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happenedne enf o at t with the dea id frederick fair and today in court, prosecutors say it two otteen hers, 15 and lo folwe vin argument over him giving the came out of now llar sayt was m. hend n him as he lay there unconscious. >> thi
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for a dollar bill. obviously, there was a degree of dialogue that occurred after that and it was neg ive who said what, we do not know at this point in time. what was askedvi tewhog w askin come forward, if they overheard the cotin erfasa i,on, occurred.eknk-out game. buthtis was w over a couple ore on social media wanting them to be tried as adults. i can tell you thatak i don'te the law. i just prosecute people who break it. ok. so the law does not permit ate's attorneys' offices across the state of maryland to charge a o. at w wh first degree assault .
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tsterr:orteey h cor t however, they sayheyes will be n ounger e against the faenager, however, at this tti cing first not want to speak about w the cause dll teenagersthpeea heart, he's nominating marcu ta nes expressed interjoest injo the yty formally e apriprovnejo ass' we t firstak daye of fall feels sueuc clouds here theret check of
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f d t fal humidho.notice that 94 e 92 but the winds little bit out a the south southwest at 15, heating uspquickly. a little bit of cloud folront will try to come through later tonit, and we kind of need it to. s quite warm, you ratures, at 9i get tbi tt owbeartter. as we check radar, not mupuch there is a little bit of cloud cover as we and radar and yes, a out tbe ruled out, we inews thk
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hkiilds sns of ticlllouds,rar, it could be a spott,owerbe a ithinh e terriblyl sy.codrutdaforeca fall-like temperatures andknowfi our future beyond showers tonight. loudoun county high school onual esgene leg former teacher wone o
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found to have engaged in inappropriate cond with students. he was a teacher and administrator at moret. soldier is iusntodyn 1995 at th discussed omb a majorec nors in an online chat hn to kiarll f lef ombt triggered with a cell phone.ut ckinbo a per looking to repapeople. >> we are aret cr leading in t around the world. ho tak awa from the very rus significant police resource tha is we rather
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communities.owr reacting to the climate changeot ts that shut down several major intersections in dc today. ayesha khan is in southwest where demonstrators shut down ma deed action from s.offi >> reporter: dc police made 26 rests along new york avenue from this morning's charges these prot wtersill be facing. in the hemeantime, t biggest protests weaw t morning was along 16th and k in this quadrant. thaheir strators started at way to 12thce and indepe. the coalition toc shut down marched in three other f g . uare, columbus circlnd the eone on6th and k does deployed a large yelaiw soat some chained themselves to the middle of the road a police had to use aawo t
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loose, luck noll one was hurt ed rthemained peaceful. now, the protesters say they ar global cause, because otherwise, they say they we only hav govere seriously. r. >> dcitic capital of the world. one of the most significant es ignloorte the crisis every dayd andeo to work and maked decisions anake moneym fro indut think about who they are there to serve. and that's the people of the aneric the protests are lasting pretty muchghout the day, wh meich s blocked off and you may have toin f i district.tu back to you in tdio. trngt he o n dc has been social media. there was a lo t of reaction. people saying fires for climate change, madohu ut p wnpe
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leav today is the first day of fall.he that w ou ha environment. t of people have a lot to say on this one. the climate crisis was top of the agenda in new york as 100 world leaders gathered ahe of the general assembly. before the speeches begin tomorrow, there was an aion summit, the body is trying to encourage t countrieso meet the goals of parislimate agreement and t back greenhouse gas, 16-year-old gretta, thornberg of swed warned world leaders to act urgently on climate change. >> you have stolen my dreams and childhood with your empty words. yet,'m one of the lucky ones. people are suffering pebb are dying. and our eco systems are collapsing. >> president trump made an
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appearance at the summit aftte ating anothervent o religious freedom. ale suspected drug dea is in custody accused. distributing methstafford. special agenteds stopped his car. they fnd drugs and cash inde the vehicle. detectives obtained a search hoonusnoe more drugs and several asslt rifles. townhouse.irive after a fire or the was caused by improper disposal of wood chips after grilling the fire causing $200,000 inma da. parts of georgia avenue in w silver sprill be getting major safety upgrades for pedestris and cyclists. the state highway association has the federal go ahead to resign a one m stretch between 16th and forest glen road near the beltway. lanes, installing sidewalks and
