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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we begin with a teen tragedy. a 14-year-old is released from jail after shooting and killing his friend while playing with a gun. tha you for joining us. i'm keith jones. tonight, the lawyer for the 14-year-old who pulled the trigger is speaking out. let's get to it. here's bobby brooks live in miami gardens. bobby? >> reporter: keith, good eveming. he is. this attorney is essentially saying that the miami gardens police department pushed this 14-year-old into making statements that weren't necessarily true. let's take a look. 14-year-oldas shot and killed. no one, including the attorny of the person who is accuse of
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>> it's very sad that a 14-year-old lost his life. >> reporter: but attorney alex michael says this was an accident. that rhodes was accidentally killed by his friend, another 14-year-old that doesn't need to facee charges. >> it was an accidental shooting. >> reporter: miami gardens police say otherwise. the suspect is facing manslaughter and possession of a firearm charges. according to the reports, yesterday afternoon the suspect brought a gun over to rhodes' home. while owing it off, the gun was fired. rhodes was pronounced dead at the hospital. michael says the investigation was done wrong. >> i know t ty pushed around my 14-year-old kid and they forced
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>> reporter: the 14-year-old's mother wasn't allowed to be with her son during the police interview. >> they took advantaae. >> reporter: at the scene last night, the neighbor we spoke with couldn't have summed it up better. >> to be honest, the only reason i'm speaking right now is i guess everybody in the community is a victim. be more proactive. give the kids something better to do than to play w wh guns. >> reporter: the 14-year-old facing chaes has been released from juvenile courts. he is out on bond as this case plays out. nbc 6 news. a baby is killed in a t tgic incident. this was outside of a home in waxahachie. the palm beach county sheriff's office says the 1-year-old died when the mother backed up over him i her pickup truck. the 1-year-old wandered away
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down by the bumper and then run er. no charges have been the infant was found after being snatced from her mother. new details now. the 14-year-old also charged in connection with the case has become very much a twisted puzzle. stephanie in jail after police say she bro into this home and baby napped a 2-year-old. her alleged accomplice, a 14-year-old who was also caught and arrested in miami. it was reported they had guns when they stole the sleeping baby from her parents. >> terrible. lord have mercy onus. have mercy, lord. have mercy. >> it's devastating to have a little baby like that snatched away fromm the middle of their home. >> reporter: after the duo took
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north to orlando where she has an apartment. the baby was found shortly after and taken to a hospital. today we found out the suspect and the baby's mother are cousins. the 14-year-old arrested is also acousin. right now, dcf is trying the figure out who will get temporary custody of the 2-year-old. her mom is a good neighbor, but she just wants the best outcome for the baby. >> every time she sees my daughter she says hello. she's very nice. i don't really see her too often. only in passing. >> reporter: the suspect and the 14-year-old are facing a litany of serious charges right now. she is being held in jail with no bond. tonight, a rough ride for a thrill seeker in southwest miami-dade. a hang glider made a hard landing. this happened this morning. that hang glider pilot was not
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hospital just as a precaution. miami political heavy hitters and supporters cheered the opening of the miami headquarters for marco rubio's presidential campaign. leaders among the group the lieutenant governor and miami mayor, miami-dade commissioner, and a representative just to name a few. former president bill clinton making a south florida stop on behalf of his wife hillary clinton. the 42nd president attended a grass roots event at miami gardens. her husband talked about hillary's vision for breaking down barriers and building the economy. the gop race took on kind of a mean edge today. ted cruz and marco rubio attacking donald trump and trump on the defense after he was asked about a supporter who is a
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re's gabe gutierrez. >> i don't know anything about david duke. >> reporter: failing to disavow former ku klux klan leader david duke in in interview. >> would you say unequivocally you condemn them and dont't want their support? >> i don't know. i would have to look at the group. >> reporter: voting against donald trump at this point is really treason to their heritage. after today's interview, trump tweeted he did disavow. >> i do disavow, okay? >> reporter: marco rubio pouncing. >> there is no place in the conservative
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duke, the cueku kluklan, or any other hatred or bigotry. >> reporter: the website gawker admitted it made up the account trying to provoke the billionaire on purpose. >> you want to be associated with a fascist? >> no, i want t t be associated with interesting quotes. >> reporter: cruz also accusing trump of not wanting torelease tax returns because of possible mafia ties. >> maybe those business deals are a lot more extensive than what's been reported. >> let me stoto you there. that openly speculative. do you have any facts< >> s and a construction, which was owned by fat tony, who is a mobster who was in jail. >> reporter: trump locking down another big endorsement, alabama senator jeff sessions.
