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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 23, 2019 11:30pm-11:56pm EDT

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the final talking als. field could get m eysteranreywhe briefing say doing any. hmd work gun pian? yep. that's the final five. let's do this. >> i didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't pro pvease onct simpson, also what president ay about the claims he threatened to the to e the investigation intooe
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bidenfo and son hunter. a whiffle blower last alleged during a late july phone call the president asked his ukrainian counter part to look into hunter nden's i the country in exchange for military aid. president trump said it ans 90 in his exact words, it was >> the one who's got the problem isbi den. if you look at what biden did, biden did what they would like to have me do, except one problem, i didn't do it. whatid biden is aisdisgrace. >> the president said if it were a republican in the hot seat like joe biden they'd getaihe he call was to congratulatehe remain p hermer vice-president cam up ri call buthe tre was no questioned pro quo. debin abuse of power and every element ofhe presidency to try
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to do something to smear me >> now the former veep also said sue because he knows bidenat would beim like a drum, of er coursering to theth02 2e0 formel wererespect. top demratic lawmakers areg tha senatey majorit chuck schumer saying the no evil here no tt evil aude to such aational security concern is unacceable d muanst battle, demoats want a copy of the whistle blower aga the president and issue subpoenas while republicans say call for yrestraint whi gather fax. moving on, the trump administration insists a lot of people cere on theall and the president said he's considering releasing the transcript but says heoesn't want to roughly the feathers of others to apiece people. white hotae secre stephaniein
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grish op eed why. >> when foreign leaders come ogether to speak they need t be candidly so i think perhaps releasing this kind ofranscriptedliould t co s have a problem with it. we've heard stephanie grish op pet.imcrhmacene have me for mo representative alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted sunday at this point the bigger national scandal isn't the president's law breaking behavior it par r impeach him for it, we know nancy pelosi has been urging caution among h must bes, although other members both of the virginia delegation have signed on call f that at this point. ewome troubling ns coming armybout an american soldier with a plotkill. jarrett smith apparently talked about bombing n as twork's headquarters along with naming
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eto o'rourkes a possible targ the 24 year old ofouth calina was stationed at ft riley in kansas. he's charged with distributio of weaponsn. ot mom line he offered the teach e bombs then discussed bombing cnn. sources say smith planno t a ve. court documents say smith talked to an undercover fbi agent last fray and asked him i tasf thoug a good fit for fire, death, smif beto, i don't know enough people that would be relevant enough to cause a cnge if they died. that was enough for officls to scoop him up. the f for their work and said this isn't about one person or p cagn and we won't let this scare us. as early as 2016,mith discussed joining a far rightup military in the crew crane before he became a us soldier then cragged at a facebook chat how he's able to build
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explosives like the afgans can. they he srted talking to the under cover agent, and suggested targeting antifa cell towers and a local news st 20 the army. they said these invoice latnd army valleys aake them th e maximum sentence 20 years to about a quarter million dol tomorrow's the first day of climate .week climate week ever. world leaders activists a protesters started early. e world stage is global ocus on leaders discuss how we're busing the earth, many showed up unitedg, they didn't have mu to offer and didn't plan on a agreements. president trump and cevice-president mike penid a swing by at the climate summit iefly, and briefly we mean they got up left as they were introducing the presidents of l chili and finynn talking about a carbon neutral
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world. it is intended to mitigate climate change but president trump thought ildt wou undermine the economy and p putresident trump at a disadvantage.: the e chgean softer tone, though, today. >> i am a bigie belve air and clean water and all countries should get together themselves. and during a climate event tonight california g dernor gavin newsomemocrat and also by the way, and flow me here, is the ex-husband ofwho's president trump's son don junior, back to good afternoon, blastedinwa absolutely humilted by the president at the summit today. >> i don't know what the hell happenednt to p that we do today on this ittlis 'em -- note emrrassed on it i'm absolutely humiliated by what's going on.