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adding two-way bike lanes. theedskins were off to a slow zero and two start in the season but got a chance to nab the first during a show down against the bears, skyfox over fedex field where kickoff set 8:15, the bears are five point favorites against the redskins in addition to a laundry list o ty jordan reedut ruled of the concussion he suffered during the presson. by the way the redskins are six and 23 in monday night football tgames. so safeo say that is -- it's not good. >> no, it's not. >> theh odds are notthem. . >> we'll hope. >> that's true. are suffering. so. >> we'll see who can doodyas to. >> then they will be a tie our . anxplo ding bottl shampoo wreck as e woman's car. what happened. firs the of mel
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today. new video df thetruction as they begin the lengthy clean-up process in the bahamas. >> paul wagner is live v in nortirginia withon. >> iepor rr:te poisoned to give the police out here a new tool. something the residents overwhelmingly support. i'll have that ♪story. . ♪ .
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wearinode ben.tyill soon e tm hath the details f amermoican university
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them s t andtl . so many parple eery it'son iphones, you know, are deotaping if we d not have our own incident, weane' s dithdvtage. isbl ato, you know, provide as: program that ran ftsgrom march september lorase tthan behavithe thatiror ofers commu
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ofcameras. chief ed renoreaful said the use of body cameras a proval f,airfaxcotg the dc un m. thra e a$6ndalmi hf asked somees r >> tngsre the going, i thk- - it's a natural. absolutely. i mean, that'sn.ure e
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allows us as what's going oncase. >> yes. >> reporter: can you tell me what's going on,eporr: since th officersro,dllen asic er wear ot amos ce bwille months probably well into the next yr owr back to you in the studio. unde. dumped more than three feetg of water leavilesth of storm is be least five rescues.
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>> on the side road right now. lookt him. what a beauty. >> my gosh. >> wow. a couple in texas went out of amda's flding.ave a fish from th couple strung up bait, of karmaelease himo gul tf >> s coming your . >>e so much amelda, disaster helloly morris collectedine doughnuts in the break fro
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you haven't,omad one yet. probably i'ms too late. wanted to let you know if you're planning on taking in theiv fests, things will get better the nexcouple ofdays, today, a scorcher at 94 and we look to build that heat back again later this week, you want to keep the s mer clothes handy. three named systems in the givics we need to continue to e a close call to the island of bermuda. unfortunately. karen, which is a depression ov. system, veryat weak heavy rain out ofthat. lorenzo is a new tropical storm out to sea.ea two just a moment we want you to see what's going on with, first and foremostjerry, the stronger system, with the winds of 65 mis, it's 340 miles southwest of bermud they will have tropical storm conditions tomorrow. thatill continue io maybe th weae rl py get it on out.ngs in bermuda, thewe large ss will continue as well. karen, ks
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not named systemy. necess it is a depression, but watch the path of this, it's about 135 miles south southwest of st. croi virgin islands have to watch it but our territory puerto rico ooks to see it going orhdea t d still raining wednesday and kind of meehaanders here. we may be talking afuthis kwee. we got willhere owiss,oi t cng illesre not be as hot tomorrows it was today. but as we wait fnt that to cross, notice around 10:00, 9 corridor, up towards baltore, a few showers could be in themi x later tonight after we get through about midnight, i think a lot of this activity will be out of here, and we clear out for a beautiful tuesday that
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will not be as hot. in fact, it m bdeegr tsen coole was today. orso get ready f nice cool down begiing tomorrow, n unfortunately does last, most of is week, we'll build the heat. caitlin will have your 7-day forecast coming up. let's get story now, missouri woman says this damage was caused when a bottle of dry shawoo up inside her daughter's car. rt fohurt her mom said the. daughter left the can inside the car center he console. the apparently caused it to explode blastin the cover off its hinges. it then shot threw the sun roof and went hig landet away. the mom fd ee50 says the produc heat warni label but peoe that's with an aerosol can, not st shampooaway in handcuffs.
