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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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14-year-old is dead after shots are fired in his miami gardens home. find out who is facing charges in morning. hillary clinton sweeps south carolina in the lastst primary before super tuesday. plus a live look at miami now, south florida waking up to some chilly temperatures, but when can we expect a warm up? erika has your first alert forecast. good morning, everyone. lcome to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, february 28th. a little chilly out there, we will get you started with meteorologist erika delgado and south florida's most accurate forecast, but i like the chill. >> it does feel quite nice out there. the temperatures are now c@ose to average.
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in miami and we are making up to temperatures near 60. 60 as well along coastal broward county, that goes for foo lauderdale and pompano beach. 59 degrees in pbroke pines and oakland park area and mid to upper 50s across the kendall area. still a little chill in the area. you may want to grab sweaters as you heard out the door. especially if you're heading out this earl early in the morning. we w% head into sunday dry conditions all over the atlantic and broward county down into miami-dade. taking a look outside we are dealing with a few more clouds than yesterday, but other than at as you can see it's shaping up to be a nice morning here, this is over bayside, there is the hard rock, things are looking pretty nice. first alert forecast the next few hours we will be calling for temperatures reaching into the lower 70s, maybe hitting that 70 degree mark c ce noontime. right now we have a traffic lert for you.
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pines boulevard are shut down as the florida highway patrol investigates a possible fatal acacident at this time. right now you're going to have to be exiting at sheridan heading west. stay with us for updates on this story. a 14-year-old is dead and another is charged with manslaughter after a gun goes off at a home in miami gardens. the victim's family tetes us the shooting was accidental. nbc 6 reporter erica glover is at miami gardens police headquarters with more. >> reporter: this morning family and friends say they don't know how one of the teens involved got their hands on that firearm. accidental or not, this miami gardens community is set up with guns and stories of loved ones gone too soon. miami gardens police are investigating a shooting
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junior as everyone called him. the police chief says tavares was staying at a family friend's house. the teen was airlifted to the rider trauma center where he was pronounced dead. >> i'm holding back tears. i know most of the kids around here. hopefully to be honest the only reason i'm speaking right now is i guess everybody in the community iff they could be more proactive with the kids, get themselves involved, get the kids something to do better than playing with guns. >> reporter: this@investigation is ongoing but we do know the other 14-year-old was charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. now, the police chief here in miami gardens took to social l media saturday tweeting this, another life gone too soon. we as parents must protect, guide, train and love our futur without limitations. in miami gardens, erika glover, nbc 6 news. turning nowto decision
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>> when we stand together there is no barrier too big to break. >> b what democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buying elections. >> a southern snub for bernie, but a success for hillary. the former secretary of state took south carolina in a landslide victory. with 99% reporting clinton received 74% of the votes. senator bernie sanders only 26%. the overwhelming win gives t clinton campaign a decisive boost heading into the super tuesday contest. nbc 6 political reporter steve litz is in columbia, south carolina. he has a breakdown of the vote and what itit might indicate going forward. >> thank you, so much, from one end of this state to another. >> as expected hillary clinton thund erred to a victory in saturday's south carolina primary, clobbering senator bernie sanders with some of h h
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margin of victory. >> there was any hope anybody with any level of realism expected@him to win in south carolina because it's a conservative state but i was hoping for something like a 20-point margin. >> clinton delivered a fiery speech on the campus of the university of south carolina. >> despite what you hear don't need to make america great again. ameri has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america whole again. >> reporter: clinton supporters elated to say the least. >> just said she's fighting for us. she's fighting for everyone and that america has always been great. this is going to be a huge launching pad for super tuesday. i mean, what are we, three days away and hillary comes out of this with seemingly a 50-point lead. >> reporter: clinton won bigig with african-american and women, sanders did well with young voters who still have faith. >> this is just the beginning. we did really well in iowa and you won new hampshire and we have super tuesday coming on
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optimistic. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by the candidate himself. >> we are going to have a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of campaign contributors. >> reporter: senator sanders delivering his remarks from minnesoso last night. hillary clinton inveed heavily in south carolina, she campaigned here hard leading up to yesterday's primary and that is in part why she won so big. now on to super tuesday. in upcoming tuesday and then florida's primaries happen on march 15th. reporting from cocoumbia, south carolina, i'm steve litz, nbc of news. he two month old baby at the center of an all day amber alert finally with her parents this morning. she was found in orlando after mom and dad say intruders stormed their home in the dead of night and snatched the baby. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks is at the scene with the disturbing tails. >> reporter: this baby a two