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of the idea o we pull of paris, or announce our intention to pull out ofpa ris, the idea that now he's attacking states rights,hat's humiliating and we have a responsibility to do something about that. e i administration basicaloma oo st emissions standards whenri it comes toablest. activists meantime had a day today gettinghe spot line. n urging his couerrtpaso t sugges trade negotiaemissis.nti os boris hnso theukbl dou e clpreatimor fleaders lack of participation inore green efforts including president trump. there is a viral moment com out of this all this. that's her and president trump, she was as the two
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crossed paths and you could say a piure's worth thousand words athere. let's take you back home. if you wereajngvieir d tgovey shut d ent trying towaffio ea job tke that most days.early hrwhat? i'm going chge. our friend sarah frazier caught sis one. i mean, give the guy, toclimatayeha t does it have to do with climate chan a bsolhowever,ge t hhee, was even hitting that split. hopefully itpe doesn't hap to mother earth. knockn wood. l rial cue the music.
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time our favorite game, do you think you be potus they've increased the for candidates to participate in debate number five. they will have to get support 20 165 thound donors. the presidenanna bees have tot register a least three percent in four or moralifng po. it's a lot to process.weknow. the polls have to b released between september 13th and ahe week before t bee date. we know a handful have dropped out after struggling to meet the debates, one who hasn't made the debate stage yet is tom steyer e california billionaire meets that bar as the dc raises it leak a chin-uphe'sin. the last one t enter t races himp says they're excited they've m the threshold and confident they'll meet poling
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requirements before the deadline. one down another to go. other candidates weighing in like andrew yang saying kudos for raising it in a fair and transparent manner. and michael benefit it sai in a statement, as we saw in a poll, 90 percent of voters haven't decided who they're voting for but thee dnc arsing poles when it's caucus goers determining our dnc. we didn't see him in the last has been months since a white house secretary addressed ni t l sar>>ie i'mired a lot but if i keep up wi the president that's what matters. >> she the white house secretary, the communications s for the first lady. she's busy. maybe too busy t talk to reporters. she said it was the president'll
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cawe wouldn't be seeing hotofers, he didn't like how si i amo. mo presidency so i think it's great what we are he doing now. >> grissom has been rary seen in on camera inte siews,he says the president is his own best s spokesperaying the most accessible preside in lk on the tarmac or whatever, p but still there's questldns that be answered or at least asked. people exchanging barbs on climate chang we break it down with trent england anddoj cough up cold hard crash. final fiv♪ after this. ♪
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♪ >> climate change not just the talk around townut of the globe today widely talked about mmit. leaders at the un climate saw there and in dc, trent the president a the public affairs, first timer thanks for joining me. >> glad to be here. >> we saw this going on across the country, we saw this happening here this protest today, they were blocking streets, getting the message across. as we see this climate strike going on, what's your take away 20 all this? >> well, look, mean, it makese, people want a cleanwa environment, we to take care of o planet all that's common sense. but i think all americans, especiallyrt 20 the land, i not sure that these protesters really have solutions that, numberone, would help. and thatthey've considered how much some of the things pro
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hurt middle amera, would hurt the developing world. so i think most americans are asking the question, you know, where's the balance? where's the common sense in ellout, tak off school, shut down traffic, you know, get on the news, but what are we actually doing to really make ourte world ar place. >> is the issue of climate urgent, inething as your estimation, do you believe it's as urgent as some protesters and many, many politicians lead it to believe? >> well, mean, if you go back in the history of the nvironmentamovement, you had paul er lick in the 1970s guartying to people that the and famine an you know, f chaos millions of people would t e. i thk ttha environmental movement has a very good recor with its predicons, especially its doom and gloom predictions. it's good for rallying people, riling people up and getting
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donations to their causes. but, no, i think they have a vested interest in trying to make people scare. the reality is our air is cl getteaner, our water is getting cleaner. we have solved a lot of environmental problems, the ozone hole i sclosing. the idea that somehow a massive government takeov of our economy can solve the climate issue flies in the face of reality.e >> but when you sehe research, i know we always talks th a lot of talk about the science, you have some people say all the scientists are on the side of climate change is real and a that, when you look at some of the numbers, the global, the temperature,in seeg a slightre incrementalase year to year over the last a hundred 80 years or so, we are seeing a chang in that regard, but i think the question is, you talk about solutions, is there a middle ground to be had on this. >> absolutely. most people acknowledge -- everybody acknowledges the climate changes,gh t? the climate changes, it is changing,
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it has gotten warmer or the last hundred, two hundred years, nobody questions that but we have to consider what's the cost and benefits, what can we acally do. frankly, what ppened in washington, dc today causedor me carbon emissions because people were stuck in traffic for hours and hours. >> some people made that observation today, that is an ironic twist in all ofthis. >> for sure. i mean, look, human beings have a great track record of adapting, developing technological solutions, right? i mean,ould bect proae, but not prified or trying to scare pele, or basically trying to bootstrap lie mate issues onto a larger agenda of policies that people just, look, people want bigger government, people oann the left bigger government and now they decided they're going to threaten people if you don't give us what we want in terms of politr policy, we're going to scare you and tell you that the world's coming to an d.
