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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  March 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news,good night. new protest and calls on the state to intervene. joel: steve: a bullet hole may be a
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family lawyers have been exploring claims that he was shot in the back. this newly discovered whole only feels more questions. >> we are requesting on behalf of the family the opportunity to interview the officer ourselves. reporter: the man who lives in
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to him -- the hole is new to him. they expect the fbi interview investigation to wrap up next week. this could wrap -- this could change the timetable. tisha: one person taken to the possible -- the hospital after a fire in fayetteville. for adults and two children escaped the fire, but one man suffered smoke novation. two dogs also escaped. but the other dog died in the blaze. steve: a hoke county fire chief is in the hospital after being badly burned in an explosion. the hillcrest fire department chief michael scott was sent to the very center in chapel hill this morning. he was fighting a woods fire at
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and nearby storage shed was also on fire. it was filled with flammable liquids and exploded. that is when scott was hurt. he is in fair condition. tisha: the changes in store this weekend. what can we expect over the next two days chris: -- today's -- two days? chris: no severe weather. but it is going to rain. temperatures stay on best staying mild overnight. a few spots in the upper 40's. it stays dry through sunrise. the rain is not that far away, cruising into georgia and the gulf of mexico, some heavy thunderstorms around new orleans. this morphs -- this moisture will take a turn northeast. here is our first alert predictor. notice the dry sunrise. the rain moves in in the late morning, early morning -- late
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rain chances ramp up through the day. it won't rain all day long everywhere, but it will be around much of the day, even into part of sunday very we will tell you about some -- i've best of sunday. we will tell you about some chilly weather on the way. tisha: watch for the latest on the forecast tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. steve: the family of this wake county man is asking for your help. he was 49 years old and he hasn't been seen in eight days. his sister came to us today. she is hoping someone can help find her brother. she says he borrowed her g because his truck was broken down. -- her jeep because his trip was broken down. he was possibly heading towards charlotte. >> we need him back. my family, we have five children.
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and we are tight kids, but we need him back. steve: if you have any information, please call the wake county sheriff's office. breaking news right now in russia. a jetliner crashing in the southern part of the country. flight number 981 going from dubai crashed while trying to land. about 60 people were on board. they were all killed when that boeing 737 went down. you can watch for the latest tomorrow morning. tisha: the accused mastermind of the paris attack is in custody now. salah abdeslam was arrested. the family -- a family had been hiding him.
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in an apartment rated two years -- two days ago. -- raided two days ago. steve: will then give an acosta was picked up by immigration officials in his home in january. he is now being held endura -- in georgia and he could be sent back to ponder. -- two honduras. >> he won't last a week in honduras. i don't think people understand that. steve: family and friends really reached out to congressman butterfield who said he has spoken to immigration officials and he is expecting a decision from them very soon. tisha: civil rights leaders in durham asking for change. 15 of the most prominent activist gathered in front of
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they say the goal is not tweaking police policies. instead, they want a discussion on what policing will look like over the next several days -- several decades. steve: voices are raising in favor and against a policy and surely that would let transgender people use the bathroom of their choice. angelica: there are a lot of similarities from both people -- from people on both sides of this issue. both say the conversation around this ordinance is around safety. >> take, i call on -- today, i call on governor mcgrory to make good on his promise. angelica: fighting a nondiscrimination ordinance passed last month that will, among many things, allow transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.
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the city council. but lambasted all of the state. >> [indiscernible] angelica: asking the governor for a special session to get rid of the new ordinance that goes into effect in 14 days. >> it is not about hating. it is about saying the things you see on television. it has nothing to do with love or hate. it has to do with common sense. angela can: -- angelica: the issue of protection is for transgender people and the ordinance exists in other cities. >> including myrtle beach and columbia, south carolina. they have been in effect for years without actual public
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angelica: and that is the issue of safety on both sides. there will be a news conference here on monday. law enforcement officials and school administrators will be here. tisha: a health warning in wake county. syphilis is at a 15-year high. many of the new cases are due to anonymous sex among people meeting online through social media. most of them are men ranging in age from 15 to 64. the disease is easily treated with antibiotics, but dangerous when left untreated. it is offering syphilis training next tuesday. there is a link with information on our website,
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up to do a good deed today. you adopted a huge number of these dogs in sanford. it comes after hundreds of animals were rescued from her in his conditions. the aspca holding this three-day adoption fair started today for nearly 700 animals found in a shelter in hoke county. all the dogs have been adopted, but many of these cats still need a home. if you're interested in making what a part of your family, the adoption event runs through sunday. you will need a photo id, proof of address, and a pet carrier if you have one. if you get a new member of your love to see it. a south carolina police officer killed. plus, a huge win for the hu lkster. a few folks downtown raleigh
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it will get a lot cooler and some rain coming in, too. chris hohmann will tell us exactly what we can expect in the next few days in his complete forecast. if you are playing the lottery,
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tisha: hope kogan, $115 million richer tonight. the jury sided with him in his sex tape lawsuit against gawker media.