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her home in the middle of the night. it's like a scene out of a movie. we're told several people with guns stormed into the home on northwest 14th court and took the baby. neighbors here say when newborns aren't even safe you've got yourself a big problem. >> this is terrible. lord have mercy on s. have mercy, lord. have mercy. >> reporter: the infant seas name is taraji kemp. again, twtwmonths old. according to our nbc affiliates in orlando we're hearinin she has been found there. we do know a suspect 23-year-old stephanie augustin was caught by police in ft. pierce around 4:30. no word from detectives on what her involvement s we only know she is a suspect and is coopopating with detectives now. we tried to speak with the woman who says she lives right next door to the apartment where taraji lives. sh like everyone else, not happy. >> i really didn't hear anything. i don't know what's going on. >> it's devastating, you know, to have a little baby like that, you know, snatched away from
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you know, i don't know what i would doo if it happened to me. >> reporter: back out here. ss far as we know bso detectives are still searching for the peopleinvolved with this. if you know something, say something. the number to call, broward crime symptomers, 954-493-tips. for now bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. time right now 7:08. still ahead, afailed poison plot. why the targeted teacher says she'not happy about the students' arrest. plus an a mission to the happiest place on earth increases, it's getting expensive. find out the n prices next. south florida, things looking pretty nice out there if you're planning on spending your sunday out on the water winds will be picking up just a little bit this afternoon. seas could occasionally be up to
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streaea this next story is very alarming. the orlando teacher who was targeted in a poison plot is speaking out. she said she never wanted the students to be arrested. threeee unidentified middle school students face felolo charges for spikingane more ga's student wi red pepper flakes. she sent one of the 12 year olds to the principal's office for dumping glue into another student's backpack and possibly stealing a backpack. >> in statement more ga says she wants the studen to have a consequence that teaching them a lesson and that she didn't want them to be arrested and go to jail. quote, teachers are out there doing the best we can for students. i love my students. they broke my heart. my career won't be the same. end quote. the three students will be taken
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center in daytona beach. >> the annual public python hunt in florida and the top prizing are in. the longest python caught was 15 feet, range ld in by bill booth. booth's team also took home a prize for the largest haul of snakes, capturing 33 pythons. more than 9,000 people registered to participate in the hunt, 106 burmese pythons are caught. they are an invasive species that have a devastating effect on the everglades. admission to mickey mouse's house may cost you a little extra. magic kingdom in orlando rolled out new seasonal prices for season day tickets. the changes allow visitors to look at a calendar 8 to 11 months in advance to see which days are value, regular for peak. value days are cost $105. regular days will increase by $5
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disney says annual pass prices won't change but multi-day ticket prices will increase. even if you've already had breakfast this next story will have you drooling. the south beach food and wine festival l happening right now. the event trending all weekend long, social view 6 capturing the crowds, the chefs@and plenty of chardonnay. 6 in the mix cost roxanne vargas and nally morales are among the foodies flocking to south florida. >> we are back on the beach as the celebration continues here, 15 yearshe south beach wine and food festival. take a look at this. the grand tasting, the village where hundreds of foodies have flocked from all over the country, all over south florida to take a taste of the very best here, the very best spirits, wine, food. we have food spots from all over the country and locals as well like jimmy's kitchen, they have areat position here in the village. why?
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the "today" food club. you have to come by, check them out. great recipes and ways for you to get in the mix with your favorite "today" show anchors and ddicious recipes, go to recipes that you can recreate at home in the kitchen. al roker was here last night battling a burger bash, he got close to taking that title. our good friend natalie morales a judge last night. come on down. easy decision. >> look at the ocean. it is right there. the sun is unbelievable today. i mean, does it get any better than south florida and miami beach? i mean, come on. this is unbelievable. i love coming here because for me it's coming home. my family lives here and they are actually going to be here today. so for me it's an opportunity, you know, to mix with family and have some fun. >> if you didn't make out today to sign up for the today's food club you can do it tomorrow. when you sign up y get a
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that and a whole lot more. stop on by, say hi to our friends at the "today" show. there is a lot happening tonight, michael simon on the beach, tomorrow andrew zimmer shshting down the party with lucky chopsticks on the beach as well. natalie morales was doing a cooking demo earlier today. you can catch more tomorrow. lots of the biggest names in the culinary world taking a taste of south beach. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. south florida, we comfortable stata out there. a little cool for some of us, you may want to grab those sweaters you head out the door this morning. 60 degrees in fort lauderdale, as well as miami. 57 degrees down to the kendall area, lower 60s key west and marathon. we're dealing with low 50s along e gulf coast. that's going to leave cold temperatures out there. we are waking up with a north wind.
