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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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waannouncer: see what is happening this instant. abc eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. heather: we are following several breaking stories, including a shooting your popular raleigh shopping center. one person was shot, another in custody. it happened early this evening at a gas station in brier creek. tim is there live. what can you tell us? tim: it appears that happened in the parking lot. i talked to the store clerk inside at the time, and he said he was so busy, he did not hear anything.
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parking lot. it was much more active earlier this evening. we saw raleigh police coming through a blue four-door sedan. they were looking for the trunk and the consul and the front. not sure what this vehicle plays in this incident, and that investigators say one person was shot, one is in custody, and two were taken to a local hospital. this is an isolated incident. we don't know the extent of any injuries. we don't know what led up to this incident. raleigh police would give us an update tomorrow morning, so it should learn more. live in brier creek. heather: new details in the shooting death of a fort bragg soldier. fayetteville police say 27-year-old miles tennis was killed. brian walker starts with the murder. this was just before midnight.
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someone he knew when he was shot in the chest. both penix and walker were in the f company at fort bragg. police have not said anything about a motive. new tonight, a heater explodes, destroying a durham home. now two people are left without a place to stay. it happened before 4:30 this afternoon on exum street. firefighters were told they were heating the heater with zero seen, and that is when it blew up. no one was hurt in all of this. the red cross is helping us people. firefighters and say it is a danger, never put gasoline in a kerosene heater, and keep the fuel cans separate. durham firefighters working to figure out what started this fire on buchanan boulevard near northgate mall. there was heavy snow when firefighters arrived.
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raleigh police releasing new information they hope will lead them to this man. he is wanted in the double murder on glenwood avenue in raleigh. he is denzel dancy. he has limited function in his left arm after he was shot in 2013. he is one of two people charged in the shooting of pedro diaz, and alan rodriguez, both found dead earlier this month. dancy is considered armed and dangerous. if you know where he is, call 911. president obama making history today. air force one touched down earlier this afternoon in
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this is the of old havana and they saw this baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban team. heather: friends are pleading for the release of wildin acosta. they had a rally at durham central park. he is facing deportation to honduras. officials stall the process until a judge hears his appeals tomorrow. parents, who are also undocumented, say honduras authorities will kill him if he goes back to the country. -- gangs will kill him if he goes back to the country. they wanted to be with his family and go to college.
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now, they are not our enemies. >> [speaking simultaneously] we are crying out for sadness but for happiness. [speaking spanish] >> because we know that the blessings of god are only beginning. heather: they will dedicate the week to acosta. they will wear purple in his honor and sign a petition. another rally is planned for thursday. dozens of protesters in charlotte marched to support students facing deportation there. they say immigrations reinforcement customs is on documenting them unfairly. protesters believe ayce targeted him when he was no longer a manner -- a minor. more violent clashes and the donald trump rally in arizona.
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shoving each other and even throwing punches. video shows trump security and campaign managers grabbing one rotisserie by the collar. they think that the delegates should be the nominee. >> the minority of delegates does not rule for the majority. this is a delegate-driven process. this is the first time in a long time people actually cared about delegate count three of delegatesendorsement from actor scottdale. senator bernie sanders is optimistic about his campaign's chances as the primaries had west. voting in arizona, idaho, at utah on tuesday. he went to the border in arizona and has been howling -- holding
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clinton has a big lead in delegates over sanders. taking steps to stop hunger. that is the goal of durham's annual talk walk. they started at this campus and covered nearly five miles. the effort raised $4 million. $3 million will go to fight hunger around the world, but $1 million will be split among 12 different groups feeding the hungry in durham. >> they may not be saved by all, but there are many people that are in hunger and poverty and can't feed themselves, out of work, or laid off and can't find jobs. lost their houses, all kinds of different circumstances. heather: this is the 42nd half year for the crop hunger walk. a college brawl caught on camera. what students are fighting about areas. protecting plants.
