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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:22pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, fans attack. a clash at a dc united match ended with someone going t the hospital. what one witness says sparked the violence at audi field. plus a wild ride on a hoe busyught it was a drunk driver that'shy i was so cautious. >> how a childeh got bind thesu. and locver ar alstyles. na w ho iglinst hair di tscomi s ourna young women and men that you're the way you were created. your news at 11:00 starts now. we begin tonight wit breaking news. we're told one fire ghter was hurt and one person is unaccounted after a fire here aort f this house in the on
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alexandria sectif fairfax county. this is a live look at the scene hen the 3400 block of elmwood drive. you can see the roof o fire fighters and emergency vehicles there on the scene. hiwe're toldngton gas is on sc asked to clear their homes temporarily. it i unclear at this time what sparke. that we are, again, have a crew tre on the scene. we're working to get wore detailse will keep you updated with the very latest a dozen fans attacked other fans routing for the other tubal. er a source td fox5 fan of -thed an lrt outside audi fie latest. >>eporter: shawn a source famili with what happened sayser atth there was a group of seattle sounders fans heading to a nearby bar.
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fa hathes w dc teal some of the scarves and flags that they e to blows at at point sending one person to the hospital. >> z, into thecoer ,rn see if we'll to videor: a that'same v. but even though fans were happy thesupporters. the dc united sai they followelb according to the policeas rertpd injuries for veral those seattle fans. we spoke to people tonight whoo tensions explode into violence. friendly city asport. a very
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for me,ny 36 careers of age an ner really seeing that hostilit >> it's really not worth it. sporting events espia lly just to have a goodim t statement sayy f tumirty n they will not tolerate violence at audi field. we undstdannited is workingiu to e wif can identify the suspecyts. right now it's uncar if alcohol was involved in this attack. back to you. the teens who b allegedeat a man to death at pe aaracank hap icepened on fri night and was quickly posted all over social media. prosecutors say the two brothe, ages 15 and 16, harassed and beat 59 yearjo old weed over giving them a dollar bill beforehe younger enhrghchll wee
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e pheun wi dfoonr d stiffers been a onot l the cial media wanting them to be tried asulou that, i don't make the jt psecula peopleho bre so eth does amiost ns the state of maryland to charge a juvenile a an adult, okay, at 15 wit manslaughter, with second degree murder, with first degree as ault. >> state'sttorneys office says it will be pursuingsl meeannste as well. the victims' causef death is stillin pendg. new at 11:00 tonight someone olorviinia governor terry mccullou at lun onghar s
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sathid nothing was damned or stolen. after fox5 reported the story.e to dc police for a job well done. montgomery coun executive marc elrich today nominated acting police chief to become the department's permanent chief even th egh jonesressed interest in the b in june elrich looked outside the deparent to fin the leading candidates bothtwh withdrew names. today we spoke with c twoounty council members about jones becoming the chief. >> i'm hopeful thatou marcus, know, he -- i know he appreciates the needs for a lot of the reforms we talked to him about following some of these shooting and other things, and i'm hopeful we're goi to be able to work closely to win the supp of the rank and file and make torms we really need. >> there's some trust that's been erodedome certain segments of our community and i nt to work withhief jones to make sure we rebuild that and make sure everyone experiences policing in a good way.t'
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sos my focus. i think he's got ton of qualifications. khenows the department. >> the county council mustve formally jones's nomination before he can become chief. a new jersey man charged with scouting terrorist targets urt today.a appeared inco feder last week federal agents announced alei saab is ac ally an agent for hezbollah and took these photographs in the 2,000s also acc us accused of edoted n for d attempting to bomb cnn. lindsay watts with the details. >> thisirs i class facing federal lis smith joinedhe army in 2017 and investigators say t ended up w their radarn him on social media tpe
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ha cas,g in one count of distrgfoutrmin ion rel explosivesndond shang bomb maki techniques. according to his arrest affidavit, he s dercover fbi agent on frit y abou person who would make a good target a to killnd referenced 2020 presidential candidate congressma beto kerour. discussed plans to kill far lef ukraine to fight with a para military gro there. finally, court documents h saye wanted to target a major news e name of thethcar bomb. net iworks in court documents cnn is reporting tonight it was them. cnn president jeff zucker said in a message to employees there smith faces maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. in the district police are looking for a shooter that killed a 17 year old las night.
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this happened just before o 10: o'clock morris jamel kirkland was killed.ot her juveniles were injured but pected tos dcovered close to 40 shell casings in the area corner of mount view and morris. y ou aplaveaese call dc police. ? > ice. >> climate change activists created a traffic mess in thernn they blocked nearly two dozen intersections in dc pice y were trying to in and aes the bring urgent attention to the le m orofgaloni gzebars are planni sothing similar in the city on friday morning as well. montgomery county police need your help tonight tracking downhe vandals who damaged several cars at a parking garage in downtown silver spring. it happe td at che street garage june 11th. su prveillance videos here slasd
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call gntmo spring willia bee getting major safety f upgrador pedestrians and cyclists.e stalo tceived federal forest glen road near t heapov the plan includes narrowing traffic lanes, installing sidewalks and adding two-way bike lanes. >> youlsanow, or repairs will beginn lane closures throu next memorial day. a $27 million ecd t rpfsapnd ton they kicked off a calci series e bre ycelishing therp thoughti e au a p beat of is joining in on the fun offering .
