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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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she left with two strangers in the blue car. >> he was a calculating man. a man who did not want this baby and who had his mind made up to get rid of this baby no matter how much he had to do to get it done. >> christopher long as an
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department may be the latest in the area to consider wearing body cameras. the department chief is scheduled to brief members this afternoon about the benefits and concerns of using the cameras that are becoming more and more common across the nation. . the meeting is scheduled to begin in less than hour. ed? ed: until the chief outlines what she is going to say here sometime after 1:00, the raleigh police department is not releasing any information the on what we know is in the city council agenda. the police chief will present an overview of the agenda, including a new tool that they
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the council will hear a review of the potential benefits of cameras worn by police officers, as well as potential concerns about the devices area other officers in the area are already wearing body cameras. in fayetteville 300 officers have been equipped with them since last year. in durham, police have been looking at the technology as well, but the police is our schedule to talk more about it next week. according to the city council agenda for the day, counselors will hear about different technologies, what the cameras cost, and what the next step may be for the council. possibly the most important statement in the short synopsis for forward by the council is seeking councilmember feedback. they say that the way that things are going nationally, it certainly wouldn't surprise me body cameras in the coming months. stay on it -- john: stay on it, thanks, and.
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police and his own family,
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barbara: the murder charges, making them eligible for the death penalty if abc news, new york. barbara: the suspect in the deadly shooting of a pastor in ohio is in court today. gunned down inside of his own church on sunday. police say the suspect is his younger brother, who was arrested at the scene. officials say that the younger
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in a small community in kansas they are remembering the victims of last week's shooting rampage at a lawn equipment factory. hundreds of people packed the gymnasium sunday night to mourn those who died. police say the shooter was angry about a restraining order from a former girlfriend that he had received that day. ford was shot and killed by police. john: new developments this afternoon in the flint water crisis. newly released details show that the aides note -- knew that something was wrong with the water in flint as far back as 2014. e-mails show that they suggested switching the water supply back from the flint river. it is dated six months after river for drinking water. in response to those e-mails, snyder's spokesman said that those were preliminary concerns problem.
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take the witness stand today as her civil trial against the second week. the television broadcaster had list for the defense. over 40 testified last week. marriott at vanderbilt university for $75 million. she says that their negligence let her stalker, michael barrett, find her and film or through an altered peephole she was changing. barbara: one person recovering from smoke inhalation after a house fire in raleigh last night. firefighters said that they could see flames from the front of the woodframe home when they arrived on the scene just after 8:00. the house was badly damaged and the fire is being called accidental. raleigh firefighters were called to the 4000 block of greenside drive yesterday afternoon. a blaze tore through the roof, damaging half the home, but no
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john: fayetteville police identifying the person killed in a weekend crash. anna ha died when the car that she was driving and ran off strickland road and hit a tree. the driver, 21-year-old bruce goodman, and another passenger were not seriously hurt. he is facing amid -- a host of charges. just after 6:00 this morning a vehicle struck a pedestrian at south miami boulevard and lumley road. durham police arrived at the scene and found the man in the middle of the road. they believe that he was sideswiped by the mirror of a passing car. he was taken to the hospital injuries. mother and her twin girls are safe this afternoon. she and her twin girls are doing fine this afternoon, they say. they appeared or disappeared saturday at 3:00. headed to walmart.
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barbara: just ahead, what did he do that had the president awarding him the medal of honor this morning? john: plus the parents of a wake student had a chance to speak out. when the student suspensions take place? barbara: a live look downtown on this beautiful afternoon. don schwenneker says that the rain is coming back this week. don: we do have sunshine and gorges conditions tomorrow, but you will need the obama. we will tell you when the rain arrives, coming up.