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your flowers from drooping. a live look from the raleigh eyewitness news center. 43 degrees, some rain out there, and it did not feel very springlike. steve: 43 for the high, the coldest we have had was 41. showers this evening as a front moves overhead. not a big deal, the sun will
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announcer: abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook and click on get notifications the latest updates. heather: new details in indiana that left a police officer dead. he was killed serving a warrant
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a second deputy was also life. heather: i retired pennsylvania state trooper shot and killed by troopers after killing two people in a tollbooth. he confronted a pair of toll collectors with a gun, killing one of them and the security guard. he then took off in a turnpike vehicle and was killed in a shoot off be hind highway patrol. >> the actor in this case was clarence briggs from newville, pennsylvania. he was 55 years old, male subject areas retired state trooper. he retired from the troop t location, part of the turnpike system, in january 2012. heather: police are investigating multiple fights at a student event on unc greensboro campus friday.
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the university did not going into lockdown because police said the situation was contained. a campus security alert was not sent out into the next day. some students say it was not tight enough. >> he was sporadic fights throughout, person in the line waiting for the party, inside the party itself. heather: uncg did confirm to aggravated assaults on campus. we are try to find out if there were any injuries or what may have started the fight. spring break is here, but it is not time to start planning. if you are getting that it, we have more on how you can protect your plants. reporter: if you want to start writing your garden, you might want to hold off for now. >> you want to be sure that you waste onto the last frost -- wait until the last frost. you can predict it, so go with the average last frost.
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reporter: if you have already made purchases and planted them in the ground, not to worry. you will have to cover them. >> probably the best thing is an old bedsheet. keep the ones, if you tore a hole in one, keep it just for that purpose. reporter: you can use plastic bags like garbage tags, but that comes with a warning. >> the next day, when the sun is up, 8:00, 9:00, make sure you take it off, or they will be trapped heat inside. reporter: don't forget about perennials like daffodils and lilies. if those have started to come up, cover them too. >> straw, pine straw, wheat straw, anything to hold them. anything to hold heat in. heather: thank you. don't forget, your potted plants
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you may want to bring them in tomorrow night and make sure they are covered. tonight should not be an issue. steve: you not be that cold. we will be above the freezing mark. we'll clear skies. we look at some of the cold air, but it feels cold. it is like january. the coldest high we have had today was 41. we had 43 today. 43 roxboro, 47 in early, so we should be in the mid to upper 60's this time of year. well below average. friday as the system comes our way. maybe thursday night. this is the d.o.t. camera. this could follow and give us more showers saturday. not likely, but we will keep an eye on it. and what is moving overhead, the front is squeezing out light
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at the airport, and picking up on 540. the roads will get wet. if you are going to be out and about, keep that in mind. showers are progressing and should be out of here by tomorrow morning. chilly conditions tomorrow. highs in the 50's, which sounds warmer than it is. when you factor in the breeze, the gusts was 25, you will do your jacket all day tomorrow. arming up 60 tuesday, and then wednesday and thursday. some fog potentially. talking about freezing temperatures mainly tuesday morning. tomorrow will be in the main 30's. at the airport, a few rain. temperatures 41. 37 in roxboro, 29 louisburg, 33 smithville and fayetteville. temperatures falling down to the 30's tonight and warming up to
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eventually he was the temperatures warming up, 65. we will be a 12 or so degrees above that. some snow out in the mountains. the upper lows going to continue moving away, and it is this happening to the northeast. we are seeing snow, potentially one to three on the dell moderate peninsula. near boston, the potential even for to eight. impressive with this nor'easter racing up the coast. forecast models by the wii or hours of the morning -- we hours of the morning, we can have sunshine as early as 8:00. the clouds will linger a little bit. they will destroy shortly thereafter. we've northwesterly breeze, a chilly breeze. temperatures in the mid-50's,
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the highs will drift off to the south and east. that will give us warmer air, so we warm up on tuesday and thursday and wednesday. friday is the next best chance for rain, a small chance on saturday. a question mark for the weekend. the european model gives us dry, but the american model issuing rain. -- is showing rain. 34 tonight, some scattered showers. tomorrow becoming sunny, but a chilly breeze gusts at 25. advertise our 65, so we are still 10 degrees below that. wednesday and tuesday warm, thursday partly sunny at 77. rain chances thursday, a leftover shower on saturday. heather: elisa temperature is higher next week. -- at least the temperature is
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local teams in the ncaa tournament. we have reaction on the tar heels win over providence. and a reminder that we want you on the breaking news team. if you see something happening where you are, send us pictures or video. eyewitness
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announcer: now, abc 11 eyewitness sponsored by your local toyota dealers. heather: it is a record-setting ncaa tournament for the acc. duke and carolina part of that, and mark armstrong rings of the recap from raleigh. mark: it is a wrap in raleigh as the tar heels move on to philadelphia and a 316 date with the indiana hoosiers. in the first round, it was the first tale of a second-half explosion. we will so you how this on folded in the first half. brice johnson on the fastbreak, rewarded with the ball and slows down. the heels up four points. chris done was spectacular. fighting for the backdoor throw down. he had 29. game tied at 21, but that is when everything changed. the heels of the gas pedal down.
