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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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view. after the explosion went off, you were thrown to the ground. correct new details concerning the two suicide bombers. khalid and brahim desyrel" he said, i don't know i am on the run. -- he said, i don't know what to do. i am on the run. people are looking for me everywhere. he left a bag which detained explosive detonators, which is the most important one. >> the manhunt is continuing around-the-clock on -- in the
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these arrests are taking place at an address provided by a taxi driver who said three men with big bandbanks. -- big bags. >> a suspicious packages triggering evacuations at the airport. gloria: that's right, that alert could mean more time for you at the airport. give yourself plenty of extra time for extra security screening. yesterday's terror attacks in brussels leading to heightened
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we can tell you there is plenty of security here. many flying into rdu saying they noticed ramped up security at several airport. >> always saw different from presence. >> today, it was much stepped up. they had additional lines starting a ticketing. they had a sniffing dog in his only going up and down the aisles. gloria: there is a transportation warning. many tell me they won't let this in their travel. >> if you shy from it, i think we surrender and i don't inc. that we want to be very next --
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>> if you are traveling to europe, here are some tips. the village land in public transportation. be aware of your surroundings and avoid crowded places. that travel alert expires on june 20. it is already a busy time because of easter in spring break. it is busier here this week. he sure you get your extra early because the -- because of the crowd, and because of the extra security. >> coming up at 12:30.
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terrorism here. >> michelle barlow was killed yesterday on apple boulevard went a dump truck slantslammed into her minivan. alina: yes, one mom tweeting me that she was an english teacher and she was the best teacher at wake forest high. this happened here in a four-vehicle crash. capital boulevard was shut down for four hours yesterday afternoon. the minivan was crushed in that accident.
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truck with heavy equipment slammed into the minivan that barlow was driving. students at wake forest high learned about the accident this morning. teachers told the students at the start of the work day. >> she was a wonderful person who will be really missed by her students and her friends and her family. elaina: the sudden loss of a accident. >> lawmakers are holding a special session at the state that will allow transgender people to use the restroom of the gender they identify with
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i understand it is an emotional issue on both sides. andrea: it is and it has been for quite some time since the city council has to this ordinance at the end of february . it is a packed room in the committee meeting right now warehouse lawmakers are going over the details of house bill 2. that ensures that no other local measures. the bill's main sponsors opened the meeting explaining what is in the bill. they referred to it as a common
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people on both sides of this issue signed up ahead of time to speak during public comment. >> what about my rights to privacy and to not be exposed to young males changing and showering beside me? they shouldn't change laws for a small number of students that impact the rest of us. >> these men and women should expect fair treatment by the government and public accommodation. instead, half of the transgender individuals in north carolina reap what is being harassed in public accommodations area -- accommodations. elaina: members did not get a
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they are now asking questions with the bill's main sponsors. we will pop back in and give you another update in the next half hour. john: thank you. barbara: durham police are looking for the person who fired nine bullets into a house. john: those bullets barely missing a woman inside. anthony wilson's live with reaction from the very lucky homeowner during -- homeowner. anthony: it is hard to believe that this kind of thing would happen. at quarter to 4:00 this morning when gunfire arrested. >> i heard the shots. i rolled over on the bed. anthony: the homeowner, the
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>> when i got up, i would into the bathroom and i realized that the shots had came into my house. anthony: being in this bathroom when the shots come through the door, there is no way to get around the store. you could have been hit. >> who would do something like this? anthony: police confirmed that it was a drive-by. pastor bedroom, pastor bathroom come into your kitchen -- past your bedroom, past your bathroom, into your kitchen. >> yes.
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after her close: tonight -- overnight -- >> i'm going to go away for a couple of days. anthony: you are urged to call crimestoppers. an award is offered. and you don't have to give your name. barbara: this is in raleigh, live images coming in from the scene of a higher. you can -- of a fire. you can see the flames coming through the roof. no one has been injured. john: classes resume today as a college mourns the death of four young students. friends and family say tanisha scott, robyne barnes, kandis the
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were inseparable. ted cruz getting a big endorsement. jeb bush now back in her desk now backing that texas senator. -- jeb bush now backing the texas senator. barbara: the endorsement comes after he himself ended his campaign for the republican nomination.
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carolina campu john: investigation of a loud boom. armor: there -- barbara: there are no reports of earthquakes.
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that spilled into the river. this new plan will handle: -- differently. they must excavate the coal ash by 2018. barbara: the concert is at 7:00 and tickets are still available. the husband of a real housewives star is headed to jail.