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doppler >> the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: welcome back. here's a live look at fayetteville street, where it is 65 degrees. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven-day forecast, which has some rain in it. president obama awarded the medal of honor to a navy seal this morning for a hostage rescue mission in afghanistan back in 2012. edward byers junior received the medal of honor for using his body is a shield to protect an american hostage was simultaneously shooting a taliban fighter. he is believed to be the first service to have received the medal of honor for actions while serving with seal team six. fort bragg, more than 160
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return home after a nine-month deployment as part of operation inherent resolve. scheduled to arrive at 9:00 tonight. john: the town of kerry is talking about a redesign a part of the black creek ring lay. part of the trail between west dynasty drive and old reading trail will be improved, with upgrades to the trail, path of alignments, increased flooding impact reduction with elevated bridges to reduce flooding. an open house on the proposed changes will be held from 5:00 until seven: 30 this evening at the senior center. a public form this evening to talk about the latest statistics on academic achievement, drop out and student suspension. they will specifically focus on eliminating disparities in the gaps between students. the meeting takes place at 6:30. barbara: no longer a carolina hurricane? john: where will the team
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he hits the ice?
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if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . john: after almost 12 years of service, eric staal is no longer a hurricane. the captain was shipped to the hurricanes yesterday -- was
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he waived his no trade clause in his contract to get the deal done. in exchange the kings receive a second round pick in the next two nhl drafts and a prospect named alexi cirillo. they called it a deal that had to be done. he's in the last deal of his seven-year contract in is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. it could be the first of a few deals for the hurricanes as the trade deadline gets nearer. it appears that peyton manning is inching closer to deciding whether he will retire. according to sources close to the team, the broncos quarterback as apparently been mulling over the decision since capturing his second super bowl title in a win over the panthers earlier this month. if he plans to play next season he must undergo a team physical by friday. barbara: getting into the happiest places on earth will
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disneyland and walt disney world now, demand-based pricing. they charge three different prices depending on the time of year. a one-day pass monday through thursday is $95. a regular past for the weekends in the summer will likely be $105. up to $112 on peak days, including december, spring break week, july weekend. disney is abc 11's parent company. john: if used mel smoke in eastern wake county -- if you smell smoke in eastern wake county, it's from a controlled burn. the triangle land conservancy is conducting it at the temple flat rock preserve. the burn will cover 500 17 acres and some smoke may be present in areas near the reserve. barbara: quite the afternoon. john: and on a weekday. don: a whole extra day this year.
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if we are going to have an extra day of the year, this is pretty perfect for it. thanks for spending part of your day with us. we get thing started with a look at the day ahead. over the next 12 hours you will see temperatures climbing near 70 in the triangle, falling to the 60's at 6:00. not seeing those 40's until midnight. you will be in the 70's this afternoon. by 6:00 falling back into the mid 60's. a live look this new now are into downtown raleigh. hi, puffy clouds drifting through. 34% humidity with the west wind at 12 miles per hour. we have a live look into durham. 67, 20 8% humidity. fayetteville checks in at 69 and a west wind at eight. heading out to right field beach, gorgeous. the wind is picking up out of the southwest at 20 miles per
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numbers from across the region, 65 in oxford, 68 in wilson. 67 in chapel hill. south here, upper 60's in santa fe. 67 and lumberton. 68 in sanford. looking at the nation, the really cold air is bottled to the north. 21 in minneapolis. chicago is 22 degrees warmer. almost 50 in new york city. 50 in louisville. jackson, mississippi, 70 degrees. looking at the radar composite, it's sunny across the carolinas. barely a cloud in the sky, zooming out to show you the rest of the nation. showers through new york city, but even as far north as boston the snow has gone back to the north for now. followed by 6:00 tonight, sunshine, not much to show you. going through the day tomorrow, not much to show you.
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during the evening hours tomorrow night, a frontal boundary pushing the showers in tomorrow into wednesday morning. clearing out of here, cooler air working in towards the end of the week. temperature showing a frontal boundary tomorrow that we are ahead of. warm air is surging in. as realtor wednesday the front drops through. highs are bringing the clearing skies as we go through wednesday with cooler temperatures working in wednesday, thursday, into friday. temperatures downtown around 70. time of year. in the 60's in 70's this afternoon. 67 in chapel hill. 71 in fayetteville. 68 in sanford. 63 in south hill. 70 in tarboro.
