerwayinnind emerging chefs wow without restaurants for series of
10:53 am
curated events all around the district suefngarcusg priva.teri cnel alh s yes i stea do. tefek is fort privatehe showtahaan rur aundhe sethe district for private, you tknow, families andngs like that and pop ups all over. where can people get that >>information. look at yout. >> book waltz.. >> perfe let's get this demo sta'med i we'll make some waffles. >> here we have this flour. baking soda. ht ofs tv>> t. u wpafflere
10:54 am
that. >> you can s i spist'tivesaceeau put on top? socy s f icing.. >> explain the dyo c
10:55 am
>> aavanep.lo dpples dipped in nuts andol chocolate. tishe season. ury nns,ha ger.on for s r ong. restaurant. >> what kind of food are you serving up. oing dru a bllnc thetion onor ih chef no restaurant week.
10:56 am
come on. yes. oh, my gosh. um stomach ibling right now. who wants one ofhese t one. my teeth don't. >> i said the same you ngu can't wisdom. theayov>> h ouov i le want a final check of theforecast. irst full day ref >>ha t 90s coming back byheee
10:57 am
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♪ ♪ in 1850 coffee, b boldly. liamrks showyow il ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [ches and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ erhe [c>> wendy: welcome!


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