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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you can see it was lifted off the occn floor by those brown buoys floating in the water, then surrounded by the boats. new tonight, we have the radio transmissions from the coast guard during this intense rescue. t's take a look. >> united states coast guard, a plane went down by the beach. >> reporter: plenty of witnesses stood by on the beach today. they could do nothina except watch as the plane crashed into the water. >> people were screaming and going on the rocks. >> reporter: after impact, bystanders started snapping pictures. they also tookvideo. this is the two men inside standing on the tail as it sank. they were okay. >> thepilots jumped out of the window as soon as they could. >> reporter: we know from radio transmission they weren't out of trouble yet. >> a single prop plane, just went down.
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lopez watched it happen. and jumped into action. >> i noticed from the south, he was coming -- going north. a little airplane. he was flying really low. >> was he bleeding from the nose? >> a little bit from the hand. >> reporter: chopper 6 shows us the plane at the bottom now.. we also see the two men who were insie getting treatment after. a huge scare, they're walking away with bumps and bruises. >> one guy, his hands and nose. >> reporter: these are flight students from south america. 19 and 20 years ld. they were on a trip up here from marathon. we trieie speaking with the two men inside as they left the local fire station, but they had no comment. now, the plane was registered to a company in ft. lauderdale. that's probably where these two were headed. they didn't make it. but at least they're alive. >> very h hppy for them. it wasn't their time yet. >> reporter: back out live here. this is a view from chopper 6
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you can see the boats around it. you'll notice those brown buoys attached to the plane going through the water right now. back out live here to me, as for a cause of this, that hasn't been given out yet by the faa. the lifeguard on duty said one of the two y yng men told him they experienced a loss of power. for now, live at haulover beach, bobby brooks, nbc news. the hunt is on for two men who police say targeted three women at a burger king drive-through o northwest 27th avenue. two men in red hoodies walked up to their car and opened fire. three women were in the car, including 17-year-old denesha gants. she posted the video to facebook. >> i think i'm going to pass out. >> calm down.
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[ inaudible ]. >> the women were air lifted to jackson memorial hospital. denesha underwent surgery for three hours but we stll don't know her condition. traffic is once again moving in broward following a rollover involving a tree-trimming truck. it happened this afternoon in the northbound lanes of broward boulevard. at one point, traffic was backed up for miles. it's not clear if anyone was hurt, but t t truck has since been moved. no word on what caused the rollover. >> we have new details on the driver who capught a cop for speeding. >> you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> tonight we're learning that the woman behind the wheel has been in trouble herself for the sse reason she pulled over the police officer. a closer look at the driver's
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jamie? >> reporter: the incident is being investigated, but nbc 6 did some digging and found that the woman who took the video doesn't exactly have a squeaky clean record herself. >> the reason i pulled you over today, and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation -- >> reporter: this cell phone pullover made national headlines wn claudia castillo flagged down an officer and berated him for allegedly speeding. it also got the attention of the officer bosses and the miami-dade mayor. >> i think he shouldn't have been speeding, but i thought the police officer at least from whwh i read acted in a professional manner. he apologized. >> i actually know he was about -- going about 100 miles anhour. because i was hitting 80 and i could not catch up to him. >> reporter: s mounted her phone in the windshield and followed the officer on the palmetto and 836 recording for several minutes. in an interview with nbc 6, this is why she said she did it. >> if i were to do something like what he's doing, you know,
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traffic, or not only is he endangering traffic, he's abusing the uniform. >> reporter: nbc uncovered that the fhp is investigating an accident she allegedly caused two weeks ago. she was cited for careless driving. fhp also stopped her in 2014 for going over 80 in a 60. but her case was dismissed. records show she has a history of getting pulled over, at least 14 times since 1998. violations range from driving without a license, not wearing a seat belt, to failure to stop, and speeding. most of those dismissed. >> is everything fine? >> no, everything's fine. yes. you're speeding. >> i apologize. i'll be sure to slow down, ma'am. >> reporter: the top cop praised the cop's professionalism, but criticizing citizens pulling over police off@icers. >> to launch a complaint against an officer would be to just get the car number or badge number and call us and let us handle it.
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investigation is complete, they will decide whether or not there should be any disciplinary action that could include counseling. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. hillary clinton squeezes a win in iowa, and gets a boost from a south florida mmor. this while momentum builds around marco rubio's strong performance. nbc 6 political reporter steve litz joins us in the studio to break down the local conneion to the iowa caucuses. >> rubio placing a close third in iowa. not only builds momentum, but should generate millions of dollars for his white house run. one of his main fund-raraers told me today his job just got a lot easier. miami beach's mayor is heading to nehampshire to lend his political savvy to hillary clinton. hillary clinton barely eked out a win in the iowa democratic caucus.