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videotaping him having sex with his ex best friend's wife. steve: a south carolina police officer killed while trying to survey warm. greenville police say that the suspect was an admitted gang member who later took his life -- took his life. they police chief spoke to the media about the department's loss. >> i've come to know this officer and his work ethic and found him to be extraordinarily -- just an extra ordinary officer, an officer, and dedicated to the mission. steve: the officer's name has not yet been released. tisha: hundreds of soldiers finding -- joining the fight against isis. 450 soldiers will go to kuwait. they are expected to leave late
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another 400 paratroopers will also deploy this summer to south korea. steve: the must see video of -- we begin in florida with this injured or on school grounds. school officials had to call in that guy. he is a professional trapper. this gator wandered onto the school on. you can see them gathered around watching the trapper catch the gator. the u.s. navy at the north pole -- check out this video of the uss hartnett emerging. it is designed to test the navy readiness in the arctic and give them more experience in that part of the world. they are also collecting scientific data. they actually got out a chainsaw
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they left open hatch and the sailors are able to come out there and see what life is like at the north all. now let's take you to the cincinnati zoo. the youngest resident is getting tlc. these are cheetah cubs born last week. they are getting fed every three hours in hopes they gain weight and get stronger. when you are getting bottles led -- bottle like they are, they put on the pounds and they will be full-grown cheetahs before you know it. not being handheld like they are now. [laughter] chris: they are beautiful when they are adults -- from a distance. rain is on the way. looks like it will be fairly wet tomorrow and a part of sunday. so have the umbrellas. -- umbrellas handy. last week, we set the clock
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and this weekend, spring arrives. 12:30 a.m. sunday morning, the vernal equinox, spring officially arrives. the sun's rays directly over the equator. it will start on march 19 in the west and central u.s.. that is pretty early. a beautiful day for the -- one of the last full days of winter. still mild out there now. 57 at 11:00. humidity is low at 44%. windows calm -- wind is calm and
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these are high cirrus clouds. they are not really block in the stars too much. but they will continue to think in those clouds and advanced to the north. here is the rain breaking out over the deep south. lighter rain over the midwest. that is going to spread that shield of rain our way as we had through tomorrow area it is going to be moving in late morning -- through tomorrow. it is going to be moving in late tomorrowmorning. looks like very little if any son tomorrow. probably just an overcast day. we will level off at noon as the rain continues to advance in the region. looks like a fairly wet afternoon. our model has sunshine along anisa 95. if it does occur, it won't last long.
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through mid-to-late afternoon hours. then continued through tomorrow night into early on sunday then taper off again on sunday. looks like the rain will be off and on. on the light side. about attempts to a quarter of an inch. -- about a 10th to a quarter of an inch. steady rain off and on, but not a very pretty weekend. 50's around the triangle with the rain spreading in. 60's, warmer across the sandhills briefly before it cools down. and then new the virginia border, a pretty big spread across the region tomorrow. we will all be chilly on sunday. this loan tracks at the coast. -- this low tracks across the coast.
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jerry yang damp on sunday. limited -- dreary and damp on sunday. limited sun. tisha: got a take a break from the nice weather. chris: can't get too spoiled. steve: i family moment takes a pretty surprising turn and it is caught on video. tisha: a family hoping the whole country will be laughing with them. steve: and don't forget to join us tomorrow for the match
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tisha: that is the moment the rest of america will be seeing when this rally family appears on "america's funniest videos." they found out just this week that their video was hit. that is -- was picked.
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steve: they could win up to $10,000. who among us hasn't eaten a dandelion?
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joe: we saw several of the heels personality. carolina best be displaying it a game or everything will be over in a hurry. unc [indiscernible]
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>> ready to play with five guards. it's crazy. >> it is something we will have to deal with. we will need an overall great defensive effort. >> [indiscernible] we know that no. we have to come out and plays hard as we can. joe: rematches are rare when it comes to march madness. but the blue devils get a second look at yale tomorrow afternoon. the bulldogs started strong before succumbing by double digits. joe: two of the first-round upsets have happened here in providence. arizona taken up i would just
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is there an exhale because gail windsor knot? -- because gailyale winds or not? >> no. joe: that was a whole season ago. brandon ingram didn't even start in that game. >> to look at them is the same team we played in the fall would be a disservice to them and to ourselves. >> i can remember the first time we played them. we had trouble guarding them for most of the game. they played really well. joe: yale is the best defending teams in the country. >> [indiscernible] >> a big thing for us all the
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and yale is a terrific rebounding team on both ends. we've got to be able to hold our own down. joe: duke was able to rally past unc w. a habit that come if repeated, could prove to be season-ending. >> to carry that momentum into this game would be great. joe: tipoff tomorrow at 2:30. mark: do can carolina, the heels up one until crisp slaps it to left. 2-2. the tie did not last long. somehow squirts it passed first. two runs come in on that it. the tar heels are now 15-2 on
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and nick is in for the ncaa championship match tomorrow night. it's a heavyweight battle for the ncaa championship tomorrow night. steve: you are off to the pnc tomorrow. jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. his guest tonight is ra everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. always be real.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ray romano and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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