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temperatures across the region, overnight lows into the 40's. 42 in durham. the first seven-day forecast showing temperatures tomorrow near 70 with a couple of clouds, maybe a rumble of thunder tomorrow night. we are not in a risk for severe weather, so i'm not in worry about it. clearing you on wednesday, 60. thursday, 53 degrees. chances for showers once again, pushing out of here with cooler on saturday, 50 on sunday. friday night into saturday, dipping down below freezing. i think most of the shower activity will be done before the cold air gets here. i don't think we will see any snowflakes or anything like that in the next seven days.
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john: -- that' barbara: there were some surprises of the oscars last night. john: including sylvester stallone losing best supporting actor. >> and the oscar goes to -- mark
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john: stallone was the heavy favorite after winning several other roles this year for reprising his role as rocky balboa in "creed," however, mark rhineland's took home the oscar. the only win for "bridge of spies." barbara: the other big surprise was the winner, "spotlight." winning over the favor of the frontier ethic, "the revenant." >> leonardo dicaprio. john: his losing streak is over. finally winning an oscar for his pivotal role in "the revenant." he took a moment to talk about climate change in his speech. previous times. >> brie larson. room. home an oscar for her performance in "room." and a
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for her small son inside a shed then escapes. john: this year's red carpet glamour included something for everyone, bold colors, soft shades, and body hugging looks, including this dropdead look by charlize theron. she sizzled in this down with a deep neckline and delicate straps. accessorize with a harry winston necklace. barbara: cate blanchett, from armani, including large applique from her shoulders to her train. john: sofia vergara was glamour perfection in this navy blue down featuring a sweetheart neckline.
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newsrooms. in downtown raleigh, downtown fayetteville. continues. john: happening now, the jury deliberating in the jury trial of christopher long, or charged with killing a shaw university student 20 years ago. gloria rodriguez has the update. gloria? deliberating.
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they will take to come to a decision, but we do have video of what happened in the courtroom earlier. take a look at this closing argument this morning earlier in the murder trial of christopher lyon -- christopher long. an aspiring doctor, mcqueen was pregnant with his baby when she disappeared. her remains were found nine months later. he was charged with her murder in 1997, but the charge was evidence. in 2014 he was charged with murder again after new technology tested evidence the prosecution says that he did baby. the defense says that they got into an argument at a park and she left with two strangers in a blue car. >> he was a calculating man.
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and a man who had his mind made up that he was going to get rid of this baby no matter how much he had to do to get it done. >> christopher is an innocent man. he did not kill her. her death is a terrible tragedy. but he didn't do it. john: -- gloria: he can be convicted of first or second degree murder or declared innocent. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: happening now, three suspects arrested in shooting on capital boulevard on sunday make the first appearance today. two people were wounded in what they are calling a robbery.
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dangerous of mourners remembered the officer. she was killed during her first day on the job. barbara: the raleigh police department may be the latest in the area to consider wearing body cameras. the chief is expected to go before the city council members this afternoon about the benefits and concerns of using the cameras that are becoming more and more common across the nation. live at city hall, ed has the details. good afternoon. ed: good afternoon, barbara. until the chief speaks this afternoon, all that we know about what she plans to talk about is the outline in the city council agenda. the police chief will present an overview according to the agenda .
