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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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> see what is happening this instant credit from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 starts right now. >> a student's future is in the families, friends and lawmakers fighting to keep 19-year-old from being deported. >> federal immigration officials made a move to delay his deportation, but now the man's family once the out of jail in the appeals process. we are delighted in downtown durham. because there been any movement in this battle today? >> absolutely. we just spoke with the attorney here in downtown durham and she says she filed an emergency stay
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now. that attorney is waiting by the phone to hear whether that will be confirmed. that lawyer now we are waiting for the results of the flight.
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>> ice agents picked him up outside his home in late january. he has been held at the detention center ever since. we will have another update at 5:00 p.m. >> thank you. a three-year-old fayetteville boys father found him wondering morning. spot as the child. now that the oil you say the does not that the boy is safe the police have stepped in to again. >> good afternoon. . apartments. police say this is a good and they need and doing something about it.
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they are installing chain-link on the front and back doors of the apartment here. early this morning her three-year-old son unlocked the door and walked out. he went to see his grandma, he told his mom. he was spotted by a newspaper truck driver and they call 911. officers found the back door open, and she was upstairs asleep and her son was checked out as ok. two officers went out to install the chain locks up and out of the reach of little hands. a gesture of goodwill in a neighborhood where police are not always trusted. >> he could have been taking him downtown and not return him, or reports them. but they actually found my back door open, and came of there's to make sure everything was ok. >> thank goodness everything was ok.
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officers say the two officers did the right and, what they were supposed to do. she personally thanked the officers and she plans to get in touch with the newspaper truck driver who stopped and got her son. all in all, it was a little voice adventure that ended up in a good news. >> he is safe and sound, and we like that. meanwhile, a durham police officer was shot inside of durham county jail. it is afternoon the big question is why that weapon was not detected earlier. this all started with a keeping arrest earlier. we are live at the durham county jail. we know this is not the first time a suspect has been taken into custody there while still carrying a weapon.
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in 2013, he was taken into police custody while still having a gun on him. he was able to somehow shoot himself, and now there are questions whether this happened this time around. they will only say it happened around 2:00 a.m. this morning when please arrested 44-year-old that's when the police arrested a 44-year-old taken to jail. an hour and half later he was in the booking area, when he reached for the back of his own pants for what ended up being a gun. the officer try to grab that gun, a gun led off one time, and
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>> you're being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon on a government official, felony assault with a a concealed gun. phone a possession of a weapon by a prisoner. >> these are on top of the feeding charges of what she was originally arrested. the officer was treated and released. >> angelica, thank you. we are in the first full day of spring, and we are in a frost advisory for tomorrow morning. >> it does not feel at all like spring today. >> it really does not. yesterday was even worse, with temperatures in the 40's. it is a breezy day, 56 degrees now. there is a frost advisory from 4:00 a.m. to midmorning tomorrow.
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we will fall from the 40's into the 30's. you will need a jacket great we will tell you how cold it will get tonight in a little bit. >> thank you. chopper 11 hd was on the scene as crews responded to a scare. they were called to a facility off of tw alexander drive this morning after a letter containing a spacious is -- a suspicious powder was found. it was addressed to a state education authority. joel: the woman charged with hitting .2 cyclists on the road on very 20th was in court this morning asking for a court-appointed attorney. she is charged with reckless driving to endanger and other driving charges as well. she tried to pass the cyclist while navigating a curve. she is due back in court in may. >> a water alert this afternoon.
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to boil water as a precaution while some water lines are prepared. repaired. joel: a lot of rocket over a tennis executive's comment. >> mall madness. the brawl involving a easter bunny. >> we will update you on the president's historic trip to cuba and the changes being welcomed after meeting with president raul castro. we want to show you some brand-new video just into the breaking news center. these are your blue devils getting on the bus, headed to the airport because they are going to the sweet 16 in anaheim, california.