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donald trump for the presidey of the united states. >> reporter: that was gabe gutierrez reporting. early voting begins tomorrow in miami-dade county and in broward it will begin next saturday. remember to bring your picture id. you can find a list of the polling sites as well as extensive coverag on the campaign trail on the nbc 6 news and weather app. the venetian causeway finally reopens tomorrow, but not in time for the morning rush.h. this follows the nine-month renovation project after a a hole opened up back in 2015. the price tag upwards of $12 million. the miami bike shop organizzg a ride over the bridge tonight at 6:00. a big welcome home for the coral springs high school basketball teaa.
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school's first ever boy school state championship win. the girls team won it back in 1979. the school completed a broward county championship sweep on saturday. this is the first time there have been three broward county state champs in a single season. coming up next, a deadly first day on the job. a rookie police officer was gunned down on her first shift. the person accused of pulling the trigger, an army official. the new push to protect your leg room in the friendly skies. plus the stars align on the biggest night in hollywood at the oscar's. the bold conversation about diversity next. you night owls looking pretty smooth out there. no action across the keys. miami-dade and broward county also@ looking pretty dry, but temperatures are bouncing all
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it's another "sports final" sunday night. stepan curry was breaking the hearts of fans everywherehis week, except for one special supporter down here in miami. the heat signed joe johnson last night and he wasted no time doing what his team desperately needs, shooting threes at msg. the panthers back on the ice in a fierce affair against the minnesota wild. we'll be talking marlins. just a few days away from their first spring training day.
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question, boxers or briefs? tragedy inside of an ohio church today. a pastor shot in the middle of the pulpit right in the service. everyone running everywhere.
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the church at the time of this shooting. the shooter is the pastor' own brother. no word yet on the motive. an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon in custody tonight in connection with the killing of a police officer who was working her very first shift. ronald hamilton opened firon prince william county police. three officer critically wounded. ashley guindon died from the injuries. his wife was deadrom gunshot wounds. >> the police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of ashley guindon. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others. >> she was sworn in on friday. shu served her country for six years in the marine corps reserve.
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today for 60-year-old mary joe nigh in battle creek, michigan. she taught att a school serving at risk students. duringer funeral today, former students shared memories of her commitment t t teaching them inside and outside of the classroom. a cruisi ship filled with pittsburgh athletes helped rescue a group of migrants that was stranded at sea. james harrison posted these rescue photos on instagram. the carnival sensation found 15 men and a woma in the gulf of mexico. the migrants were brought on board. coast guard officials say they will be turned over to mexican immigration officials at the ship's next stop, which is in cozumel. good evening, everybody. a beautiful looking shot here off
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children's museum camera. really comfortable temperatures out there. i'm a huge fan of the 60s. i don't know about you. any cooler, i don't know about that. 65 in miami right now. opa-locka coming in at 63. cooler in places like kendall. down to 60. those calm winds have a lot to do with that. we go with current temperaturere. then we go to your monday commute. a lot of this will start thinning out when we get to the secondhhalf of the day. we'll bounce a few degrees between 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00 a.m. not expecting much in the way of rainfall. spotty shower, that is about it. temperatures right now here we go. sitting at 65 degrees. winds still coming out of the east. a lot of these areas, especially along the coastline, probably won't be dropping too, too much more from here. calm conditions though in miami.