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degrees warmer this morning than we were yesterday at this time. we're already beginning to see that temperature rebound that we've been talking about for the past two days. i want to take a look at our live first alert radar. things looking quiet across the keys, no rain in sight. good news as we head out the door on sunday morning. we are waking up with a rth-northeast wind, you are starting to see some of the clouds coming in from the atlantic waters. the air temperature is cooler than the ocean temperature so that causes these clouds to f fm over water, with the wind blowowg from the northeast it's bringing some of that thii cloud deck across the area. we aren't expectiti any rain with those clouds. first alert forecast for your sunday, partly sunny skies, moments with a litlle more sunshine, moments with more cloud cover. temperatures reaching into the mid 70s, below average today. the average high you would be 79 degrees. beachgoers a mix of sun and
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out of the east later today. even though right now we are expecting aalow rip current risk i'm thinking that the national weather service may bump it up to moderate. later this afternoon,especially as winds begin to be a little on the breedsy side. temperatures in the water will be in the lower 70s. high pressure still in control bringing us that north-northwest wind this morning. as it shifts towards the east we will see the east wind across much of the area. today theheuv index will be the main threat for today, rip currents and marine conditions oking okay, just be careful if you are out on the water today. king a look ahead that temperature rebound continues, we are back into lower 80s tuesday, possibly a chance of an isolated shower on tuesday, better chances on wednesday and thursday ahead of a weak front that comes through and we will remain in the lower 80s for most of the workweek. sharon. >> we will deal with t not that bad. thanks, erika. almost 18 minutes after the 7:00 hour. still ahead, if you haven't seen
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oscars this year, don't worry, the experts are weighing in next. what you need to know to make your academy award predictions. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. welcome back. hollywood's biggest night is finally hear. the 88th annual academy awards taking place tonight. >> that's right. nbc's mark barringer talked to experts from entertainment weekly about what to expect. >> the anticipation for tonight is not just about the awards. >> i'm really looking forward to chris rock's monologue, i can't think of a better host to host the oscars at this time. >> rock will have the academy's diversity issue squarely in its sights but likely keep it from dominating the event. >> you want it to feel history. >> it could be for inn treat due, not only ifhe figured to be one of the back to back director awards his film "the revenant" has 11 other nominations. >> it will be the first time
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directed back to back best picture winners. >> how do you say no to god? >> "the revenant's" competition includes spotlight and the big short, both have shared numerous guild honors. >> i don'^ know how overwhelming the love is for "the revenant." i know there are a lot of people that love that people but i don't think it's something everybody in the academy embraces >> more certain is the love for "the revenant's" star leonardo dicaprio. best actor would be his first oscar. >> i think he is at home writing his speech right now, at least he should be, because i can't imagine anyone else winning. >> the feeling similar about room's brie larson. >> i want him to connect with something. >> she's dominated the best actress field during award season. >> there is no other performance in that category this year that goes through the ringer like her character does and she portrayed it beautifully. >> supporting ak dress as the danish girl's and steve jobs in
7:22 am
>> but suuorting actor is seen as a lock for sylvester stallone. he revisited his rocky persona in creed. >> a lot of people in the academy, particularly the older voters still think he should have won 39 years ag >> winning this time could be a knock out moment on a golden night. okay. so leonardo is definitely going to win. >> he has to. >> why hasn't he won already? in the past? >> he hasn't but he will tonight. >> he will, most definitely. >> you heard it first on 6. >> yes. so everybody knows that, it's going to happen. and chris rock, yeah, he is going to be amazing. 7:22. still ahead. hillary clinton sweeps south carolina primary, but will she
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welcome back. hillary clinton cruised to victory in south carolina setting her upfor a super
