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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  September 23, 2019 6:00pm-6:21pm EDT

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ha lts activists made their voicesd but were commuters sympathetic to the cause. > a man accused of scouting dcrk lands for terrorist gro was in cour what he told federalelopments about the k tngilli at the great frederick fair. tothday. >> the 15 and 16-year-olds are charged as juveniles, with first the death of live outside frederickened. well,ynt cou despite tearfun bdaartos until their c nextrt hearing, which is not uexil nmot lea rne
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much more about what investigators say led up to that one fatal punch. okke a eolo. of that scuffle that ended with e death weed. however,ino showt'ntir incident, this happening fridayt, eveng a te oeno roth b followed and harassed the victi itting the teens a dollar.osore t was th older brother who first punched and pushed mr. edwe. followed him u the victim. knocking him to the ground. they say the slder brothert on him as he lay there listen. >> this was over him asking him for a dollar bill. now, obviously, there was some degree of dialogue thatat occurd afte.
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dialogue. who said what? we do not know at this point in time. catheinorecewtietsve people to the conversation, if eythin asboedutcuocrrgame. act this is all over a cple of kids asking this m for that a bkerothat >> t on so the l permit n stat attorneysaw officoees ds a the statearf mylan a juvenile as an adult, ok, at assault.laughter, wdehee >> reporter: the attorney's office also saying the facts of crime. thate'sth according to state
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however, they will be pursuing e again the younger teen. however, at this time, both teenagers still just facingndec degree assault. we did reach out to the victim't what happened.hi acthagexene s te aernd there a othersis could beinar change of harm. marcus jones to become the permanenepchf.tmieent t . ain fdoldmith was di iationed
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prosecutors say smith kansas discussed ine an o chat his plan to kill far left leaning activists onhaantd scoubeldri beot specif people. a man charged terrorist targets in our court. lex see saa living in new jerse an agent. he's accused of doing surveillance in new york city today, he ainst p him. another hearing is scheduled for wednesday. it's a warm day for the first day of fall. i dareay s hot.he t there's family farm in centreville virginia where t getting b gear. >> i think you can say hot. it's 94.
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94 at 6:04. >> i dare say you can dare say it is -- it was a record settet oda record of 93 back in 2010. it's kind ofs isn'tt ic rulid talking about this heat w? there is a little bit ofal rieef tfeelyoha ot nd fitt d and margr adespt. it's quite toasty. hard to be that redskins and bears have t in this coming up inof a there's ao wel front that will spread clouds and may iso spelaaking o those showers, tre are a stradd virginia line wrg iainont roya,l, tforward, we o s after, say, 9:00, to 11:0
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but you can see they're just no sure if they're going to be able he sustain themselvesau w got tt isphoty ser 80's lowo 90's. cod wouldn't be anything disruptive to the game. certainly noing to aleve what is nearly a dhtro ougur region september andaugust, p game around, temperature of 75. but f good or tomorrow, i oi think it's g to be at least ten, if not a dut 15egrees cooler in many areas. thanks to this front coming through. unfo trend for the rest of the week. weeal get you rdy for what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. sarah? . we are leading in the world in my aomim ac rld. tffic rush
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hour is takes away from the significan police resource we'd communities. >> that's dc mayor bowser reacting to the protest that shut down several major s. intersecti ayesha khan is in southst ctn from officials. >> dc policeerom mee ad 2 protests, it's not clear what, if any, c will be facing. in the meantime, the biggest protests we saw this was 12ong 16th andnsakirtrs wayor o thli coa ps which are par of marched in three other quadrant acoreludilaye, usmbd sailboat where some chained themselves to the pipes on the sailboat i mtheiddle of the
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road and police had to use a saw pteur hsrowase, none le otherwise,isobal they say they w'ty. >> dc is the political m if liva ahere pndowerful he fossil fuelthnd nottake fro thinkbo aut serve the a people of theh thromeug ahout the day. which interctionsed wouldo find anheute trck sdihung most of the day of reaction and morning traffic wo
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makeweave us christine saying shutdown dc, how about you clean up the sid of the roadsinea d? knowomhietheng planet. that's some reactn there from . ins iew rkev,elop dfrance, b germany are weighing in on t attack on thefinery, hran. earlier is the u a. climate ani unitietrs mto paris climate ag climate change. >> you have stolen my dams and childhood with your empty words,
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yet i'm one of the lucky ones. ople are suffering, people are dying. entire echo systems areg of a ms >> president trumpurprised sakg d ap agct at jaeri gthnd a feror fr
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soone salwas sellinwag it onell over. heinz received a call from the hester, isog tag but wanted to prear tt i becauo oknow,f e i didn'tht even remb. it had to have bee blown off usbecae, to? because i remember medivaced me, they just put me on a chopper and flew meout. it's not only utamazing, b it'sn
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s>> at the time when heost the dogtag. >> nice to seit > after threeea and the av washington monumen yt ing troubles again. we'll tell you what went wrong overheeken t >> could russia face another olympic ban? hinkpo res this plaandcountry ft net could haveoe ju okliback. ♪. o going back to the doctor just for a shot. with neulasta onpro... ...patients get their day back... with......
