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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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discovered a third bomb at the airport which did not go off. police confirmed they are searching for the man on the right, identifying him as a suspect. >> many people panicked. somebody people cried. >> everyone ran. reporter: hundreds of passengers ran for their lives after two explosions ripped through the airport. then in a subway station, these attacks coming just days after the arrest of a major suspect in the paris terror attack. >> we all stuck together with our allies on this dark day. reporter: streets of brussels are now covered with messages of hope and prayers for the victims including three americans from utah recovering from their injuries. president obama they'll into condemn the attack from havana.
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necessary to help our ally belgium to bring to justice those responsible. reporter: as of the search a prosecutor tells abc 11 police have found exclusive devices containing nails, chemical products and and isis flag. heather:u.s. officials say there is no specific threat but they are most concerned about copycats pickthe fbi has been monitoring 100 people with 20 for our surveillance who they think could be inspired by what they have seen in europe. travelers are taking notice of the attacks. what happened is stirring new
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ed crump now at rdu airport to show us what is going on. >> we have seen plenty of security of whether it is out of the ordinary is hard to say. rdu officials refused to release security or comment on terrorism events. frequent flyers are not sure either but they are sure of whether they feel safe. they say there is always visible police presence. people flying in and out of rdu. some international travelers are more concerned than others. brian says he saw increased security on his travels back to rdu and says he was saddened to wake up to news of another terror attack. >> they are trying to scare us. if we cave they get what they want. reporter: while many domestic
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worried about this, international travelers, especially those traveling to europe say they are concerned. joel: the attack hitting close to home tonight. amber rupinta armed military has been part of the experience of living abroad in brussels for the family to move from apex three years ago. >> it is a weird world. one of the three explosions that rocked the city happened close to the school. >> it is so unpredictable and
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>> they quickly took to social media to let family and friends know they were ok but this attack has them rethinking everything. >> we were planning another trip last night. now i don't feel like planning anything now. it is scary. it makes you change plans and think differently about ideas you may have had. reporter: regardless of whether they call belgium home or not, they hope the tragedy leads to changes in travel security. >> they are going to have to make big time changes here. reporter: they will use this experience to teach daughters a valuable lesson. >> life has to go on.
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up with reaction. pray for brussels is one of the many #two things. -- many hashtags they can see. this image is poignant. this young boy appears to be in a refugee camp with this sign saying sorry for brussels. and kerry washington is sending this tweet out. s. a touching site. we hope you will stay with us
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a one-hour edition of world news tonight coming up at 6:30. jeopardy will be seen later on tonight. we will preempt that at its normal time. anchor: tragedy on a college campus. for young women in their first year of school killed in a car crash last night in front of the rocky mount school. andrea blanford with how the friends are being remembered on campus. >> the family tells us the 19-year-old was driving last night. they had finished dinner at pizza hut and were trying to come back to campus when their car collided with another. family and crash mates -- cash -- classmates were inseparable. all but barnes remembered at the
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there are new details about what led to the crash. only thing the person was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> we are not just students. we are not just friends. we are family here. >> the schools president is visiting the families of the four women. joel: the man charged -- steve: the man charged with shooting a police officer is held on a half-million dollar bond. he went before a judge asking for a quart of court appointed attorney. >> he remains locked up after
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he walks into the jailhouse courtroom. the assistant district attorney read the charges which included assault with a deadly weapon and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. he saw mcmillen go for a pistol in his waistband after the officer removed his handcuffs. during the struggle the gun went off. he has a grave point to his stomach and he's out of the
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anchor: a serious crash in raleigh on capitol boulevard in burlington mills road. live on the scene with the details. reporter: we are standing at capital and circle. our first look at this major accident down here, you see a lot of sources working on this. we have fire, police, state control trying to figure out what happened. it's hard to see how many vehicles were involved. several vehicles are involved. you see a lot of vehicles blocking our view. it looks like and to dump trucks in the back. we are not sure exactly what is happening over there. we don't know the extent of injuries. how any victims were involved.
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boulevard, nothing is moving. it is close. traffic is being diverted. northbound capital is closed at this hour. we will stay on scene. highway patrol is handling this. we're hoping to get more information within the hour and have more updates as the evening continues. anchor: angelica alvarez, we will see you again. durham police officer is getting important training and verbal de-escalation. they are learning tactics and skills to improve communication and sure they are using the right language to come across as fair and trustworthy. today's training was provided by harry dolan, a veteran law-enforcement officer with 32 years of experience.