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hampshire, and miami beach mayor phil vine is going, too. >> i'm going to go to help her go door to door, bebe a surrogate, talk to as many people as i can, tell them how wonderful, how smart, hour competent secretary clinton is. >> reporter: levine has a long-standing friendsdip with the clintons and plans on campaigning hard for her in new hampshire and likely face questions about perceptions she's not trustworthy and insincere. >> it's an unfortuute situation. but it's out there. when you say things so many times in the media, and in advertising, people will start to believe it. >> reporter: while texas senator ted cruz won the republican caucus, florida senator marco rubio is just five percentage points behind, impressive showing that the boost his momentum and campaign cough erffers going into new hampshire. >> does this make your job easier? >> extremely.
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the calls are coming in this morning. people saying, hey, you know, i was watching. how can we help? >> reporter: miami-dade's other presidential candidate, jeb bush, is focused on new hampshire. he's paid little attention to iowa in recent daflgs. days. but did pass judgment on the three gop frnt-runners. >> they're gifted in how they speak. but what about their life experience? is there something in their past that would suggest they have the capability of making a tough decision? >> reporter: so governor bush's argument is, no, implying cruz, rubio and trump cannot make presidential-like decisions, and he can. two more debates before new hampshire. the democrats on thursday night, that will be live on msnbc. the republicans will debate saturday night. steve litz, nbc 6 news. >> it's goingh to be an interesting primary. steve, thanks. we have full coverage o the 2016 presidential election on the nbc 6 news and weather app. there you will find in-depth stories from the campaign trail.
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help finding a crook who burglarized a preschool in sunrise. these thieves were captured on cameras. the school is located near 38th street and north university drive. officers say he stole three laptops from the main office. he has a large tattoo on his left arm which appears to be some type of wings. if you have any information on this case, call broward crimestoppers. a day after the world health organization declared zika as a global emergency, new cases of the mosquito-borne virus have been reported here in florida. six new travel related casas of the virus have been reported here. to date, florida has confirmed nine travel associated cases, including two in miami-dade county. now, all of the cases are believed to be contracted outside of the state. none of the cases involved pregnant women. zika fever, illness, generally mild with a rash, fever and joint pain. new tonight, the first official day on the job for the
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police department. a warm welcome from his colleagues as juan perez takes the podium. apinted to the position for his talent, experience and passion. he said his first order of business will be addressing violent crime. he's also in the middle of a huge hiring process and is focused on finding the right people for the job. the city of hialeah is upgrating their response vehicles. the city of progress revealed new police and fire vehicles. the hialeah police department has already eight new cars in the streets. the new vehicles will allow both departments to continue protecting and serving our community. according to mayor carlos hernandez. batter. >> could it be the work of vandals? a s sth florida attorney said he was targeted by political opponents. a gunman and a store clerk go e to toe during a wild robbery.
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we're back with new video of a gas station clerk who overpowered a man who was trying to rob the store at the time. it happened south of daytona beach last week. surveillance video shows the
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weapon and demands cash. what the robbery suspect did not know here is that the clerk is a military veteran. he refused to be a victim. managed to take the gun away, and chase thsuspect out of the store. listen to this. later it was determined that the weapon was not a real gun. some police cat trump opponents are ripping on trump. his banner supporting trump was targeted and torn up. the attorney calls the incident suspicious. >> reporter: election season emotions. this time, vandals targeted this battered trump banner. >> our trump sign was slashed down the middle. >> reporter: bradford cohen is an attorney and die-hard trump supporter supporter. he actually appeared the "apprentice." >> you're fired. >> reporter:r:ven though
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capture anything, cohen suspects foul play. on monday his employees found a mangled and torn sign outside his ft. lauderdale office. >> ix was split down the middle. it was enough to where, you know, we want to put up a new sign. >> reporter: the tattered sign had to be removed. he said it's suspicious because earlier in the week he appeared in a news article proclaiming his support for donald trump. >> people are really in favor of one candidate over another. and in this area, i think it's ry democrat-heavy. >> reporter: but cohen's sign posting days aren't over. just like that, he and his employees put up a fresh, new and improve poster. the banner is huge. about 6 feet tall@ and 20 feet wide. with a big personality, kind of like trump. cohen said he hopes this sign does stay up much longer, but has plenty of backup just in case. >> if this happens again, we'll keep replacici the sign.