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prison. barbara: police in greensboro are looking for a man who could be connected to this massive rall last friday. -- massive brawl last friday. police want to find this man here. any information on who he is and where he is should call police. charges could be pending after a tragic accident at a daycare. an 81-year-old woman who was there to pick up one of her grandchildren accidentally ran
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he was hit by the open door and pushed under the vehicle. john: the husband of -- joe jude i will be entering jail today. his wife served her prison time and was released in december and in washington, the d.c. famous cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom. barbara: they will be in this state for up to 10 days. luckily, it is coinciding with this year's national cherry blossom festival.
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cherry blossom trees in 1812 from japan. don: i think every year, it would be so easy to just shoot up there. today, gorgeous out there. lots of sunshine and blue skies. let's take a look at what is happening over the next 12 hours. the clicker isn't working. well, today, a lot of sunshine heading in. there we go. let's take a look at what is going on as farce temperatures. we will see temperatures going into the 70's. 4:00, falling back into the
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75 at 6:00 and then 50's during the evening hours. a live look into downtown raleigh and gorgeous. we have a few clouds working through. the wind out of the southwest at 17. we are at an increased risk for fires. if you are going to burn today are you are a smoker, be careful throwing that butt out the window. 63 right now in roxboro, the seven in wilson. look at the 24-hour temperature change. 20 degrees warmer than we were. we did have some clouds. they have all moved out. the bulk of the pacification
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there is a big snowstorm in minnesota and the dakotas. snow. and then rain through michigan. that will not be a factor in our weather. /5:00, 6:00 tomorrow, there will be a chance for some showers across the region. as they build in, a better chance to see some rain go through the day on friday. more sunshine, breezy and warm. pretty much mid 70's across the region today under mostly sunny skies. smithfield will go to 78. around 80 around fayetteville. 76 this afternoon in rocky mount. tonight, a few clouds. your seven-day forecast,
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we will get near 80 tomorrow for a high temperature friday is going to be wet. saturday, 65. rain returns sunday night into my most of the next week to be nice, temperature wise.
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this year, you have until april 18 to file your tax return. uber is ready to pay hacker.
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program to find bugs in their app code. uber will also dole out $5,000 for significant issues and $3000 for media mich-- medium issues. john: and how the fbi is responding to possible isis
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barbara: and a faceboo barbara: authorities in brussels
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in custody in connection with yesterday's terrorist attacks. but the third man wearing a hat in surveillance videos is still on the run here we know at least 31 people were killed and 250 other people were hurt. and you details also emerging -- the belgian prosecutor confirming that two of the suicide bombers have in identified as khalid and raheem -- brett heme el-bakhraoui. john: one world trade was lit up in the colors of the country. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff. security has been eased up in major cities. anna: u.s. intellivision's -- u.s. intelligence officials are
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responsible for the brussels attack. the fbi's continued terrorist investigations in many 50 states. many suspect isis sympathizers. the fbi concerned that there could be copycat attackers that might respond to the brussels assault. in the past two and a half years, at least 103 americans were charged with trying to join isis or suspected of trying to said that the group in some way.
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one huge issue for ongoing investigations is the suspects using corrections to disappear from surveillance. so-called going dark is hard to investigate what you can't see unfolding. john: people are traveling for easter weekend and will face tighter security at airports across the country. gloria: i've been here since very early this morning.
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with easter weekend and spring break, it is a lot busier now. allow for more time because of additional security screenings. yesterday's terror attacks in brussels leads a heightened security at u.s. airports where it rdu officials will not release security information, but there is plenty of security here. many flying into rdu noticed raft of security at several airports. >> i think that we saw that was different was longer lines and military presence. >> in new work, it was much stepped up they had additional line starting a ticketing. they had a sniffing dog and his only owing up and down the aisles. gloria: the state department has issued an alert saying that terrorist groups continue
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attacks in europe. many tell me that they will not let this impact of their travel. wax if we shy from it, i think i surrender. i don't think that is where we want to be. >> you be smart and think about what you will be doing. gloria: here are some tips. be vigilant in public places or using mass transportation. be aware of your surroundings and avoid crowded places and exercise caution during religious holidays and at large festivals or events. there is a flight arriving from europe this afternoon around 2:00. we are interested to see what those travelers experience overseas. the travel alert expires on june 20. john: lawmakers holding a special session at the state legislature on that controversial ordinance that
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use the restroom of a gender they identify with. the ordinance is set to take effect april 1 unless lawmakers locket. andrea: it was a packed room inside the committee meeting this morning. it is now on the house floor where it will he debated and eventually come to a vote. the bill aims to override the nondiscrimination ordinance. it also increased language over government authority or lack rostral -- or lack thereof to require businesses to comply. people on both sides of this issue packed that committee
