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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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traffic stops in durham. >> i thought we got hit by a missile. john: traumatic plane ride from r.d. to new york. lightning strikeforcing an emergency landing. hear from the passengers happy to be back on the ground. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on friday march 18, 55 degrees an 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the stories but first weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. as you head out we have dry conditions and a lot of cloud cover and temperatures will hold around 50 through the morning but by lunchtime upper 60's and 70's this afternoon. current numbers from across region 53 roxboro, 48 in roanoke rapids, 58 chapel hill. 52 smithfield. 57 fayetteville. 50 sanford, 55 southern pines. by lunchtime 67 degrees and
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afternoon 71 degrees with lots of sunshine. sunny day today and a warmer day. by tomorrow cooler and more clouds and rain works in. we will talk about that wet weekend but now we have traffic amber rupinta. amber: good friday morning. we will see how the beltline is around wake forest road, no problems as we check the morning commute for the first time at 5:31. we are accident free and nice and dry. there might be overnight construction as always until 6:00 but it will be picked up then. wake county looking nice. this is 540 and u.s. 70 northern wake county same. no issues. live returns revealing a lot of green. 540 and i-40 the same.
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a couple after the spubs pointed their weapons. no officers were injured. barbara: the f.b.i. is wrapping up an investigation into a man shot appear killed by raleigh police. the district attorney is waiting for evidence but expects to have the full report by next week. akiel denkins was shot last month by an officer trying to arrest hill on an outstanding warrant. the d.a. says preliminary reports show he was shot in the chest, arm and shoulder. his family says one shot was in the back of shoulder. the d.a. is trying to move forward on the case as quickly as possible but can't release information from the f.b.i. report until she's examined in. she will decide with to present it to a grand injure the, one suspect in custody and another on the run after a double murder in raleigh. eye cry were on scene when it broke last week.
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counts murder and they are looking for denzel dancy the they are suspected in the death of two people. the two men were found shot to death in a car on glenwood avenue. barbara: the do you recall police department is take steps to be more trarpbt and a study shows proof of racial bias when it comes to traffic tops. john: we will hear from advocacy groups. caitlin knute is live at do you recall city hall with what to expect moving forward. caitlin: the first order of business advocacy groups will meet here at city hall plaza at 11:00 to discuss the study. those findings showing that black men were disproportionately pulled over by do you recall police officers. >> we just cautiously optimistic. caitlin: that is how fred foster describes the reaction to the study. while he appreciates the effort at transparency, he says the
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his organization has been making. according to research groups r.t.i. black men in durham were 20% more likely to be pulled over. the police chief says many of them have come at the hands of t the heat abate team team which focuses on drug and gang violence. >> they have been asked to go out into some of the highest crime communities which unfortunately are mostly minority and deal with the crime problem problem. so when you send that out you can feed into the bias. caitlin: he says they are working on that and last two years of the study show that pullover rates are going down. again this looked at 2010 through 2015 and the only real issue is the first three years of the study. it is worth pointing out while there was some disparity in the numbers, it was for heat officers it did not apply to the task unit.
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forking or driving i will paired. barbara: now to a frightening flight. a passenger plane from r.d.u. to new york flies right through a storm and is rocked when hit by lightning. we are hearing passenger reaction the gloria rodriguez has the story. gloria: good morning. 55 passengers and four crew members on that flight are safe this morning but as you can imagine it was a terrifying experience. american airlines flight 4233 took off from r.d. yesterday afternoon and headed to laguardia, new york. the path of the jet took them head long into a storm. the jet struck by lightening and diverted to j.f.k. which has longer runways. we have pictures of the plane shortly after it lapped safely. there is smoke damage on the wing and near the door. according to the f.a.a. this is
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operated by republic ordeal. >> about 100 feet. i don't know, it felt like i was on a roller coaster. gloria: the average commercial jet is struck by lightning at least once a year but usually passengers don't feel it like they did this case. live in the raleigh "eyewitness news" center. john: hillary clinton gets more delegates after an official win in missouri. how bernie sanders is responding. barbara: plotting to stop trump. a secret meeting in d.c. to keep him from clinching the nomination. don: happy friday to you. we have a tphaoeusnice friday. saturday and sunday will be wet. temperatures about where they were yesterday but this will be the high tomorrow.
