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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> behind the scenes of "dancing>> see what is happening this instant. abc seven eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] steve: the heart of county sheriff resigning. larry rollins comest up and down immediately for what he calls personal reasons. what is not clear is if it has to do with the deputy-involved shooting in november. a source said rollins would not comment when asked if that was behind the resignation a deputy shot and killed. ron livingston after he refused to let the beauty searches him without a warrant. his family said deputies had the wrong house and wrong man.
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on the road headed to the scene of a crash. we are working together more information for you. watch for the latest on the abc 11 mobile app and on eyewitness news tomorrow morning. good evening, everyone. i am tisha powell. steve: i am steve daniels. we are here with chief meteorologist chris hohmann. let's hope this is one of the last frost advisories of the season. chris: the average is early to mid april. we got such a jumpstart on the spring season, we are to-three weeks ahead of schedule in our spring -- start to spring with the vegetation blooming, flowers blooming. that is why we are in a bit of a pickle. 44 at rdu. some spots, in the mid 30's. we are going to drop to the mid 30's. fairly widespread frost is likely across the region. if you have any plants, cover
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steve: we will see you soon. it you can watch for the latest on these plunging overnight temperatures tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. tisha: a shocking afternoon for people eating at a mcdonald's on ireland drive in fayetteville. a craigslist deal turns violent, two people shot and three in custody after a shootout inside the restaurant. angelica alvarez is in fayetteville with more on this frightening afternoon. angelica: the good news is no one working or eating inside was hurt. police say an elderly woman was slammed to the ground when suspects brushed past her. thankfully, they did not get very far. crime scene tape inside, investigators in the dining area, pointing at possible evidence to the multiple shots fired inside. all of this as customers
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this mcdonald's sits off a busy road, one of the many parts to this upsetting fayetteville police chief. >> it was 4:30 in the afternoon. people were going home young people leaving school. ,we had families in this restaurant who were eating their dinner. > shortly after the gunshots went off inside, he said it all started with a craigslist sale. three people were meeting to sell two cell phones but ended up trying to rob a person. it turns out both parties were armed and started firing. angelica: two suspects were shot but will survive. as investigators combed the grounds nearby for more evidence the, chief told our cameras all four were under 21 years old, which is the legal age to have a gun. >> we have some work to do as a
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ownership but to restrict gun ownership from people who don't need to be carrying guns. angelica: no one for mcdonald's could comment. as of yet, no names are being released. we don't know yet what charges will be filed. i am angelica alvarez for abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: people diving for cover under the golden arches. we are learning more about a durham police officer who was shot inside the county jail. police say the department's professional standards division is looking into what happened. denny mcmillan was arrested on peeping charges. at the jail, op assert turner took off mcmillan's handcuffs, and that is when police say mcmillan reached for the back of his pants for a gun. officer turner grabbed it, and the gun went off hitting officer turner in the stomach. officer turner has been treated and released from the hospital. tisha: tonight, president obama is saying he is willing to meet with former cuban president
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he made the comments after his historic meeting with the current president raul castro. the pair held a news conference today, saying they are putting decades of isolation and tension in the past. they discussed potential business opportunities and the trade embargo. the president told abc news he believes it will be lifted but not before it leaves office. steve: the president's visit is a hot topic for cubans living in the united states. one cuban exile in the triangle calls this a large step towards freedom on the island. joel brown is live with more. joel: over 3000 cuban exiles live in north carolina, many in the triangle, and they were watching closely as president obama did what no u.s. president has done in 88 years, visit cuba and open up talks with cuba's president. for one exile, he was watching
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>>alfonso gave us a private tour of his kitchen. >> this is the garlic bread that we do. joel: it's the smell of success for this 75-year-old cuban exile who fled visa -- the repressive castro regime on a raft in 1952, now the proud owner and chef of carlos cuban cafe. he was smiling at home watching what happened in his homeland. >> i'm very happy. joel: happy about what he saw as a first step for freedom. >> finally, somebody took a step forward to help the cuban people. joel: politics hang heavy over the president's visit, the white house criticized by conservative cubans for a move they say legitimizing a brutal castro regime, the same regime that jailed him for over a year. he got a kick out of watching
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rare position of being pressed by news reporters about human rights abuses. >> i don't like that guy anyway. [laughter] >> gives me a name or names. >> it's no use. you know what i mean? it's awkward for him. joel: he is now planning his first trip back to cuba in 54 years, convinced the seeds of freedom have taken root. >> change from inside out. joel: president obama said today that the last 50 years of difficult relations the tween the u.s. and cuba will not be transformed overnight, but that crowd of entrepreneurs and u.s. business people in the audience are counting on a surge of activities to come, and alfonso is counting on democracy, as well. steve: americans are debating this in the triangle tonight. joel brown, thank you.