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they have to text within three minutes of harper striking out to score the pizza deal. st rule ofe. th >> strike 'em out. >> after spending the last few weeks embroiled in controversy, nfl star receiver antonio brown les revea what is next for tm. ill appear ir b would stop employers 20 discriminating against certain esir styl i'll explain why. >> i know it didn't feel like it orect rshefrein cg tashes f lla overnight hours. i'll let you know what toonxpect i l howhis goiheng t final is geviral mome. at
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♪ >> we're back with a look at
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more of tonit's t stories. a lou lun csceaveho after he wai identin anscduga iesdc act engl engagedid hgeigscf at the mor i administrator there from 1984 t teaching in police officers caframes.n be wearing body supervisors will vote on the ir proposal fafas amongunty pco ous. will beon dollars. a bipartisan gro ofrs hav ie a tre slatn tio to t dartmt
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ofre commendationsco toun state and siowgnlsoofe so a ts possible. it would get inp 20 acts engineers and first tercrespond >> employers pple sed on age gender or race. a montgomery counncil member say they shouldn't b able to discriminate against hair styles ear so he's bill.enal explains tyof acolorg locks, afros, curlsr ee odts tt you're perfect the way you're created. hein t r the perp comes 20 othe statesa like calif and new
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york and what he's trying to prevent like incidents you're about to see, when a high schoon wrestler i new jersey was foed to cut his dread locks before a thtch.e bill would onte workplace as it stands but he'sp looking atanding it down the road. i can tell you the bil already has a lot of support 20 council members as we hair stylists i talked to tonight. time. says sheea cceonrns >>utause the of a job interview. why shoulde oujudged based on your have? why should you ba hised off your hair? but people really, really do look at it and ,ys, oh she has hair, she has the braids, that's not, you know, professional. >>eporter: this bill i scheduled to be introduced rning, there irrlimoow hearing october 15th a guys i think that is when we can expect to hear a lot of personal stories andgoo thing
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yeahowpl peomeohiikthis. le ng theri e bxtra moneyomyl destinations and added summer employment for maryland studentsment right now, montgomery county public schools are considering starting school before lab day in 2020. new video just in to fox5 right now of that breaking house fire we told you about. this is in the alexandria section of fairfax county. onethis firtimee . we don't know how this house fire started,thisut b is the 3do the roof of the house has now caved in. washington gas is on thesc
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but, again, we don't know whate sparked the fire at this time. neighbors are being asked to clear 20 their homes temporarily. w'll continue to follow this here f onox5 and on the fox5 app . >>e> dramalltic pictures. hope everybody is okay there. meanatileto for the first day . 94 degreesec aort breaking 94, heec ror in 2010, and even wmer at doing these numbers again tomorr.ownot 12 starting toetil degrees and feeling like 81, we have a lot of clo oudut of the northwest at 13,t will eventually bring in less hro aiy of so perhaps you had aeoupl sprint lal sprinkle bpllngwilon
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weatherman, annapolis at 83, fredericksburg 82, to the west frederick 73, north and west g out of 7s t refreshing day, a sunny day, ler bright day, less humid, and finitely less hoeye nt.ot but a baltimore area and down northern neck. think they'll really just end showers, spotty light showers at that. we will clear outrops to about. the breezing tomorrow will be more anlece ab t,fall.
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so we are going to be a much taautiful dao tgeheke conditions. it's definitely dry. will be dry tomorrow morning we need s rain around here, we've had just about a tenth of an inch of rain so far this september, and that's not enough. 62 to 70 degrees at the busp tomorrow morning. after school? very nice, 77 to somild, but not too hot. the breeze will be coming 20 the gh pressure just to our breeze but it also brings ayllea a if today felt too hot fmoorrr o speed. and iou sugge enjoy these days in the low 80s because as the gweekoes we're going to start heating up again and we could be really os teo the time the weekend rollsur dry septemb we don't have much rain in the forecast, there could be a shower or tnderstorm around this weekend, but no guaranty o.
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here we are amo tenth of an in. the way through the month and typically wwould have closer to four inches, last year was epic, almost ten inches of rain i even in the tropical, the busy w tropics,e any rain out of these jerry, karen andlorenzo, lorenzo we probably don'try hav to w about, karen a is lot ofto pu rexal b e seekaren.orw tre so locallyothain thisac wke ear about 8 degrees, fridaytohe wee showers at 90. monday wef still heav a root fo
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showers evehohugthe ar tea is li too dry. tled bacfor re. your 7-day. >> t>o at school. he announced reenrolling in his alma mater. he will be taking four on linet leased him last week following o multiple allegatiof sexual assault. the nfl is stilles invting those allegations against brown. an scene for drivers on ahot wit an out of th itol suv.
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all right. t o iut to that about in these alexandria ction of fairfax county. l are nowearning new information. this has turned into a fatal
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fire. one n body hasow been found. this is in the 3400 block of e roof of in during this fire. washington gas is on the scene right now. khowever, we donnow exactly what sparked f thisire at this time. neighbors are being asked to clear their homes temporarily while they put the fire out and while they continue to estigve year svitrvedac teinpor front o the train whil older hercene the little girl taken toconditio tn samaritans suffed minor inri tesryin wghy the fatherheud onto tracks. >>e' w b
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spectrum took h she w in the m 'tfo wanret an that's why i waved my hand out the door trying to stop other drivers. it just mtedy heartn wulhe cld n toke by' 90 ei degreedaonyfs next
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weektah >> jim lokay'snap u l five. >> have a good night. u on
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the final talking als. field could get m eysteranreywhe briefing say doing any. hmd work gun pian? yep. that's the final five. let's do this. >> i didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't pro pvease onct simpson, also what president ay about the claims he threatened to the


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