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the school resource officer inicanrested two students was- l both stustdegatsin are six. one of them reportedly thr choo officer ter fuger sh tot, io cn.hild should be sol odleaby that they on .ani don'tn
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ematedelmi resrcdeepart ment l. the officer again,po suspended pending the outcome of an this is nla td w reprimanded for excessivehish s. 5:30, a travel people are stranded tonight aerft a .orter: not w i?
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t's closed teell youeyha wt fod fox 5 news at 5:00 continues ter this. ♪ . ♪ .
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>>i'm jim lokay with the where the fox 5 newsroom areteag ause killing aertayoc l nex ord mont charged withst and feessau in t prorecsa activists, ot employees moved in and arrested
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32 org,ganizers say tllnwi tay.>> the sti fonalf fm hrs to. wh> tag. ogwas blown lyjenagu a tardfet for 8:,
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the houivee yg nder redskins are six and 23 in monday night games, we give you t' is nnl doesn'took skins. >> that'shy w hiwased toe gti li mil elevat
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brhieakdnational parks icservaie s now, buwas t n on the third a minor -up. e conveniencedying uck up b a little longer tn on. >> reporter: nobody was on the elevator when itn' wt operate. however, this is just the latesn everalid yrsftneeotagnantion ae
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closed again at the cost $3miion , who are not that eager to teak pass to go . because t
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t stk o snc on analhe boa how w you 5ldou f deetoerpwelll builtuo georayottomrd of exactl happened up send it back to you s. strike against general modes is week two, 50,000 united auto workers off a job. thior d payempran and profit-sharing, expecteto t > quest d,find her missing dog full-time job. we'lou tell y how much time she.
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first though, a big buzz kill reseaforch e that may you cutting back on how much coffee you drink. ♪ ♪ . ♪ . ver in clean air el>>ie b and clean water and all countries should get together and do that. ptopping in is the u.n. climate actiont oul raising the for candidates to the primary ak wdee. it on the stage. talking about that and much more tonight at11:30 on "the final 5," see you then.
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and this a loving reminder from his wife. this is oh, and thll paying iss wihi brotr- for their annual camping trip. and this is will finally relaxing for the long flight this is your right here, right no
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england, not mass. she decid to run anyway and finished in two hours and five minutes, the half marathon city sent her ada l, a shirt an reminder always read the fine print. . >> a woman in washington state spent nearly two months in a small hintana town seang four her dog. carl king, not to be confused with the singer poured her energy io finding her dog. she handed out fers for 57 ou days, finally tgh social media, she tracked katie down. oge was severely dehydratedt bue's expected to recover completely. which brings t mind the instapoll. would you quit your job to spend time searching for your lost dog? 71% apparently have no heart oro to the or the fox 5.
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you know what? that is a btr exe. quit her job.had the ability to maybehe hadsome, you know. >> flexibilpiy. >> maybe it wasng her, so she felt likshe could d it. fine. a lot of us are not in position. the matter of not havin git the heart. it's a matter of, priorities. still>>haheaech u.s.ening at airports across the we'll show you. >> history made during one of gg holiday'est nights. the must see moments from emmys. >> what a first day of fall it was. 94 degrees was the high at reagan. was a record high at dulles, who als hit o94. 95 atbwi. these temperatures about 15 ees above fall offially gun. off to aicot start, i'm afraid more hot weath in the forecast, wait till you see the ate septemberreruly ae aubreak when fox t 5 return. ft♪ . ♪ .
