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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 25, 2019 6:00am-6:22am EDT

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>> for the nationals it to world series. make "fox 5 news" at 6 a welco mor celebrate all morningwednesday. just wakingp a it's a georgouse know that r let's say tuckeroin us for a look at traffic. >> it's comforta 50s t problem a warm aftnoon. for a few days. w 0sca a i have apps.
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normal vumincreasing next.ound andet easton >> house of representatives moving forward wofficial>> nrapt over pre a hope to call to ucaipn yes tt he and nancy pelosiing >> speaker pelosi iwod have waie prscenpt. >> they'reth andwcolaints.l ancd
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people to kee vehicletg the pres. drop formal letters of impeevementyo fo ss he was tryin bopolice. otf peoplery f northwest rememb it was june 2 itetstre go group ofiders
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with stickando op sitt pol4 a mapt was all caughn cellphideo. >> ay, down,top,eat chaos and heart and occasionally we could see ght of taser gun as the man id pleads mansoa it erstrauma ac sometimesot i can video because like aed4unarmed lawyers have metro ivansiece.
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unla and assaultaytuing, from sg the agency. sue , thrgue tth any by aur out. tee allison,an detains well ascharge incident n it's part o country police officsu alt ofthd
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residentslm overwgly support use of police bodyfi camscers also bet the cameras would settle any complaints for. d a crackdown on loud parties in the neitborhood so t surround the university of maryland. in a meeting last night that nance wept through somes thedi amendments before the counsel ultimately psed. it doz of students, land lords and neighbors spoke during the hring. traffic an the fives. er and as long as we can keep temperatures undertontrol will gabe day today. >> temperatures warm this afternoon but not 9 the 0s. >> sounds better. inof idea as see a be a aftern.
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yesterdag p. 506 baltimore satellite and ra quiet can talk about the mystics nationals. >> i'm happy to talk abouting y in want. weather will be easy mostly sunny this afternoon. dry mpanies expected high pressure controls other weather and we're looking at another nice day and again we'll talk more abou need for rain and need to water yard and trees even that thing coming up. athis afternoon. 7p day coming up. couple chances for rain. and i'll let you know when that will aarrive i a minute, erin,ngood morni good morning, how are you. >> i'm gd. >> di sound tooap h for 6 a.m. >> i caught you w off gith energy. police aivity in north west georgia enue closed between jefferson streetstreet and dealr about clear you're 5300 block 8 northboundpactedgeorgia r
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66 up now. delays with 4 as bell. westbout between th emergency roadwork prepare. ftan bck through the usening r. eastbound side backs up and there's westbound crash at 28, 6tt6 not geg best of ride now. nmetro is o time and back in a mome. >> iranian president is expected to address world leaders at the united national again rl aassembly. hundreds out the un as president trumpspsoke. tecallatg ioinnalr response to recent attacks on saudi arabia oil attacks
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>> we're in a strong position likeo do something.ey would >> eyeape said it wants peace anstag illty. it issued a warning.'ll get hiss b to dth at the said our li changed attack these in. metlns ffic pursue mansltal
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building ls and went ecsipletet aer a wih policet a.>> murder that rocked the d.c. region one year ago and investigators are looki into it. u.s. mar shalingz offering 20,000 reward for information about a d.c. man wanted for killing 10-year-old makiyah wilson. aigrand jury indicted isaia ahmer. abtson along with ten others. she was killed in her northeast nehborhood 2018 trying to buy ice cream. if you know anything make sure to contact police. >> still in the district now the city is expanding a program to help identify how often the se gun is used idiffe. d.c.ity leaders are pouring more money into e crime step gt
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calls it tracks gurp s and shell casing that guns to violent pas koutsy churia cancer he's acced of trng te sleeping in acident happened in ja victim woke up theert away theigors the he had ethn wildcard. washington back in the
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poifseason for f time will likee brewers and the question is number milltplayoff walky. hoping f woue'rereof ttodahay't s "fox5" live inspo. will natsak mserieesou ysuryr relt positiv5 saying yes and 70% saying getee me orsaryedse. vote what i feel go to andthmort advance to th stba.4 connecticut sundayra tts
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iccora. dallas pws thanks so much. oting and trial for s dallas pws thanks so much. oting and trial for s apartment.eo ofon
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i's been rep to thi automatically upde latest prot. . malware'ss thing icet fast internet a mited time,
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inok at recer g from years ago
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puerto r light jacket probably more 84 lightce nor th. it watering prelansabes tnu o