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>> president obama and cuban president raul castro just what a historic meeting that paves the way for a new package between the two countries. what the two leaders agreed to, and where there are still struggles. >> a historic day in havana, as the national anthems of cuba,
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the president of both nations meeting. >> this is a new day. >> putting decades of isolation and tension in the past and working toward a more amicable future >>e. >> we can deliver a better and brighter future for while the cuban people and the american people. >> in this impoverished communist countries the president talking about potential does this opportunity and the trade embargo. >> the most important obstacles, will be of the essence to be removed for normalization of relations. >> he believes it will be lifted, but not before he leaves office. also expressing concerns about human rights. political dissidents regularly
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the regime. many americans called it a slap in the face. here in havana we are here and in a lot of the change this visit could bring. tonight the presidents will come again together for a steak dinner, and then tomorrow president obama will talk directly to the cuban people in a nationally televised speech. >> t margaret we will have much more on the historic visit tonight at 5:00 p.m. will take you live to havana at the top of the hour. >> all that one of the remaining candidates will speak to a critical policy conferences focusing on the israeli-american vote. at the same time donald trump is battling accusations about violence at his rallies. democratic front-runner hillary
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presidential candidates to address the american israel public affairs committee. she did not wait long before blasting the likely republican rival when it comes to who is that are at defending israel. she is taking straight game at trump saying he wants to be neutral when it comes with -- to dealing with israel and the palestinians. trump responded at a news conference before addressing the influential jewish lobby. he met with gop lawmakers, hoping to improve his relationship with republican leaders. violence at his rallies continued to create more controversy. ted cruz and john kasich are also expected to address the convention. joel: now to a sad and cautionary tale. a two-year-old from north
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mons pursed -- mom's purse and ended up shooting himself in the stomach. the child has had surgery and is now recovering. charges were pending at last check. >> the price cut on iwatch bands and a four inch iphone. the companies getting ready to square off with the u.s. justice department in front of a federal judge tomorrow. it also does around the fbi's request to unlock the iphone on syed farook. the fbi says there is no other way to whether -- learn whether they have information about the massacre. joel: i was shocked when i looked outside this morning. it is time to put the spring wardrobe on hold for a moment. >> we have to get through tonight. on the cold side. not unusual to have frost in mid
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we got a jump on the growing season. it 50's now, and by 6:00 p.m. we are there as well. temperatures slightly the 40's this evening, and by tomorrow morning we will be well in the 30's. a frost advisory for all the regions except for southern virginia. scattered across their across the area. the candidate plants outdoors community to bring them in our cover them up if you can. 55 at rdu. lots of sunshine, gorgeous about 10 below average today. than where we were yesterday at this time. 57 in fayetteville, but out to the west it is already warming up to 60's in kansas city, 70's in rapid city south dakota. the warmer air will rush our way. afternoon. nothing but sunshine today, a
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that is about it spring snowstorms from boston through portland, maine, 40 inches fell late last night early in the morning. not unusual to have snow in march, but it has been a warm late winter there as well. overnight tonight, scattered frost. low 30's around the triangle. mid-30's in fayetteville. definitely a cold start. i pressure along the gulf coast, and by late tomorrow is off our coast. southwest wind warm us up, and then the sun angle, we are in the low-to-mid 60's. they are must modify even more with right side on monday. we will have showers late thursday night, the first private friday. then we clear out. right now the easter weekend looks good, but it is just monday. 65 and, nice warm-up for today. we will tack on about 10 from where we were.
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louisburg. nice and warm, thursday into the upper 70's. good friday, a chance for showers in the morning saturday am a there is a sister coming our way by late sunday evening or sunday night rain into monday. if the timing speaks of it would hunt. but we will be watching it through the week. after today it has stayed nice and filed for a while. joel: if your kids are watching, turn them away, because this is no way for the east water body to act -- the easter bunny to ask for you can see a man dressed as the easter bunny throwing punches at shoppers inside of a new jersey mall the chaos.
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is unclear if any arrests were made. >> a tennis executive serves up some questionable comments. >> he is a former pro player and tournament director and he said women are riding the coattails of mail layers. as you can imagine, serena
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y player contributes to
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>> he admitted to tampering with a rise in a state fair, and today he was supposed to be sentenced. >> why a judge was forced to delay his punishment, and then some helpful advice for you if you're making plans for a spring break vacation. you should tip, and you should not. >> you feel better about what is to come, because it gets scary. >> how these gift bags are helping parents around the triangle just to down syndrome. [inaudible]
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? >> abc lepidus keeping you connected it. >> if you're going out of town soon, maybe for spring break, something you might have to budget for is tipping. joel: some do's and don't in today's money saver. >> there are so many things you have to think about when you travel. one of the things that we often forget to factor in his gratuity. >> she says first up, at the airport, if you do curbside
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convinced, so it is three 45 dollars for each bag. >> the minimum 10% to 15% if you handle a cap. >> consider 20% for excellent service. restaurants are moving up to 18% for men service. at the hotel? you don't have to take the doorman, but the beltran helps you with your items, it is generally one to two dollars per bag. >> if you want really heavy bag, you want to make sure to tip them accordingly, which means a minimum of three dollars to five dollars. >> what about the hotel concierge? for dinner tickets or reservations, five to $10. and do not forget about the housekeeper.
