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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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currently cooperating. the deceased, that's still being looke into. a spokesperson is giving information right now as we speak. we're going to go over there and get some more information and bring it back to you. nbc 6 news. we're following breaking first alert traffic. the first in opa-locka wherewo people are dead. this is at la june road and northwest 33rd street. the victims are both the drivers of the bike and the truck. no word of what caused the collision. you're looking at pictures of a car fire on the northbound lanes of the palmetto. that situation blocking three lanes of traffic and causing major backups. right now, a father is fighting for justice. >> we have a good idea who did
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>> and not keeping quiet for the person who shot his son. >> two teens were shot and one killed in the same neighborhood in 24 hours. >> it's the latest in a rash of gun violence that's causing outcry in a community tonight. we're live in the northwest miami-dade neighborhood where that latest shootinghappened. >> reporter: people here are now getting ready to rally. their message -- stop the violence. three teenagers targeted yesterday in two separate shootings. now one of them is dead. this small memoal is for him. 17-year-old david gunned down in northwest miami-dade. detectives are looking for the gunman who they say approached the teenager while he was walking along northwest 71st not far from his family's apartment where we found his cousin today. >> he was talkino to the store
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>> reporter: she is just one year younger than the cousin she just lost. she's heartbroken. >> they took a loving person from our family. >> reporter: they want the ller caught. miami-dade police had a heavy presence in the neighborhood last night. detectives were not only working the shooting of this teenager, away. police say the gunfire was minutes apart. here on northwest 19th avenue a 16-year-old was shot in the leg, then rushed to jackson memorial hospital. his father says he will be kay. >> right now he's scared. he's shaken up. >> reporter: a 21-year-old was on his front porch with gordon when they were approached by a gunman. he helped his friend. thankfufuy this time the bullets missed him. >> scary. >> reporter: the g g violence in northwest miami-dade has people outraged. >> stop thehe violence. this doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: people want the
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teenagers can make it to see their 20s. for too many others, it's too late. no arrest yet police say in either of the shootings from yesterday. people out here say this is the problem. so much gunfire and nobody is paying the price. anybodyd with any information asked to call crime stoppers. we have the number at the bottom of your screen. nbc 6 news. right now, about a dozen people are looking for a place to stay after a fire destroys an assisted living home in ft. lauderdale. smoke was coming out of the home by the time firefighters arrived on the scene this morning. all the residents got out safely, but the fire scorched the inside of the home and destroyed much of their personal property. a lit cigarette in bed may have sparked the fire, which is under investigation. right now, a man police are calling the barefoot burglar is behind bars tonight after breaking into a miami beach home
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he entered a home where the family wassleeping. cairo removed his shoes. the thief ran out shoeless. police found and arrested him a short time later. detectives are investigating if he may be responsible for other similar burglaries. we, a new poll showing donald trump s ealing home from republican rival marco rubio. the frontrunner with a large over the senator in the veri state he represents, but rubio has two weeks to win over his home state before florida's primary. it's debate day for the republicans candidates, which means he could do it as soon as tonight. >> reporter: donald trump travels to texas with growing momentum. >> we might not even need the two months.
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republican field trying to slow him down. >> trump can beat them all. >> reporter: w wch means the stakes will be high. with marco rubio -- >> the vast majority of republicanss do not want donald trump to be the nominee. >> reportrt: and ted cruz taking shots at the front runner. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnum. the time for the acrobats and the dcing bears has passed. >> reporter: the time for other gop candidates to block a trump nomination is running out. >> they feel there is some urgency now to stop trump and that would create some sort of historic rush toward them in the final days and weeks. >> reporter: history that either way will begin to play out when the republicans walk onto the stage at the university of houston in just a few hours. former president george h.w bush
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houston area are expected to attend tonight's debate. the first since their son dropped out of the race. back to you. >> thank you. we want to know who you think will win tonight's republican presidential debate. official poll. post it on the nbc 6 facebook and twitter pages. you can see right now that trump is in the lead with 47% of the votes. to an update on apple's legal battle to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernajdino shooters. the feds want to know if anything on the terrorist's phone includes other clues to the plot that left people dead last december. if they comply, the tool would allow the fbi to access any iphone.
