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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 25, 2019 4:30am-4:35am EDT

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camilla kabay. they will be broadcast live from the mgm garden arena in las vegas on novembe 14th i have to admit the only one i kno camilla cabao. >> if they're that big, where c to playe it on radio. and finally,er warner bs weighed in on the mounting controversy surrounding jok. now, the film beingze critici for offering an in-depth portra familyrs membend friends of the victims of 2012 mass shooting had a screening of dark knightro rises in coloradote a letter expressing concerns about the upcoming release. the letter called on warner s brothers to taketeps tohe gun c movement, includi pledging not to donate to political candidates two take money from the nra. horner brothers stopped s of
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agreeing t those calls to action but it says that the company has a history of supporting those causes. there is controversy, it gives the j a compassionate int. >>rejoice, they'rebased fo a recall alert wh milli cars. of the lots of them on t thng as folks try to get to wo, school, wherever the destination, 4:42 is the egme. rees. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . a new kind of breakfast.
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or meeras displ they wil free of 4:45 is thetime. so thatye there it is. the stinger we're loong for, toomey for trafficnd weather an now we got to find mike thomas. >> i am right rnhere. >> gooing, good morning,
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guys, we're getting you ready for a good day hereonn wash, ok. temperatures starting off nice and cool, we got so fart heading into the after remains, a still september of al time here in up once but t potential for the r hav satur s we potentially bre sllncerns fo not beil later on, and we're tot confident of all of where will go. more details coming up later on in show.62 for washington, 51 m. look at winchester just took ave di, down to about 46, that's a
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chill sta there. 51 for martinsberg, further out to the west yougo, which is typical. theo farther out te west. the coo it is and the more like fallt feels and the more you'll need the long sleeves this morning, herwise, satellite and radar nice and quiet early this morning, high pressure in control, it's kind of sitting on top of us, t kind of helps things gets cool overnight. northern breeze will eventually sht over as this guyuth, it northward that means t speratur today, they did later on t weekend2 on saturday record . we
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k ourthrew t this wk. beeth like i'd s monday afternoon couther north and west and kind of fall apart as theit dc. 91 for thursday, friday,84, here comes 90's back for the weekend, maybe record highs yes on saturday afternoon,ame deal sunday, record hig is 93 about 91 with enough sun we can do ity honestnto the middle of next week, we could get 90's back by wednesday and thursday, really, no sign oft consist fall weather just yet. erin got a check ofour highways this mornin 4:48. 66 unfortunatelyemestbound gency road work because of a hole they found under ground that needs to be fixed. rman road and 52 left lanes blocked the p.m. rush hour, right now, traffic is quiet westbound in thmo rning, just
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deals with normal volume eastbound side is the heavy side as you head towar thebeltway. they're just cautioning people, v dot letting you know major delays expected especiall for p.m. rush you may want an altern eastbound causing delays fromce right lane blocked at 234,ti sudley road,on there. right lanes blocked braddock, loneane getting by single file towards the is springfield interchange.ry as for maland, looking good. we'll let you know if anyseing pops. 4:49, theha man ced with scouting potential d targets inc for a terrorist organization is due in court. he allegedly told federale airstrikes took photographs of some of the district most well-known


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