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"meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us now for a look at politics. good morning, chuck. chuck, you will have bernie sanders on the show this morning after a stinging defeat. so only in hisome state of vermont is he ahead in the polls. how do you see super tuesday ending for both democratic candidates? >> well, i will tell you, if super tuesday if last night was a prelude to super tuesday then it's the beginning of the end off the democratic nomination. hillary clinton's domince among african-americans in south carolina was -- was stunning even -- ittas beyond what even the clinton campaign could have hoped for. 85% among african-amican voters. iffhe does that throughout spuper tuesday hillary clinton is going to have a substantial delegate lead and at this point bernie sanders is targeting about four or five states, oklahoma, minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, vermont, states that don't have a large minority ppulation population, but right now the
7:26 am
has to hit a low. he's got to try to win those five states, but i wouldn't be surprised if clinton now wins three of those five. >> it will be a difficult battle for him ahead. to the other side you will have ted cruz on your show t ts morning. so does cruz or marco rubio -- how does their path to the gone nomination look at this point? >> well, i'm going to have actually both donald trump and ted cruz. right now bothcruz and rubio have a complicated path. there is only two scenariosthat are going to play out in the republican side. donald trump is going to put this nonation away by march 15th, depending on what happens in flori and ohio and those primaries that are on march 15th, or we're going to head to a contested convention. marco rubio and ted cruz they really don't have a path to get the nomination before the convention. their best shot is somehow slowing trump down on super tuesday and then beating trump in florida and ohio in some of those big states onn march 15th.
7:27 am
i think tuesday the question is going to be who isis in second to trump on delegates, will it be cruz or rubio? the candidate in second will have the best shot to try to stop him. >> march will be a critical, critical month. thanks as always, chuck. thanks for joining us. >> you've got it. be sure to tune in. you can catch "meet the press" after impact right here on nbc 6. time 7:27. more news ahead in our next half hour. coming up a 14-year-old is dead this morning, another behind bars after a gun went off inside a miami gardens home. will have the latest as police investigate. the two month old baby at the centnt of an all day amber alert is finally back home with her parents.
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about this shocking kidnappin good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it's sunday, february 28th. low humidity, i think that's why my hair is definitely -- i need the curls to drop, but they won't, but i like this. i like the low humidity. >> the low humidity makes the hair on my head stand up by everyone saw yesterday, i put on a brick tour on instagram. it's not pretty. no hair spray can fix this problem. south florida, things are looking etty nice so far, rain free, low humidity is feeling quite nice and temperatures are pretty comfortable.
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miami as well as in fort lauderdale, 59 pembroke pines and 57 degrees right now down into the kendall area. we are not the only ones a little on the cool side, across the panhandle waking up to temperatures 32 degrees in tallahassee, 40s across the panhandle, mid to upper 40s across central florida. some of us may be walking out and saying it's cloudy out. we have a north-northeast windd dragging in a thick cloud deck, but other than that that's all we're seeing, no rain associated with those clouds. do not worry, things are okay for our sunday. a little sneak peek for the next few days,e are expecting partly sunny skies, temperatures will continue to warm up, perhaps an isolated showers on tuesday but better chance chances for rain wednesday. i will have more coming up in a little bit. a 14-year-old is dead and another teen is charged with manslaughter after a gun goes off in a home in miami gardens. the victim's familil tells us the
7:32 am
erika glover is at miami gardens police headquarters with more. >> reporter: this morning the investigation here in miami gardens continues. the 14-year-r-d involved is facing charges of manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a minor. accidental or not, this community says they are fed up with gun violence. miami gardens police have investigating saturday evening's shooting involved 14-year-d tavares or jr. as every one called him. the chief of police says he was staying at a residence on northwest 1 72nd terrace. they were playing with a gun inside the residence saturday when the firearm discharged, striking tavares. >> accidental shooting inside the house, kids playing with the guns. >> reporter: the teen was airlifted to the ryder trauma center and pronounced dead. >> i mean, i know most of the kids around here. hopefully to be honest the only reason i'm speaking right now is
7:33 am
if they could be more proactive with the kids, get themselves involved, get the kids something to do. >> reporter: the police chief in miami gardens took to social media saturday tweeting this, another life gone too soon, we as parents must protect, guide, train and love our future without limitations. in miami gardens, erika fwlofr, nbc 6 news. a two month old baby at the center of an all day amber alert reunited with her parents this morning. taraji kemp was found in orlando yesterday afternoon. police say she was abducted by intruders who broke into her fort lauderdale home friday night. stephanie august stin is being questioned by police. she was picked up near ft. pierce. her connection to the baby is unclear. neighbors say the family is quiet and typically keeps to themselves. >> people do ridiculous things so it's like whatever issue was there or whoever wanted to do
