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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 24, 2019 4:30am-4:37am EDT

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n. t ha tname.>>ny >>ited states to women's world cup tight until july. out spoken star used platform inillan to plead for colleagues to speak out on racism and otherne ial 'tis ism thought she looked autiful >> w canlke ta outfit. >> i thought she looked >> megan rampino with the cleavage. >> move over jay-lo, megan. >> she looks amazing. >> kudos for her using her platform always to speak up. w. i k
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>> i guess he with play soccer whatever. >> finally early renaissance pating by floor teen master has been discovered in a home near paris. it's eimated to be worth as much as 6.6 million. a woman had it hanging in her kichb directly above a hot plate. >> where else would you put it. >> objection she did. >> exactly.n dollars. >> okay. >> wow. >> she didn't know she said shtook it see if it was worth anything and the apps was yes! >> anywhere in europe thatas an old picture i'm getting that aappraised totally. >> good for her. >> thank you.>> 4 had:4 had 1 i. more bad news boeing in effor to get 73 when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thouilt about
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i came home and cried.t, bu as i've seen my disease progress,
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the medicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to make medicisions more affordabl important, but ifhiasngton isn't careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is ho.
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>> back nowha 54 d opera star placo doe miping owe begiing to prepare performances in the u.s. comes as facing two investigation into his behavior after accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. number of companies have already cancelled her international performances because of those allegations. oo word if there's plans cancel performances in the u.s. singer is denying algations. >> tvy aacadem apologizing for using photo of late andre prev indering emmy's memorial segment they use aid photo of conductor leonard stalk inhe died at 89 in february. heas composer pianoist and composer and this morning
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olympic great tommy smith and john carlos getting recognitn they deserve. 50 plus years after olympic committeevillefied both for taking stand against racism and discriminationanishing they're inducted into u.s. and olympic and paralympics team and november first becauseev character, conduct and off field contributions as well asheage let acheexts. >> 4:5 a5 is the time now. u.s. is hitting the they put it on hold for months evafteriewers encounter problems with d tevice folding screen. it will cost under 2,000.>> an l of people concern about enronmentto particip in sc cieresearch withn se paid trib to aunt arch ta. it will give five people t opportunity widely micro plastics
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infiltrated the region. all right. now we can have l thomas talking about first fall feeling day of fall right. >> kind of fitting f firstull day of fall here right. yesterday was sort of like 95% of that day with fallariver arivering at 3:51. today as mentioned first full e'll have a and little more of fall like rmal by some 6 to 7p degreesmp coed to where we should be this time of year. f cont moved through last night. stripe of showers off the coastline. depo brings us much in the way of anything here in washington. no rain reported at the airport. .11 over tenth inch of rain all we h for this month so far. that's dryepthat's driest intemf andchy the sway and which by the sway also driest of all time here in washington or at least as far back as records go late 1800s. >> rainfall we typically get almost 4" we will not make that number i don't s any reason to make it through end of month here. t
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total daylightoday. sunrise 6:57 and sets 7:02 will not be able to enjoy all t, sun filed skies. mperatures 83 about norp whippewill feel better than yesterday throw we change things out of south torrow afternoon and bringing temperatures back to mdle 80s and welcome back to 9 the 0s. summer is not done with us yet. saturday, surprised, could all cross the 9 the 0 degrees mark. ndat's the forecast a erin airport has traffic. >> some updatedor inftion on theener loop fire we're tracking than is actuallysloser to gallow road. traffic being forced detour at gallowsl road because al lanes are blocked with the vehicle fire. you can see in the camera there how traffic is bailing out at that off ramp. notice how parked up things are we have aew miles of backed up traffic and dozensof t closure past gallows road exit ramp. welk hav


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