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that's when t temperatures can really tumble with those winds fast around ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. that'll keep your temperatures up. wind direction a huge player as far as your temperatures go. typically a strong east wind will keep your temps up at night and down during the day. why are these winds out of the east?t? high pressure to our north. two rges right now. we do have a front way off towards our north. we expect a couple of fronts to impact us for the upcoming week. this front not one of them. it's one wayehind this one. it will be rolling on through trying to push in about wednesday time frame. all right. let's get into your monday morning lows. back to work, back to school for us. little warmer for monday moorning versus the last couple of morning. mid 60s for the keys. kendall, you're already at 60. may have to lower the temperature jpst a little bit, but if the wind picks up again, those numbers could rise.
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a tad warmer along the coastline. a lot of comfortable numbers out there to start stthe fresh workweek. a little bit warmer as we go into monday. some clouds early in the day. warmer still tuesday. warmer even still as we go into wednesday. i actually took rain out of your wednesday. a weak front will trim a couple degrees off your highs into thursday. another weak front as we go into saturday. let's go hour by hour for your monday. i do feel like we're going to see some clouds, especially early in the day. not much in the way of rainfall, which shows up as green. i think we begin to clear out. a little bit more sunshine working in the second half of the day. this is h h it plays out. your last day most likely below average. then we heat up big time. >> still looks pretty. frequent fliers know leg room is shrinking on airlines
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they're packed in there like sardines sardines. that's why chuck schumer is proposing a new rule to combat approximate issue. he things he says leg room on planes used to be 35 inches but shrank to an average of 31. seats are getting narrower in the hips as well, shrinking them roughly two inches. >> as you pay more and more for tickets, at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated like a sardine. >> schumer says he will introduce a seat size guideline amendment to the faa reauthorization act that's pending in congress right now. a vote on the reauthorization bill is expected in march. thousands of foodies from all over the globe flocked to south florida for a taste of the
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sand. today's show anchored natalie morales. one of the most prestigious vineyards in the world helped wrap things up today. >> great food and great wine must go together. bravo to the food and wine festival. >> this was the 15th year for the festival. still to come, the best in hollywood honore at the academy wards. find out who won, who went home empty handed, and who handed out
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still waiting to find out if (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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hollywood is sorority racist. we like you ronda, but you're not a kappa. >> racism taking center stage at the 88th annual academy awards tonight. chris rock opening monologue started thehe debate. kind of an empty podium there. theirectors for amy, which won best documentary. it was a documentary about amy winehouse.. gina kim takes us through the bestoments from tonight's ceremony. >> reporter: mere blocks from hollywood's biggest night, demonstrators protested the lack of diversity. the issue was also on the minds of many on the red carpet. >> i like that we're pushing the
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>> i want to see what happens tomorrow. >> reporter: red carpet chatter was also about excitement. 9-year-old jacob pulling for bree larson, who played his mother in oom," to win best acttess. >> she is like my best friend. >> reporter: once the awards got under way, best picture nominee, "mad max" dominated technical categories. two other best picture nominees also scored. "spotlight" won best original screen play wellhile "e big short" won best adapted screen play. oscars dirsity controversy was top of mind.
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monologue named the evening, the white people's choice awards. the director category could go to "the revenant." >> as always, oscar fashion was a major topic online. here are some of the best dressed trending on social view 6. roxanne vargas is going to break it down on six in the mix at 11:30.
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it'sun to first shot for the heat. a triple. kaboom for joe johnson and welcome to miami. >> and at that moment pretty much every heat fan in south florida yelled we have a three-point shooter. welcome to "sports final." they've struggled so much from three-point land, but the heat got a veteran to fill that role. joe johnson. the florida panthers back on the ice. on the second of a back to back, they lose their goaltender half way through the first period in minnesota. theeiami marlins are gearing up


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