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running as in be the match. we are asking you to join us for the bone pair row donor -- bone marrow donor driver at streets at south point in durham. be the match is looking for
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all the information i amber: we are back with break ing news. there's an accident blocking one lane on i-40. we will take a live camera. this is 40 eastbound right at airport boulevard. you can see it is blocking the shoulder but looks like it may be slowing down the left lane as well. all the thrashing lights and if you are heading to r.d.u. give yourself extra time. traffic is getting by but this is slow 40 eastbound the direction of headlights is
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looks like the westbound lanes are fine. few back to our mapping system and fore accident near airport at garden square lane so a lot of activity in that same area. into durham the freeway and alston avenue to problems. lots of green on the returns throughout all of durham county. cheek road looking good. we will see if the weather is cooperating. don: it is shaping up to be a pretty nice day. we will talk pollen force the unfortunately it can be up but we have relief this wind with showers moving in saturday and sunday then it jumps back up and next week will be a high week for pollen. looking at temperatures across the area 49 south hill, 53 henderson, 51 louisburg, 52 raleigh. 53 durham, 53 rocky mount. 52 siler city, 46 sanford, 52
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cary, 55 hope mills. looking at the day ahead cloudy and 55. by lunchtime 67 partly sunny. through the late day 70 degrees and mostly sunny. tomorrow and sunday will be wet. we will talk about the weekend rain in the complete forecast next. john: turning to vote 2016 and hillary clinton officially declared the winner in missouri tuesday. her opponent bernie sanders says he will not ask for a recount and conceded the race. clinton was 1,500 votes ahead but the margin is coast enough sanders could have gotten a raceway count -- recount. see had a clean sweep. >> some conservative leaders are trying to stop donald trump from getting the republican nomination. they met privately in washington yesterday to develop a plan after trump was dominant in the
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democrats are sounding an alarm the leaders of nearly two dozen groups are them to -- urging them to giant against trump. trump needs to win more than half the delegates left. which is difficult but doable. john: merrick garland had his first meeting on capitol hill since was nominated to the supreme court. he met with patrick leahy and democratic leader harry reed. leahy says the court would be better off with kpwarld as a justice but republicans won't pwuplg for their decision to
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barbara: welcome back. north korea has fired a medium range missile into the sea. that is one story making headlines. this days after kim skropbg unordered tests. it is another violation of u.n. resolutions. an official says the pentagon confirmed it was fired from a mobile launcher. electrician in los angeles plunges to his death from a sky creper. he was not supposed to be above the third floor but he was 53 floors up. good first day for the local teams in the stau u.n.c. getting
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coast and 83-67. they take on providence tomorrow in raleigh. duke gets a tough matchup with u. tphfplt u.n.c. which willilmington but win. they face yale saturday. john: the college student who went on a stabbing spree but nothing to indicate he is directed by them. the family of a woman found dead in jail hopes for answers. a federal judge ordered the f.b.i. to allow andhra bland's family to review a report of the texas rangers investigation into her death. it is part of a lawsuit against
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brand in a track stop -- traffic to the corrosive flint to save money but resident demand account btability accountability. here at home a victory for mccrory in the fight over coal ash cleanup. he told the state panel in carjack of overseeing -- charge of overseeing the closure they are nlonger needed. it was formed after the spill in 2014 in the dan river. in january the supreme court sided with mccrory saying the legislate overstepped its authority in creating the panel. it is forth clear if the
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own focus for a coal ash commission or leave it to environmental quality. john: folks in texas got golf ball size hail on roads and blanketed fields and made for a slick cute.ommute. some had to ask for assistance. insurance companies handled the calls. it killed some exotic birds at the forth worth suezoo. flooding has does placed to uses. barbara: americans love their four legged friends. they shelled out $60 billion to keep them well federal, -- fed groomed and trained. john: $60 billion. barbara: i believe it. don: taste what we spend -- that's what we spend in our house.