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wake county under investigation happened this morning near fowler road. this flatbed truck hauling construction lumber collided with an suv. a woman inside was killed. anchor: new file from the. he later apologized. there was widespread outrage about the comments. anchor: now the countdown to the sweet 16. unc will hit the road tomorrow for philadelphia. >> a very confident sounding tar
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roy williams was full of life. much more than i have seen all year long. they look the part in the second half of their first two games. they treated the providence players the exact same way. when this team is operating, there are not many that will hang with them. that is the attitude they are caring with them. the team is enjoying every step but there is a serious undertone. >> you have to enjoy the travel and hanging out with the guys. really way to truly enjoy it is to play your best basketball. that is what we think of only think of having fun. going out there and playing great. tisha: we be on the road with carolina and duke. mark armstrong.
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our live coverage begins tomorrow. steve:n people. steve: then information we are learning about the man who attacked the tramp protester. reporter: teenagers accused in yesterday shoot out at
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they will stay in jailsteve: a man sucker punched and kicked a protester. i mean was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of assault with injury. he is a 32-year-old. they are now reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action. tisha: donald trump is getting support from a north carolina congresswoman who says she supports the parties front
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she's the first woman to endorse donald trump for president. steve: now to president obama's historic trip to cuba. marcy has been traveling with the president. reporter: he maintained his schedule and focus here in cuba but pause several times to share his condemnation of the attacks abroad. president obama is leaving cuba, his last day here shattered by the terror attacks in brussels.
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and the communist country after decades of tension. >> i have come here to extend the hand of friendship. reporter: his speech followed by a personal discussion with political dissidents imprisoned for speaking out against the authoritarian regime highlighting the ongoing issues. >> my hope is by listening and hearing from them we can continue to refine our policy. reporter: and then a little bit of baseball diplomacy. they ended their trip at a game between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team side-by-side with raul castro, observing a moment of silence for the victims in brussels. >> the premise of terrorism is
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as long as we don't allow that to happen we are going to be ok. reporter: the first family just left havana. argentina. anchor: it will be an interesting trip for the first daughters as they continue the tour of latin america. great to see you. we are hearing about the ballgame there. the razor up 4-1 -- the rays are up 4-1. chris: a little frosty this morning pre-temperatures got below freezing. a glorious day out there. lots of sunshine. a nice rebound. friday morning some showers, our
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as you head out it could be a few showers around but it should dry out later in the day. in a chance of rain into monday. in between, good weather to talk about. we are nowhere near that. it did get to the upper 20's. again, it rebounded nicely into the 60's. clear skies overhead. temperatures in the mid-60's. south wind debt -- you see readings in the low 60's. nice stuff out there.
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sunny warmer again today. a few clouds early on. our next rainmaker is just getting organized. loosely organize, this will become a potent system later tomorrow into thursday. those areas that were hammered earlier in march by this devastating flooding could see severe weather and damaging wind. tomorrow on the colder side, winter storm watches her up. -- watches are up. up to a foot of spring and snow. winter is not done just yet. that gets here thursday night. i don't think we're going to see severe weather. not nearly as cold as last
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low and mid 30's. sky should be mostly clear. a light jacket ought to do it. up to 50 by 9:00. the warming trend continues. temperatures back into the mid-70's. a beautiful wednesday. 10-15. that will up the fire danger. be careful of that. highly discouraged. 76 in sanford. low mid 70's north. a lot of sunshine. high pressure continues to move away. close enough to keep us warm and dry. a few more clouds around thursday. it will stage right through the daylight hours. this doesn't a lot arrive.
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around midnight, it is towards the 2-3, 4. the morning could be wet. by midday we should start drying out. some good mornings. very late after midnight into friday morning. it could end up with a few showers overnight. temperatures back into the 60's. we get closer to easter sunday and time that out. wait until monday morning. it is still pretty far out. joel: victims are ages 11
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steve: an armed robbery during a
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the chicago tribune says 14 people were wounded and multiple shootings. a new orleans teenager looking for a job made a big impression during his interview. joel: he stopped and armed robbery as it was happening. the thief was trying to get away with the cash when devon washington jumped in to help. >> i remember getting him and putting his hands behind his back. i wasn't nervous. i just got up and did it. steve: he did wind up getting that after school job at popeyes. yesterday was his first day. i'm sure they are glad to have him. a one-man crime-fighting situation there.
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there is a lot happening including belgian families concerned about the safety of family and friends back home where the terrorism attacks happened earlier today. reporter: there have been a
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