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was my famil homand as i'vedise, seeas the medicine hassed alongside it.ri trying to make medications mo affordablortant, l the medicine hassed alongside it.ri we milet's fix stem ation the right
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. shawn yancy and blake mccoy the newsroom wits in coming hup. >> i'll tel everybody out there how t save abouthe $3,000 year. we'll talk about that at 6:30, no oneup. like as cheater. tell that to the russ p doing it. thth k latest actions mean they could be k outthe nextic olympics entirely. we'll cover what's going on. >> that's huge, they're always big competitors. >> you got to play fair though. >> exactly. time now, 5:46, a live look outside across the this appears arto be geaaithersburg hmera. caitlin as your full forecast coming up in ten
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seconds. ♪ . 90 degrees we can add to the totaan for the year, sy well above normal amount of 36, point, should those, not at this torture at this point,s 94 today. cold front is luckily passing, few showers are possible, although this looks like not much rain whatsoever. and but it will lead to a more comfortable tuesday, so tomorrow, however briefly we'll feel mh more likefall. because guess what? e arly as wednesday, those temperatures sta climbing again, and they will keep climbing throu weekend as temperatures returngh to the 90 and the fir week o fallst ugh rest of the week.resnd dry, aside f rom those showers tonight. maybe something thiswe end. we'll see. high for s, 91 in ltimore, 94 , the day. 93 in quantico, 80's north and
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west, exception along the tains herone low 80's look at cumberland, 78. they've ha cover, and they've gotd cooler air moving n to the north and west. we'll watch the trapetures drop.em, here's front can see that on sateltend radar, y showers are broken, they're pretty light and a lot of this is not making it to the ground, extreme western maryland and west virginia seeing showers, we'll watch that cross i 81 if we get any showers in your neighborhood. 8:00, 10:00 that we see scattered showers in the metro ances kind of diminish, this is midnight, it might be the best chance between 10:00 andht mi before the front continues off to the south and east and we'll clear out. call for the game at fedex t' field, i hot for football. it's 94 degre right now, as tailgating y'r aend heading into the stadium. 88, 85 atkickre t you stty shower duringay bhe
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on tucast widespread, shouldn't doin an yre fromgyteingng outside, p g better as the cotoler air startse through, 75 by 11:00 tonight. tomorrow, northerly winround el high pressure will a brze humtomorrow, nice toilee ynn ary aftith nd mperatures righter around normaf be we'll fallo the 70's l wilbehe t will be in p elsomla sse ous to 90ackll w , f
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from the potomac, live n justext >> tnight.t's emmy athwa ncluded 37ards i est hot on the wies game s thr season run inhthutstan poto as first tayanhetinil he we've been wto watching and talking about this flea bag sheeown b.its and pieces and it's very funny. i interviewed her last year, actuallyor the sol was paireoitglover, extremely talented. it's based in loon and deals with her character, who's called
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ne kevinrn ortnsed tv rkme t e secp told a sing feder u p highssce thro ph♪ ♪. em
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. >>or> mane th vacationers stuit w a wutay to getoftoachek br oldest tours gone belly up.
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thomas cook wenes out of busins after organizing tours and vacations nearly 180 years.w >> i kno that this outcome will be devastating to many people and will cause a lot of anxiety. >> i wasn't really sustainable company there putting aside,ove don't usually invest in travel companies. >> onlin companies like expedia next im flight is a jetblue, g out faciaand og recticket. you pose for a picture that customs and border protection matches to a photo oft youhas typically from your passport only available 19 airports reag national. but some have privacyflhtig
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l be coll used in other wsay agencies like the phone number? >> visas pictures of u.s. citizeed are delet 12 hour, facial recognition also beingbo officers caught 173 iomin aomeo sete atosrs airports. luxuryaction, is offerinip s to the north poll in his hotel. it's open next april, including prime viewing of the o and from the heated igloos. a seet 7:00 on "like it or more news now.teage brothers ac killing a man at a local fair. the calls to ce
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ha lts activists made their voicesd but were commuters sympathetic to the cause. > a man accused of scouting dcrk lands for terrorist gro was in cour what he told federalelopments about the k tngilli at the great frederick fair. tothday. >> the 15 and 16-year-olds are charged as juveniles, with first the death of live outside frederickened. well,ynt cou despite tearfun bdaartos until their c nextrt hearing,
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