7:34 am
like nobody should take anyone's child. thas not yours to take. >> reporter: anyone with information on this case sent krajd to call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. a surprise twist at the funeral of a six-year-old in northwest miami-dade. king carter's father got down on one knee and proposed to the boy's mother. the proposal in front of hundreds of family, friends and community leaders as at the gathered for a final farewell to carter. nbc 6 reporter stephanie bertini was there. >> reporter: a small white coffin holding a child only six years old. >>
7:35 am
say his name embodies his spirit. spirit. >> he ate like a king, he spoke like a king, he really slept like a king. >> i don't remember seeing king angry or upset. a matter of fact, i think he was always smiling. >> his short life is celebrated but still saying good-bye isn't easy. >> we liked having you as a teammate. my favorite moment was king was how we used to race every night after practice and he usedd to always want to win. i'm here to tell you that youu beat me this time. you won the race, you won the biggest race of all and that's the race to heaven. >> in between the tears at this feral cries for change and for
7:36 am
>> and i call upon you, family, friends, neighbors to stand for the boys and girls in your community. we need everyone to stand. >> it was a bullet, it was a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting that took the boy's life as he was playing with his friends outside at the miami-dade apartment complex he called home. for his parents the loss was like no heart break ever experienced, but they don't want this day to end in pain. that's why inn his memory king carter's father got down on one knee and asked the boy's mother his long time love to finally be his wife. >> right now i ask you to be my life.. >> it was sad, make it a joyous occasion, now we're planning a wedding. my baby boy is resting in heaven. >> stephanie bertini, nbc 6 ns. turning now to decision 2016.
7:37 am
a success for hillary. the former secretary of state taking south carolina in a ndslide victory with 99% reporting clint received 74% of the votes, senato bernie sanders only 26%. the overwhelming win gives the clinton campaign a decisive boost heading into the super tuesday contest. while hillary clinton tries to take over the super tuesday stat, her husband former president bill clinton will make is way down to south florida later today. he will make a campaign stop in miami gardens where he will attend a grass roots event. it starts at 2:15 at the betty t. ferguson recreatatnal complex. vice president joe biden stopped by the california democratic state convention where thousands of democrats gathered yesterday. with a presidential nomination and u.s. senate seat from california before voters mr. biden urged the crowd to unite, warning that they have a long important battle ahead of them. and with just two days until super tuesday gop white house
7:38 am
across the 11 states that cast votes on that pivotal day. at stake on super tuesday 595 delegates in georgia, alabama, tennessee, virginia, massachusetts, vermont, texas, oklahoma and minnesota. democrats hold their caucuses in colorado and republicanss will hold their caucuses in alaska. >> at an event in at, georgia, yesterday senator ted cruz asked his supporters to rally and for each person to get nine others to vote for him on tsday. the texas senator also said if republicans nominate donald trump, quote, we would end up electing hillary clinton as president. rival marco rubio was also campaigning in georgia. at a rally the florida senator told supporters if donald trump becomes the republican nominee the media will tear him apart. >> and you know the media, you guys are sharpening your knives. as soon as he's the nominee they will descend on him like the hounds of hell and tear him apart. >> rubio says he is in the raa
7:39 am
is a con artist andd a dream opponent for the democratic party. the republican candidate also predicted he will win the orida republican primary in mid march even though recent polls show trump has a double digit lead here. a reminder, e ely voting here in florida begins tomorrow in miami-dade county and broward next saturday. remember to bring a picture id with a signature like a license, u.s. passport or student id. y can find a list of polling sites as well as extensive coverage of the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app. everything from up to the minute live results to in-depth analysis at your fingertips almost 20 minutes to the 8:00 hour. still ahead a@virginia police department in shock after one of its cops is killed on her first day on the job. plus -- >> why i have a second to think,
7:40 am