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46 of very comfortabl out to west. is the lig and radar couldn't be quieter. pressure off south. preezs will kick up remember yesterday they were out of north:00 a.m. west. more like west today >> sun ses and. mid 7pd 80s tou he plenty of is
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we willl.e towar could havt 5 saturdayweend particularkslaet t tuck. s , to al police acti 53 withe crash ac
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two left lanes closedf to braddr giinger murder trial watching as officer desperate efforts to revive the map s killed in his own apartment stea yr. is body camera foo released in courts yesterday in it. text you she see responding officers. the victim did have a faint bawls when they arrived. >> officer i thought it was my apartment and i shot him and i m was thinking ity >> giingsa there officer on t for mur
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now. >> phone records say giinger texted patrol at the same time she was on 91 is 1. they argued john could have survived if treated righawa away. burginit aasbs giinger truly me ber w e screamede ar le him douoff and fortunately >> c a icutanole rrestsderfondtd
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with so many issues. and you know this is cerininly nogo op tle -he wholpth think at snag him it seemed soym prob toobl me. >> brown faces sexual assault allegations and he denies any wrong done >> former skinsrterback ma ripkin see counseling followinthis incident and new police cam footage showi moments after former quarterback hit his wife ite happened j on a street in washington street. you see his wife rolling opt ground. joking and ripkin aadmitted to
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hittingself aultchge was dropped some begung ber 10 fesdshal aset.hrou.deta.a
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back to 46 this mhesterningin orwinds light,thhat,ou few th dtimeud cstespr dk.ot laskg 5 ox ou
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.leftan b trying to show. delays it's ape cy frl it'singen bemus f to ort tg rus problemsn eastbound sid volume e mannas to we'llok at rest of dmv in a momentou >> ss good, erin, out crygh from neibors in alexandria because of pro' ed chicken slaughter house. now the fight is heading to cor the. ming up.
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excessiv the the not hurt as 4-year-oldt rgsd he took phot well known landmarks a wia f adw craiglliviewnterlile college ph
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d warmerhe very com 6fortable temperatuss . sun bad news we need rain arhend re. tquktore you're wguatard erina. loren do is throat off the coast of africa there probably erestingl mo ightstnt. s what elsepa 91 tomorrow and near 90 saturdds
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all right. that's a wrap. done. >> that's all you got. >> that's all i got. >> 6s sky fox over 66 zone bmeetween 50 and germantown lanes getting by and two left lanes oce ugutkeind o befltate eaueid r nl be prepared if you get to e. to 8 northbound before new braddock road and outer loop commute 95 to spur 30 minutes dela as usual a it 70 southbound up to houut an usual fred rick to beltway back to you . >> yes, time for light,
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racame mccarthy. >> i fee. >> are you real. l>> i'm rea. >> welo have not ped cgi me or hollow gram me. hen on>>d e'be re joining you from the dep talking about another jurassic park i'm sorry i deposit mean to a saynother. >> here's the thing i was thinking the same thing. don't really particularlyot need anher jurassic park. listen the first was a classi classic. 94 steven spielberg. jurassic world one was fine and jurassic was okay and aft announcement they me adi'm a thc world. sam durn weresd aesterday icjung wh thessilmam king the third moving that ty will return for the third one alongside mr. jeff boldblum he
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ecwas inond one and very briefly,y, v vy y verkerrks quvk part. it's bringing back the old school vibe of what spielberg created and laura durn is one of my most fate big little lies and of course it's amazing they were notice originalne. assicat's the whole>>9 4em.ntrl sequence in jurassic park one neil asi the kids werec hide were june them returning to recent jurassd for opens >> sandler derrdnce.peoro.
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>> i gamble >> i want celticsints and rebou. >> what do you know? >> i don't know i just know. >> looks exciting. >> let me tell you something now. i >> have chills. it here's the thing t trailer for this movie cam out yesterday. ydoour favor rent a movie called good timot r film d same film makers. >>s not good ti the 70s. timetet inventive uni te imagine for palms of hugeon
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it to kevin more. s xhecomediane sdemopeaker impeachment inquiry agains big qt ppens agains big qt ppens nextd ttery. h e briefcases >> 6:54 we want to get to top
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yaineir we're fo this morninge s ta f wasat thathe t to choosee l do ts p a
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seestapo question . tucker wh you vote, tuck.'ll look at "t a poll results and not right.
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sglild wild kn mi'e ou bowe y get it up. >> washington. and another fallc deal. we wa up . once weather cloudeep kstetweenc
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ry slotoenter aas of rights now a eastbou withch a ctorleth be inquiry qcko fire .
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th gotve befeen inating elsiected. >>ore new rctioveht a whatea we'ren to ete leatoday. biproblems l a afrederick fairi
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