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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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steve: to o.j. simpson getting prosecuted again. steve: there are a lot of lingering questions tonight about the case. the abc news team working the story from every angle right now. we will have in-depth coverage tonight. tisha: now to the shooting death of the man shot and killed by police. an overflow crowd packing a raleigh church for a funeral. investigation is still incomplete. we are there with the latest.
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today marks the first day that we have covered this story edited has not been all about how he died. today was also about how he lived. there was a huge turnout at the funeral here. at least 350 people packed inside the church. another 50 or so were outside on the grass listening in. a public viewing was held before the service. the service, part celebration, part motivation to make his death meeting -- mean something. we caught up with naacp lawyer outside the funeral. we are told they are neck deep in their own investigation, running down a list of questions they want answered. >> was he shot in the back? this question about the gun,
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blueprints on it -- what prince were on it, and what other evidence were at the scene. >> tonight at 6:00 p.m., they have found some discrepancies between the reports. and what comes next. steve: we will see you at 6:00 p.m. thank you. new details about a robbery in wake county. this is a bank that was robbed last week. for people now facing charges, including a juvenile and a 19-year-old woman. the robbers got away with about $1300. one of the robbers threatened to shoot three tellers inside the bank. tisha: 13 new charges filed
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accused of having sex with at least two students. >> good afternoon. the district attorney seth these latest charges involve a 17-year-old male student, charges that could keep this teacher behind bars for a long time. the 30-year-old teacher made her first court appearance today on 13 additional indecent liberties and sex offensive charges involving a student. the alleged illicit affair was from november through december 2015. he -- she has been custody since last month when she was arrested on sex charges involving a female student. the da says none of the alleged illicit affairs occurred on the school campus. we are told that both students are under the age of 18. she remains jailed tonight on a 300,000 dollars bond here at the
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a sheriff's office spokesperson tells us their investigation into all of this continues, but there is no word tonight on any other students. steve: happening now in the triangle, heightened security at the durham performing arts center as a protest expected tonight as people go into the lion king performance. we are alive with the details. >> there is a large law enforcement presence here. this show starts at 8:00 p.m. tonight. the actors have to show up half hour before the curtain comes up. this is located just across the street from the durham county jail. protesters say that the inmates are being abused and treated inhumanely. security is being stepped up at
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deputies will be out here, and both counties will be working together and coordinating their efforts. tisha: a chapel hill bar shut down after having his liquor license yanked reopens tonight. they were closed for 21 days after the license was revoked. they allowed an underage driver to drink, which caused a crash that killed four people. steve: ed crump is that the wake county justice center with pixels of details about the barbershop murder. >> although there were many witnesses, none were going to come here to testify. so the prosecutor told the judge he cut deals with the
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they shot him to death second . they mistakenly thought he has killed one of their brothers. the victim's mother told the judge that even though her son's killers off lightly, she hoped they would suffer in prison. they got a maximum of 12 years, and eight and a half years. steve: happening now in washington state, in the other
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fire that killed her three children overnight. police are working to find out what sparked the fire. the mother and children were the only people inside that home when the fire started. investigators are talking to that mother to try to find out what she knows. tisha: dramatic video of a passenger ferry going down off the coast. 51 people were on the fairy when it started listing and taking on water. you can see people jumping off the theory as it goes down. it is believed everyone was rescued. investigators believe there was a leak. steve: we have a note date about the water crisis in flint, michigan. crews are taking up the old lead pipes leaving the homeless. they are targeting led pipes and the homes with the highest number of children under the age of 6 six years old.
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tisha: new development in the coal ash disaster in north carolina. duke energy hit with violations for allowing wastewater across the state. they have the state environmental department, with 30 days to respond. they will be fine for violating the wastewater permits. it is two years since they left the dam river polluted with --. -- with ask. h. steve: happening now in chapel hill, a team of researchers taking on the zika virus. in the spotlight, testing for it and medical complications, and the likelihood it could become a major health problem. >>ing a team of more
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to find out what causes this. the risk from transmitted diseases is minimal, so they are looking for imported diseases. ing to high risk areas like central and south america and the caribbean. tisha: 5:00 p.m. tonight, a groundbreaking to signify the start of construction on the bridge replacement on the outer banks now set for next tuesday. literary work is already underway. the total price tag expect to be $260 million. the bridge is the only land access to the island.
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chris: the weekend is going to be not quite so warm, but not bad. check out the temperatures across the region. you can see a really shocked with the rays of sunshine through the clouds and the sun about to set in an hour or so. 49 degrees at rdu. 54 in fayetteville. areas to the east, the clouds hung topper, longer. a chilly night is coming up. by midnight, we are in the 30's. we need that heavy jacket again. tomorrow and sunday we will call it seasonably cool. is that these are coming back, and when they get here. steve: spring is on the way. we will get the details soon. and i don't releasing her autopsy.
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this teacher attacked in a school ho hallway.