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i think it's bad po certainly bad policy. >> i think we know somet like the green new deal is neves going to the light of day. but that sai think that there are certain things that we can look at, i look i can o the ideaf maybe not driving my car as much, and i'm looking as a selfish point iate paying for gas personally. but i think in the grand scheme of things, ininding that middle ground, it's going to be a debate that continues. it's still so divisive, but i ink,s you see what played out heredc in today, we're probably not any closer t a solution than we were at the beginning of the day. >> well, you know, but you mention,right, you want to drive less or drive a more fuel efficient car. i drive a pre is, right, it saves me money and is better for the environment. that is a step toward a solution. we see everyday americans using mores efficient car to drive lee
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tici r.eate >> mittin ig on tv prius b beth tru i. uttrent england thanks for me today i appreciatengoi itni. >> thanks for having >> president trump, while climate change.and how beto o'r at a pro gunfi rally. l five after this who's dog is this? o.'s my special friend, an his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm woied about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geero for help with rents insurance?
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shh, i'm on the cape now. i hope you're back by our 2 o'clock. our care made with pota,d chipso oil, salt and the good vibes of the cape.. our ccape cod chipspota,d chipso whenour hand's in the bag, . ♪ >> wckcome . a lot of world leaders putting emphasis on climate change a
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the un general assembly today. president trumposted a religious freedom event announced a $25 million to protect religious relics and freedom. too often people in power ch deaersiiv w faithful. true tolerance means respecting the right of all people to express their deeply held religiousbe liefs. this is the firste tims thi ie initiatithilpr wivlate sect the rk place. >> there is a certain irony in that coming 20 the manho was behind a muslimea band ar or soag mr. trump urged other natns to followuit and honor the ig internht of every person to live byon their cious faith and give glory to god. >>. kpmg's global ceo outlook,
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if you didn't read it, thas okay, says ceo says climate change the top risk to organizationalgrowth. that chosen above y sruption, return to surit rrand operational risk. o had operation risk in their bingo? nobody? okay. first time in the five year history of the stevey c changed ramped at the top of the list okay, list less than . >> ron>y today. an arizona gun store is thanking beto o'rourke for a sal bump. the psi of highered firearms. buy back they sold out of s and other rifles within four hours of running t beto special. remember when he said hell yes we're taking your ars. >> they said they're discounting them at such a low pri that everyone can afford them and hanked beto o'rourke for the bump. the agency thinks edw
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thro deny shouldn't get to k filing a suit the money should go bache t violateagreementskhi working at the national security agency and cia by releasing his new. they said he didn't submit it to the intelligence a ncies first forreview. who you dare you edward snow deny. after the break, who's tossing and turning and who's sleeping soundly. rom is a freshman
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senaytor these days but yes, he of them seemed to work te hasn't hbe the rest of the gop when it comes to supporting the trump agenda but a big move on the whiffle blower saga. he wants to see a tracript
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with the ukraine respect the ceer scandal. proof that president trump wasn't happy, he tweeted out a string of videos rinding eryone that mitt romney twice ran for psident andfailed. so for breaking with hparty, we say senator mitt tonight sound asleep. meanwhile israel's ect le n tynister btajamin neahu. par re did not get ame so he has to form a unity. at issues aha power sng agreement. imagine if they hader these sharing agreements in us politics. he would serve wore know years and then turn it roer. the pem who would wervet to seo faen turning. that's i ft feor in
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on eventful my night. that's i ft feor in on eventful my night. the
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is making a play for jeff bezos. not lauren sanchez.m. farah abrae >> at mies last night she took aicture, he caption, trying to get him to put her in a an amazon original soon.nt >> how did she geto the emmies? don't they have seat fillers. >> she was a seat filler a long time ago. >> oh! >> prince harry and megan markle uc south africa and they flew commercial. >> how doesomebody who flies private, how do they adapt to commercial? cl >> they're in first s, getting champaace. it's a fe flight. ly >> does securi first? >> they can't run up for aisle 45. >> hold on, don't kill them!


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