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the police department may employ . they go on to say that the the potential benefits of the cameras warned by the police officers, as well as potential other departments in the area are already wearing body cameras. 300 officers in fayetteville have been equipped with them since late last year. in durham they have been looking at the technology as well, but the city council there still has to clear the way and are scheduled to talk about it in a meeting next week. counselors are also going to be hearing a different technologies , with a cost, and what the next step may be for the city council and rpd. possibly the most important statement in this agenda is that the department is seeking councilmember feedback. it wouldn't surprise me, the way that things are going nationally, that raleigh would be wearing body cameras in the coming months. abc 11, eyewitness news. john: thanks, ed. this afternoon of bernie sanders
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running in durham. yesterday they opened their first election office in the triangle. it is off north church street. his campaign is trying to regain momentum after crushing defeat to hillary clinton in this weekends south carolina primary. as the campaign trail heats up heading into the march 15 presidential primary, officers of the campaign are popping up all over. saturday and office opened for donald trump in fayetteville. one less day of the campaign
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tomorrow barbara: -- barba stephanie ramos, abc news, alexandria, virginia. john: several protesters nabbed.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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barbara: john: john: five ku klux klan members are free after an arrest in a violent brawl. police say that evidence shows that the klan members acted in self-defense. the class arrested after six clan members arrived at a park for a planned anti-immigration rally. started by a larger group of counter protesters. the klansmen stabbed three counter protesters with knives and a flagpole. police said they have the right to defend themselves. barbara: now we have the must-see videos of the day. >> we begin with the arrest of a
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the woman is approached outside of the department store. the entire incident was recorded by a camera worn by the deputy -- deputy. the woman was asked to go back in the store but when she refuses she pulls away and begs the officer not to take her into custody. the deputy grabs her hand and the temps to put her in handcuffs, but as she struggles her head slams into a wall and two begins to bleed. many criticized the deputy for how he handled the arrest, however the sheriff stands behind his actions. other dangerous power on display in hawaii. incredible video here. some of the strongest waves reported in 50 years hit last monday. big waves slamming into the rocks. the national oceanic and atmospheric association reports waves of up to 70 feet in hawaii last week. more massive waves this time, down under.
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south wales, wiping things out. most of them did not seem to mind, staying in the water for another hit. dozens of beaches were close last week. now we had to china where the big guy spread too far from his bamboo, causing him to fall off of his platform. he immediately went back to eating. he simply loves bamboo. looks like he is ok from that little tumble. pandas, so cute. back to you. barbara: indeed. thank you. you can see these videos any time by going to or by using our mobile app on your phone or tablet. john: an impassioned plea from an american being held in north korea. barbara: also, for-year-old gets more than he bargained for at a vending chain. how long did it take rescue
12:42 pm
john: here's a look at downtown another beautiful afternoon. how long will this last? tomorrow, but once the sun goes away the warmer temperatures go away and it will get cooler.
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john: now the eyewitness news money watch stock report at midday. the nasdaq is up one points. the s&p 500 is up five points. an american college student makes a tearful apology in north korea. barbara: he was detained for trying to steal a political banner. >> will you forgive me? please? please. barbara: he was in tears as he offered his apology this morning. the underwriters asked to make a public apology but it was not
12:46 pm
own accord or but it sprang up around the day center last april by mistake. john: a london airport shut down because of what officials called spillage on the only runway there. the airport did not say what substance had spilled, but media reports said that oil had leaked from a jet on landing. several flights were due to land and circle the airport until it reopened. john: a four-year-old boy getting his arm stuck in a vending machine on sunday. it took more than six hours to free the boy. he reportedly had it extended so
12:47 pm
became caught and the antitheft -- in the antitheft mechanism. they had to invest the size the child three times just to calm him down. john: poor thing. we have seen that kind of thing before. barbara: but he got out. i know. john: today we got lots of wind out there, sunshine and smiles on people's faces as they walk by. you've got to love this weather for the last day of february. it is going to stick around and after that it gets cooler. we will talk more about that in a moment. good afternoon, let's it started with a first look at the doppler. if you have got plans today it will be up to 70 degrees. nothing but sunshine and clear skies. 6:00 falling back to 61. in the 50 posture the evening hours. one or two cloud stretching to the area, dew point at 38.