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how you can help out with women and children with special needs. joel: we have some exclusive access in less than 15 minutes to hollywood. >> dozens of people went to the state capital to urge the governor to call a special session of the legislature. >> a break-in the police believe is connected to another one. >> euros a live look at the raleigh skyline. beautiful blue skies out there.
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common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. >> dozens of people gathered on capitol grounds here in raleigh
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call a special session of the bounty -- on the bathroom controversy. >> and allow people to use the bathroom of their choice. did they make any headway today? >> we do not really know because they have not announced they have the votes to call a special session of the house. today's news conference included dozens of opponents to the charlotte ordinance and boxes filled with signatures on a petition calling for a special session. the speaker came to the podium to express concerns about the ordinance allowing transgender people to use of the locker room of their choice. some said it was unconstitutional and an overreach by government. they want the legislature to repeal it. others said he would open doors
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critics call for a special session and say $42,000 a day, just weeks before the regular session. one speaker said it was worth every penny. >> he is not able to put a price on safety. if just one moment is harmed in a bathroom or locker room, it will be a tragedy. besides, this is why we pay taxes so they can take care of the privacy and safety of our citizens. >> even a teenager spoke out at today's rally. you will hear from her and another opponent of the call for a special session. >> thank you. joel: shattered glass, search dogs, and a heavy police presence.
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we later found out a liquor store have been robbed, but when gloria rodriguez showed up at the scene, she learned this may be linked to another crime. >> two break-ins at two liquor stores this morning. two men entered this abc liquor store before the store opened around 6:00 a.m. this morning. according to the police chief the men were not armed, and it did not take any and. about three hours earlier two men also broke into the abc liquor store on each nash street about 20 miles away. she likes and believes the same men committed the break-ins. employee tells me the suspect also broke their front doors to get into the store. if you have any information you should contact the police department.
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meanwhile two men are in the hospital right now following a sunday night shooting at a gas station in the briar creek section. we are waiting to hear back from raleigh pd why those shots were fired. a 57-year-old man was shot in the chest in the parking lot of this. . the second involved is a 35-year-old man. police say this was not a random shooting and that both men are expected to survive we are waiting to learn about any charges in this case. >> fort bragg soldier was in weekend murder. they charged ryan walker for the death of miles tennis. airborne division. investigated. chest. joel: sentencing for the north
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right system has been delayed. he was in the front row of the courtroom as he learned the news. his attorney says he was saddened to find out what happened. it is unclear how serious the crash was. we will update you as we learn more about the crash and that new sentencing date. >> a cool night coming up estimators plummet into the authorities. it was in the 50's all day today. it across divisor in the region. you want to bring in plants is that frosted as rebels into effect at 4:00 a.m. fatal, 57 degrees. we are about 10 below average across the region. tomorrow morning, low-to-mid 30's and a nice recovery into the low-to-mid sees in the afternoon hours. beautiful blue skies, nice and
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even better for wednesday, mid 70's to near 80. we will talk about the easter weekend forecast coming up. heather: today is world's down syndrome day and a local group is helping new parents dealing with this for the first time. this morning that it together. just care packages to make the transition a little smoother. >> and a baby blanket, a new onesie. >> it is what is inside will hope reach . >> this is something to celebrate. it may be hard for them to see that in the moment. >> each welcome back contains information about how to cope with the genetic condition, something gentle wind is grateful for after abruptly receiving the news of her sons diagnosis over the phone. >> you feel a lot better about what is to come because you are scared and don't know. unfortunately the doctors
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genetic counselors do not tell you the positives, just the negatives. >> the first year can be so overwhelming. but the way that you hear you have a child with down syndrome, is so important. >> they distribute the bags around the hospital in the triangle. >> they are like any other child, and they have the same things you and i had when you and i were little babies. >> we have put all the information about the welcome bags on our website. john: we also want to take a moment to thank all of our abc 11 viewers who joined us on saturday for our very match madness event at the mall.