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enforcement's job is to protect the public. >> we're wanting to read the messages of bad people. >> apple is working on a new operating system that could never be unlocked by apple or law enforcement. zika, which is spread throw the bite of an infected mosquito, is suspected of causing serious birth defects. now doctors in brazil have published detaili of a case in which the virus was found in the body a stillborn baby. researchers say that much more work will need to be done before confirming the link between zika and these physical problems. in cuba, officials continue a nationwide mobilization to keep the zika virus out. soldiers are going door to door filling homes with mosquito killing fog. the government announced thatt committees across theountry
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information to every cuban and inspect at-risk sites for mosquitos in the coming days. one day after the healt department announced that three pregnant women in florida h contracted zika, todgy health officials confirm two new cases in miami-dade bringing the county's total number to 13.0 in broward, there are four people with the virus. the state' total number of confirmed cases upp to 35, but all are travel related. tonight, new details provide more information on last week's global recall of nearly 2.9 million toyota suvs. it was prompted by a canadian investigation into a crash in 2011 that killed two passengers. last week toyota announced the recall covering 2005 through 2014 rav 4 suv's. rear seat belts in both window seats could be cut during a
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if that happens, the belts would not restrain the passengers. the company will add plastic covers to the seat frame free of charge. enjoying clear skies and cooler temps. will they stick around? >> it's a beautiful afternoon in south florida. headed for a chilly night. then i'll have the forecast for the weekend coming up. a disgusting discovery. parents taking to social media sharing picturessf a popular children's product covered in mold. royal caribbean is now weathering a differee kind of storm. the new legal battle the cruise line n n faces. a new set of wheels that took one south florida man's life. i'll have the story coming up. before you take your next trip, you may want to think twice about what you do with
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>> when you'ret finished with your boarding pass, what do you usually do with it? >> stuff it in my bag. sometimes throw it inhe trash. don't give a lot of thought to what i should be doing with it. sometimes i don't know what ends up happening to it.
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stored in the
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the ill-fated voyage of one of royal caribbean's cruise ships. passengers were told to stay in their cabins while the ship was rocked by hurricane force winds. the lawsuit accused the cruise line of knowingly sending the cruise line into the storm. four passengers sustained minor injuries, but the lawsuit claims that the ship's medical office was crowded with passengers. royal caribbee has not commented on the lawsuit. if you're a parent, you want to listen to thihi next story. there's concern tonight about a popular sippy p. >> many are posted the problem online. social view 6 shong the disturbing images circulating on facebook, twitter, and instagram. they all have one thing in common. mol@d. >> those pictures are gross.
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that father's facebook post prompted other parents to chchk their tommy tippee sippy cups and they found t t similar problem. but the company says their product isn't too blame. >> oh, my gosh, no. >> reporter: it's not whatou want to find hiding in your child's sippy cup, ahick layer of mold. parents say it is growing inside the tommy tippee cups. they can only find it when they break open the leakproof top. the first discovery posted online after a father wondered why his son was getting sick. >> i think it is disgusting. >> reporter: now the tommy tippee north america facebook page is filled with photos fromm parents who are finding the same thing. >> she'll get rid o it. she's not going to keep it once she sees that. >> reporter: the company ss it is looking into the concerns and posted a diagram online on how to clean them.
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we have extensively tested the valves using recommended liquids guidelines. the results support our view when used and cleaned in line with the instructions everything is in order. still some parents say if you can't clean this without breaking it, they shouldn't be selling it. >> they need to take them off the shelves. if parents can't clean them well, they need to take them off the shelves. >> we posted that number on the nbc 6 news and weather app. search tommy tippee. nbc 6 news. >> those are some nasty pictures. johnson & johnson ordered to pay up big money in a landmark court decision. men and women on a st. louis jury ruled that thehe company must shell out $72 million to the family of an alabama woman who
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talc in the company's baby powder contributed to her cancer. some medical experts say evidence pointing to its dangers is limited and inconclusive. it sure is a beautiful day here in south florida. we'll go straight to our headlines. dry and cool weather stretch that will continue into this weekend with temperatures 5 to 15 degrees below normal. our high temperature today was only 70 degrees. lows will be in the 40s and 50s each night for the foreseeable future into this weekend. right now, temperatures are in the 60s. 68 in miami. 67 in ft. lauderdale as well as key west with very low level of humidity.