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ainagain,anf dinge men hrea otherth repairs to the landmark.ll ouhe t-dn agare wn it i tintyg otof get there,
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f'sroyiddeenbaltoren n ith accc laong iucnnow.hga
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toreamftable, n s but thweat's eit. again, maybe a hit or miss shower but itit wil will be nic noeat 81. as hot asegesay in a this is a frontal boundary an ityohca iu tse as we get in a little bit closer, we have a few brief downpour possible from front royal to hagerstown andwe as closer you can see that's trying to cross the interstate 81 rridor, a lot of dryhertel aird
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'd normally be closing in at four inches by the end of the y. it's quite.resu at the me owatching. itonti sesll being moving east t of 95, soy that the time you wake up tomorrow showers are gone, if we even see ans are gone and so iuds loy,the big heat. onight we dropovert t tgho ohs more comfortable ande that breeze outot n. othef or veryheiges thatl lit we can et oheck sen-d fo kd
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y onn .bestorur going into next monday at 87, when you consider average for this te ofs iear y news now out of montgomery county. an overturnedtruck, this is on brighten r ith d they're still investigating. the area often adamrigh b road and boardly drivel wilbe closed for at least the next four mone
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wel for just $79.99 a month with a 2-year agreement.ll'h., us r f
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meartmt. amber guy i erkilled. she went into her apartme because claimed she thought it was her unit and she shothim. prosecutors initially charged her with manslaughter but that changed dieted her for murder. two dozen state attorney nelsra rechange the law and allow cannabis related businesses to have banki privileges, rijuana is considered an ille drug under current federal lawat forcing legite cannabis companies t mostly deal in cash. thattorney generals say allowing these businesses to have banking access will provide moreover sht and reduce risk of crime >> americans waste $3,000 a year when they throweho out s scbohe, they found 103ound o food.
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. some t researchershink venus may have been habitable by humans. about 700 million yearsago. the planet underwent a dramatica trantion. it now has areurface temperatu
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of degrees86 fait, wis a bitot hrhi tsa is testing out a m that could maket in or youpr to enrol il precheck, they're using portable tablet enrs passengers onol the spot. typically you would have to make anpointment. tsa is using the pilot program to see if they can enroll morep le in the program, it's scheduled to end att bwi a end of the emonth. ing that can make process go>>r i'm in. thos lin can be pretty bad es sometimes. coming up, a big lawsuit d be coming follocowing the h car crash thaturt kevin tmz will join us with the details on 5@630. ♪ . ♪ . [music playing] (vo) this is matt and rachel.
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♪ . ♪ . welco now to 5@630. i'm blake mccoy. ght now, one of the biggest police forces inio our r could soon be outfitted with cameras. we have details on a big vote coming. that intelligence whistllower, will they testify before congress?ow we'll break dn the controversy andwi grong calls for president trump's impeachmen after accusing a delivery person of stealing her food. tmz has


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