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i don't allow someone to be bullied. as a lawyer, that's what i stand up for. i stand up for people getting bullied. if smeone thinks they can bully me, they're mistaken. >> reporter: in ft. lauderdale, amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. live first alert doppler radar. an image we haven't s sn too often during this dry season. it's been so wet. right now, no rain, nor do we expect any rain over the next couple of days. quiet. and then they'll get busy again this upcoming weekend. everglades. always a pretty shot. looks so calm out there right now. there's a bit of a breeze at the coast. but towards the inland locations, there's not as much wind right now. this is a spectacular picture of the hours -- or minutes past sunset. the sun set at 6:05, about ten
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on the weather headlines, this dry stretch will be here for two more days, with temperatures that will be five to ten degrees above normal. and then two fronts will arrive this weekend, one on friday, weak. the other one on sunday, quite potent. 77 right now in miami and ft. lauderdale. 76 degrees in key west. temperatures are comfortable. but the humidity level is not. we've got humidity above 90% right now in key west. close to 86%, 87% in pembrook pines. you get the picture here. it's feeling pretty muggy for this time ofof the year. part of the reason for that, an east-to-southeast wind flow that's approaching our area. and this will cononnue for the next couple of days, ahead of this front, this front isinked to a big snowstorm up north. but it's also producing a rsk of tornadoes tonight across parts of the south. there are tornado watches in
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the south all the way up into parts of kentucky a you can see. and further north, we've got winter storm warnings that extend into the great lakes. now, the front is going to take quite some time before it gets here. by the time it gets to south florida, it will be much weaker. that will be on friday. then we'll have a secondnd front, as i said, approaching on sunday. that will be a different one. should be a much stronger frontal system. two days of dry weather with warm temperatures. first cold front friday with a risk of a shower. still the risk of a rain shower on saturday. then that stronger front on sunday. and notice, after that front comes through, temperatures near 50 drees, in the city, meaning there could be many stops that will dip in the 40s by monday morning. so we're talking sunday night into monday morning, very cold weather here in our area. here's the future tracker for tomorrow. mixture of clouds and sun throughout the day. very little chance of rain. looks a little bit brighter in the afternoon as you can see there. and the winds still coming in off the ocean. 82 your high tomorrow, a aer a morning low close to 72 degrees.
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five to ten degrees above normal for this time of the year. nice to see a rain-free day, two rain-free days, maybe three here in south florida. back to you. >> john, thank you. the fight over abortion once again taking center stage at the state capital. a house subcommittee approved a bill that would set new regulations for abortion clinics in south florida. it would cut funding for non-abortion services performed at the clinic. the goal is to protect the health of patients, but critics say the real goal is to force the clinics to shut down. there are currently 65clinics in florida licensed to perform abortions. a group of south florida students outshine hundreds of techies across the nation.
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getting for their i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i thinkit's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy
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we're back with the education on 6. students at a broward school win big in a national app challenge. they impressed a major tech company with their new life-saving technology. the students came up with an app that's aimed at protecting football players on the field, and nbc 6 edution reporter was there when the young winners gotot the big surprise. >> reporter: don't you love
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>> congratulations! >> reporter: an awesome moment for these kids at pine crest school, one of eight teens in the country to win the top prize in the innovative app challenge. >> i'm speechless. we've been checking e-mails nonstop to see if we w wld either continue on or if we were maybe not in the next destination. they've been checking in with me all day long. we're blown away. >> i'm pretty much speechless right now. those who know me i'm almost never speechless. >> it's so cool. we worked so hard on this project, that it actually worked out and became a winner. >> reporter: their idea was to create an app that could diagse possible concussions in football games immediately. sensors and transmitters inside helmets would deliver realtime data to coaches who would know exactly how hard a player was hit, and the player could be taken out of the game to prevent further damage. >> i think it will revolutionize
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realtime data is very important, because a concussion hasas already happened if you're taking the chip off the helmet off the ield 60 minutes after it happened. it's going to be a game chananr. >> reporter: the school gets $20,000. what's more valuablee is these kids get to work with engineers with m.i.t. to make the app concept a reality. they worked on it for over a year. they learned a lot about collaboration and perseverance. cool for a bunch of 7th graders, right? in ft. lauderdale, nbc 6 news. the loans can pile up, now we're getting a look at which school will give you the best bang forp your buck. releasing a list of the top contenders on alumni salaries and job satisfaction. the california institute of technology in pasadena, students can make an average of almost
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rounding out the top five, princeton university. the cooper union, harvey college and m.i.t. something to think about when the cost of public colleles reaches near $20,000 a year. comimi up tonight, covering the mad dash to new hampshire, after iowa voters rearranged the race for president. tonight, how the candidates are now trying to capitalize on the results. there's alarming news about zika, how it's spread and who else may now at risk. and from blizzards to tornado
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finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. a small plane that went down in the waters off haulover beach is being towed away right now. thth plane was lifted off the ocean floor by buoys. two student pilots managed to escape from the plane when it went down. they were on their way from marathon. the pair swam to shore as the plane sunk. the search is on for at
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directly targeted their victims in a morning rampage, around 9:00 this morning. one of those victims, 17-year-old danesha, recorded a live video of herself after she had been hit. she claims she knew the shooter as she waited at a burger king drive-through withher mom and her friend. six new travel related cases of the zika virus have been reported in florida. to date, there are nine travel associated cases, including two in miami-dade county. all of the cases are believed to be contracted outside of the state. none involve pregnant women. zika fever illness is generally mild with a rash, fever and joint pain. remember, follow the latest on all of these stories and other news-making headlines on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free. >> i'm doing the happy dance because it's not raining today. >> oh, man. >> it's beautiful outside. >> a little humid, but nice. >> very nice. we'll take that. >> the weather we should be having, right?
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