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stopped by for the event. if you cannot make it and you're still interested in being on that bone marrow donation registry we have a link with more information and the abc 11 together to have fun abc heather: they do not want to turn people away for easter. for weeks the organization has been pleading with the community to donate easter baskets for families. they only have 478 baskets. that felt like a lot, but the problem is they are expecting community easter event. if you want to help you can donate online, or purchase an easter basket. just a few more days. joel: they do such great work, or christmas, the people forget
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heather: wait until you hear what name people came up for for a ship. joel: the bus crash with north carolina connections. wine the bus overturned on this indiana highway. but first, we have anna in hollywood. anna: we are just hours away from the season's premiere of dancing with the stars. we are on the network studio, lives. we have been behind the scenes all day. we will tell you what to we found, straight ahead. joel: we cannot wait to talk to you. well you are out there in the
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joel: you have to try, you have to twist, the cha-cha, you know where i'm heading this with this. dancing with the stars returns tonight. heather: and anna laurel got to fly to l.a. for the premier. joel: you've got to go behind the scenes today. who have you seen, and what did you get access to?
4:41 pm
people. tom bergeron, the host. we saw them goodman, the no-nonsense judge. we're seeing so many people. it is so exciting to be on the lot. the cast mates are still doing their last-minute reversals. it was just six weeks ago that they were cast. none are professionally trained, and they are about two days in front of millions of viewers. we actually got to go to the board wardroom room -- wardrobe room earlier. check out these statistics. in one week this wardroom room will go through 50 pairs of shoes. in one season they go through 1
4:42 pm
you can see a specific type of gold bead, they went through 15,000 of those just for tonight. a typical costume will cost between 3000 and $5,000 and they are intense because they do not know until after a show or after the cast is set exactly what to dance, what color, with seen they will want. they have days to make what you see on tv happen. when we spoke to the costume denies her -- designers this morning, they said this year you're going to see last dance where and more of the fashion. it is going to be really cool to see what they come up with. heather: a lot of rhinestones. you spent a lot time in l.a. before, but this is your worst time in the audience. when you most excited about?
4:43 pm
cast and what they will come up with. there is a reason the show his been around for 20 straight seasons. you get to see these people stories, what they cannot do on the dance floor, and then what they are going to do with it. you never know what is going to happen. that is why so many people tune in to watch. a lot people come here to watch the show. 3000 people have seen a taping of the live show. tonight i will be here, my photographer, and of our abc 11 viewers will be in the audience. it is going to be such a throw. joel: good stuff. we all know about the sweepstakes. we held a dancing with the stars contest. one of the lucky winners will be joining you tonight there in the audience. i understand you are there only two or guys. how did that go? anna: it was so much fun,
4:44 pm
thompson from the roanoke area. they flew in yesterday, and they really wanted to see the hollywood sign. we walked the hollywood walk of fame. we were to what is to be the kodak theater. they have all of these hand and foot prints of the hollywood golden era. judy garland, red skelton. it was so much fun for them to see pilot with spotlight shining on the ballroom tonight. we will see more behind-the-scenes coming up in our 5:30 p.m. newscast. we are having a ball. joel: all i can imagine is all of them in a drop top convertible going down hollywood boulevard. you look great. have fun. we will see you soon.
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what things are doing it the do not -- if something is not upgrade by tomorrow. plus, two boys temple 30 feet down a whole. family members say it should never have happened. heather: we want to take a look at the beautiful skyline.
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don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one.
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heather: an explosion at georgia college one employee injured this morning. investigators are looking into what caused that glass. the explosion was a building with classrooms at was -- that also had a food court. the injured woman was in the bathroom when it happened. classes and other buildings went on as usual today. joel: firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own after a freak accident. the firefighter was writing on a truck when he fell off and was run over by the fire truck. the italian she says this happened at the beginning of that firefight.