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school student and his family and supporters who have been rallying around him. tisha: case, meaning ice cannot deport him. place agents picked up the 19-year-old from his home in late january. congressman butterfield stepped in over the weekend and was able to convince ice of granted that, his attorney is working to get him home. his mother says she is hopeful and how the process will end. >> the end of this struggle, and this is something good that is going to be powerful for my son, for his family, for his parents. hopefully, very soon, he will be free. tisha: his attorney is focusing on getting him back to durham while they appeal the case.
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session on wednesday to discuss charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance, letting transgender people using a public bathroom of their choice. today, dozens of people turned out for a rally after they delivered a petition with 13,000 signatures, calling for that legislative session. they say the charlotte ordinance threatens the safety of every woman and girl because it would let men use public restrooms and locker rooms for women. house and senate leaders announced they have a 3/5 majority to call for a special session. tisha: highlighting incredibly good deeds in fayetteville -- a three-year-old boy found wandering the streets, and a newspaper delivery worker called for police. it all started when johnnie mclean unlocked the back door of the apartment on roseville road and walked out. he made it 100 yards when the driver spotted him and called 911. when police searched the complex, they found the back door open.
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the officers bought and installed two chain blocks out of the reach of little hands. steve: the news is just getting started tonight. an american astronaut, settling into the international space station. the record he is breaking right now. the stars at the ballroom, and we are getting the backstage scoop on the new season of "dancing with the stars." anna laurel is in hollywood now. first, a live look outside our downtown raleigh studio. a pleasant evening tonight.
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what about easter>> abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook. like our page, and click "get notifications" for the latest updates. steve: breaking news unfolding
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a chase ends in a crash. this is a live picture from our d.o.t. camera. you can see the street is blocked up as the highway patrol investigates. we are working to figure out what led to the chase and if anyone was injured. watch the latest tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. tisha: federal authorities, canceling a court hearing involving apple. the fbi size it might have found a way to unlock the san bernardino attackers phone thanks to an outside party. if that's the case, it would make apples forced cooperation unnecessary. the fbi is trying to get permission off the encrypted phone. steve: days in space for an american. humans have been living on the
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space station for the past 15 years. tisha: the executive mansion in raleigh, lit up in blue. governor pat mccrory and first lady and mccrory flipped the switch to celebrate those with down syndrome. he proclaimed today to be down syndrome awareness day in the state. steve: time to turn our attention to the big board for the must-see video tonight. we begin in minnesota with a police chase involving a cement truck. here is the wildcard. it's an 11-year-old boy arrested after stealing that truck and leading police on a truck -- on a high-speed chase. the chase lasted for about an hour, and it ended when that 11-year-old had to stop at a dead-end. here is something you don't see every day, and that is a three-year-old little girl taking her pet chicken on a ride on her tricycle. the little girl, circling the driveway in auburn, alabama with
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it's flapping away there looking like it might want to be done. tisha: they look happy. tisha:steve: the mirror ball trophy is up for grabs. tisha: "dancing with the stars" kicked off a new season. anna laurel is in hollywood talking with ginger and the other celebrities. anna: what a thrilling show. the costumes, the music, the dancing. the show is over. i am out here on the ballroom floor, and it is still buzzing in here. no one will get voted off because of what happened tonight, but it does show the judges and the viewers at home what they might expect this season. von miller, ginger zee, and all the rest made their "dancing with the stars" debut in flashy fashion. this is what you saw at home. here is what we saw in the ballroom before the tv cameras were rolling. robin roberts and amy roebuck
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the ballroom is actually quite magical when you walk in. if it's 800 audience members. -- it fits 800 audience members. >> the idea was to make it as big and glamorous as possible. we tried to go very sparkly and glittery. anna:anna: once the crowd is inside before the show starts, they get their own dance party. >> it is controlled chaos. we bring everybody from the audience who wants to out on the dance floor, and they get to dance before the stars were dancers come out. anna: tonight, for the premiere, everyone was so excited, some of the pros came out to get the party started. you can see more of our behind
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we ran into so many people on the studio lot. it's on my facebook page at anna laurel. we will show you highlights from the after party tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. from the ballroom, anna laurel, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: you can watch "dancing with the stars" every monday at 8:00. looking at her video, it looks so much bigger than what you see on television. steve: we had some facebook winners from a contest we held out with anna. she's talking about that tonight, as well. easter weekend, the chance for rain potentially. chris: hopefully come it will hold on until late sunday, early monday. we will talk about chances for rain as we get into the weekend. i thought we would see little more, but it got as cold as we thought and then some. temperatures are about to take off after a frosty start.