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>> the fake stories, happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: happening now, the autopsy report of bobbi kristina brown now unsealed. it comes more than a year after her death in georgia. the autopsy report revealing the daughter whitney houston died of complications from drug water. she was high on marijuana, drugs. the combination caused pneumonia, which led to her death she was found in her bathtub last january. tisha: for voice charged with setting fire to the health of the high school principal and laughing as they watched it burned. the principal and his family were inside at the time, but he did get out.
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two were charged with arson, two were charged with conspiracy. a high school student attacking a teacher and knocking him out in a hallway. that is the video from inside hunters lane high school in tennessee. chaos interrupting, the teacher punched in the face by the student. the teacher is suffering a concussion and other bumps and bruises. the team is charged with aggravated result and resisting arrest. steve: they girl scout gets robbed as she is selling cookies. a 24-year-old and a 25-year-old are turning themselves in. they admit to stealing a cash box from a girl scout outside a walmart store. the surveillance photos helps them to now repurposed -- helped
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a lot of people pitching in in central florida. she came up with a lot more money at the end. tisha: that was really low. steve: now to a story that has everyone talking. tisha: we have heard of crazy reason people call 911. tonight it is a two-year-old. >> 911. >> god? tisha: she is calling 911 to help put her clothes on. please were confused, -- the police were confused and sent an officer. >> it made my day. she was so sweet. tisha: she had no idea she called 911. as for the officer, she made a new friend.
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mom was at work, and she was home with grandpa. grandpa cannot get her dressed right. tisha: so she called 911. i'm glad she was happy to help out. steve: spring lake weather coming next week? chris: it is going to sit in and come day after day. over the weekend, you will not want to get the spring close out just yet. let's jump ahead, surely goodness coming our way. a little bit below average, but we have seen much worse than that. 58 on sunday, and i look at high temperatures. the average temperature is 60 degrees right now. we will be way above that early next week.
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on raleigh-durham international. humidity at 54%. in north east wind, with clouds and not moving out. 52 in chapel hill. 54 in fayetteville. chilly air through the midwest, coming from the northwest. we will stay cool through the weekend greatest 60's and 70's over oklahoma, even jackson, mississippi. it will take monday and tuesday to see those 60's, and the 70's. the clouds broke up, we had a pretty nice afternoon. all in all, to mid-atlantic overcast but fairly quiet. february was a bust in terms of california rainfall, but that's about to change anything away. storm after storm about to slam into the western two yes. -- into the western united
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they will get over 10 inches of rain in the next week or so. overnight loans, low to mid 30's partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. tomorrow morning, you will need a heavy jacket. we are up to 47 degrees by noon. in the afternoon we will turn mostly cloudy, temperatures in the mid-50's. another system will come our way tomorrow night, with a shot of rain during the night. we have not three times this week, and we will do it again. this band of showers come through tomorrow evening, tomorrow night, and we're back to sunshine during the day on sunday afternoon. highs tomorrow in the mid-50's. partly sunny skies. pretty seasonable. low 50's to the north, mid-50's around mark rocky mountain wilson. showers move intimacy you may want to take the umbrella. they will move out just after
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a little band of rain, and then back to dry weather. sunday, other 50's to near 60, and the next week there will be some clouds around. it will get stormy in the central u.s. and the rockies, and into california. they will see severe weather, flash flooding, but it will be dry here. it will not come our way anytime soon.
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steve:steve: the job market across the country is continuing to tonight. employers adding 240,000 jobs in february. government. it is still trending tonight, the fire republican residential debate last night. tisha: from ronald donald trump is winning primaries and taking a lot of heat. he is forced to defend his record. we report from washington tonight. >> today, donald trump rallies served up a typical trump.
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the media, and the day after mitt romney laid out the case against him in salt lake city -- >> will he talk about policy differences, or contact me? -- attack me? >> donald trump delivers. marco rubio replies. >> he will divide the party. >> can he be stopped? some have suggested a brokered convention. the chairman of the committee set the all -- said that the odds are small. he spoke to a small gathering,
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>> there is only one campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump, and there is only one campaign that can and will donald trump. >> looking ahead, saturday republicans will compete in four contest, democrats and three. they will debate in michigan on sunday. tisha: we still have a long way to go. millions in gold stolen on the side of the highway. steve: tonight we have brand-new details about that huge highway highest in our area on i-95. how the crooks pulled it off using pepper spray and gps, and how the alleged ringleader nearly got away. >> most of us learn about world
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>> see what's happening this instant -- from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 right now. anna: right now -- andrea: right now, developing stories from all
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i'm andrea blanford in for joel brown. anna: and i'm anna laurel. three men used a gps device to track a big rig up i-95 and used a remote control to set off pepper spray inside the truck over. officers took perez into custody earlier this week after his friend was -- his friend spoke to police. andrea: margaret spelling spoke at university -- heather waliga has what happened. heather: critic stood silently,


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