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take a listen to what they have to say. >> what about my rights to privacy and not wanting to be exposed with males beside me? they should change laws for small number of students who -- >> these people should expect protection from the government as if accommodation. gloria: jennifer roberts falseness a waste of money because this bill does nothing but legalize statewide discrimination against the of bt community. this story is unfolding right now. look for of dates later on today
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barbara: charges could be pending against a duck truck driver. michelle barlow died yesterday when a dump truck slammed into her minivan. thoughts go out to friends and family. john: a durham woman talking to eyewitness news about her close call your someone --". her close call. someone shot nine shots into the
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anthony: she doesn't want to appear on camera because she is afraid of what might happen. look at her home. all these bullet homes left by someone who drove past her house at about quarter to four walk. she has no idea why they did it. all she knows is that the bullets barely missed her. she was in bed when she heard the gunshots and in the bullets came through the wall over her head. she hit the deck. after it was over, she got up and saw the damage in her bathroom. >> i don't know who would do something like this. anthony: a reward his offer for information that leads to an arrest. barbara: the unc men's fastball
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men's basketball team is ready. tipoff at 9:57. a dangerous chase comes to a violent and weird john: a
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barbara: houston texas as a mass suspected carjacker leads police into a high-speed chase. it ends when the truck slams into a car. the suspect starts running. at one point, a dock starts chasing him but gives up. police soon catch up with him. he is now in custody. a passenger in the truck was injured and rushed to the hospital. john: this burglar is no tom cruise. he lowers himself into a computer store. he falls off a table and then spends the next 10 seconds trying to untie his shoe from the rope. then he appears to try to hide his face. barbara: a bizarre standoff in seattle, washington. police are trying to coax a man
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he has been shouting and making it seem gestures. this story has gotten attention on social media. john: you can see them must see videos any time by going to barbara: a mom strug have it lands her in jail after a facebook post. john: and a city dealing with a strange blizzard as we speak. barbara: but look at our weather. what a contrast to don -- what a contrast. don: we will see those nice
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john: a missouri mother is now facing charges after smoking what appears to be myth in front of her baby on a stuck. the photo appears to show her
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after discovering the photo, police found the hotel where little is was living and arrested her. her six-month-old daughter is in protective custody. barbara: brian pled not guilty to a perjury charge. they say that he lied about what led to bland exiting her car. if he is convicted, he will face up to a year in jail and a $4000 fine. she was found dead in her jail cell three days after her arrest. john: a mom shot in the back by her son could soon be facing charges. the child unbuckled himself from and fired.
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earthquake killed nearly 9000 people and destroyed about a million homes. scientists studying data from the new horizon pro says the findings show that nitrogen wants was on pluto. john: earth has a 23 degree tilt producing are four seasons. but pluto's 120 degree tilt was developed over millions of years
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zone at certain times and arctic zones at other times, producing liquid nitrogen. kudos temperature is roughly eight -400 degrees. looks like winter in parts of colorado. denver's spec -- denver is expecting to see blizzard conditions today. some areas getting 14 inches. several snow districts -- school district's are closed. all vehicles on the interstate must have chains or four-wheel-drive. barbara: new england got a spring storm, too. john: the storm in denver reaches up to minnesota and the dakotas. don: with springtime comes pollen. it is going to stay high today.
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it gets knocked down a bit on friday. the reason for that is we will see some rain friday and then it jumps back a flip some dry weather saturday into sunday. dew points just 48. 37% humidity with wind kicking up at 20 miles an hour. if you are going to burn outside, do not burn anything today's. from here to the beach, a gorgeous day. lots of blue skies and sunshine. wind out of the southwest at 20 miles an hour. in the mountains, they had snow on monday.
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that really cold air goes back to the midwest. 41 in chicago. 27 in rapid city. in denver, 19 degrees. we will see the cold air staying at their very big snows through northern colorado into wyoming and the dakotas. it is all rain as you get to portions of michigan and into the northeast. we are just going to see clear skies today and eventually some clouds. cold air will stay away. we will stay mild. that low moves east. here is the frontal boundary.
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snow stays to the north. pulls east. we are still in the warmer behind it, we clear out. further rest of this afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70's. more sunshine, breezy and warm. region. temperatures this afternoon going to the mid-70's. 78 in smithfield. 76 in holly springs. up to 80 degrees in fayetteville. north, temperatures will be in the 70's.
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temperatures tomorrow back near 80. good friday tomorrow night into
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services barbara:responsible for the terror attacks yesterday. one person is in custody but is not seen in surveillance video with the suspected suicide bombers. barbara: we continue to monitor the special session at the regional assembly, deciding whether or not to take action against the controversial bathroom organist that allows transgender people to choose the bathroom that the -- bathroom of the gender they identify with. john: you can find the stories i going through don: temperatures today in the 70's. tomorrow, near 80 degrees in the triangle.
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sunday night when we see some showers. barbara: we will see you again today starting at 4:00.
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