12:48 pm
from there to a live look at this noon hour into downtown durham. temperature in the city at 68. 27% humidity. fayetteville checking in at 70, 30 4% humidity. out to the beach, seeing temperatures in the 60's. 43 percent humidity, west wind at six miles per hour. from the beach to a live look in the mountains. they had snow when we checked in on friday. that is all melted now. mild area in the mountains as well. numbers from across the region, lots of 60's. 67 in chapel hill. louisburg, rocky mount, wilson, 68. 70 in smithfield and southern pines. clinton, 60 nine degrees. looking at what's going on across the nation, 67 in atlanta. 20's, cool air following up to
12:49 pm
tracking south over the next couple of days with temperatures dropping through the week. right now we are not seeing much in the way of cold air. cloud cover with clear skies at the noon hour. showers working through the upstate, but the entire southeastern part of the united states is dry and clear. you have to go back to nebraska to find any cloud cover that might affect us for a couple of days. things are dry right now, first picture forecast model tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny skies across the region. as we go into the evening tomorrow night we see a boundary through and i think we will see some rain tomorrow night into wednesday. you may get a rumble or two of thunder, love by lunchtime starts to lose out and by wednesday afternoon nothing but sunshine moves back in. but we have got sunshine with cooler and working in tuesday into friday. service map shows a low pressure system right now that will be
12:50 pm
the front drops are wednesday giving us the showers, then we will be on the front side of the high pulling the cool air in out of canada, making things cooler around here for midweek. the rest of this afternoon temperatures are running near 70 degrees across the region. tonight the temperatures across the area are back into the 40's for overnight lows. 42 in durham. your first alert seven-day forecast is powered by accuweather, showing temperatures tomorrow showing temperatures back near 70. late day tomorrow that means showers into wednesday. the really cool air settles wednesday night into thursday, down around freezing. friday with cloud cover and rain working back, we will struggle to get out of the 40's. cool and wet in the work week. at this point looks like the rain clears friday evening and then we are dry with cooler temperatures in the 50's. today in them -- today and
12:51 pm
days. john: comedian chris rock lived up to the hype last night as he barbara: hosted the 88th oscars.
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on the lack lauren lister, abc news, hollywood.
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becoming to th john: we are on verdict watch in the christopher lyons murder
12:56 pm
-- christopher line's murder trial. he is charged with killing a shaw university student in may of 1996. barbara: also developing, three suspects arrested in the shooting on capital boulevard may the first court appearance. they were both charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. one of the shooting victims was also arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. john: the police chief in raleigh will present an overview of a new tool that the police department may employ. the council may hear a review on the potential benefits of body cameras, as well as potential concerns about the devices. we will be at the city council meeting with a full report tarting at 4:00. barbara: remember that you can stay connected by going to or going to the abc 11
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john: last word from don schwenneker. don: temperatures nice and mild, almost 70 with more clouds tomorrow. showers tomorrow night may bring a rumble of thunder. i don't think that we will see much severe weather, but we will keep an eye on that. thursday, a lot cooler. friday, 49 with chances for rain, drying out through the week. barbara: from the eyewitness news center, i'm barbara gibbs, and for the entire news team we
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john: biggest primary day of the election season. barbara: i will introduce you to an ama >> announcer: looking to indulge in something new and delicious? then look no further, because we're serving up your favorite treats with a twist. michael's grilling up a classic burger with a tasty twist that you can sink your teeth into.
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and they're baking up a decadent chocolatey treat that'll make you want to have dessert first. plus, mario takes a trip to the place were sweet dreams are made. >> this is brigadeiro bakery. >> brigadeiro is a classic brazilian sweet treat. it's basically fudge that you put sprinkles around, and it's just rich and pure delicious. >> announcer: get ready to treat yourself right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon. welcome to "the chew." you know there are things like a good, old-fashioned horror movie, or a delicious refreshing cocktail that are just better with a twist, am i right? [ cheers ] so all hour long we're taking your favorite treats and giving them a brand-new twist to keep you coming back for more. that's the theme of the show today. [ cheers ] >> nice. >> it is also leap day today. february 29th.


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