>> the first injured victim of the deadly shooting in kansas relives the moments she came face-to-face with the en krajd gunman. south florida, we had a beautiful start to our weekend. looking like our sunday will be pretty similar. expecting a mix of sun and clouds later today. for your golfers we can expect temperatures to be in the 60s for the majority of the morning
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7:42 am
come noontime. welcome back. a police-involved shooting in utah prompting a chaotic scene. a 16-year-old is in the hospital after she was shot by police in salt lake city. police say two officers fired their weapons while responding to a call for an assault. after the shooting onlookers started protesting by throwing rocks and shouting at the officers. the salt lake tribune says the teen was his friend and had been
7:43 am
a virginia police department mourning the death of one of its own after a rookie police officer was shot and killed on her first day. ashley guindon was sworn in on friday. she and two other officers responded to a domestic disturbance yesterday when shots were filed killing guindon and another woman. more than 100 patrol cars lined the roads outside the hospital early this morning for a somber escort of the body. the other two officers were shot, they remain in the hospital, the suspect is expected in court tomorrow. a bloody confrontation at a kkk rally in california. pice say three people were stabbed at an anti-immigration gathering in anaheim. one man was critically injured but is now in stable condition. authorities say clans men were created by counter protesters who attacked the group. police arrested a total of 13 people including three counter protesters seen stomping on a
7:44 am
the first victim shot during a shooting sproo he in kansas is speaking out. she is describing the shear terror during the deadly rampage. melissa torres says while working on thursday she heard at least five gunshots outside. she said that's when cedric ford walked into the door with his hands up and ready to do damage. torres was struck in the hand, hip and back. he looked like he was ready to go do damage, he had no remorse, he had his hands up, just, bam, bam. just evil. he didn't care. he was just trying to kill whoever he could. >> torress was one of 14 people injured, three other coworkers were killed. she says ford had no remorse and robbed the entire excel family of thhr peace of mind. ford was killed in a shootout
7:45 am
south florida waking up to cool temperatures this morning. even though we're 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, right now we are feeling 60 degres in miami, 61 opa-locka, 50s kendall and homestead. temperatures there around 57 and 58 degrees. taking look outside of our first alert cam we are dealing with clouds, a little more than yesterday. other than that things are looking pretty quiet. a light north nn northet wind this morning and that will win to pick up as the day goes on. also waking up to rain-free conditions. looking pretty good fort lauderdale all the way down into the keys. big pine key all the way $own to key west. just a few clouds out there, that will be the case for the majority of the day. as you can see right now outside of the westin diplomate in hollywood a break in the clouds, a mix of sun and clouds. we will leave that in the foreca for today. first alert forecast calling for temperatures a few degrees below
7:46 am
70s later today, other than that we are expecting quiet conditions, winds will continue to shift out of the east as the days goes on. heading down to the keys, good morning to you, temperatures will be reaching into the mid to low 70s this afternoon, mix of sun and clouds, a breezy east wind is what we're expect tlg as well. high pressure over the gulf of mexico still incontrol of the weather pattern, clockwise circulation leaving us that north-northeast wind. we will begin to see that easterly wii shift later this afternoon. waking up with a a north wind, that means cool temperatures later this east wind will l lve us a pleasant afternoon with temperatures still below average but at least not as cool as we saw yesterday afternoon. the uv index will be the main threat for today because we we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. we could see rip currents along atlantic beaches. keep that in mind. temperature rebound that continues into the start of the workweek, upperer 70s, already 80 degrees tuesday, maybe an isolatete shower but the best
7:47 am
wednesday/thursdayayhead of a weak front that unfortunately will not leave us a cool down, wewewill be back to normal tomorrow friday and into the start of the next weekend. for the first time in years parts syria are experiencing some much needed peace and quiet. the partial ceasere that began friday at midnight appears to be holding so far. there are reports of violations on both sides but in damascus the sounds of war have for the most part died down. the envoy for syria calls the situation c iteria shurg. 7:47. still ahead. this black history month nbc 6 sharing the inspirational stories of prominent rlack women here in south florida. coming up we will tell you about a woman who h dedicated her life to helping the less