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daughters redheather: a. heather: a gruesome discovery. two hikers found the top half of the old school. it is unclear how long this school has been in that location, and at this point it is hard to tell any information about the person or cause of death. joel: a day of fun turned quite scary for two boys when they fell into a 30 foot hole. they were jumping on some soft ground when it collapsed. one boy was able to climb out with the other suffered injuries. family members say this is not the first time this has been a problem. >> putting a board over the whole is not covering the hole. my brother could have died. joel: rescue crews had row or a look down into the hole, get the
4:50 pm
lift him out. it took almost an hour to get him free. heather: if you do not want to be stuck with what is on your update. your connectivity to the internet. this is specifically for devices made in 2012 and earlier. it has to be updated by tomorrow or you will have to manually of the just -- manually upload the update. joel: the calendar says it is spring, but it does not feel like it this morning. we are talking about frost overnight. >> believe it or after each is was reported.
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drivers in connecticut this morning. creating work for snowplows. off the road. than 20 cars. it is for all those spots, it will not be a problem for too long. here, we are also going to see a warm-up that will really good. chris will have more on that at 5:00 p.m. heather: that makes me cold, just looking at it. thank you. we have several destroys we are working on to bring to you at the top of the hour. here is what they have in store. steve: history in cuba right now. at 5:00 p.m. we're taking to have an where president obama
4:52 pm
they had a news conference and reporters actually asked the leader of the communist country you will want to see this. also see why this meeting will change everything between our obama. also, a family discovering damage. why they say they had to call the troubleshooter to come to their rescue. there is a crossover for tonight. chris: early spring, they encountered a few problems with the potential for cross. we will tell you how cold it will get in the major warm-up tomorrow. when we will be back to 80 this week, and then look out for easter.
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people getting quite creative with their suggestions for a name for a polar winter ship. it is an icebreaker and the most advanced research vessel of her. there were looking for inspirational names, so far the favorite name among voters is the rrs boaty mcboatface. we will have to wait until mid april to learn the name, that is when the contest ends. officials do not have to pick the name given by voters. heather: happy birthday to twitter. the social media platform turns 10 years old today. the platform has become one of the first places people express themselves or share video, even
4:54 pm
hard to remember what it was like before twitter. and last and last year a great throw hotel. joel: new pictures of the damage. and a north carolina police attention with this post bright the first -- this post. more details in a minute. heather: a little photo shoot near the wake county justice center. chris says we might need to pay
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you mightt2watu#@m4 bt@qu)d tt2watu#@m4 "a@qe% tt2watu#@m4 bm@qn., tt4watu#@m4 " dztq ]:h tt4watu#@m4 " entq ->( tt4watu#@m4 " gzt& 49p tt4watu#@m4 " hnt& $7< tt4watu#@m4 " iztq n^d tt4watu#@m4 " jntq \.$ tt4watu#@m4 " lzt& dcx wa joel: a blast involving a manhole cover damages a hotel in nearby cars.
4:57 pm
underway. 42 windows blown out . fortunately, nobody was injured in this. the blast was not appear to be suspicious. meanwhile, investigators are looking into whether an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend ultimately led to the death of a high school student. a 16-year-old was killed while standing in an intersection server -- over the weekend. investigators hope to learn more about the crash when the boyfriend recovers enough that they can talk to him. anna: a north carolina surgeon help in the rescue of this bus crash. the bus of an indiana boys basketball team overturned on the way to a state semifinal game. the driver of a car when to
4:58 pm
and hit the bus. the doctor started looking for the most serious the injured passengers and is amazed that everyone survived. joel: this picture shared news a man revealing himself on one of the -- relieving himself, i should say. already liked the page and many of you are sharing it. the original post invited the man to participate in a right along -- ride-along. anna: that will make for one interesting ride. let's look at some of the stories making headlines across
4:59 pm
steve: president obama making history in cuba. a durham police officer shot by a man in custody. tisha: also happening now, a three-year-old child found wandering alone in the middle of the night. greg barnes was the good samaritan who called for help. steve: president obama making his historic visit to havana, getting officially welcomed this afternoon. the president side-by-side with the cuban president roh castro, taking questions from reporters after meeting privately. president obama said this is a straightforward conversation about democracy and human rights area we will have more from that history making meeting coming up. tisha: a police officer shot while trying to book a suspect. the big question is how did the
5:00 pm
angelica: we asked police -- everything here at the durham county jail is under investigation. it went down around 3:30 this morning. danny mcmillan was being arrested for keeping. -- for peeping. he made a reach for something in his pants and it was a gun. now he is facing a slew of charges, one of which is assault with a deadly weapon with attempt to kill. -- intent to kill. there will be an internal


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