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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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anna: right now, the developing stories coming into all of our downtown newsrooms. anna: tonight, a triangle mom is
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most opulent baby audits around. joel: pacifier problems have led to two close calls with her baby. diane: after two different scares, the stanford woman says she is done with them. ryder mostly happy but sometimes fussy and in need of soothing. mom never thought much about it until -- >> he was about two months old and he was gurgling. i found the pacifier had woken off and was lodged in his throat. diane: she tried to get it out of his mouth but the nibble was gone. >> i did the highlight and it finally came out. it would have killed him if i
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diane: she called the pacifiers manufacture and was told -- >> it is very rare. diane: they apologized and sent her this new package with pacifiers and a note asking her to sunnybrook and one back to -- asking her to send the broken one back. >> he was trying to get something out of his throat. diane: it happened again. the nibble pour apart from the base, stuck in his throat and got it out just in time. >> i had the scare of my life twice. we are not using them again anymore. diane: 10 other complaints about pacifier nibbles breaking off and -- pacifier nipples breaking
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they brushed off a concern by sending a complementary toothbrush. the i-team reached out to mam. they say they have 12 million mam pacifiers in use in america and have never had a recall. and in all of their testing, they found the pacifiers were damaged by prolonged use, cleaning products, or teething babies. >> he sucks on it. sometimes he will chew a little bit. but his gums should not be able to break it. diane: she is hoping for more from mam. >> we don't want any money from the company. we want them to take responsibility and say, hey, there is a problem -- a problem
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diane: mam says there's nothing wrong with their pacifier. they say to replace it every two months to ensure safety and hygiene. we have more onma mam on anna: maybe the best thing for you is to get the word out there. diane: you have to check those pacifiers. joel: if you have a consumer complaint or need the troubleshooter to get involved, and send an e-mail or you can reach out on twitter or on facebook. anna: now to the race for theit is the last full day of campaigning for the candidates. donald trump faces pressure to
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into vot midnight. anna: a lot is at stake. new hampshire is getting another round of snow just in time for voters to head to the polls. new hampshire is used to seeing a lot of snow and harsh winters, but this is a doozy. liz: that's right. they may have something you to deal with as they wake up to head to the polls. snow is already falling in new hampshire. this drone capturing this amazing shot. more snow will fall overnight. strong wind will cause falling and drifting snow which will make clean up even more difficult. it could lead to low visibility
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right now, the national weather service has issued a winter advisory for tomorrow for the state of new hampshire. you will notice the forecast says three to six inches, sections. looks like some isolated spots snow. folks will have to watch our first live rose as temperatures dive into the teens tonight. it should get a little better in the afternoon, which should help voters get into the polls. a recent study shows that whether turnout is more affected by cold temperatures than by snow on the ground. women are more affected by the harsh elements than men. joel: thank you. now for the manhunt for a murder suspect. nella bentley was found stabbed to death in roxboro.
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the suspect, shared stewart, to turn himself in. stephanie: multiple law enforcement agencies and highway patrol are joining the roxboro police department in the manhunt for the murder suspect. this is the man charged with first-degree murder. authorities say nola bentley was home. >> i came down here and she was stepping have her front door. porch, that is when her body felt. >> on the one that held her wide -- while she died. stephanie: bentley is the mother of his children.
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good. we had our little disputes like most, but for the most part, she kept a real good house and make sure the kids got to school. the guy was no good. he's a coward. and he just took my five kids' mother away from them. stephanie: stewart' bit s -- store's family is urging him to give himself in. >> your mom will be able to take it if she can see you. if something happens in your belowground, she will not be able to handle them. stephanie: and someone to see him behind bars. >> i hope he goes to jail for a long time. from me. and i will never forgive you.