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throw down, through a foul, and check out john on the bench celebrate. later on we had a 10-0 run capped by justin they were playing like chopped liver. i am getting more confident in this team every day. >> i couldn't get it. we came in the locker room, it is that you need to pass the dell -- pass the ball today. you just had to go for it. >> he gets transitions a little more. we are forcing them to one shot. it was hard to score every single position. we can hold of the team. >> is that the essence of your
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>> i guess so. i didn't even think about it. it just happened. mark: we are off to the city of brotherly love for the college basketball blue blood, heels and hoosiers. heather: thank you. now caroline looks at the complete at the details, diamond against duke. they go deep to right field, stretching this hits all the way into a triple while driving in two runs. unc 3-0 lead. later in the third, tyler ramirez sees a pitch he likes. over his fourth home run of the season. an even bigger lead at 5-0. the seventh inning, again with a shallow bouncing hit to right field.
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the carolina crew as it win. track. the first notre dame, but using all the resources to come back in this one. starting on the mound was ryan williamson. he led with the breaking ball, five innings pitched, williamson tosses seven strikeouts. the pack got added at the bottom plate. shepherd, a short one off to center field, helps bring in even for terra. they bring the next inning, pulling off the r.b.i. double with the hit to center field. for his careers got -- career high scores it. they finished 18-6 victory. coming up next, the nascar sprint xfinity series.
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announcer: see what's happening this instant. abc eyewitness news at 11:30 starts right now. heather: police are trying to figure out what led up to a shooting europe busy raleigh intersection. this was in the brier creek area. tim is there with what we know right now. tim: whatever happened happened in the parking lot. i spoke to the store clerk, and he says he was so busy inside the store he did not hear any gunshots. that leads us to believe that whatever happened was in the parking lot. we have video of a much active scene earlier of robbins police
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leanne -- four-door sedan. not sure what role the vehicle played in the incident, but investigators say one person was shot, one person in the city, and two people were taken to the hospital. we don't know the circumstances of the shooting and the status of anyone injured, but we were learning to that information soon. police told us about an update on monday morning, so we should get some late details then. we are live. tim williams, eyewitness news. heather: you details in the shooting death of a fort bragg soldier. airville police say 27-year-old miles phenix was killed by a fellow soldier. this was just before midnight. penix was in a room with someone he knew when he was shot in the chest.
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f company 87th company at fort bragg. police have not said anything about a motive. moviegoers interim were forced out of the theater this afternoon after smoke started billowing inside. it happened at the windsong cinema on martin luther king jr. parkway. the crew on scene says it started cap projection room. one of the theaters had to be evacuated. >> it was very called. it was my first ever evacuation, but it was pretty smooth. we did not really wonder what was happening until we got at the building. heather: firefighters are not sure if there was a fire or what caused the smoke. a driver in fayetteville is in serious condition after a crashing into a bowl through it happened on ramsey street near hillsboro street. the driver ran off the road it was pinned inside the vehicle. traffic was down to one lane while emergency crews worked to clear the scene. a johnson county woman is
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say she drank chemicals related to a meth lab. she went to the critical -- hospital in critical condition. one person will be charged with chuck -- manufacturing methamphetamines. you can see water spilling onto the pavement at canal and gurley street. this is one of three water main breaks today. another broke on alabama street. crews also responded to one on dear street. a marine killed by isis in iraq. staff sergeant louis cardin was hit by enemy market fire -- enemy rocket fire. he was part of the second marine expeditionary unit at camp lejeune. he was originally from california. hundreds of people paid their last respects to a man that served nearly 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. few know how services were held


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