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john: it issis friday. don: today you want to get the pets out because sunday if you take them out you have to wipe the feet off. unsorpbl unfortunately sunday to the looking great. we have a look at the day ahead. cloudy skies move out and we starred with could you describe. by lunchtime we have blue skies and then lots of sunshine. still above average with temperatures in the low 70's. looking into joined -- downtown raleigh. 55, dew point 33, 43% humidity. live look into fayetteville and clear skies and 60. tort weekend five miles an hour -- north wind five miles an hour. pay roxboro, 51 oxford. 58 cal. 50 sanford, 52 smithfield and 57 fayetteville. this is the satellite and radar composite. we have could you describe but nothing on the radar.
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showers off the coast of south carolina into georgia. we have the back edge of the clouds working through the mountains of north carolina and we will see the skies carrying through the day. first alert predictor forecast model a little aggressive on taking the cloud cover out. i think we will have them by lunchtime but we will see the mix and into the afternoon it is right on with the clear skies. should be a gorgeous friday evening if you are heading out. 60's, good night to sit on the patio at your favorite restaurant. tomorrow we start with clouds and we will see spotty sourshowers and more numerous tomorrow night into sunday morning. sunday morning you wake up to wet weather. by the afternoon it clears. the surface map shows a stationary front to the south with high pressure working in. tomorrow that low approaches and moves through by sunday and the big high pressure will throw a lot of cold air at us. by upon morning in the 30's. but today we will see temperatures climbing into the 60's.
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same temps as yesterday but then blue skies win out and lots sunshine in raleigh. the rest of the region will see temperatures in the 70's from wendell to durham. 71 cary, 71 holly springs. 72 smithfield. 70 chapel hill. looking south you will see 72 lillington, 73 fayetteville. 72 pianonehurst. north now and rocky mount, wilson 71. south hill 67, 70 wake forest and 68 roxboro. tonight back into the who's for overnight lows. 42 roxboro, 45 raleigh. 47 fayetteville. mostly cloudy skies. cooler temperatures. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 58 and look at the spotty afternoon shower. tomorrow night into sunday is we the rain is here the by sunday morning it will be wet and that
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feeling like late winter. 49. monday 55. tuesday 61 and nice weather returns. upper 70's by the middle of next week. sunday night into upon i wouldn't be surprised or monday night into tuesday testosteronefrost could be a problem. john: we don't need that. amber: if you feel bad the first day spring will be cruddy they are getting snow in the northeast. d.c. area will get a mix sunday. and philadelphia getting some. barbara: it could be worse. amber: it could as be worse. it is friday so we need to celebrate that. we have gotten through another work welcome or school week. 5:52. we have that earlier issue on 40 pretty big back-up around aviation.
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there's an accident in the eastbound lanes of 40. this is just the camera looking at that area. police activity to the side now and looks like traffic getting by without a delay. there was a pretty big backup. it must have just happened when we saw it leading to the delay. that is the issue there. over to the shoulder few and also on airport at garden square lane another accident. so activity out to r.d.u. who and south saunders looking good into downtown raleigh. light volume. 40 and 15/501 do you recall county same. over overnight construction will be up by 6:00. drive times freeway is clear six minutes 40 to u.s. 15 and 540 westbound no problems four
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john: good morning.
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secretary will stay put thanks largely to the hip happen musical. they were rescued from cruelty and hundreds of dogs and cats
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out of a pizza shop. john: breaking news north korea test firing a ballistics missile overnight. reaction from around the world. barbara: hundreds of animals rescued in need of help. how you can bring one home today. john: march madness in full swing. big upsets on day one and how local teams fared. good morning, carolina, welcome on friday march 18. 6:00 and 55 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but time for weather and traffic. amber is following an issue on john: 40. amber: if you are headed to r.d.u. we have an issue right here at airport boulevard. you see the lights to the side. that is 40 in the eastbound lanes at airport boulevard. there is police activity and


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