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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 25, 2019 5:00am-5:19am EDT

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chances ladies. ma5:01. ransit by metro police suing the officers involved for excessive force. >> he was trying to stick t. up for a teenager being man handled by police he said. melanie alnwick has more from northeasthidc. >> reportes started june 22nd, transit police were called to the u street station for riders complaining there was a group of boys threatening them with sticks an fireworks, transit police ca platform-yr-old boy that'sin. here's the video. >> yo yo. lay down,stop, stop, stop. sthe. >> you can see t light occasionally osf the gun as the man strugglis. the man recording the video yells for him to stay down and
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pleads with theof ficers. they've filed suit against the metro trane t policficers for excessive force, unlawful arrest and assault and battery. they saide and had angeittrble daw he isdo any damages he mightury would bb menz unsa, neither wai in bng an
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nancy pilosiorpeachment after p republicans are pres tmpre betr itissue.nd oure speakerf for a congestion on theprect began ye.
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and lane ctinue through may and weather on on the 5's. mike you said you don't have much to talk about. >> it's been quiet the bet part of last month. we couldse the rain in dc, we're not getting it. my lawn is nicend short. >> my plants are just parged. >> we're gting towardswinter. so they're going to go away. >> they're die anyway, forget u.about yo
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>> but we could yousn the and honestly here in the weathee depart we could use something to'm talk about. no only talking abo cool temperatures, 62 outside. udgh thins coming across, generallyhey're thin and once we get the sun in thesky, i should be bright and blue in afternoon, winds out of the north, temperatures have been d allowed torop so much, bringing down cooler, drier air from our northernriends up towat timere's a north wind we thingsl process, for fternoon hours today, wind eventually turning out of the south and west, once they do, temperatures warm up nicely. low 80's for many suburbs up to thk ekend ofng to be jt a ad.stu
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we also have 2 work, to be aware lar are b asking v dot66 major delays p.m.rning, tends to gch forypical westbount cong up on dails aboutolhep ju rled nois loud collegepark, theot over a ov proposal. heading into eak, a will
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that>'s ar,onthis. wleant de
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dealin with ar in scene near did another man was shot to death in woodbridge mond there have been 11 homicides so far this year, compared to nine last year andy onl four the year before that. i dcs expanding a program to help identy how often the same leaders are pouring more money c into therime gun intelligence initiative. the groups guns and shell casings that link guns to different crimes the information center will also expand its database to includet gun infon from nonviolent crime. a maryland aused of raping a girl at his montgomery county church in gaithersburg,or
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trying the to rape the girl whim at the church the alleged incident happened in january, the victim woke up and got away. hedl reporte told investigators that the girl's demons provoked him. being held without bond. y amendments be neighbors spokeio on milestone after and n' ves, refund checks are in the mail. ooking live outside, heading into break, traffic picking up on 95, 295 as well, we hope you get to your destination safely back after th. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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this afternoes that revers on southern wind that comes back. despite cooler start temperatures expected to be warmer than they were yesterday in d.c. about 85 degrees later this .fternoon still comfortable fall. about 9, 10 degrees above ere we should be this time of year amondow. could be a spot town andga we cou storm that s it too earlyno, of course wedoend of fall, t we. turd and thesdersshth next 7p days. surprised could feature popup storm or two. not letting go here in
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that's the forecast, aerin s traffic. >> 5:36 now. metro rail lines on time.tb 66ound we a crash with the right lane blocked at 28. you can see delays as just left lanes are squeezing by. westbound se emergency thereough duration ofto be out morning rush into afteanoon germantown road and 50. could potentially cause slow dos isvening toening to ce norm rush a pick adck and 29.bte questionerser. >> aapsl m chi wngas d wha at the, 5aolent assault ai
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it is 6
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chargewi assault and t is currently seek la transportation for bus wain upper montgomery countytrad ns way connecng interste metro reae at shady grove. in my opinion mile ohold16. here's themo handnsffede a squadar 60 carnear al were hit someh car tulo h casyll nonsha lant.