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right now. the keys, you have your humidity ratings right now in the 760s. the two features i'm going to show you are on both extremes of the map. the front that brought us the cooler weather is well off to the southeast of us. it is located in the southern bajajahamas right now. behind the front, an area of high pressure just coming off the texas coast and expected to cross the gulf of mexico over the next few days. this high and its clockwise flow is producing our northwesterly winds. we're going to have a cool night. maybe not the coolest this week. i think that's reserved for tomorrow night as far as the coolest weather that we're going to see all week, but the skies will be clear. certainly nicic and clear right now. the only clouds in the bahamas are across the central bahamas right now for the most part as those clouds slide towards the southeast. as far as what you can expect
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going to be a very nice stretch. we do expect that towards t middle of next week we could see some showers, but in the meantime friday, saturday, and sunday will be rain free with a pretty cool environment out there. take a lookt the forecast now as we go into this evening. low humidity, clear skies, dropping to near 60 degrees by 11:00 p.m. tonight. the overnight low we'll be averaging about 52. closer to the coast, you may be a couple of degrees warmer. in interior sections, you might be a couple of degrees cooler. averaging 52 for your overnight low. tomorrow starting off with sunshine. the afternoon high will be 72. if you avevege it out tomorrow, most of our hours will be in the 60s. there'll be less wind tomorrow across south florida. that wind was a little bit
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some stronger wind gusts out there. here's your weekend look. saturday mostly sunny and sunday partly sunny. on friday night and saturday morning, i'm talking abobo 50 degrees, but some spots are definitely going to dip into the 40s on friday night into saturday morning. sunday morning it will be 55 with afternoon highs in the mid 70s. a warming trend enshoeues next week. temperatures creep up close to 80 degrees by the time we get to wednesday. lows at night will be 60. next week's rain chances start to appear towards theiddle of the week as the next front starts to approach. that front might come around thursday or friday. i'll be back coming up in a few minutes with a closer look at your weekend forecast. that'll be during the 5:30 news. next on 6, jetblue offers a plane full of passengers a free flight to anywhere.
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catch. details on the social experiment when we come back. >> join us tonight for the nbc 6 black history special "paving
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we share the welcome back. it was democracy in action on board a recent jetblue flight. the airline offered 150 passengers a free round trip ticket for a future flight to any of its destinations. they all had to agree unanimously on one destinaion. otherwise no free trip. using red and blue paddles to vote, the passengers ultimately
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jetblue says this was a social experiment for a new ad called reach across the aisle, a reference to this year's presidential election. not bad. little catch. what a difference a car can make. >> a new p pgram is providing transportation to some low-income city of miami residents who need help getting to work or school. >> amanda plasencia spoke to one of the grateful car recipients. >> reporter: this new set of wheels has changed kendrick rice's life. it's all thanks to the wheels to work program through the martin luther king economic development corporation. >> it changed me in a lot of ways. i have an opportunity to get a better job and to finish school. >> reporter: rice has the keys to more opportunities and the shorter commute to get to h h job. this brand-new nissan saves rice
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he drives just 15 minutes to work. we hopped in the car as ric went to work. he says the biggest difference is -- >> the freedom. the freedom to go and come without having to wait on public transportation. >> reporter: the city chairmn sponsored the project. >> the program provides them reliable transportation at a reasonable cost. now they can take their children to and from school. they can make it to work on time without having to catch four buses. >> reporter: opening a car can help combat poverty. >> you have to understand that cost of transportation are extremely high within the city ofmiami. we don't have the most reliable transportation system. >> it is a tremendous help when you are not held hostage by the public transit system. >> reporter: the vehicle
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living in district 5 and proving a transportation hardship. >> there's a monthly loan payment as well as each participant has to provide sweat equity in the form of community sevice twice a month for 36 months. >> reporter: to keep them on the right track to success, the car owners are required to attend classes on financial literacy, maintenance. >> i n't put it into words how ha. >> a little give and take on both sides. great and great for the community as well. >> goes a long way. the news at 5:30 continines next. >> here's trina with a look ahead. >> fed up with gun violence. community members g ghering in northwest miami-dade to vent their frustrations in hope of ening the killings of young people. nbc 6 is live. plus, president obama heading to the sunshine state tomorrow. why is the trip reigniting some
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a little boy with allergies
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this child's back story g good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam kuperstein. >> and i'm trina robinson. one of the five suspects i i a vicious machete attack in
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>> claudio docampo was in the courtroom with christian cologne. >> he claims he is insane. >> we believe he is suffering from psychosis. we believe he's not competent at this time to stand trial. >> reporter: detectives say cologne and the other suspects killed the victim with a machete, set fire to his corpse, and left him in an empty field. two of the suspects had sex near the dead body. all of them were students at the homestead job corps campus. cologne's mental state has been in question since his arrest. he told detectives his repeated drug abuse led him to have


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