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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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heather: he was arrested, and now his teachers are pitching in to help him get caught up on his schoolwork. what are the teachers doing? reporter: these teachers have shipped missed homework assignments, at his request, to make sure he is caught up on his work as he fights deportation. riverside high school teachers and supporters taking the bold step to help him. >> he is very motivated. and he was looking for to graduating and moving on to college. reporter: his teacher says that he fears he will get behind and not graduate in may if he successfully wins his battle to stay under him. >> i want to show him i am
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anything i can do to show that, i will. reporter: he could be deported back to honduras at any moment, along with his homework, sympathy cards, and letters. >> i understand how it may be for you inside, but we are rallying for you. >> the damage has been done, but despite it, he is holding on. he says he fears for his life. reporter: ice maintains it is carrying out orders to do tame this teenager. we are a lot -- to detain this teenager. we are live in durham, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: thank you. now to the race for the white house.
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if you can believe it,megan hughes, abc news, south carolina. anna: we will have more answers tomorrow night. now we have news from our three newsrooms. heather: soldiers return home to fort bragg after being deployed for nine months.
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raleigh newsroom with a gas leak that shut down a busy road. chopper hd 11 was over the scene. this is the air -- that road was temporarily shut down in both directions. heather: and from our fayetteville newsroom, the airborne and special operations museum unveiling a new paper. the paper honors his commitment to the army and country. out perez joined the army in world war ii and was sent to be first infantry division. his first action was landing on omaha beach on d-day. he has been a big supporter of the museum even before it opened. also, an early-morning celebration at fort bragg. paratroopers and their families are back together.
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overnight. they left lasted june in support of operation inherent resolve. anna: from our durham newsroom -- two internet sensations. we found out how their accidental fame has become a egg career. >> who is your best friend, cedi? >> max and sadie are used to being on camera. maybe not being interviewed. it all started with a video post ed of sadie that went viral. just but it was completely shocking. i got up for school and happen to check it and, oh, my gosh,
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following my dock. she went from five followers to 30,000. reporter: suddenly people were asking liz for more videos. >> she is so strong and happy even though she only has three legs. reporter: max is an internet sensation himself. this was tweeted out to 13 million followers. >> they are interested and that is the unique thing. it's not people looking at a picture and moving on. reporter: and companies started calling. >> forbes, disney -- reporter: companies paying for pictures and ads. now it has become a family business.
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front leg and followers else raise enough money to cover surgery and physical therapy at n.c. state. companies are hiring max and sadie to be part of their ad campaigns. heather: those are some of the most fun dogs i've ever seen. anna: and they were really serious when we were there for the interview. what is being done to protect coworkers. heather: and he has moves like michael jackson, the king of pop, that he's only nine years old and lives right here in north carolina. his story is just ahead. but first, here is tisha. tisha: it has been a hectic week and the legislative building. who will be on the ballot? and she seems irreplaceable, but is she force outable?
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heather: a familiar faces no longer at the north carolina zoo. terry, the oldest chimpanzee, passed away. she passed away peacefully in her sleep. and we have another story to share with you. anna: about a boy, a little artistic boy. he can dance just like michael jackson. reporter: his favorite thing to
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>> i like him because he is the king of pop. just but he will start dancing in the restaurant when he gets bored. people will stop. reporter: he loves it so much, his mom tells is that jonah did not have choreography planned for his viral performance because he practices every day. he has autism and learning to dance just like michael is his singular interest. >> during the night we have to get him to do other things. reporter: he shows us how he does the moonwalk, shared his favorite moves, and tells us how he heard of mj in the first place. >> we were at this beach and we saw "this is it," his last concert, and that is how i got to like him.
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we really do help we can go into something with this because he likes it. his dancing brings joy to other people. reporter: if you want to see all of jonah's supersweet moves, you can check out the video on our website -- stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: thank you. and she told me before we came out here the little boy also loves bruno mars. that is a key is wanting to dance like now. we will be waiting for that video next. pounding all the way to the super bowl. heather: but fans will have to dig deeper into their wallets
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detailanna: now a look at stories making headlines across the state, including a new confirmed case of the mumps. heather: and the price increase for the carolina panthers games. anna: but first, we have learned that two latest month cases in north carolina are in iredell county. all employees have been asked to check their personal vaccination
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up-to-date on the vaccine. two other cases have been found in mecklenburg. heather: also be charlotte police chief says his department needs more officers. he says that more officers are needed to keep up with the population. he will provide a formal request to month. the last time charlotte raab more officers onto the force was 2008. anna: carolina panthers ticket prices are rising. of course, the panthers are coming off an unbeaten season at home -- a super bowl appearance and an unprecedented third afc championship. they are in high demand. heather: it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?
