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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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earlier this week concerning some of the findings. there was a report from the media from the beginning that akiel denkins had been shot seven times in the back. the autopsy does not reflect that. this is why it is so critical to make statements after we gather all information. >> are we clear of any charges? >> i am far from making any determination. this investigation is ongoing. it is common to call in the fbi. it is, for an officer to be put on administrative leave. the decision will occur at the end of the investigation. >> it appears that nobody actually saw this struggle and
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>> we are still asking for people to come forward. we currently do not have a video of what happened. if there is one other, we urge that to be brought to us. we are still talking to the community. different people think they saw different things. at the incident, it will be our job to take that information, compare it with forensic evidence, and that is why it is so important to make a determination of what happened. >> can you help us understand what the family's reaction to these findings was? >> i talked very much with the attorneys but also to his like most mothers, her primary concern was knowing how long he may have suffered.
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to the family about. she is grieving the loss of her son. in many ways, acting like any mother who just lost a son. >> [inaudible] you are telling us that even with the autopsy, you cannot say whether or not the gunshots came from the front or the back? >> that is still under investigation. medical examiner's office. the manner in which wounds entered is something that they have to review in more detail. i would encourage you to talk to them about when they might have that information available. we want that final report. >> you talked a lot about the final determination -- how long
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>> we would hope within a matter of weeks to a couple of months which, again, i have a lot of the same frustrations but i'm very much dependent on the state crime lab, the chief medical information. we hope to conclude our interview process. they were out there again this morning. we hope to have that wrapped up in the next week. >> the forensic evidence that you collected in the autopsy -- does that back at the officer's account of what happened? >> to make that statement would preempt what is very much an ongoing investigation. we have a lot of forensic evidence. at the end the day, they could
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we half to wait for evidence to be returned. >> heavy had an opportunity to talk to the officer? >> i have not. that would be standard protocol. the fbi has spoken to him and his attorney did contact me early on to let me know that he will be representing him. >> thank you very much. steve: you have been listening to lauren freeman, a news conference in her office in downtown raleigh. the headline coming out of this is about the preliminary autopsy report released this hour. the key question -- it says that akiel denkins was shot four times but where in the body the bullet wounds are -- it does not specify where the entry wounds are -- in the front of the pack yucca was he running away from police or did he shoot jenkins in self-defense? that is a key question.
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examiner will make a determination. they are not authorized to release that information. that is still under review. let's show you what is happening right now. these are the mergers who took off from shaw university, primarily students. they have made their way to downtown raleigh. we are shooting right outside our front door. you can see the signs , just as forakiel. -- justice for akiel. people walking from the university near downtown. they are at fayetteville street. next half hour. >> from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc eyewitness news at 5:30 starts now. chris: we are going to keep him
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have an update right now on breaking news. joel: a police chase ending in johnston county. multiple agencies, multiple suspects in custody. anna: we are live with the latest. reporter: there is a large police presence, several different agencies are here, focusing around this pickup truck. this is still an active seen here. we have some video to show you closer what is going on. we're at the corner of country store road and church road in selma and johnston county. one of our cruise on the scene says that they actually saw the driver of the pickup truck down on the ground. deputies were performing cpr on the driver. he has since been taken away by ambulance. we do not know his condition. we are still working to figure
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eyewitnesses are saying that this is the result of a high-speed chase that started in wilson county and worked his way down to johnson county involving several wilson county deputies pickup truck. again, this whole intersection is still taped off and there are this embankment. he can see tire tracks running off the road down the embankment leading to wear that pickup truck is still sitting. i was watching deputies climbing in and out of the bed of the truck for evidence. we are still working to figure out the facts. the highway patrol is also involved in the investigation. several troopers were out here as well. still working to confirm exactly what led to this. witnesses say this was the result of a high-speed chase aired we do not know why the
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we will report the facts as soon as we get them. we know that the driver was taken to the medical center in the deputies were performing cpr on him. more information as it comes in. joel: thank you. two men pulled from a burning car on i-95. anna: in abc 11 you are found two men trapped inside the vehicle and pulled them out. joel: he carried both the the vehicle was on fire. reporter: a remarkable story. this happened just done the i-95
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is this good samaritan hero is named frankie smith. investigators say he saved the lives of these guys trapped in a burning car. this is i-95 south where smith said he saw a car fire on wednesday morning. these are some of the aftermath pictures taken by the fire department. smith said that he noticed that no other cars were stopping to check the vehicle. he pulled over. he saw two been injured and trapped in the car. it had apparently crashed into parked on the roadside. smith pulled the men to safety as the vehicle -- as the fire engulfed the vehicles. later at the hospital, one of the injured men thanked smith for saving his life in smith says, that is what it really hit in.
