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tv   Fox 5 News 4  FOX  September 23, 2019 4:00pm-4:19pm EDT

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no ccoerce out mountains ly 8 under the cover,nd ev cudlo fewociad with the cold front you can, n a lot ofrs, some of which are not t making o the grounds ye herst o'me mha, npproaching 81. s 1as pay football bears arehe in
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about t's0.ree civlde, hav 6 o>d archfirsgetdgrd wchde ec oon 59 dyeo arth a s theouree
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investigators say ppent e ata d ofoc disturbing it, all happened fe evening great frederick fair toiny rt citnesses mpicwe aut t theet d punched w asgerlder ts
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rsg ac anchnt rgheedy,bis ahalfbe sty thasi pa barsncen t i ts pos l c usixt hearing.
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blthy cri f 15 as anass ing to theesters takeopleomte wo streets of d c calling for action on climate change. >> fox5's marina marraco joining us live with more on utwn dc. .neozen proteersyeowpo
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protesters in blankets forprotem tfreews d rctngle ectc ri indigenous lands and envinmental justice. >> dc is the political citol of the world.we are one of the most significant places to live and we have a lot o powerful people here. and a lot of powerful theme are able to just ignore the
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crisis every day began to work and make, decisions you know, take money from i the fossil fuelustry and not think about who they are er'seto the people of the bowser praisingceceolrsic for te today shutdown dc day on social media, and you can seal, there as lot of mixed reaction and ustration, we here these tweets hey pick uplastic bottlee leaves, today the firstfay o the everybody sportir shuown dc treaynding, and on d congress was not in session make us win. and this has been trending o so ittwters don'gt understanded the way the group went about itwiet allype
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downtiitwhywn h ftorursstrated d ayteac veat i sl mi atct hdusc tea t hadett schoi administrate fresh 1974 to 1989, he reportedly started teaching in ldeowrenntous in a l districtssesoue oicrexp s year old had a temper tantrum, sffed schooler. her apnea and was overly tired. the eight year old was nded to thas i suspended the
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school resource officer said did he not follow proper loc>>ur weshehildren. jerry dng ta few years ago, he was sellir. hf of me it, had tosvate fls, i mos
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ngen lost tha hage toploghtpoer. apo aonseu he lucklakeilt wus ny bey, nllel returned t.heoomeod a k he
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lerainave from dc hldne e
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n tetwothe and a halth e: bus in the update 51re sshi bhtro wtfurr
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courage countries to meet the goals of thear ais d leadlls to act you are gey on climate change. >> you have stolen my dams and my childhood with your emptyords and yet i am one of the lucky ones. people areeginning was a
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real passionate speech, aprlyng foroues0 3 syan btish trandsus company tho 1 million peoo esgo you're on aouesrak m trave, trip. how get d home? hno kwhe komo t thaont's a
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nniigghe s,tmmanow tarre a gurriatrocal d lore eight. >> it is so active. es kw. they'nore sill yes, three storms were rrhuiceantty much in peak we are in the second ha olfhingt formed off the african karen erto s aowaaicalo,op st hbe figon tnuryfepil thatheil tct
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rislhela s opndical storm dorian, tropical storm at the time intensifying, still,hehe nth,ut rsote me
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ne tough the lantst wiroll strength categy two hur som mete th tero iinen wed welce to fallt has t l ed in theai event bsack in june, but in the end,wereraat exposure a bndavohed. ju cerol s
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tne story, blake. >> oh, sorry.hem t dctabrkeoanto fact,er she just g ylast tervwed aen b o belietvea s ialiv been atebdamder face haons your >> i wt?ou l,
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stag little, drink ago sw.stsouo e hot apple pod cast where 16 shows in. so that's encounter we've ever had. yes. >> good stuff. >> trip from tripton? >> tripton. >> got it. fin ngst man'sri best fends, you won't believe the lent that one family wenthrough to bring home their missing pup. one womanit actually er job. >> that's craze. >> i the s coming up. take-off.
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aying his brinr- l
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for their annual camping trip.l repu m ew wsoupatti m use ics ♪ , d fto f?ndit and
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or♪at'om abo usnpo tay nod about
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ing ba ck to the doctor just for a shot.
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wido n..ot take nereulastai. an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. esal
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asasl er w selsoe fiw the br days. , r thnaheke ali ni ews your th? we'v'0 likehowtime. attc'w' ndeh.
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a beingd hea wi jailour help tracking down thectuspes w several cars a camon streetpr ge these people slashed tires, a peniep h, itap they wee the caud b keatt andtin
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oidisappli wenin to thiin ere. tefhehaou ld thety couldn't gow
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lenvel, doors wouldn.det hout bt thetiva ph,roblems that weer having prior to thathat y didong,gat dn't o wtentiuns.
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t t did realize thetha the ll autthat, comingll tctlly,thie
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blake? a a>>e r .a htchwiouletht
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spos dec bhencatin tpl, oue. y
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doermos need energy. anected to grow.ding sota he a navrly cticslpg us devel moy demands of today and tomorrow. >> f
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ohyose bntden o
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ay m fes asgame th 80aiai
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n're >> >> really, okay.eallnkfay.n ?y ke >> iwhh really gave her that ti s done since that post mate driver said she is living ift fear lizo tweeted about it to her nearonloilweli. s, lauren, so disappoint today h t no driver tiffany saying her indsrl o tods g b d, y know, wtoe g a toti
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number attached to the account no one answering the phone, no ro numberac atttohed the lobby initially, and asked like hey do you guy have this person staying here, they said no she waited for t measinut ac, seaf a spokesperson for ss theyr any inconvenience but the tiver waited five minutes a wud heon. original tweet and issued apology on twitter saying she needs to be more responsible giving her following her latform. because where all of this went wrong lizo accused the woman of stealing enr food and posted the woman's photoial men >> yes. >> youould see the shot. u yo you the drivers' proo hleou s k you meeting posted the screen shot se here to pro err perfect example to thintwick
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lesov o everything on 5 a te and ow calm.tyig n osuutn there shining i d't know if you say that ever year. maybe around here you probably soat y.llor l couitsy back hom ae he, are you sick of the heat yet? ris time of yea iit wtart
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tomorrow. ot thisil s cool down will be r temperatures, it is later on this weeke wnd, possibly again, into nextng quite yet.ju wardrobe er 9degrs whhesi mixf humid too. fapereost day ofll, w ssaslmal mana ty've been uon'teeg he t athny shorswe. dry weather lately a a looks so but
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just widelyma in sta, sero thibest we se few i p. football. rht now in theower, in tehat winofhe t te.erme arontha t s cleearac front.s,oo 68 degrees, he reand int will be a refreshing change for your.hire tsd a undma nr ortwl,o above. right around 80 i t tnk here
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in washington area, i0souch mothnhod erbe doing this time oft nor year, 81dc. p dg.rymb jtte sheirstn in ther art oermont th.he well, well belayour oriest septn record. no real rain in the saturday. te doade ypinsc rpression till expected to nd dco aday, sprto urndmoy.ooweay sho like a
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wereath l ome'e heret an.testing.
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test. testg. i am
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ehange toadl baiyl attack a.dc.y pngtimp therowi ng two elementary school students edy how b do you do that >>rest to a 6-year-old child. >> the news at 5:00 ♪ . first at brothersanr face addt adg
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happenedneberse in.ayhe mthe du enf o at t with the dea id frederick fair and today in court, prosecutors say it two
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otteen hers, 15 and lo folwe vin argument over him giving the came out of now llar sayt was m. hend n him as he lay there unconscious. >> thi for a dollar


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