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that. and this weekend will be nice, chris? chris: absolutely. temperatures in the 60's, even at or above 70 in some spots, heather and anna. we will have nice warm temperatures for a couple of days. across the region, it will be a cool nights. we have our own professional team in the trying the. 47 through the evening hours. you will need a jacket. it will not be as cold as last night though, that's for sure. there is rdu international. a beautiful day, sunsetting, a gorgeous afternoon. 52 at the airport now. humidity, 34%. south wind at 13, breezy as well. 49, rocky mount and wilson. from washington, southward,
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52 in columbia and even parts of kentucky warmer than us and that warmer air about to surge over the mountains and give us a nice taste of spring over the weekend. we do have a storm system to watch. weekend. that will be dropping across the western u.s. and the gulf of mexico and bring a storm system our way tuesday into wednesday. we still have a way to go before it gets here. so, with delays across the country, it is not rain or snow, it is the wind. the winds in chicago have been gusting 55 to 60 miles per hour. there has been damaged. tree limbs down, power outages. 48 by the 10:00 hour if you are out early on. tomorrow will not be as
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we will call it partly cloudy. the mid 60's around the triangle. a nice recovery today. 56 fayetteville. pinehurst in the low 60's. roxboro, 62. much, if not all of sunday, looks drive. here is our first alert predictor. by early evening, there may be a spotter two of light rain. other models do not show it at all. i think it is a chance of a sprinkle, light shower by evening. if you have outdoor plans this evening, they should go off without a hitch. enjoy that we can in the mid-to-upper 60's both days, a little sun on sunday. 60 monday.
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tuesday evening, a much cooler 47. then it dries out wednesday, thursday, and no more 60's after the weekend, heather and anna. back to reality again. we will make the most of this for sure. heather: not quite spring yet. anna: get out and enjoy it, people. now let's check in with david muir. david: heather and anna, good evening. coming up, the showdown in south carolina. after taking aim at the pope, donald trump taking aim at another giant. clinton and sanders and neck in south carolina. right here after eyewitness news. anna: all right, we will be watching, david. thank you. up next, what went wrong that
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but first, let's look outside. this is downtown to room. it is gorgeous. what a sunset. you can get out and enjoy it.
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anna: in tonight's i-team troubleshooter report, a five minute ride turned into $100. diane wilson is here with her warning areas diane? diane: we are talking about the uber ride. very popular, all done via the uber ride. how did a one mile ride turn into over $100? you can see the route. she was picked up by a driver and taken 1.26 miles. >> we were like, let's just take an uber so we do not have to pay for parking. >> the total ride cost her $4.80. >> then i woke up to an e-mail saying that i had to pay a cleaning fee.
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reached out to uber. >> uber accused me of getting to locks car, stopping at the gas station and -- boxcar and stopping at the guest a station and having male. >> she says that she was with her for the ride. there is not one gas station along the route. lauren reached out to me. lauren's complaint is not unique. a quick search and we for more than a dozen customers all saying that they were wrongly charged a cleaning fee. i reached out to uber for an extra nation. according to the website a cleaning fee will result from
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the fee ranges from $50 to $100. as for lauren, she thinks there should be a change. >> they do not require the drivers to submit a receipt for the cleaning? reporter: the best advice, keep all receipts. i tried to take a picture of the car before and after the ride, so you have your own proof nothing happened. >> you know, i have had to contact uber about something, a weird gps signal, and they were really good about giving me my money back. heather: if you have a consumer complaint and need the troubleshooter to get involved, send an e-mail or reach out on twitter or on facebook.
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anna: here are tisha and steve with what is next. steve: the state has brand-new voting maps for us. the steps that need to be taken before they are official and what it means for you as you head to the polls for the primaries. tisha: the zika virus arrives in north carolina. the biggest concern it poses. steve: switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that?
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>> see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. steve: state lawmakers think that they have solved that obligated jigsaw puzzle that is the focus of a political battle. tisha: we have the new primary map. they are new, but some legislators say far from improved. steve: jon camp joins us to lay it all out for us. jon: lawmakers have until close of business today to draw new congressional maps. they made a just in time. the maps they came up with our drawing just as much criticism as the ones they are meant to replace. >> we complied with the court order.
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the map. we have drawn the map. they only split 13 counties. they only split 12 precincts. steve: david lewis was among those who helped draw the map center took the most fire for it on the floor. they used voting date of this time to essentially ensure republican wins. >> the map and guarantees the election of 10 republicans and three democrats. steve: lewis was unapologetic. is better than electing so, i drew this map in a way to foster what i think is better


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