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i saved both of their lives. feels good to do something like that. reporter: talk about a young man getting a second chance. the highway patrol says the driver apparently had fallen asleep and that is when they hit the truck. investigators say had it not been for death, those two men would likely have not survived. smith told me he acted on and post. he says he feels blessed to be at the right place at the right time. joel: a miracle indeed. amazing pictures even more
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anna: state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight
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joel: the teenager in custody
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reporter: a judge refused to set bond for the ex-convict teenager. olusegun daniel olorunlona is back in jail tonight. charges ranging from robbery to possession of a gun. he has served 1.5 years in prison. when the store was robbed, police released surveillance picture of the gunman wearing a johnson. he got away with rolex watches. it is not clear how quickly police found him. he was released from prison in october last year. anna: also happening now, the hillary clinton campaign holding
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volunteers and supporters urging voting underway right now through saturday march 12. support. joel: a groundbreaking luncheon for the school redevelopment project. a historical significance in the bull city, the first high school integration. the project will prefer -- preserve the space while preserving the legacy of the school. he will be in mixed-use, with housing units and kindergarten classrooms. anna: a deadly scene outside the
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anna: tonight in hickory, a man is charged with killing a woman in a parking lot. the suspect as he is a fatally shooting a woman and injuring them in yesterday afternoon. he is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. police say the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute. joel: corporal punishment -- even know only a few school districts even allow it. annual report shows 147 incidents of punishment in the last school year. an increase from the year before. robertson county led the state in the number of patterns. without much warning, 100 people took over the tennis courts in
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anna: a flash mob to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. a competition to become woman of the year for the society -- it is a friendly competition to encourage people to raise the most money for cancer research. she wanted to do more than sending e-mail so they created a team and they decided to this -- a flash mob. this spirit is beating cancer appeared on saturday 100 people stormed the courts and kerry to do their part. >> even my husband was out there which is amazing because nobody expected that he would do something like this. >> we are putting ourselves out there. if you ask someone for a donation and you see them doing a flash mob, how can you not laugh? anna: they are really trying. i put a link to how you can
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footage on my facebook page. it is pretty good. did you see that girl moonwalk? i cannot imagine. joel: is not easy to do michael jackson. let's talk about the weather. >> closing in on the triangle right now. later this evening, a few spots may see mixed and near the virginia border. tonight. temperatures falling into the 30's. winter weather advisory for virginia. the rain will enter the tomorrow. we can't looks warmer but there may be a passing shower on it should occur overnight. rainfall amounts coming in, these are our computer models
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someone get a little more. a steady soaking rain overnight. downtown darren on dry. you can see it is overcast. the airport and 48 as of 5:00. humidity and 34%. the air is pretty dry. temperatures lowering quickly. louisburg, 45. roanoke rapids, 45. southern pines, 48. start. rain over dinner and that some of this is evaporating before it reaches the ground. and roxboro. the area is dry. some of it evaporating before it hits the ground. we will all get some rain out of
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this initial band doesn't look that impressive rain will increase in coverage. winter weather advisory for southern virginia. storm warnings for central virginia. 3-5 inches of snow possible. advisories for percy county and halifax county. snow could cause spots in elevated surfaces. rain all the way to the east. the bulk of the rain still in the west. expanding through 9:00. overnight, freezing wages in north and west. i think that is a little off. temperatures in the low 30's.
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6:00, the back and you defenses to the east. tomorrow morning, it is pretty much over. armando keeps accumulating snow -- are a model and keeps accumulating snow to the north. we are not discounting the potential for a dusting. the rain ending at 10:00. it is going to be a cloudy start to friday. bright makeup in the afternoon with sunshine. cool tomorrow, upper 40's. we will see a warming trend next week. temperatures in the mid-50's next weekend. anna: a gorgeous. spring, here we come. coming up next, hundreds of animals are recovering after
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we will show you the animals that need a new home. joel: another primetime premiere this evening, the new show called "the family." a
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reappears and that is anna: -- joel: nearly 700 animals rescued from an animal shelter. anna: the animals getting the help they need tonight. reporter: dozens working around the clock to help the animals recover. they are almost ready for their new forever home. >> we have 30 people a day constantly. reporter: the aspca is hard at work caring for these animals which are doing much better after being found in green conditions in january. the owners facing animal cruelty charges. the sheriff's and there is still more charges to come. the animals came in with an array of medical issues. skill training is being focused
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>> they interact with them. they have an opportunity to exercise so they are not just in a cage all day. reporter: providing enrichment for animals, baskets and boxes for cats for individualized spaces. training dogs to keep all pause on the floor when meeting somebody new. the folks at the aspca say it is all about helping animals transition in hopes of placing every one of them into a forever home. >> everything that we do is thinking about where is this animal going to end of and how he can make it the best addition to a family? reporter: so many animals looking for a loving home. the aspca is planning an adoption event. the old devoted by the end the
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joel: a good news update. eyewitness news continues. tisha: breaking news at 6:00, to just released. steve: the police chief releasing the police version of events, what the officer says. tisha: the campaigns of cap mccrory taking jabs at one another. the developments on the controversial road stealing the steve: claims. a distinction no other c all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand
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>> abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. tisha: raleigh police laying out their version of the shooting that left akiel denkins dead. steve: the raleigh police report is out tonight three days after the shooting. it began on monday when d.c. twiddy chased akiel denkins while trying to serve an arrest warrant.


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