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back into the 60's tomorrow in the afternoon, where we should be. mid-to-upper 70's wednesday into thursday before we get back down, a little bit above average, or closer to it, by the time we get to the easter weekend. there's a frost advisory in effect. there's a chance of frost, as well. this will be from 4:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. there is rdu, the temperature holding that 48 degrees. officially, the airport is down to 44. the air is dry, and the winds are calm. in some spots around the triangle, you see 43 in durham. 45 in clayton. it's down to 37 in southdale. roxboro is at 36. 37, rocky mount wilson. some outlying areas, well into the 30's. sunny but cool day, but it was a lot better than yesterday when
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we were stuck in the lower 40's. very quiet across much of the central and eastern u.s. after that snowstorm across the northeast. these are frost and freeze warnings from north carolina, parts of kentucky, all the way down to north of tampa bay. for us, this time of the year, typically a frost warning wouldn't be issued for scattered frost, but we are so far ahead in the spring season that it is warranted now. typically, frost warnings are issued when we have problems in early april. otherwise, a clear and cold night. heading out tomorrow morning, you will need a heavy jacket to start. by lunchtime, we are back up to where we were all day today, mid-to-upper 50's. low to mid 60's in the afternoon hours. high pressure scoots along the gulf coast. temperatures into the low to mid 60's, and it doesn't stop there.
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near 80 thursday. this front will bring us showers down for the start of the easter weekend. perfect day. temperatures in the mid 60's for highs around the triangle. sanford, 65. low 60's north. rain chances, zero through by thursday evening into early friday, some scattered showers. easter sunday, we have a slight chance of a shower. mid 70's to near 80 by wednesday and thursday. we talked about showers early friday. we will wait and see the timing of this next issue. hopefully, we can hold it off until sunday or monday. you tisha: don't want to wash out the easter egg hunt. thank you, chris. your kindle might need a refresh. why it's important to update it
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tonight. smaller iphone and other gadgets this afternoon. the four-inch for is called the
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iphone se and runs twice as fast as the iphone 5. the starting price is $399, and there will also be a smaller ipad pro. the apple watches getting a price cut. tisha: if you don't want to be stuck with what is on your e-reader right now, you better update it. if you don't, you will lose your ability to connect to the internet. this is specifically for devices made in 2012 and earlier. they have to be updated by tomorrow, or you will have to manually add the update using a desktop computer. steve: tonight is a twitter-versary. twitter, turning 10 years old today. the first tweet came from the founder jack dorsey. format invited to express yourself with brevity and immediacy. twitter has impacted everything course news. 305 million people are using that on a monthly basis. on board, but i am on board now.
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chris: i think i joined in 2010. i couldn't tell you the first was profound. [laughter] steve: the blue devils, wheels. california. >> getting their game faces on. coming up next, how providence helped the heels find an extra edge to their game. carolinas crown prince. duke, going back to kelly. mike krzyzewski has yet to find
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>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> a record six acc teams are through to the sweet 16, and that means millions of extra dollars and tournament revenue for the league. duke, no stranger to this territory. thursday's game will be mike krzyzewski's record 23rd showdown. the bus loaded up this afternoon. they will need big efforts from the likes of brandon ingram and grayson allen. the pond has not been kind to the blue devils. they are 0-2 out there. both occasions were sweet 16. most recently, a loss to arizona. joe mays or is en route to california and will have the blue devils covered as they face the ducks.
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the tar heels meanwhile will depart for philadelphia in the east regional final. their sweet 16 opponent indiana likes to get up and down the court, which makes for a wildly entertaining game. the heels, carrying a chip on their shoulder after providence question their toughness over the weekend. >> when we were walking out and stretching, they were saying something like, you guys are cute and all of that. i think everybody takes us for soft guys. >> we are not the same team that we were. >> we went out there, and we did what we have to do. now they are the ones going home. >> wisconsin help to break that
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joelle james's bill cosby celebration broke the internet or james is a man of 1000 memorable faces for the heels. [laughter] >> is that the essence of your personality? >> i guess so. i didn't even really think about it. it just happened. >> he's a character. >> that is joelle for you. >> after 13 years at pitt, jimmy dixon is taking his signature stick-back lid to tcu. the panthers coach is a horned frog at heart, having played for tcu in the mid-1980's. the horn frogs have only been to seven tournaments in nearly 80 years, last making the field in 1998. he's got some work to do down there. the spurs arrived in charlotte
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golden state in the nba's regular season game of the sentry. kawai leonard, the current star for the spurs. tim duncan can still play a bit. san antonio led this one 28-7 after one quarter. the hornets would clawback. nicholas the tomb to a cutting courtney lee, and on the break, how about jeremy lin pulling up? he stripes the three. that gave charlotte their first lead of the game, and he had more flames and those fingers. 29 points in all as the hornets come all the way back and win a huge one, 91-88. steve: are you getting ready to go to philadelphia? >> you've got me for one more day, and then i'm out of here. steve: "jimmy kimmel live" is next. tisha: that is going to do it for us tonight.
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and now abc's jimmy kimmel live. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- harrison ford,
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and music from cam. with cleto and the cletones! and now, moving right along, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to equal ofall of you for coming. very nice. winter is over. spring is here. can you feel it? do you feel that springiness that a new season brings? it's almost like, hey, it's almost like your heart is bopping around on a pair of skechers shapeups, right? tonight to welcome spring the


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