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stephanie: please tell us stewart is not armed and they ask. that you pray for the families -- ask that you pray for the families. joel: the manhunt continues. meantime, voicing outrage over a school desk -- school dress policy. are you going to fill up at the gas pump? have you seen the prices lately. we will tell you where we found the cheapest prices. but first, a look at what is coming up tonight at 6:00. . steve: judges are telling our lawmakers to redraw the voting maps in our state just weeks before a key election. we will tell you about the action or lawmakers to today,
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plus, it is a crime that shop to the entire country. three students shot to death nearly one year ago. we will show you how two college
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honor their (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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anna: gas prices continue to take a trip in the right direction. gas well to one dollar $82 -- $1.82 last week. the latest price is $.37 lower than this time a year ago after telling to its lowest levels in 2003 amid a global surplus. oil prices stabilize the last two weeks. the most price was in tulsa,
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as is often the case, drivers in los angeles are paying the highest at $2.62 per gallon. joel: a super bowl ad did not go over well with some viewers. rock and mortgage is a new tool that allows consumers to get a merge age -- rocket mortgage is a new tool that allows consumers to get a mortgage online. but some say that it can lead to the climate that led to the financial collapse. anna: a huge truck plows into a home. joel: what troopers say caused the driver to run off the road
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anna: police are investigating a crash on highway 54 that killed a person. the crash happened overnight but the person was not discovered until 7:00 this morning. anthony: here is what we can confirm so far. the victim was a man found inside a car off the side of highway 54. it appears, from where we are, that the car hit something or was hit by something because there is damage on the passenger side. the car wound up upside down in the foggy area, directly to the side of highway 50 four where there is little room for error.
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-- highway 54 where there is little room for error here in there are just two lanes here. >> they discovered this person around 7:30. the traffic started to stop. anthony: the police are trying to reach the man's loved ones. joel: now from our fayetteville newsroom, a dump truck smashing into a home. the crash happened just south of highway 201. you see the truck is buried inside the home. we also have shots from 11 hd over the home. the home heavily damaged. the accident was caused by the driver of a car who ran a stop sign. willy woodard slammed into the truck, slit -- sending the truck into the house. the truck driver is in the hospital with nonlife injury --
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that is one of the most amazing pictures you will see from the area. anna: that is crazy. out there. also crazy are the temperatures. chris: yeah, it is going to get cold and stay cold the next week or so. got some rain moving in, some gusty wind. and chilly temperatures, too. we are in the 50's now. once the rain sets in, we drop into the 40's. these showers have some gusty wind. the heaviest rain now in parts of harnett and lee county. could gust of 25 to 30 miles per hour. just light rain around the triad. some rain around fayetteville,
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lighter rain off to the north. with these heavier bands, not impossible that there is a little bit of small hail, even though temperatures are nowhere near what you expect for that type of activity. we are in the low 40's in roxboro. 51 at rdu as of 5:00. 46 degrees right now. in fayetteville, a 10th of an inch of rain with 46 degrees. and the weight chilly weather across the sand hills -- the wet chilly weather across the sand hills. not much out to the west, but the showers are coming in harder as they move into the triangle. this will be east of interstate 95 the next couple of hours. look at the snow showers. there are storm warnings in the mountains where they could pick up three to four inches of snow.
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tomorrow should be drive. this system will move out the next couple of hours. a dry ride into work and school tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy skies, not a bad day. but it will be colder with upper 40's near a village. there could be a. -- near fayetteville. there could be light showers. it would be very isolated and pretty light. another reinforcing shot of chilly air coming our way. wednesday and to thursday, we will be lucky to hit 40. there is an even colder air mass into the weekend. all of those temperatures well below average, especially
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friday, another arctic front moves through. then saturday, sunday -- especially sunday -- we are in mass of the season. most spots around 10 or so. highs in the 20's. anna: some students say they were threatened with suspension
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to school. [chanting] joel: some durham parents say the school desk wrote -- dress code policy discriminates and should be changed. anna: parents want their children to be able to use african headdress. reporter: today they sing and chant. in protest against durham county schools dress code policy. her 15-year-old daughter and classmates were not allowed to wear african headdress to school in honor of african-american history month. >> did is not right.
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we will not stand for it. it is about supporting these young people and letting them know their cultural expression is something to be valued and to also value other people's cultural expression. reporter: but the school denied this claim. in a statement today, the school superintendent responded by saying -- reporter: it's a small victory for these parents who want their roots. just for one day. we are saying our daughters should be able to express
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civil day of their lives. reporter: this committee consists of school leaders, community leaders and parents. the parents protesting here went to attend the meeting thursday night. joel: they have certainly sparked a discussion in durham. anna: interesting conversation there. here is steve with what is coming up at 6:00. steve: this is a decisionsteve: that could change how we vote. a panel of federal judges say our lawmakers need to hit the reset button on our election map. why critics are fearing chaos. it was under the justice department microscope. now looking to highlight a local police department as a model of success for its relationships with the community. and he raised thousands of
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