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in little haiti there is a woman who has made it her mission to help demarge in a lies her community. her advocacy work has kept needy families afloat and helped preserve the cult rat identity. her story is one of many we're ghlighting this black history month. month. >> on any given day you will find marlene bastienne advocating for the less fortunate. she is the founder and director of haitian women of miami, a nonprofit providing programs for those in need ile focusing on the family. >> because we believe that strong families make strong communities. >> that strong belief ingrained in her from a young child growing up in haiti to a mother and father who were farmers. >> my dad built the first school in her village which he donated
7:51 am
children but we had to volunteer at an early age in the school. >> as an adult when she arrived in south florida in the early '80s she continued to volunteer wherever she saw a need, but while working at the haitian refugee center in jackson memorial hospital she took it to a different level, exploding into a champion for human rights. >> just because you're poor doesn't mean that if you're sick you have to die. >> being voice for the voiceless her accomplishments celebrated and honored. no challenge too big or small, she will rally up the troops whether shedding light on inn ee qualities, immigration or political instability in haiti. >> that is why we hope and pray that our leaders in haiti will put their heads to get and unite. >> as she takes on obstacles and struggles she can't help with burst with pride as she shares the cultural diversity of miami's little haiti. >> we're trying to preserve the
7:52 am
and we want those who lived here, settled here, you know, over 30 years ago to be able to remain. >> moo than an activist, marlene stienne is a trailblazer with a warrior spirit. >> what is life w wthout standing up for those who are disenfranchised. we value life. we value human beings and there are some basic rights that cannot be trampled on. >> sharon lawson, nbc 6 news. e's a dynamic mom. they are preparing fort annual celebration honoring those going abovend beyond. the theme of this year's gala is upholding the promise, the immigrants are us. taking look at last year's event. this year's tribute takes place next saturday evening at 7:00. the scheduled keynote speaker
7:53 am
7:53 the time. coming um a look at our top stories.
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7:55 am
the forecast w o. a 14-year-old is dead, another teen charged with manslaughter after a gun goes off at a home in miami gardens. the victim's family tells us the shooting was accidental. but they say they have no idea where the gun came from. a two month old baby at the center of an all day amber alert has been reunited with her parents. taraji kemp was found in orlando yeyeterday. police say she was abducted by intruders who broke into our fort lauderdale home friday night. a person of interest is being questioned by police. a surprise twist at the funeral of six-year-old in northwest miami-dade. king carter's father got down and proposed to the boy's mothe the proposal as they gathered
7:56 am
southern success for hillary clinton, taking south carolina in alandslide victory with 99% reporting clinton received 74% of the vote. meahile senator bernie sanders only received 26%. just two days until super tuesday and gop white house hopefuls are stumping hard across the 11 states. the cast votes on that pivotal day. at stake 595 delegates georgia, alabama, tennessee, massachusetts, vermont, texas, oklahoma and minnesota. democrats hold their caucuses in colorado and republicans will hold their caucuses in alaska. a reminder early voting here in florida begins tomorrow in miami-dade county and inin broward next saturday. remember to bring a picture id with a signature like a driver's license, u.s. passport or student id. be sure to check out our nbc 6ews and weather app for full details on all the stories as you wake up. it is still a little on the
7:57 am
than we were yesterday at this time. we will beeeaching ito the mid 70s, mix of sun and clouds, then that temperature warm up continues back into the mid 80s. >> finally this hour a night to celebrate at the broward center. josh row began performing as part of the 25th aiversary celebration. 11 million people have come through the doorsp to watch 13,000 shows since the performing arts center opened 25 years ago. it is one of the top ten theaters in the country for attendance, it's a great veb u.
7:58 am
thanks for watching, (phone ringing) you can't al with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seemo be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
7:59 am
8:00 am
goodmorning. south carolina smackdown. a decisive win for hilla clinton in the palmetto state, beating bernie sanders by nearly 50 points as the race now heads into super tuesday. >> we are going to compete for every vote, in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> meantime, on the republican side, the insults are flying turning increasingly juvenile. >> he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting. >> thank god he has really large ears. the biggest ears i've ever seen because they were protecting him. >> voters in 12 states set to go to the polls on tuesday. is it trump/clintonshowdown in november all but a done deal? we're live on the campaign trail. gunned down on her first day.


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