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>> suspect is now questioned by police in ati possible mo and hegeed. >> "fox 5 .ws morning" re you this
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w that's what i was wngtingedn. yt out ere not going this afternoon.e fall outngs. backp we above of year.n store very dry pvel days on thee have chunderstorm. noig - need is wetayos coming d.c. stood for3 years wicscodone two
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outyen. 62 outsi and leonar52. burg 49, comfortable sta 4 culpeper -- cumberland not there hour n much happent. presidential i've recordui hereool. in asnouof the south and warm-up.ternoo te likely even can believet. likely0s this afternoon. bus st to 62 it around d.c. metrokies do starttemperates nicy agaab 5e r
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region todroat 91 can't rule i d.c. e can get, runn weekendunsars rms, s, probabl9 that'sn traffic in fcs to tell about you th roadwork it expected to be pm rs under the roa unfortunely impacting pm rush as well going away from the typical am rush hour on eastbound side and still seeing slow downs. be prepared for that one. as far as your eastbound xhunt is concern volumeusing
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outer looro delae. 9vee cleared. we have residualwio.nd>> we havs 9vee cleared. we have residualwio.nd>> we havs in 30 son ionre
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both i atdaas texas that walked into the wrong apartment and shot the map that liveder. she thought it was her place. you're familiar withilhe s. we'll show you video involved in this case as jurors are seeing moments after that murder happened. >> also the district and entire nation t comingogether to remember victims of gun violence today. we'll tell you h you can support families during thisay national d of remembrance. wedel have tails. >> also that strike wh ited auto workers supposedve tory costly for general motors. it cop continues this morning. united auto workersontinuing
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in that strike and that cost and traffic o t fives thisheour is timeing potential targetortld f he took photographsnf the landmarks capital locations itors are led. he workedshi. 1st
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nissan.2 nissan and infinity vehicles over faulty rearview cameras. it may not display an image when i reverse. alod the mels were in 2018 or 19. >> a embattled opera start leaving new york. domingo is facing sexual harassment allegations by 20 women. he was scheduled to sing title roadn imack beth tonight. it would havpe been firstrformas publil. l cosby was hit with nearly $3 million legal bill in first year in prison. he challenged an arbitration award that held up most legal bills stemming from sexual assault trial. he's sevk up to ten years for drug and amoleesting a woman in in. >> and app los angades d is
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sentencd to four months in prison after paying t son intot.icy g 1e and far wase driest they're while fall might not going with goodeaves. becae the trees theow drop affect
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leaves and lush vitan. ailable . early october followed by d anaheim california disney nds in spring o 2020. washington pitals aa week aaway from a new season. they're leaving a lasting mark off the ice. in off isn't organization refurbished six hockey rinks in maryland, virginia,est rgevi ainiand and silver spring. it will expand street hockey clipics and other rings will get special treatment season. >> we're back what is hot on the web and the stories you're engaging with most on social
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media. >> roos period. to fall asleep yesterday. cameras swed is-year-old cabinet secretary seated among other trump administration ficials with head drooped and eyes closed. ross denies he was fall ago sleep calling it fake news. he said he was concentrating on what was being said. >> practicing mind fullness. >> exactly, exactly. listenmentou and y takeav it aln resting his eyes. >> you havestot your eyes. >> 811 god police you. >> latin record ago acadeer day announced nominees for the 20 pl annual latin gram m wards. rosalia claimed titlemost recognized five nominat hasal han who takeshe. they from iriana on november 1l right. look forward.
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you in. loaf you. >> wan. a no. forecast for th we cld we have rain over tenth of an ch so far this movement we average uernd" dry in fact currently died with 2005. signs of fall are there, though, twelve hours and two minute of daylight today. sunrise before 7p at 6:58 a.m. sunsets tonight at 7:00. it's your final dere in d.c. of the sunseting at or bend 7 p.m. and heading into tomorrow we get pre7:00 sun
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sets. so signs of fall there just not in the temperature department because des the cool start, yes, it's cool out there and yous need long sl as you get day started by afternoon and lunchtime hours snderunny bright, and kiue s temperatures close temperatures should ab rounds 80 ande into th afternoon after school, after wo temperatures peaking about 84, 8le 5 degrees in the district later today. all right, tropics still active, jerry down graded this morning post tropical storm now. windsles an hour an hours d onew loational weather service does stildropping rain on puerto rico. it tries to get the way out to sea and maybe stops. changes direction and made over potentiallyt towards of crib yap and tries to squeeze its way to g wf late nexteek. that will be one things to n watch ie united states and other thantihatll even though we have active tropics
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nothing there watch-out u.s. quite yet. we'll keep an eye on t. 5 outsid d.c. and 91 is tomorrow. down to 84 friday before bubbling back for the weekend e on doesn'tigh ond best cha l n ad a 50rushnd already seeing a centervillethugh westbound there is a crash as well by 28, eastbound normal volumennasas andas and centema centerville and outer loop roadwork delays up to 66 metro
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rail lines on time. o keep itfox 56:00r hou coming rights up. we'll be right back.


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